Are You Just A Believer Or Do You THINK?

Digger shared a link with me that contains a sequence of events from a video that focuses on the double amputee that supposedly had his legs blown off. I want to share those with you here and ask you, especially if you have any trauma medical background (in the Armed Forces or ER or whatever), what is wrong with these pictures? (pictures and narrative by Fist-Of-Freedom)

I’ve studied and graduated EMT-B certification with the state of Oregon. I’ve been on calls with heavy arterial bleeds, internal bleeding, fatalities, doa’s. I am speaking from direct personal experience with severe trauma.

Here is a telling photograph of the amputee actor. I encourage readers to view the photo side by side with my analysis.…42b556ee65.jpg

If you loose both your legs from explosive trauma half your blood is gone in one minute via the femoral arteries, youre dead after two. Bleeding out is worse with blunt force trauma (like shrapnel) because flesh is torn rather than cut, exposing more arterial and vascular tissue. The human body holds 5 to 6 LITERS of blood. If that really happened you would see blood EVERYWHERE, the guy would be drenched in it. You would also see what’s called arterial spurtting from the injury. Most likely he would vomit after turning ghost white from shock, then turning delirious or passing out. As for the “tourniquet”…

Its not even tied off, its suspended via gravity, which would literally do nothing to an arterial sever. There’s no pressure applied. There’s no knott with a turn stick for leverage. You can clearly see a gap in the nonexistent wrap job on his left inner thigh (left anterior proximal for you experts) His hands have no blood on them. There’s no blood on the ground. The color in his hands and lips shows good circulation.

This is an actor. This is staged. How did they pull it off though? I can show you.

Here in frame six on the left we see the the man with a hood setting up the fake leg wound prosthetics. His attention and hands are right there. The woman is acting as a shield covering what’s happening.
Frame 6


Here in frame eight the prosthetics are in place. Amidst all this chaos seconds after the explosion the hooded man takes the time to put on his sunglasses which is a signal.
Frame 8


Here in frame nine with sunglasses now on the hooded man and the woman make eye contact, signal received.
Frame 9


In frame eleven after recieving the go signal the woman makes an open hand gesture the direction both of them are looking, signaling the staged injuries are in place for cameras. The prone amputee raises his left prosthetic injury into the air over the woman’s shoulder. No blood is present. The bone is dry, no blood on his leg above the knee, no blood on the woman, no arterial spurt, nothing.
Frame 11


Here in frame fourteen the woman turns her head right but is still holding up that open palm signal with her left hand. The hooded man again busies himself pouring fake blood on the pavement behind the woman. The amputee has both fake injuries in the air now. There is still no blood on his legs, his skin above the injury is clean and dry.
Frame 14


Frame twenty, the fake blood and prosthetics are in place. The amputee gives an open hand gesture along with the woman to bring the cameras in. We’re now twenty frames in and still not a drop of fresh blood from a double leg amputation. His legs are dry, the woman is dry and unscathed. Both are making the same hand gesture.
Frame 20


These are actors. This is staged. It was flash powder. There was no crock pot nail bomb. There are no bombers, only patsy. If your looking for a gunman look at the Army in the streets of Boston. Share this knowledge with everyone.


Something about this entire thing smells to high heaven. When have you ever heard of someone with a blown off leg not bleeding? Some make the claim that it was cauterized, but obviously, the picture of them wheeling the guy out on the wheelchair shows ‘blood and gore’ (a cauterization is a burn that seals the wound). Something changed between these images and when they wheeled him out in front of the cameras.

And there is more analysis from Fist-Of-Freedom:

This image was taken by a third party photographer seconds after the first explosion. There is clear evidence of false flag staging here. The man in the red coat and baseball hat on the right is kneeling down giving directions to the guy in the white T-shirt. Also looking to this pair for direction are the woman sitting to the right and the man in a hood and sunglasses who set up the double amputee prosthetics.

Notice the relaxed posture and face of the hooded man. Notice also the calm prepared posture of the woman sitting down on the bottom right. See how her shirt sleeve is severely torn, yet her skin underneath is clean and clear of injury and blood. From where she’s sitting look right to the bottom right corner and you can see an unmarked bottle of fake blood.

Look to the left and see the cowboy hat man standing there doing nothing. This is the same man who will pretend to hold the tourniquet of the fake amputee actor later on. Look to center of the photo and you will see the african woman moving herself away from the amputee actor since her shielding him from camera’s job is over. Next to her is a woman with red hair leaning on her elbow.

Missing Legman

Compare this now with another photo taken seconds later. Putting them side by side is very helpful.

The man with the hood and sunglasses, who was just sitting up looking fine and healthy after fixing up the amputee actor’s prosthetics, is now on his back being evaluated by two people. Notice the rips in his jeans have no sign of blood or injury on the skin. The woman with red hair however is in the exact same pose as a minute ago. Meanwhile the double amputee actor is completely ignored by everyone when he is clearly in the most dire need of attention. There is a small amount of fake blood around him where the african lady shielding him used to be, she has dissappeared. What happened to her? Compare this photo with the first in my post.


The african woman who was sitting up, shielding the hooded man and amputee actor’s prosthetic rigging, giving hand signals, looking left and right, having no visible blood or injuries, is now covered in blood and strapped into a spine board stretcher.

In a real medical scenario the amuptee would receive immediate treatment or die from bleed out. The fact this actor woman is removed from the scene via stretcher while the double amputee is left on the ground is ludacris. He would be dead from blood lose before they could even begin spinal assessment procedures involved in moving a patient to a stretched. Not to mention his blood lose would be over five liters, enough to cover the entire scene around these people in a thick puddle.


From firsthand experience with trauma in the field of EMS work, this is not real. These are actors. This is all staged.

I know that many just want to believe. But I can’t help but think. So much doesn’t add up.

So, are you just a Believer or Do You Think? (Thanks, Digger)


UPDATED 4/21/13

KPatrickRyan shared an updated picture of the Bauman guy in the hospital (visited by Bradley Cooper). Compare him to the wheelchair man (Vogt???) and tell me who’s who.





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1,077 thoughts on “Are You Just A Believer Or Do You THINK?

  1. I agree. I wuz an EMT for nearly 28 years, and for six of those I wuz a EMT-P, a paramedic, working on ambulances on my days off from the Fire Department, a career FD, working 24 hour shifts.
    Loved my job, so most of the time at the FD I volunteered to be staffed at busy stations, where we were first responders and saw my share and then some of blood and gore. Horrific vehicle accidents, shootings, knife wounds and industrial accidents and NEVER have I seen blood the color in thosdagoe pics.

    • Thanks. It looks so unreal to me. Two legs gone and virtually no blood… the last person attended to as noted in the pictures… the seeming “set-up” of the performance.

      It just does not add up.

      • Like the post says, when the femoral artery is severed, blood gushes everywhere, that artery is so big that the blood gushing out looks like a garden hose filled with blood is spurting, so where’s all the blood splatters?

        You can bet that it would be all over the place, if the leg had been severed.

        • Is there any way that it could have been “cauterized”? In BOTH legs at the same time?

          And what about the makeshift tourniquet? Is there any way it would have worked to stop the flow of blood as presented?

          • ‘Cauterized’ implies that the severed artery was closed with an application of direct heat, so that’s out.

            It would have bled BIG TIME and anyone within 2-3 feet would have blood splatters all over them, that I don’t see.

            As for the tourniquet, it looks makeshift and difficult to tell how it was applied. It wasn’t donte by a medica.

            • Ok…with an explosion of a pressure cooker using black powder, the heat given off is definitely hot enough to cauterize just as quickly as the shrapnel cuts. Also, for all you EMT’s and Medics, anytime you are dealing with traumatic amputations, the arteries tend to shunt instantly which will negate the spurting bright red blood. Add the {1} heat of the bomb PLUS {1} the shunting of arteries PLUS {1} the use of a crude tourniquet, and what you get is the picture above..So in this case, 1+1+1 equals 3…so it actually does make sense and is highly probable that the injury you are critiquing is not only possible, but probable..And the picture would prove that..

              • I’m no EMT but like you my first thought was intense heat from the blast would have cauterized the wound. I am however a cinemagraphic makeup student and I can tell you know that a successful prosthetic takes a LOT more than a couple of minutes (if not seconds) to apply. This training also means that I have to be extremely good at analysing faces (how else am I expected to make an actors stunt double look the same as them?) I don’t believe the amputee in the army uniform is the same guy unless he’s had a nose job. That being said I don’t think the guy in the hospital looks much like either of the two guys either. Its hard to judge because all three guys are in different conditions of health.

                • I am a professional FX Artist and specialize in Horror Trauma FX, You are correct in your statement that Prosthetics take a lot of time to apply correctly, However in this instance it could very well simply be a slip over prothestics using suction to adhere and the Tourniquets make a wonderful cover to a zero blended edge. I also own a Halloween seasonal Attraction and Personally do about 30 over the top trauma injury Makeup jobs a night in the time frame of about an hour. Proper preparation is the Key. The Majority of my Pieces are slip over that require very little blending if any.

                • Excuse me, the pansy gunpowder blast was so hot it cauterised the “amputee”, but failed to even singe the hair of at least the redhead right next to him? And what about Mr. cool in the sunglasses, he can see through all the smoke? What about all the people with bare skin that didn’t get burned? Cauterised? That’s gotta be a joke.

                • They were not attaching prosthetics, they were REMOVING prosthetics. Over in a second. The “injury, make up, everything was there already. SImply slide the prosthetics off and voila.

                • Does anyone have inside the fence footage from time 0 to 45 seconds? It was only 40 seconds until the first person entered the fence and the fence began comiing down. I want to examine this personally.

                • I worked in a beef packing house once and had the dried blood dust explode inside a pressure cooker the size of a truck mounted cement mixer and exit out the hole in top when I was working. I received second and third degree burns over 49% of my body and clothes evaporated instantly but not enough to cauterize and stop any bleeding. Nope, don’t think so……

                • Here is what i see

                  the femoral artery is located in the thigh, not the lower leg. You guys said you were EMT’s …do you not know the body?

                  In the first set of pictures, By the frame count provided, less than 1/2 of a second passes from start to end. How fast do you personally bled out a liter? 5 liters?

                  I do see a jar of fake blood in hooded guys hands, BUT, you say you see him pouring pouring out fake blood.

                  I think the open hand jesture is “Stop taking my picture” or waving to cowboy hat “help help”

                  Second set of pictures.

                  Enough time has passed for sitting girl to from under/behind “hooded man” to have her head down on the grey pack. red guy ran into the scene going ” my wife my wife” (etc.) white shirt guy yelled ” don’t move her”. The guy in red turns and yelled at him and they argued. Hooded guy rolled over to watch. Red shirt girl is getting up and trying to decide if she need to run.

                  I can see dirt and blood on “sitting girls” arm under the shirt. I see a red GATORADE bottle guessing by the dimples.

                  Dude in the the hospital has a faint goatee just like the amputee at the bomb scene. Vogt is handsome BUT not a match. Perhaps the two guys look different BECAUSE THEY are different people.

                  I see a tragic incident in country that cannot accept it. In not accepting what happens individuals in the country have to “find” a “reason” for it to have happened. They cannot accept that a foreigner could possibly be so upset with them AS AN INDIVIDUAL to want to hurt them

              • NO WAY JOHNNY!!!!!! tell me why he wasn’t first treeted. where did his help go why is he alone tell me he would not go into shock with no-one to help him STAGED didn’t have to worry of shock everyone will be just fine ANYONE WANT COFFEE HANG ON BE RIGHT BACK

                • Somebody please tell me why this analysis neglects the fact that my FRIEND Jeff who I WORKED with on a daily basis was walking around enjoying his life going to see his girlfriend run the marathon today has no legs. We have seen him since the terrible attack. He has no legs. So even if I grant you the twisted idea that some amputee actor was present at the scene, please PLEASE tell me why my FRIEND Jeff has no legs. You neglect this fact. Until you can tell me why my basketball playing, mountain climbing, friend who I WORKED with nearly EVERY DAY has lost his legs your argument is INVALID. Please all look into donating to Bucks for Baumer (The facebook page shows Jeff hours before the explosion, WITH his legs) to help this true victim, or to One Fund Boston to help these individuals affected by this tragedy.

                • CONCERNED COSTCO WORKER,


                • Concerned Costco Coworker,

                  Not only should you back up your claims, you should explain how you got the last name of your supposed “friend” wrong. It’s Bauman, not Baumer.

              • I’m no MIT either but in law school we studied various crime related traumas. From my point of view, IF the heat from the blast would be have been enough to cauterize the amputated legs, THEN everybody around (including the amputee) would have been burnt beyond recognition… My 2 cents on this point and my respect to the people that investigate these things so thoroughly and passionately. Think about it people, the whole world today is acting as if such things are real. Wars are started and real people are really maimed or dead because such staged events. How many of these things do we want to happen further? We should finally get it one day…

                • Not really the way it works mate, pressure cookers with HME (home made explosives)are really crude a lot of people are talking about blasts and explosives they don’t know anything about. But it completely depends how the explosives are packed in and the orientation and the weak point of the vessel its in will determine direction of travel etc. These are really common in Afghanistan its the shrapnel that was designed to do the damage on this one. This was not military grade explosives and although flash burns are common they wouldn’t burn anyone beyond recognition.

                • No he’s not Wrong. I was a former demolition expert. I am very aware how the design including, perosity, density even the actual material used as the explosives can shape the blast. The military even has “SHAPE” charges used exclusively to direct a blast in a particular direction. Downward to create a hole, or sideways to penetrate a wall or other vertical structure.

                  That detonation was sporadic at best. Prime indicators of an improvised explosive.

                  You people screaming about fake bombing here should go visit Jeff Baumann (if he is still in the hospital) and put your hands on his wounds, then tell the people he was an amputee.

                  Until then you have absolutely NO right to tell HIS story from YOUR view.

                  Oh and by the way.. grow up will ya?

              • Anything hot enough to cauterize an internal artery that retracts upon injury would cause severe burns. None are visible on him or anyone else. Don’t state “facts” you have not researched.

                • I personally experienced a “flash” fire as a kid playing with a little gas in a gallon jug. I lost all the hair on my face but was not burned. If it was hot enough to cauterize two arterial bleeds, there should be little or no hair there. The flash from the “explosion” was so big that most of the hair on their heads should be gone at a minimum!

              • agree with little bear plus shock also stops the movement of blood, you can see he is in a lot of shock by the colour of his face getting wheeled away as the blood perfuses in the organs.
                This is very consistent with CAT blast amputations.

              • Cauterized his wounds (very very precisely, including two MAJOR arteries no completely that there is no spatter at all–damn good cauterizing), but failed to burn ANYTHING else in the vicinity? Not his pants. Not his shirt. Not the African American lady who wound up lying on top of him or her clothes. Not the redhead nearby. That is one accurate bomb. And if they were already “cauterized” so well that there’s no spatter from arterial wounds to two major arteries, then why did our hero, cowboy hat man, have to apply tourniquets? As my dad always said, use your head for something other that holding your ears apart.

                • Good summation. Someone here pointed out about a mate who has lost his 2 legs in the bombing. Remember there was a drill going on and what we are probably seeing in these pics is the “drill”. The drill has been denied of course by the authorities but to me it makes logic. These “actors” were part of the drill and when the real charges went off, real people were wounded and killed but these cameras were prepositioned just for the drill and the actors just did their part. Are there any other series of pictures to examine??. The photo above that has a close up of the man with legs blown off, why is it that no one is near him ?, but sunglass man , who was so “injured” he had time to put his sunnies back on in previous pics, now falls flat out and has people around him as if injured and legless man is ignored?. A picture tells a thousand words.!

                  There is something wrong. I recall the 7/7 bombings where the London bus that was blown apart near Tavistock, and a man claiming to be on the bus, was photed and interviewed by MSM, with a bloody bandage on his head and his suit in tatters. According to many people his testimony is bogus. “Planted memories” is all he provided, that everyone “remembers” as fact.

                  Maybe these people were the “media PR” group for interviewing to give the “real” story incase people dont believe the “official” story, which is the same anyway.

                  Something ‘aint right.

                • While everyone is concentrating on Baumann or whatever his name is, although this man could simply (in his make-up) be a guy who looks like Jeff (who probably will not be going back to work at Costco I’m thinking, but deciding to go someplace warm and semi-tropical to recover, someplace whether either everybody or nobody knows your name) — there are other amputees to consider, lots of them. In an impossibly tiny place between intact chairs of an outdoor seating area and an intact mailbox – I am speaking of Forum – a baker’s dozen (said to be) have come. The chairs seem there almost in defiance of the public, to prove how dumb and compliant they are.

                  Do you really have to hire 13 amputee actors? Of course not. You have to fix a few stories firmly into the minds of the viewers. The absence of the others will not be noticed. What is the leading cause of amputation in young people besides accidents which crush the leg in a motorcycle crash or car crash? It is diabetes. In fact the statistic I read is that about 20% of single amputations, within one year of the surgery, have to be followed by a higher cut or a second leg amputation.

                  Why limit these amputations to the legs, the lower extremities? Because that is how it works in diabetes. The leg circulation breaks down. You have a LOT of leg amputees to choose from, particularly in Boston which has specialists in the field.

                  I want to emphasize that no one should attack the doctors involved. I firmly believe as I had believed from the beginning, that everyone involved in this story 1) hates terrorism and doesn’t mind pointing the finger to some obscure place already controlled by Russia to make a point without causing a war 2) sees the need to have a drill to protect the public. The bad effects are unforeseen consequences which are not controllable. They don’t seem to care about those.

                  Why have thirteen amputee actors? If these patients are diabetic and have already lost limbs to it, some may have unstable medical conditions which could land them in the hospital for real. They might even die and be unavailable for comment. You have to have back-ups to the four or five people you use.

                  Dare I say it? Any surgeon who specializes in amputations is a vascular surgeon who treats diabetics. Two of the women interviewed thus far struck me as such: one a very thin kind of Type 1 juvenile diabetes sufferer and one a large middle-aged woman who probably had unstable Type 2 diabetes. You cannot tell by looking at someone, but each one had features of people I know with each of these conditions.

                  Now most of the patients (a simple amputation is a short hospital stay – maybe even two days) are in rehab hospitals which could be anywhere, far from the Marathon site.

                  The only relevant ongoing fakery being committed would be financial fraud involving fundraising, though, as with the Red Cross, if too much money pours in for one disaster, it has already been established they can apply what lawyers call the “cy press” doctrine and send those funds off for other worthy causes of a similar nature. If the money goes into a casino owner’s pocket or a political slush fund, then that is another matter. I doubt that anyone would risk being charged with fraud in this. I imagine the money will be managed by some reputable firm in the Boston area. Unless all hell has broken loose.

                  Why do this?

                  For one thing, the police chief of Boston, Mr. Davis, who is going to run for mayor, and whose girth makes him look like a good candidate for even worse Type 2 diabetes than the current Mayor Menino was just long-term hospitalized to manage it, wants domestic drones to follow the Marathon next year. This is one of the goals here – an introduction of drones into our lives along with 24/7 surveillance. Not that crime prevention would result. But certainly more money and power to the manufacturers of these devices. Manufacturers like Raytheon, a New England contractor which unfortunately had an employee with an amputation from the 4/15 attacks.

              • Only a naive, gullible, FOOL, brainwashed or brain dead will believe the government manufactured incident and the double amputee performance of the amateur actors scene .

              • If the blast was hot enough to cauterize the legs as they were blown off, others would have signs of this immense heat. We have the pics. with no evidence of heat.

              • 1/ it is very light blood…and looks like spilled not created by injuries !! ..2/ What caused such injury exactly..? ..and where exactly that man stood when this low force explosive blew..? 4/ We know that matadors in Spain receive injury by bullhorn into thigh he is gone by loss of blood almost at once ..and he is in the shock too…

            • Indeed, and I agree. as I see no tell-tale signs of intense heat on neither clothing or skin, as there should be if hot enough to cauterize severe wounds of those closest to the explosion.

              • I agree. well if the wound was cauterized in the way some people say, why? no blood on the frame 20 and blood after that? And where are the legs? must be somewhere even in pieces.

              • I hope no one gives it to you as it’s a page for people to support him and his recovery, not for people like you to post thoughtless accusations where he and his family might see. It’s not going to change anyone’s mind anyway as most people here seem to believe your theories no matter what evidence to the contrary you get. speculate all you want on the motive behind the bombings but don’t belittle the victims suffering by calling the fakes. Isn’t it meant to be innocent until proven guilty? Stop being so heartless and think of what your accusations will do to the Jeff’s recovery if it turns out your wrong.

                • Is a prosecutor “heartless” when he charges a suspect with a crime, Teela? Is a critic heartless for not liking a play?

                  “Innocent until proven guilty” – I assume that is how you see Dzhukar Tsarnaev. Innocent until proven guilty.

                  Oh, but there are good victims and bad perps. Yes. And there are also people who are accused of an act they never committed like Richard Jewell. Or the “wilding” black men of Central Park. Or countless others railroaded to death for someone else’s crime. At least realize that whether or not there are victims with injuries, the rest of us are victims of something pretty terrible. Boston has been defiled in the middle of one of its finest traditions (could it have been brought down because too many Africans were bearing off the prize and it no longer felt like a home event?). The paint stains or blood stains need to be purged from the heart of the city. It won’t be done by war or false accusations.

                  But the prosecutor must weigh the evidence. Someone must state the case for a hoax. It is part of achieving justice. The heart is an obstacle. In this matter, the head must lead, the heart must follow.

                • As I don’t have all the evidence I am going to reserve judgement on Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. From what I have seen I think he will be convicted but until then and even If he is I’m not going to do the same thing you are doing to Jeff Bauman and sully his name in a public forum as it speaks more to my character than his If I do.
                  I’m all for examining all of the options but that doesn’t mean completely disrespecting someone who has potentially been through a traumatic incident. I don’t agree with interrogating someone while still healing and emotionally vulnerable no matter what they are accused of doing.

                  If you want to hear Jeff’s side of the story here’s an interview with him,
                  doesn’t sound like an actor to me but I doubt it will convince most of you.

                • You know Teela, I don’t think for sure I ever attacked Jeff personally. My own theory is that those acting at the finish line are professional actors brought in from somewhere else for the purpose, and deliberately not native Bostonians, so as to lend credence to the drill. I saw them as hired as a company, a whole group.

                • I’ve been hunting high and low and ive yet to find a single pic of ‘Jeff Bauman’ with legs BEFORE he bombing. Every single pic ive seen always shows him from the waist up, or when he is sitting down, you can never see below the knee, and there always objects or tables conveniently blocking the view on the inside of the leg or below the knee.

                  If someone can find any, id sure love to see one…though i knew even before searching that id come up empty handed. What a sick joke this all is, but i guess we can expect more of it.

                • From the link you posted: “Christian and Caroline are avid photographers and budding directors.” But move along – nothing more to see here.

                • Here is the website of Steve Kolander, who created the donation site for “Christian and Caroline”:


                  From Steve Kolander’s website: “Some of you know me as a creative director of an ad agency.” and “People love stories and they especially love stories about themselves or someone they know. This is what I do. I tell stories.” Indeed you do – stories that are barely believable.

                  Here is what Steve Kolander says on his link titled “Blog,” which leads to a website named

                  “Blog of the Day 4-15-2013:
                  What a sad day that on Patriots Day, April 15, 2013 someone would plant and detonate two bombs at the Boston Marathon. One of my colleagues and friends, Christian Williams, was hit in that bombing and is at Brigham and Women’s Hospital tonight. According to his room mate, he just got out of surgery and surgeons have managed to save both legs and his hand. He is very lucky for being at the wrong place and the wrong time. HIs girlfriend was also hit and she too, has survived and is doing okay this evening. Caroline is a great girl and our family is praying for the speedy recovery of these two super people.”

                  Riiiight. He just got out of surgery to save both legs, even though the photos show him with NO INJURIES to his legs, and only two small rips in his jeans (rips that were probably self-inflicted before the event), with some fake blood smeared on the jeans around the rips to make it look authentic. Notice that in the photo where he’s calmly reclining and looking at “Team Kerto” man, “Christian the sunglasses man” has no blood at all on his jeans, but in the next photo, he has a small amount smeared onto his jeans around the rips, probably applied by the fake or paid-off EMT with the blue gloves attending him.

                  Amazing – the more you research it, the more obvious it becomes that this WAS a staged event, with hired crisis actors, just like Sandy Hook. They must think that we’re pretty stupid to fall for this crap, and apparently they’re right, since most people seem to believe it. It’s very sad that America has come to this.

                • “It’s very sad that America has come to this.” You said it.

                  But we were primed for it by the era which began in 2001. This is only the beginning of trying to change that. It may take generations, and even then, perhaps there is some curse to work off. You know the curse that gets put on you when you attack a country that did nothing to you with a night of “Shock and Awe” that made of all the news services in the world eager handmaidens to illegitimate power. Any way you cut it, this recent event is related to all that, if only to bend our perceptions away from reality towards our prejudices.

                  Identifying the people at the finish line – the admissions that they are your friends and that they were there, and then your exaggerations about their injuries after the photo evidence says otherwise may actually be admissible in court under a hearsay exception of a party admission in some kind of action for fraud. The man and woman are raising money (as so many of these victims) and it is money independent of Boston 1 fund too (which could always get rid of any taint by applying “cy pres” doctrine and give the money to charitable causes other than the victims, if caught up to no good). They aren’t seriously injured. They are using the stories about the marathon to say they are. But are they really the same people seen in the photo? Are they vetted? Has anyone made a list of victims and carefully vetted each of them before these funds were set up?

                  See I’m starting to see this thing as fraud, with the added feature of a set-up. And to scale it back as a political thing (except for corrupt officeholders) – because look at the money they have raised so far, and the major fund, Boston 1 has raised tens of millions of dollars already.

                  But no big crime like this one is ever a first. There should be a gang around it and a pattern of bad stuff, like prison terms for other white collar crime. It can relate back to 9/11 because there were allegations of fraud then, but by different people probably. Later of course, the giant slush fund of the wars of choice – “War is a racket” said a wise man.

                  Someone who contributed to this fund and who discovered that these people represented themselves as injured when they were not – would that person be able to bring a civil action? Would they have standing to get their money back? I guess it would have to be sort of like a breach of contract?? I’m now in deep waters. Some practicing lawyer might be able to find a creative way to bring this out in court, because it is just blatant enough that it ought to be seen for what it is.

                  And the thread that would be pulled in the civil case, petty as it might be, would perhaps lead to someone having a contract to run this play at the finish line, to script it.

                  Because as much as anyone would like the criminal case against a probably innocent suspect, Tsarnaev, to be played out with the full introduction of evidence, it has always had “plea bargain” written all over it, and especially now with the lawyer he has who specialized in keeping serial killers and mass murderers from being executed.

                  But a civil action that exposed the whole fraud would blow the lid off the criminal sentence in the long run, even though the evidentiary requirements are smaller for the civil. Think of OJ, who killed his ex-wife and a restaurant worker, winning the criminal case only to lose the civil. He was then reduced to bankruptcy and resorted to actions which amounted to false imprisonment, after which I believe he violated parole. I don’t think this is a nice way to get justice, it doesn’t work perfectly, but some would say “The Postman Always Rings Twice” (if you know the story) and justice eventually catches up someone who commits murder. So if this whole thing was about fraud, then it naturally follows that Tamerlyn Tsarnaev, the dead brother, was a murder victim of the same people who staged the event. That’s pretty serious.

                  No statute of limitations on murder.

                • John,

                  On April 28, 2013, at 8:43 AM, you said:

                  Identity of the guy in sunglasses laying casually on ground has been identified. He has already collected $87,000 in donations. (Scroll down for picture of him and his girlfriend (also injured) at scene of first bombing).

                  Here’s a quote from that link you posted: “Christian and Caroline are avid photographers and budding directors.”

                  In an earlier comment, I said that the sunglasses guy was apparently one of the on-site directors for this staged production, and it turns out that he IS a budding director! Just another one of those amazing coincidences, eh? And why was he wearing a hoodie, sunglasses, and shabby clothes, as if he was trying to hide his identity? The link you posted reveals “Christian” to be a yuppie, preppy type of guy – not the type to wear what he was wearing in the photos, unless he didn’t want to get his good clothes ruined by fake blood.

                  Also, “Christian’s” wife, a light-skinned black woman, was supposedly with him at the Boston Marathon bombing, and was supposedly also injured – the link you posted shows her on a gurney at the scene, Yet, amazingly, she is nowhere to be seen in any of the photos of the people around “Christian the sunglasses man.” The other black woman at the scene is darker-skinned, and is clearly not her. I guess they don’t travel or stand anywhere near each other at public events, even though they’re man and wife, eh? The article you posted says the following about Caroline’s absence from the photos:

                  “Caroline originally ran from the scene as her adrenaline and ‘fight or flight’ instincts kicked in. But as she looked back, she saw that Christian was not with her. She quickly returned to the bomb scene where she found her boyfriend on the ground, unable to get up. This is when she realized she too, had been hit, and collapsed. She has undergone many leg surgeries since Monday and has more to go.”

                  Riiiight. Her legs were mangled in the blast, yet she managed to run away from the scene so quickly that she isn’t even in the very first photo above, which was taken just seconds after the blast, with everyone still supposedly recoiling from the blast effects. And in the large photo which shows sunglasses man (“Christian”) on the ground being attended to by two people, if the woman in the dark tights standing over him is his wife Caroline, it’s clear to see that her legs are completely clean and UNINJURED! But hey, the shills have ordered more KoolAid for everyone! Drink it up!!!

              • Hey B’Man, I’ve kinda kept up with this thread since viewing this page on Sunday, and I’m sure many of my questions have already been answered, but I was hoping you could ‘sum up’ the situation for clarification please.
                First off, in your first image, the double amputee does have a tourniquet on his left leg and the rescue cowboy appears to be holding an artery. So even if this was a ‘mach disaster’, you have to admit they hired good makeup artist, but the idea that VOGT was wearing partial prosthetic from his hip down to his knees is laughable. I wish you would have caught something that obvious earlier. The video showing the EMT rushing to apply some kind of dressing to a 20 minute old would when they come into camera view is beyond suspicious. The next few images of the double amputee scene on the ground appear to be just enough to arouse a legitimate level of suspicion, but they don’t show anything that can’t be explained-even if it requires one of those “ems phenomenons”.

                I guess my big question to you and everybody else would be, where are the thousands of images that were taken that WOULD resolve this argument? I can only imagine how many iphones were aimed at the scene until it was cleared, but none of them have surfaced. I realize the feds were asking everybody for their phones, but I’m sure SOME of them were smart enough to just send the files and not the whole phone. Where are they? Would you agree that just enough information is available right now to create even more dissent, and leech out a fresh batch of people who openly demonize the state?

                That video of the “gloom and doom” weather report and forecast is kinda funny. What is it, that you and all those you consider are ‘awake enough to share your level of understanding are looking for here, especially on this recent scene? You apparently share an understanding that making others aware of our grim reality is somehow beneficial to your beliefs, and that’s disturbing. It’s almost as if you’re creating a new religion, albeit subconsciously.

                • For example, something new today that pertains to the bombing. Do you honestly think the secret service let somebody with a camera sneak past them and aim it at this woman, twice? Can the image of the lady in the room with this kid be used to PROVE it was Michelle? It looks a lot like her, we’ve heard she was there, but they only have one fuzzy image of them two together. She obviously see’s the person aiming some kind of camera at her. If she KNEW her presence there was “scandalous”, do you think those images would be available for you to view? You pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down?

                • I have read every post on here and I believe those that witnessed actual traumatic amputations with shredded limbs and arteries and saw little or no blood. I no fan of overly powerful, arrogant government in a country founded on fight for liberty, but to say that this administration and or military would stage this with actors
                  reveals more about the author and some of his co- conspiracy believers that the horrendous attack.

                  Other conspiracies magnets such as the moon landing, 911 terrorist attack, and other large scale horrendous
                  incidents have huge emotional significance to a notion and indeed world. This is when those with a grievance,
                  either real or perceived, point to the most powerful, authoritative entity in their lives as the puppet masters.
                  Perhaps the conspiracy minded are challenged with a more highly sensitive nervous systems or perhaps weakened though abuse or neglect…..or maybe just greater analytical perception that the rest of us.

                  Where they lose me is when the words come out of non partisan sounding their theories: “it just a way of scaring the public into fear, ginning up hate, and promoting war….
                  There will be no theories of blame for Russia, China, Iran, or North Korean just the USA as a country.

                • If you engage the facts instead of the factions, you must sit down before the facts like a little child. Every incident is significant once you detect the impossibility of something you were told had happened. Some are qualified to comment on the anomalies of science. But this is dirt simple. That’s the mistake I guess. It was a policy shift piggy-backed on an off-the-shelf long contemplated drill. The government has moved on. It is okay with a few people disbelieving the constant news barrage and every reference being obsessively tied to the event, as though reality will never intrude. However it will, whether you are a skeptic or not. As a for instance, I believe that today my brother-in-law whose daughter had four tours of Afghanistan may be having a heart attack. I am going to have to leave this thread for a time. But I will never stop questioning an event which happened in Middlesex county, a small place, where I was locked down last Friday and where I travel all over the places where these terrible events are said to have taken place, with a husband who walks over the place Sean Collier was slain. I have skin in the game, and I feel my city has been defiled. I am a patriot, and I am angry.

                • Upon visiting “BucksforBauman” website, it strikes me that there is no mention at all of the woman standing next to him on fundraising page, Isn’t she the apparently wounded and pretty motionless woman with reddish hair wearing blue and red and situated nearest the fencing in the bomb location images taken from the right side.
                  You would think that there would be well wishers and friends commenting on her condition and recovery as well surely? but no mention at all.

                • Or what about the black woman first above him (doing the prostheses backstage) later borne away on a stretcher covered in “blood” with her eyes opened and staring like someone dead.

                  A dead person has fixed pupils. But I suppose if you could focus deep into her face or that of the alleged Krystle Campbell nearby, you would find a living person with normal response to the ambient light of the scene. However I do not think they would allow that angle or level of resolution for the movie, such as we see it on the screen.

                  By the way there are those who think these pictures will be kept for posterity. I am not so sure. Any convincing historical movie from the past always has bloopers (the wristwatch on a Ben-Hur charioteer). There are bloopers galore in this one (one reason why there NO pictures of Forum contemporary with the event that show the carnage which would have required firehoses to clean up, open hydrants running for a long time).

                  So I expect some of the originals to vanish and maybe they already have.

                  I think I heard a blooper from an amputee on a news shows recently, where she was allowed to do a bit of improv. Only a fact geek would catch it. She described coming out of the restaurant or its seating area as though she wasn’t a spectator but a patron that day (there was seating) at Forum. Then she looked down and found out she was bleeding and had lost her foot. Funny, if she was a patron of the restaurant behind the sidewalk seating barrier, how come the chairs and railings there have not been removed to clean up biological waste on them? Why are they sitting outside as they were the entire time? But no one will ever care. You can always find a just-so story to support an authority which has already changed its narrative a dozen times. The only rule: always make the authorities come out right. Shine upon them the best light. Worship the Emperor as a god.

                • Speaking of bloopers, in one photo guy near Bauman whose leg was also shattered, is being wheeled by (slowly) in wheelchair, past an empty ambulance (presumably to Medical tent station “A” around the corner, while a fireman is showing a bunch of other fireman gathered around him something in the empty ambulance (or is it a white fireman rescue trunk?) He seems to be instructing them. They all totally ignore the guy being “rushed” by in the wheelchair. That one just seemed … weird.

                  Here’s another blooper. Doctor being interviewed outside the hospital is asked about the hospital’s being in lockdown, and he says that’s common, “in drills like these” (and that they had 40-50 doctors “ready”. But admits he was inside busy attending to patients so couldn’t comment on the lockdown situation. What did he mean by “in drills like these”?????????? Oops.

                • You are correct that the idea that the photos show VOGT at the marathon is not credible. I have seen many photos of Bauman before the marathon and I cringed when I saw the rubber prosthetics on his knees. I cringed out of the sick realization that this man had his legs surgically amputated for this hoax. I’m sure he was well paid and he may not have to worry about money again, but it shows that the ones who put this together are SICK!

                • I doubt it. Ever heard of blue screen techniques? How about Lieutenant Dan in Forrest Gump? That actor never got his legs taken off for the role. This is a movie.

        • The femoral artery does not extend past the knee. It splits into several smaller arteries, the largest of which runs behind the tib/fib.

          • I was thinking the same thing about the femoral artery.. Apparently, the army amputee lost his legs at femoral location, but the ‘injured’ guy in wheelchair deff has the injury at or below the calf. Someone else here brought up the point that REMOVING the prostesis would be a better scenario than putting them on.. If people noticed he came in w/o legs, it wouldn’t have been as dramatic. And they couldn’t have gone with that story that he got his legs blown off. So who knows. That’s just my 2 cents.

          • yes. a creepy color for blood – oh, and everybody’s blood color “matches” – isn’t that nice!

            Areterial AND venous blood, known to be quite different in color and texture in THE SAME PERSON, are seen here as ONE CRIMSON SHADE – and not even a good shade at that.

            I’ve seen more realistic stage blood. But hey – “seeing is believing”, and “we all bleed RED” (the same color)

            • …blood oxydised coming from heart is lighter a thinner , while blood going to the heart is darker and thicker…alwayz

        • Also this blood would be dark there would be a copper smell…and just compare the pic of the man in the wheelchair to Vogt. bottom photo…pretty says is all!

        • First off the picture with the sign is not taking for the fundraiser. This was taking before the 2013 marathon because is sisters was running from team stork but all I see is dumb bullshit on here. Why don’t u don’t something productive with your life

      • bman-i see all of what you have said-something-well just one of the things that has bugged me it seems nothing but i find it sinister is the way the note says firehousesubs well done-sorry it just stinks of a signal to all the “crew” & possibly implys other horrid undertones -also i sure i keep seeing certain people in lots of the photos -na whole thing stinks -very nasty

        -peace to you x

        • Firehouse Subs is kind of ironic. Like the French policeman throwing the Vichy water in the trash can at the end of Casablanca, and the camera focusing on the label. It’s foregrounded. It’s kind of signature-like. The artist signing his masterpiece. I felt that same chill. If the thing had been real, someone would have removed it so as not to cause additional heartache to the families. But no. It was too good to leave out.

          Of course this is part of the feel of the whole thing. We have been made to feel so much. Copious grief for people we don’t know. Like you feel in the old “three-hanky” movies. I go to a rep theater and know when I walk in they are either going to force laughter or tears from me. It will come. I’m ready for it. So with this situation. But the question is, since we are told it is real, what are we supposed to do with it.

      • I am a board certified Anesthesiologist who has worked at a Level I trauma center for 24 years. The relative lack of blood is completely compatible with a blast injury. Blast injuries can cause tearing of the vessels which is more likely to cause the vessel to contract and close. Sharp force trauma like penetrating glass shard and knife wounds tend to bleed more. I can’t believe you think being an EMT qualifies you to make such outlandish, ridiculous assertions that are not based in fact. Get a life.

        • And I’m the KIng of America, lol. Yes, it must have been so neatly ‘taken care of’ by the ‘blast’ that the EMTs just let him lie there so they could put fully functioning people on stretchers.. You get a life and stop pretending to be a medical professional.

          • A nd sir were not there!!! I was these people are not Actors! I guess they hired actors to attend the Hospitals and also hired actoirs to be Doctors treating people and Ocourse they have hired people to attend the Funerals and stiil hired someone to be buried in the caskets of the dead! Get a life you can’t know what really happened unless you were there!

          • I was about to say and i too have a certificate in anesthesiology. Oh come on!!! first time i saw the pictures of that man with both his legs gone, i thought, that looks fake, something i would see in zombie movies, hahaha. And the truth is anyone with that much trauma shouldnt be left alone while others with lesser injuries are carted away, its all staged and faked! think about it. whats the real objective behind all of this? Get america into another patriotic frenzy? Go to war? Push legislation foward for gun control? Get other legislation enacted so we could completely lose all our constitutional rights? Wake up!

            • Hi there, I see you have posted this message repeatedly on this forum. I have been trying to find the facebook page you have mentioned but facebook and google search reveals nothing relevant when I search for “bucks for Baumer” – can you provide a link please? I’d like to help.

            • I too was wondering what the purpose of this was, until Nanny Bloomberg came out saying we need to give up some of our ‘constitutional rights’ in order to be safe now, and also that many of the congressmen who were resisting the idea of drones being sent after American citizens had now changed their minds during the chasing down of the terrorists.

            • Yesterday, April 26, the police chief of Boston who managed the Marathon bombing (a Mr. Davis, who is being touted for mayor by acclamation), announced that the “even more spectacular 2014 Marathon” (God save us) will be, if he gets his way, policed by aerial drones.

            • …and where is IVF …/intravenous feeding / ?..important to save life in such situation and rest of metals from pots…?

          • He’s not left to lie there while others are stretchered away. why has no one seemed to notice that in the scene with the african american lady being stretchered away; the person lying on the ground is the RED SLEEVED WOMAN from a couple of pictures above. not the double amputee its very obvious.

        • I completely agree. His spelling and grammar reflect his 6 month/community college EMT education.

          You’re an EMT. You make 9 dollars an hour. It’s probably best that you let someone else do most of the thinking.
          I’m actually a big conspiracy nut. I love them! However, your ignorance here is blinding. It just goes to show you EXACTLY why EMT’s can do basically nothing in the field (thank God).

          • Well, as a former EMT and Combat Lifesaver in the US Army, I can say that I don’t appreciate your assertion that “EMTs can do basically nothing”. I can save your life, dude. But that said, I think the author of this article is a LOON. The anesthesiologist is CORRECT: blast trauma can indeed stop bleeding.

            • ….If it stopped /blast trauma / bleeding , then / turniket around man thighs is not neccesary ? or is very important …

          • Youre a conspiracy nut? Conspiracies are not a game show to watch. Its based on critical/ free thinking..if you were a conspiracy nut you would know most of the mainstream media distracts from the real traumas that are going on. They’ve treated this Boston bombing like a reality show. it’s sickening and I’ve lost empathy. Have you heard about CISPA being signed during all this chaos? Since youre such a nut you should know all these things and none of it should be funny. And you probably shouldnt be wasting your time insulting EMT’s who go out everyday being selfless. Somebody who lost both legs due to a blast should be taken care of immediatly and not wheeled on display with a wheel chair. So get angry at your government and these creepy elite who have war agendas to pursue for treating this like some sort of freakshow.

            • “The controversial Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) now appears to be dead in the Senate, despite having passed the House by a wide margin earlier this month. Though tech, finance, and telecom firms with a combined $650 million in lobbying muscle supported the bill, opposition from privacy groups, internet activists, and ultimately the White House (which threatened to veto the law) seem to have proven fatal for now.”

          • He has no authority whatsoever. It’s probably one of those guys that are employed solely for writing comments on blogs like this. When you read comments always remember these a–holes are everywhere.

        • Mr. “Board Certified Anethesiologist,” post your credentials while you’re attacking the analysis of an EMT. Really, when was the last time you were on the street attending to a trauma victim, on site, instead of parked in your chair in the surgical suite? When?

        • Mr. ‘Board Certified” put your money where your mouth is, I did. My name is Greg Bacon and I WUZ an EMT for 28 years, six of those as an EMT-P, paramedic and for over 20 of those years, as a career firefighter in a Midwest college town where we responded to ME’s and were usually the first on the scene.

        • Thanks for that attempt to trump everyone with a flowery statement of your incredibly superior qualification, followed by the kind of crack one expects from people who work in the field of disinfo. I’ve worked with many Anesthesiologists, and aside from their propensity for drug addiction, I’m yet to see the smug self-superiority translate into any kind of super skill worthy of the assumed prestige.

        • I cannot believe you think by being a doctor/anesthestist allows YOU to make such outlandish, ridiculous assertions that are not based in fact. get a different job, or try lying better when you post/you shill. board certified??? lol yea certifiably insane in the membrane. you sniffin too much of that sleepy gas. gasbag…..epic fail.

          now onto some facts….a blast injury that close would result in blunt force trauma to the upper body/head as well as blast burns on all exposed tissue…….something not even seen here. it would also result in the person being ‘shell-shocked from the blast with the end result being unconsciousness. this guy is not only conscious, but is alert and NOT even concerned about his lower extremity. these false flags will be the way this feral criminal govt uses to slither into our cities and try to initiate martial law. wake up people: the gunmen and criminals are before your eyes; in police and military uniforms.

          • Martial law indeed. And apparently it is a hit in New England. My brother could not even visit a college he had an appointment for, because this Catholic institution (which should have been free on religious grounds to choose how to respond to the emergency) would not admit him with his newly accepted student son. He was miffed, but I told him “Cast a cold eye on Boston. Horseman pass by.” I’m stuck here. I despise what the police did in Watertown. It now turns out that the one injured officer who required the services of a vascular surgeon (if he was injured at all – trust me I am 50-50 that he wasn’t) is said to have been hit by “friendly fire.” I always thought he would be.

            Why say that now? Because there is another entity than the Feds looking into local charges for the Tsarnaev brothers, and the evidentiary requirements for the gun battle prosecution would bring out the reality of what happened far too sharply. It turns out that Dzhukov Tsarnaev never even had a gun. Maybe the timeline for the policeman’s injury did not work with his brother TT, who may already have been taken away. So the story has changed, but not the effects of 6 towns in lock-down. I experienced that personally. Not that I was even remotely afraid, but someone in my household was, someone who had been in a real war at an early age. I am concerned that others like him really suffered that day for a sophisticated stunt which will be used politically for years to come, the gift that keeps on giving away our rights and whittling down the concept: A man’s home is his castle.

            Ultimately, there is a philosophical battle over John Locke’s concept of Property and Jeremy Bentham’s concept of Utilitarianism (the greatest happiness for the greatest number). It has been with us since the earliest days of our country, it played out in the issues around slavery, and it is being recast today in the national security state embodied in Homeland Security. The only problem is that if you are seen as a herd to be managed, ear-tagged and led out to the pastures they want you in, you are not a free animal and your instincts become shaped to the desires of your masters.

            The thing Northerners hated about slavery was that Southerners defined some people as their property. Northerners had notions of property, but it pertained to objects and animals. Now we see that the Northern industrial model is being taken to an extreme on the basis of a need for security. Most people here are not vast property owners and managers. It’s smallish. Immigrants who came here could expect a home and job. Now they are struggling with both. What rights do they proclaim for themselves? At the moment, they want to be free of disease and of terrorism. They think Boston will deliver, even if it seems an illusory goal sometimes.

            We must ask over and over – what can we do? But Jefferson put it well: “No nation was ever ignorant and free” and he did mean that the knowledge rested solely in Big Brother. He meant “every tub on its own bottom”.

            • Dianne , about 700 thousands died in the civil war , because industrial North needed a diiferent sort of slaves , those , they would just hire and give a little money and gave sack when not needed ….I believe

            • I can not agree with you more your sentiments in regard to this event is totally on target and this s my main focus and concern. Our rights and the rest of the world will suffer from the events that transpired this past April. This will haunt us no end until we have lost all of our rights, our homes, cars, jobs, everything. What i fear is this event is proof that people will give in to the demands and not defend their rights as was evident in this event. no one said no this is my home and you may not enter without a warrant. so this was forced.. not voluntary as everyone was told. it was forced.

        • You’re a board certified shill. The blast was from a stinking pressure cooker smoke bomb filled with garbage to inflict just the kind of damage being faked here. If there had been the kind of blast that seals up a severed femoral artery, you can bet that these actors would never have collected their pay because they would have been blown to bits. Talk about outlandish and ridiculous. You’ve been dipping into a little too much of your anesthetics.

            • As of yesterday (May 3), it was announced in Boston that each of the “victims” would get one million dollars. I don’t think it is clear what “being a victim” signifies, but let’s say it means “an actor and willing participant in a fake terror attack”. Or as the people in charge of it might say “One for you, ten for me.” The source of this money is probably the Boston 1 fund because they have raised tens of millions so far.

          • …it seems to , that blast managed to do a lot of things at the same time…and why brothers terrorists do not tried a little bit of disguise …when so many cameras around ?

        • So if his legs are severed, then where are they? Blasted into micro fragments? Even the backpack itself, which housed the device, is largely in tact.
          There was not enough power to blow only his legs to fragments yet leave everybody else bodily intact. Therefore there should be two feet, with ankles with shins and calves lying around somewhere. Care to show me where?

          • You make a good point; asking where his feet are. As I watched the ‘blast’ I couldn’t help but notice that it seemed to have no outward moving force at all, not even as much as we see routinely in your average film/tv explosions. It looked like a complete fake, designed to produce smoke and noise, but no percussion. It looked like one man in the street threw himself to the ground, but if even the smoke of the blast didn’t move outward, where was the blast wave?

            • I think the guy in the street running really fell by accident
              because I spotted in video a bit of fragment coming flying from blast zone
              bouncing on the road tar and at last connect with runner..Sending him flat.
              Collateral…I spotted that…He was maybe the only one true victim…Not that they care…
              This one Boston is really for archives, woke me up to the fact they use actors…
              This one was recorded for posterity. Every angles…
              Really felt like b movies actors…
              Come on the dude with hoodie and sun glasses…
              He made sure to put them on…Why?
              Maybe to disguise his appearances and as a code?

              Also dude with cowboy hat…Waiting for his cue…?
              He think more important to fix his hat on …
              So we have two important prop…

              This is very important to spot attitude of that blond runner,
              who was badly injured waited patiently for rescue…
              Not even bothered by her badly messed up back ankle…
              I tell you, they normally moan…
              Even big tough man cry their mamas with that kind of amputation….
              And she is reacting dead cold like pro on a mission…
              A RUNNER without a bit to run with that don’t even care to look at it…HA!HA!HA

              We have been taken over,
              An almost bloodless coup,
              spearheaded by that big sacrifice 9/11 to their phoenix peacock god.
              Mission accomplish they own the banks of most the world, they dictate fashions and dogmas.They own the flickering boxes…..Yes they are the latest state of the art magicians in their black art hear hat….
              This is the end of the road if we don’t wake up to the fact they have been lying for a long time…And they are the latest bunch of magician….
              They lied in those times we needed lies…
              Whatever it was…
              WE need to learn the truth
              or it will kill us…
              You cannot live without HER. NATURE
              As strange as it look, everything is has plan.
              Now our soul need to make a choice, a collective one: WE need to learn from mistakes.
              We have been promised robots to wipe our asses and flying self-sufficient cars that drives it selves, while we live long healthy life but instead we have been given, no we even had to put ourselves in debit for TVs- Ipods_useless Robots that cannot even enter nuclear sites without freezing and to cover the stench of it all we have choice of Mickey Mouse shaped lollipops kool aids while most are totally mesmerized by the light show flickering on the screen….adulating IDOLS on big screens…
              The age of CHIMERA
              And guess what we gave for all this crap?
              Yes it is going to be hard because most thing we think true and natural are not….?


              • Right. And Nature is a female principle. Notice the arch-villain shaping up in the narrative, the wicked queen, that gal in the head-scarf, the femme fatale, the Lady MacBeth – it is Mrs. Tsarnaev (who is not even a Chechen but a member of another group, an Alar). Did she come from Central Casting or what?

                So she is nature, the mother instinct, that we have to trash. Carry on boys, huh?

                I’ve noticed that on threads which discuss her men express fantasies about burning her alive and killing her in horrible ways, their aggression liberated by fake terror.

                But running through it all are many women who keep recognizing themselves in her, and who defend her and her reactions to the loss of two beautiful-looking boys she raised. She is Cindy Sheehan come back as a Muslim in a head-scarf. She is the angry mother, the rage-ful female like Hurricane Mom.

          • There is a brazen set of photos in the online Boston Globe of various things around the bombing, including clean-up at Forum, one which anyone can see shows the total bogus nature of the alleged bomb’s power to destroy thirteen to fifteen peoples’ lower limbs, and to kill two at the same site, with 100-250 people injured by shrapnel. It’s brazen because like the lock-down it is a test of belief and compliance. This is a city with famed academies of learning, with engineers galore. With many of finest teaching hospitals in the nation. And they have the nerve to print a clean-up at Forum where there is a short sidewalk between the intact railing of the outdoor portion of the restaurant and the curb, the place where people were standing when allegedly hit by the blast.

            For your consideration: One tree, one mailbox, one street light with two unbroken bulbs. And with it the story of a pan lid thrown onto a roof.

            Flash bang, the coup was bloodless. Life has returned to normal, but perceptions and thought and speech has changed.

            Evidence we now know has been replaced once again by faith. We have sold our birthright for a mess of Boston Strong chowder, but of course that is all people can eat if they are toothless. Drool….

          • Each time I come back and look at these statements, I find another key observation like this one of yours.

            Of course two severed legs would not just disappear into micro fragments. Shoes are easier to leave around that actual leg parts, and they even had trouble supplying those (probably since an amputee would not have brought shoes to the scene). And considering that the other blast sight was supposed to have many more of them where are they?

            Whoever this man is, he is a long-term amputee.

            Later when he is wheeling himself around in the hospital, some actual amputees commented that for an amputee to learn to sit up in a wheelchair is a feat requiring months of physical therapy and training just to get the balance right and to train the back muscles to hold the pose.

            Therefore, this circus is an insult to (for instance) our real veterans who have to struggle back to recovery.

            So you have two parts of the story – the injury and the recovery (which is not in hospitals but in rehab facilities).

            There is in the end no moral justification for this fake terror event. None whatsoever.

            Who could screw their heads on so backwards that they could think there was?

        • Eh, far be it from me but the damage is supposedly from SHAPNEL as can be seen in the torn tissue, not the blast and as you quite rightly point out these tend to bleed MORE…doh!. Cauterization could result from close proximity to a blast however there would be distinct charring around the area if the burn effect was to ‘hold’ and stop bleeding.

          • ,,,blood is there , not sprayed and pieces of feet /legs not at all to be found , not even on people around….

        • Hi Im a board certified fony, and I learnt how to say “get a Life” while in school. seriously get a life?? you also use the words outlandish? and ridiculous? I know and have personal relationships with many, many surgeons and doctors…they do not talk like this. Furthermore, there is plenty of experience to be had from work experience as an emt, fireman, nurse, medic. I think you misrepresent who you are.

        • I wonder how these people would feel about saying things like it is staged or they’re just actors when someone that has was there debunks their claims. I have seen many forums/blogs/youtube comments, and nobody has said they actually talked with these people. Of course someone will use that to prove they’re actors, but nobody has even tried. Would be nice to see some comments from victims or a Reddit AMA from one of the victims.

        • nobody doubts what you say but they may not apply to the situation. I’m no expert. just use common sense.
          If the wound was cauterized why there was no blood at the beginning and blood after? what happened to the cauterization? Where are the legs?

        • …I agree that may be blast injury causes no bleeding ……But we see many litres of blood on the grounnd…Where is that from…?

      • BMAN, your site is being marked as spam and I had to do a captcha to link it on facebook. Made a copy of this info above for my files, just in case this ‘disappears.’ They certainly don’t like truth getting out!!! Thanks for this article; it’s great.

          • Well, it was a bomb that went off. Of course your hair would appear curly and a little brownish. I don’t expect hairs to be at their normal appearances when they are torched. Like super bomb-torched.

          • the shadows don’t match. I am a graphic designer with experience in photoshop. The woman on the left has the sun to her left and the woman on the right has the sun to her right. The shadow on the ground appears to be a 3pm-5pm shadow and his face is heavily lit from directly above and slightly to the left. His fingers also cast a noon shadow although there is no reason they wood if the light is coming from behind the photographer. Also the handheld sign that the woman on the right is holding is skewed and the logo has been adjusted using a photo editing tool. no question in my mind. You can tell by the jagged edges on the text and the angle of the sign does not match the angle she is holding the handle… too many inconsistencies. probably the same team that forged obama’s certificate of birth.

            • @Libertarian, look directly behind the double amputee at the man laying sort of on his back with his head up a little in military fatigues, he and the double amputee is the same person, they dubbed him in somehow…..

          • I didn’t notice any of that until I read your comment. Those shadows do not look right at all. They do appear to be conflicting. Really strange. I’d like to see the original image from the camera.

            • Look behind the double amputee at the man in the fatigues laying sort of on his back, they are both the same man… the dubbed his in somehow… crazy as hell.

      • I just want to make a point that no-one seems to have touched upon yet – whilst there may be some truth to one of the bombs being real – something about Jeff Bauman doesn’t add up – he’s the only one who identified the ‘bomber’ and also the only person who ended up losing both his legs – where he was standing there were several people around him, but he was the only one unfortunate enough to end up with such severe injuries. In the photos you can clearly see a lot of people around him, all with two legs – so lets assume for a second that the backpack was right next to him.

        Next to him would be sunglasses dude and the African woman – why are they still ‘intact’? From learning forensics and pathology a bomb that has enough force to do the damage here (and pressure cookers are notoriously hard to blow up due to the thickness of the metal) that even with his legs being took out there would be parts of them somewhere, bombs generally don’t make things disintegrate into fresh air as well as causing more damage to the people nearby – he seems to be the only one who ended up like this. Secondly an artery is an artery, whether femoral or not, none of you have any way of knowing if that artery was ‘knicked’ in the ‘explosion’ or exactly what the man is holding in his hand as he is taken away in a wheelchair….whilst adrenalin can keep a person going for a few minutes after a trauma, it cannot keep them alive whilst a woman who is seen to stand and sit up in other photos is attached to a spine board (still cant figure out how he loses both his legs, she’s in front of him and has no leg injuries?)

        However its also a possibility (albeit farfetched) that the 120lbs of pressure another EMT mentioned was in fact applied when the woman is seen lying on top of him, meaning the blood would not flow as soon as the injury was caused as alongside vasoconstriction, adrenaline and the pressure would of given a slight delay to any bleeding but not enough to make a difference to the amount seen on the floor.

        I’m not a medical expert, or any type of expert – was just points I’ve picked up on via reading this article, others and their comments – if this is real, the dude needs to be buying a lottery ticket.

        • Not to mention thatnthe father or the aleeged atrackers said someone framed his son. They are no capable of this. Maybe was a plan all along and the bombers didn’t know they were going to die in the process. And why is the survivor bomber shot in the throat. Nowmhe cannot talk and communicate what really happened. He is the KEY to everyhthing. How convenient is that he caanot talk. Maybe they end ep killing the young man in the hospital, and who would think he was killed where he was already in “critical condition”. Everything is possible in the world of corruption. The same way we went to war with evidence of weapons of mass destruction with that silly sketch that Collin Powell showed.

          • the whole notion the man cannot communicate because of a neck would is just dumb. How are you communication that thought to us now? How am I communication my belief you are a moron to you now? I can tell you a secret….I didn’t mumble it aloud.

          • Today is the 25th. Wouldn’t you know it. Now we find another off the wall inconsistency in this scenario. It seems that the boy in the boat had no gun. That being the case he could not have fired at the police surrounding the boat. He also could not have shot himself in the throat trying to commit suicide either. Someone is lying. I wonder who ?

            • They now admit (almost) that the policeman shot and injured that night must have gotten shot by a brother officer in an incident of “friendly fire”. Not to go into too much detail, but I think that as the prosecutions of Mr. Tsarnaev get underway in maybe two jurisdictions (federal and state), the rules of evidence are going to demand accountability, and the gun charge would have been bogus, as well as wounding the policeman. They are going to have to pare it down. Officer Sean Collier at MIT will have been killed by one of the local burglars and thugs plaguing the neighborhood near MIT – already there is a much bigger investigation of that. Or he was killed by the dead brother and the other brother was not even a witness, having met his elder brother later. It all works to keep down the factual scrutiny of this movie by real world people in real world roles that cannot be seen to be doing justice in a fake way. Otherwise – it’s going to be Storm the Bastille. There are certain people who would do that.

      • I don’t know about the Army amputee, but the guy in the hospital bed giving the thumbs up sign is definitely NOT the same guy as the one in the wheelchair who supposedly had his lower legs blown off. Their facial features are totally different. The guy in the hospital bed looks Italian, whereas the guy in the wheelchair looks Scandinavian or German. Compare their noses – they’re totally different! The guy in the hospital bed also looks heavier than the guy in the wheelchair, who is rather skinny. Are they supposed to be the same guy???

        • The guy in the hospital bed also doesn’t look as if his body just went through a major trauma a day or so before. I would think he would still be drugged almost to stupefaction at this point just to help him deal with the pain. Instead he is smiling and completely alert, so this looks totally fake to me. I also noticed it didn’t look like the same man as well. Not only would Bauman be dealing with tremendous trauma shock, but the emotional devastation of the total alteration of his life. So that guy looks a little too healthy and cheerful. FAKE!

        • The man in the wheelchair has light reddish-brown thick wavy hair. Bauman has straight black or dark brown hair. What are we supposed to think? He’s into wigs?

      • Although always remaining open to other options then what we are just told from media.
        This looks pretty straight forward to me, so are we to believe that the device went off and the hundred or so people that got fragged by nails and whatever just smashed it in themselves and the blast wasn’t real? then planted nails everywhere??

        The blood colour is pretty common with Arterial bleed and then an attempt to tourniquet was made and also his body went into shock, i can’t believe the EMT doesnt mention this the body is then perfusing blood to the essential organs you can tell by the colour in his face, unless he did some quick make up as well?

        The chick isn’t on a spine board she’s just on a stretcher, that isn’t a bandage on the guys finger is a SATS monitor.

        Pretty sure two guys were also trying to get away throwing explosives out the car they stole shooting at the cops.

        seen these injuries too often looks normal

      • I have witnessed such a situation. A motorcyclist crashed in front of me, His leg was severed complete off just below the knee. I actually drove over his leg, with his running shoe intact as it lay on the highway. Not a drop of blood spurted from his leg. It oozed out like lava for a few seconds. I tourniqued up his leg with my t-shirt and belt. There was no spurting blood, no gushers, nothing. He was in shock and NO blood poured out of the completely severed leg. NONE.

      • I looked at some Xray pictures of shin bones and they do NOT look like the one this guy. Anyone so “injured” would be laid out on a stretcher and moved by pramedics, which would have normally been on hand during a marathon in case someone collapsed or overheated. A bunch of cowboys at the scene would NOT be running him down the street in a wheelchair.

        Good grief. How stupid do they think we are? What’s next?? I saw a post somewhere that an amputee fund has already collected $23 million. Nice chuck of change to live comfortably for the rest of your life from a little acting job.

      • If you look at the pictures of Jeff Bauman on this facebook page you will clearly see he had both of his legs and pinky finger before the bombing. The soldier does not look like him, the don’t have the same nose. I think there is a lot more going on than we are led to believe and that it’s possible they pinned this on two innocent brothers, but the people injured a real. I’ve been reading all sorts of articles about other people who lost limbs. Sometimes it just takes a little while for the information to be released.

      • How did you explain the “new” left hand little finger?, the soldier in older photos shows he lost it, the “actor” shows his small left hand finger….a medicine or religious miracle?…I don’believe it so. I THINK, but could you explain it?.

    • i remember one time working the box out in the county , this guy got both legs ran over by a train and funny thing is there was no blood just major crushing so i have seen werid thing’s emt-b career FD…..texas

      • When you cut an artery cleanly then it bleeds out. When arteries are torn the muscles around the artery contracts and the muscles put enough pressure on the arteries to stop them from bleeding out. Although in a while the muscles relax and the artery is free to bleed out. Think of it like an Umbilical cord, We cut them so we need to stop the bleeding, animals on the other hand chew then and that stops them from bleeding out. I hope that helps you understand.

      • I’ve been a Paramedic for 15 years and an EMT prior to that for 5 totaling 25 years. My wife is a Nurse Practitioner for 15 years in Emergency medicine, ICU and for 8 years in Orthopedics (bones) and an BSN prior to that. When we saw these pictures we both called the scene fake. I’ll give you a few reasons this scene is fake. 1. Arterial blood is bright red but not that bright. 2. arterial bleeding from major arteries spurts across a room, there wasn’t a single spray mark. 3. Venous blood is dark dark red and it oozes and pools, there was not one drop of venous blood on that pavement and defiantly no pools of blood. 4. Ambulances haven’t carried bleeding tourniquets in years. I.V. tourniquets would not stop that bleeding EVER. Paramedics and EMT’s would have had to use Blood pressure cuffs or I.V. pressure bags. There was not either of those applied to any patients pictured. Bauman’s Tibia was clean and white. It would be blood stained with some tissue still attached. This was a Mass Casualty Incident, that is constantly drilled. All Civilians and marathon volunteers would have been cleared from the scene. EMS professionals would have controlled that scene and every patient would have had a colored tag designating the severity of injury and priority. Not one tag on a patient. A civilian would NEVER have been allowed to toss a patient as severely injured as Bauman into a wheel chair and carted down the street running, NEVER. I could go on for ever. Wake up people

        • The problem that is shaping up (besides the fact that we are supposed to demand drones to watch over us for the next Marathon – introducing a new intrusion into our lives which will be free to gather information on us, while more and more government will shield itself from view in the interest of security) is the creation of new enemies to facilitate new military initiatives. This event is so easy to pick apart, but the pity party for the alleged victims, the whole Wag the Dog creation of connection to things which are illusory (Boston Strong! – what a slogan, suddenly appearing everywhere), obscures the intentions behind the bombing game. Don’t you care about little Martin Richard? And don’t you hate Mrs. Tsarnaev, that welfare cheat and shoplifter who put her sons up to murdering Boston innocents? I wish the majority could distinguish reality from fiction, but even in our own homes we see many otherwise intelligent people who will not see things for what they are. They are trained never to “wear a tinfoil hat, be a truther, or engage in wild conspiracy theories”. The slightest lack of enthusiasm for this crap story will get them the silent treatment, and if they persist, it will mean they are banished from whatever group they are in.

          This is really a nightmare. But if you have a thick hide, you realize that most people are cowards, and underneath this is a huge bullying force worse than anyone ever experienced in school – in fact the schoolyard allowed the bully to practice his sadism.

          But we who can see through it are villified as the “heartless.” So be it.

            • Hi Pavel – Yes what about the talk of domestic drones. I already know that local police forces are standing down sometimes in favor the Massachusetts State Police, with their military-like SWAT teams. It isn’t new for a place like Los Angeles, whose core is third world immigrants or black people. That city has a history of serious riots, unlike Boston and its suburbs, which are still predominantly white and middle class, with some immigrant areas like Watertown and Waltham, and the black areas like Roxbury and Dorchester (which are not two separate cities but under Boston city management). But about two years ago, I found out about a situation going down in a nearby town, Needham, one of the towns along Route 128 (the technological zone with military ties). I was going to the bank and found a man in sunglasses talking with great excitement on his cellphone about a lockdown in Needham. He was standing there talking with the car door open – the car had tinted glass windows and a North Carolina license plate. I wondered how he knew so much and why it was so exciting to him.

              What happened that day was the sort of crime that has always happened in this world – a man hired to do contractor work seems to have snapped and killed the homeowner with a baseball bat in the basement, dropped the bat then fled on foot. I think the story could even have been a ruse to take the town into lockdown. Soon there were shave-headed men in the streets armed with automatic weapons (as I saw in the news and read in the papers – I didn’t go there to see for myself). They went into a restaurant and rousted a man from his seat, one who was “acting nervously” according to the staff, but dressed in business clothes. Eventually the killer, a sometimes mental patient with anger issues, was found cowering by the railroad tracks.

              My one question is, given the limited nature of the crime and the suspect, why the overkill? Doesn’t this town maintain an armed police force? Wasn’t the murder weapon dropped at the scene? Wasn’t the suspect bloody and disoriented when he left the scene?

              When I spoke to anyone about this usurpation of authority from the city, there was a sense that “At least they caught him before he could harm anyone else.”

              Results. That’s something they thought this force yielded. Never mind they effectively controlled the town for several hours.

              Last Sunday on the show 60 Minutes, a Massachusetts State Trooper named Curtone talked about how he patrolled a “failed city” Springfield (it is seedy but not failed) and rotated his duties there with duties in Afghanistan as a soldier. He talked of dealing with drug gangs there the same way he dealt with Afghan insurgents. The public takes this with a straight face. After all, they don’t belong to “drug gangs”. Funny how the drugs the gangs in Springfield use are heroin, funny how Afghanistan produces it, funny how there are factories there like Smith and Wesson – so not a failed city at all. Military base nearby. Plenty of action.

              So this is what we are seeing: the centralizing of control of police, the loss of local control, the celebration of military like encounters with the civilian population, the analogizing of the people of an area with a place harboring insurgencies. The enemy is democracy, obviously, because it opposes such tyranny.

              Why not drones? They’ll never help an old lady cross the street, but they’ll be able to command and control military forces in an area or even do their dirty work. It has been tested on people we see as less than ourselves.

              • Dianne dear I hope you are going to read this…You sure hit the exact spot…You have written…Never mind they effectively CONTROLLED….Hundred Thousands people around and thousand of FAKE BUREAU of Inv. /because of banned pictures and other frauds/ and others specialists and the really controlled approx. whole Massachusets , but they never controlled it BEFORE that attack !!! As in many attacks before !.. Terrorists were known for about two years since 2011 !!! So what sort of control is this….When I was 5-6-7 years old , parents told us kids … this person and be carefull . So that person was CLOSELY watched all the times we knew where that person was and What was doing. !!! Now tens of thousands more and the well paid security specialists and many modern devices controlled NOTHING !!! After billions of dollars spent on safety .Where is this promised CONTROL . No one resigned. Those in charge go every day to their safe homes , also laughing all the way to their banks with milions on their accounts there and innocent people still die horrible deaths and above all and after all to stop this terrorist attack was the easisest really easy even for little kids I might say thing !!! Or is that transfer from terrorist imperialsm to imperial terrorism ?

    • It almost looks like red paint.
      And I’m pretty sure that if the leg was hanging open like that, even if the blood flow was cut off, there would be a trail of blood drip from where he was moved.

        • But if it was paint, remember “the absence of evidence is not evidence.” Very hard to introduce in court the absence of blood. They’ve got a story for that. And not only that, Boylston Street is mobbed with curious onlookers, people walking over the scene in vast gawking herds. It’s quite the scene at the moment, with the first really good weather.

      • Absolutely!!Also,I find the shape of the bone sticking out to be rather square for my liking:)But the facial expressions say a thousand words.Pain can not be hidden…it is in the eyes.

        • The bone is the tibia, but where are any remnants of the fibula (there are two bones from the knee down).

          Also note that he supposedly lost BOTH legs, which should have even more blood loss.

    • blood when oxygenation turns bright red. the man in the hospital bed looks nothing like the veteran also the veteran has straight black hair. once a tourniquet is correctly applied bleeding stops. there is only 8 pints of blood in the human body that’s not very much. i hope one day you get to meet one of the injured survivors. you and people like you are a waist of an existence, a waste of the air. i know it doesn’t mean much coming from me. i haven’t achieved anything in my life all i know is instead of trying to destroy integrity of others and unveil the truth which is just a intelligently spun pile of crap. id rather be helping them.

      • when you get a chance to wipe the sludge from your “eyes” try putting the mugshots of the ECONOMIC TERRORISTS who print the currency [FED RES] the mug shots of the MEDIA {owners} and all the “JEW” worshipping CRACK WHORES in ZOG CONGRESS on your living room wall….see if you see a pattern…

        hope you don’t hurt yourself by being in too big of a hurry to find the IDENTITY of the ECONOMIC TERRORISTS who since 1913 have mass murdered over 300 million NONJEWS for filthy lucre with malice aforethought…

        • Nobody needs to be exposed to your antijewish hysteria. Get your head on straight and stop with the hate. Your ridculous jealousy is pathetic.

          • Oddly, after talking about antijewish hysteria, you go on to say that a negative comment about the jews must involve “jealousy”. By implication, he must believe the jews to be superior, as jealousy generally felt for someone that a person looks down on. Being jealous of one of the most persecuted religious groups in history is ridiculous by any standard, so I can only gather that you’re pushing the exact opposite evil of what he was; that jews are better than anyone else, and that “jealousy” is the only reason for being against the actions of of jewish people or any group of them. How about quitting your reply at “Get your head on straight and stop with the hate.” next time? It would remove the layer of smug superiority and be much more effective.

          • In the first Soviet Communist Government of the 502 Officers of the First Rank, 459 were Jews; all the prison camps, torture chambers and gulags were officiated by Jews. Alexandr Solzenitzyn in his last book relating the last 200 years of Russian history writes that the “Jews” murdered over 66 million Russians in the purges, this is not counting those murdered in the Ukraine, Poland, Chech, Slovakia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Rumania, including many of my past relatives from which we still have letters sent from them detailing the Jewish Bolshevicks murders on our family; and if anyone would do the least bit of research on the phony Holocaust they would find it was massively exaggerated, even by many Jewish reports.
            Seconly go google “Operation Northwoods” and “Gladio”, also who those champions of gun control, abortion, homosexuality, pornography, of the wars in the Middle East – One Israeli/Jewish guess.

      • I am sure there would be no discussion at all like this if proper investigations were conducted and everything would be crystal clear and so we did not have to think and try to help find out what actualy happened….

    • These pics are gruesome. Some images are odd…The blood is soo red. Everyone wearing blue medical gloves…gloves appear to be spotlessly clean. However, “Vogt” in the final pic does not appear to have a left arm.

    • “Wuz an Emt” how did you manage to be an Emt with that. “Wuz”. And 24 hour shifts? They would never ever let you do 24 hour shifts as an Emt or in the FD, stop being a lying tool.

      • This is just in response to James. Most FDs are 24 hours on and 48 hours off although there are some that run different schedules.

      • James, at the FD we worked 24 hour, then 24 off, then 24 on, then 24 off the 24 on, then we had the next four days off.
        The hospital based ALS ambulance I worked for as a paramedic had us working 12 or 24 hour shifts.

        I like WUZ, if that’s all you can find to pick my story apart, go troll elsewhere and tell your Zionist Masters you tried.

    • thats exactly what i thought… it looks the same color as the blood we used at our halloween party last year… hell even the movie sweenie todd had better looking “blood” in it

    • Wow well two of you must have sucked as EMT’s, your femoral artery stops above the knee, which means he wasn’t bleeding from an arterial rupture you idiots. You’ve never seen oxygenated blood that color? have you never seen a serious case of bleeding before? You morons need to shut up before you embarrass real first responders and medical professionals everywhere.

      • The femoral artery stops above the knee, yes, however there are also the popliteal and tibial arteries. These two arteries are BELOW the knee.

      • You right and… Nothing gushing in this position in firsts seconds, at last in his perfect position. Enough blood on next pics, black woman swiming inside (and guy behind in pic6). Then, there is not enough people to help, and confusion. On pic 7 black woman is suurely helped, and cow boy coming, all in short time. Have a nice day bman, nothing to do ?

    • My son was hit at knee level by a car doing a minimum of 60 mph when he was 12. A couple of his large leg bones cut through his skin. He was bleeding out on the street and was unconscious. There was a lot of blood running across the road, some was from his jaw being broken and teeth knocked out, but this was a lot, and it wasn’t that red. It was also thick and slow flowing. Granted, his legs weren’t blown off, but he was unconscious and in shock from the loss of blood. He was flown to the hospital closest and we drove there in 45 minutes. He was still in shock at the hospital. The blood debate aside, this guy doesn’t appear in shock or faint. If he had lost that much blood, and withstood the horrors of it, he would be pale and shivering, not reaching up to be picked up. According to the emergency team from the helicopter, my son “died” three times. They didn’t think he’d make it. Call me a conspiracy theorist all you want, but there is something not quite right about the whole week!!

      • That sounds like a major real and horrible event. Fake terror is an insult to people who really have experienced these things or even accidents like them. I have been struggling with the “not quite right” side of this all week, and I call it a huge insult to the real victims of war to mock their suffering in this way for what kind of gains I do not know.




      • …this blast was somehow sharp and surgical so it clearly cut skin on both legs so no strips of it remainded…at all..

    • Also check out the 7th picture down where Mr. Sunglasses is relaxed and calm. It’s clear that the explosion occurred outside. If that’s the case then why in pic 7 is the glass from the store front on the right side of the frame all over the side walk? Explosions don’t ‘suck’ glass out of buildings. Unless they happen to be magical explosions. ;)

      • When a bomb explodes, shock waves that act like a vacuum will be created. Thus sucking all the air back tot the centre of the explosion. This explains why the glass is on the outside. If this was in fact staged, there would have been a lot of planning by a lot of experts and I’m sure they wouldn’t be so stupid to make such mistakes ;)

        • I’m thinking it might be hard to find real experts that are ok with going along on a false flag operation? Maybe that’s why there are so many mistakes? You have to have some seriously dubious morals to do something like this. But on the other hand, I don’t know for sure, I wasn’t there. The only thing I do know is who benefits and what my gut feeling tells me. Always be skeptic though. Even though false flag operations are a reality, and this one might very well be, don’t fall into conspiracy nutcamp where aliens come change your brain at night or something. Always ask, always think and always be ready to accept you might be wrong.

    • The conclusion that bauman was really the other guy at the end kind of takes away credibility. That is a stretch. The pictures are pretty hard evidence when examined and put into context, that show it was staged. You have the first blast as a distraction, then this second staged scene blast. We know there are trained teams that act out these events in public to assist in DHS drills. Just look at Read all about ’em at their website.

      My hypothesis would be that his legs were tucked. I myself can easily fold my legs and put jeans on, to appear as an amputee. All you would have to do is slide a gross looking prosthetic on both my legs. Can be done very quickly like pulling on pants. That would be one guess to explain. Easy enough to determine by examining him.

      But yes, the photos when looked at closely give almost undeniable evidence that something is amiss. The use of crisis actors is plausible, especially when you consider that the victim here is also the one who eye witnessed the perpetrator. He is a main character in this whole terror attack story. And there’s the convenience of the first bomb to distract from their staged scene.

      • IQ IS THERE ARROUND ZERR0. Nothing gushing in this position in firsts seconds, at last in his perfect position. Enough blood on next pics, black woman swiming inside (and guy behind in pic6). Then, there is not enough people to help, and confusion. On pic 7 black woman is helped, and cow boy coming, all in short time. hHave a nice day bman, nothing to do ?

      • As if you could pay somebody enough to stand within feet of a real bomb going off. If these things really are some sort of false flag, then why get the actors? Why get the fake amputees and the fake blood? Don’t you think it would make a whole lot more sense for the government to just pay one or two guys a shitload of money and just drop the real bombs off and walk away? You wouldn’t fucking need any of these actors cause the real injuries and death would be good enough. Occam’s Razor people.

        • Real trauma and chaos doesn’t make for good pictures, and it’s the pictures that they need to ‘heard’ you into place. People died and many others injured but very few pictures of the others make the media.

          • REAL TRAUMA DOESN’T MAKE FOR GOOD PICTURES? Are you slow, or just willingly duped? & it’s “herd”, you jackass…

            • What an overreaction. I think you’re the real jackass here. Real trauma doesn’t make for good pictures because nobody is consciously trying to look good for the camera. Taking a “good picture” in a real situation is a lot harder to do.

      • No cause if you LOOK at the guy in the wheelchair being wheeled out of the scene and then LOOK closely at the guy in the hospital bed…it is not the same guy….the guy in the hospital has thicker eyebrows, slightly darker hair, and his mouth is shaped differently than the guy in the wheelchair

    • If you were an EMT you would know then that Arterial blood is cherry red (oxygenated) and venous blood (Deoxygenated) is crimson red. Arteries carry oxygenated blood away from the heart (your Femoral artery). which explains the the cherry red colour of the blood. Not rocket science buddy.

    • I have been in EMS for 28 years myself. I have attended several amputations and they do not really bleed that much. The arteries tend to contract and close. Something EMTs learn in training and consistent with the photos here. The blood looks like well…blood and I have seen plenty.

    • IQ IS THERE ARROUND ZERR0. Nothing gushing in this position in firsts seconds, at last in his perfect position. Enough blood on next pics, black woman swiming inside (and guy behind in pic6). Then, there is not enough people to help, and confusion. On pic 7 black woman is helped, and cow boy coming, all in short time. hHave a nice day bman, nothing to do ?

    • You guys are pathetic! Tell the folks that lost limbs that they are fakes! Go on…go to Boston…visit a family and say it to them. Pathetic!!

    • It would be difficult for even the most ardent 911 truther to consider that no planes ever hit the world trade center, but i once saw youtube videos of an expert in digital processing do a very impressive analysis that reasonably proved that the famed footage was photo shopped, adding in the plane.

      The man’s theory was that no planes hit the WTC, but in fact a strange military strobe like pod weapon, sort of like a flying saucer was launched from a nearby helicopter and the famous plane hitting wtc footage had the plane digitally imprinted over the pod which he pointed out on the bottom fuselage of the plane.

      He argued that eye witness accounts of actually seeing planes on 9/11/2001 near the wtc were marginal in conviction and that interviewed pilots could not explain the existence of the pod on the bottom side of the fuselage when pointed out.

      Wish i could find the videos again, but they seem to have disappeared into youtube censorship blackhole.

      We are being bamboozled by black magicians who think they are sly and seem to get rewarded based on how ludicrous the deception.

    • I’m wondering why all the reds seem brighter (and a strange hue) in the large image which supposedly shows the ‘fake’ blood… I’m a daily user of photoshop, and as such I’d suggest whoever has put this together has tried to prove their point by deliberately making the blood seem off colour (this is very easy to do) – just look at how all the reds including the ones on the other people’s clothing change hue. Also I’d suggest you have a look at other sources of the same photo – they all look a different hue from the one shown here. That is pretty suspect and leads me to question the integrity of whoever put this ‘evidence’ together.

      • for all of first responders..have any of you noticed in a few pics we have someone kneeling down with RED BLOOD” showing on black rubber soles lol like paint..tell me, have ANYOF you ever noticed red blood on your black soles? oh! no? you haven’t? me either! wanna know why? because blood is not a solid color like paint is it’s more translucent it would show as a wet/shiny spot not fucking RD lol check it out I spit coffee at the fakeness it’s all I needed to tell me the pics were fake as the blood was.

    • In mass casualties, you often treat the most likely to survive first instead of wasting effort that could be used to save more lives by spending a ton of effort on someone with life-threatening trauma. Also, the heat of the shrapnel could theoretically cauterize as they slice through. Last, I would like to point out that a lot of the first responders were not necessarily trained medical people and could have been in shock due to the extent of his injuries and have been too afraid to help him.

      That said, I remain neutral on the entire situation. I do not know the truth. But there is a counter-point to most of the points on here.

    • According to my son, who practices and teaches trauma srgery at a top European Uni, in a country that first developed trauma surgery the many skiing accidents says the prop is CORRECT. In this case they have done their homework, except got maybe got out caught out withn the ‘blood’ plashed in the African Lady, her sudden stretchrering etc. . My son said.

      no, we have lots of patients post traumatic amputations that survive for much longer periods, blast and explosion traumas do not affect the tissue in the same way a clean cut would. Survival is not just remotely possible but happens regularily.

      Venous bleeding post explosions takes some time to appear, the “blood gushing” out of movies is really just in movies. The frame by frame analysis is just dead wrong.

      The trauma is real, almost no props can make the tissue “sag” in the post explosion way when he is on the wheelchair. We regularily operate on post explosion legs, the decollement (skin off the subcutaneous tissue) is very real and has a certain visible texture.

      sorry dad, but its very plausible that boston was real.

    • According to my son, who practices and teaches trauma srgery at a top European Uni, in a country that first developed trauma surgery the many skiing accidents says the prop is CORRECT. In this case they have done their homework, except got maybe got out caught out with the ‘blood’ plashed in the African Lady, her sudden beingstretchered etc. . My son said.

      no, we have lots of patients post traumatic amputations that survive for much longer periods, blast and explosion traumas do not affect the tissue in the same way a clean cut would. Survival is not just remotely possible but happens regularily.

      Venous bleeding post explosions takes some time to appear, the “blood gushing” out of movies is really just in movies. The frame by frame analysis is just dead wrong.

      The trauma is real, almost no props can make the tissue “sag” in the post explosion way when he is on the wheelchair. We regularily operate on post explosion legs, the decollement (skin off the subcutaneous tissue) is very real and has a certain visible texture.

      sorry dad, but its very plausible that boston was real. / credentials can be used.

    • I have one question. Where did the wheelchair the injured man is riding in come from? If it came from someone else who was injured why is it so clean? If it didn’t, who keeps a wheelchair handy just in case? I carry jumper cables, road flares and a flashlight with me, but a wheelchair isn’t one of those just in case items.

    • I’m looking at the photo of the sunglasses, and those glasses look photo-shopped, in fact they don’t look like glasses, and he looks like he has glasses on in the first pic.. I’d like to see the video from the camera on the building behind them. But they’ll show us a video of the freakin infrared boat. They’ll show us that, because of their incredible technology, but not the video of the 7-11 getaway from at least one cruiser. But one thing that really gets me, is that the blood isn’t just totally fake looking, but that it isn’t there in the first photos. So if the blast cauterized the wound, then where did all that other blood magically come from? I mean you look at the first few photos and there’s no blood, but then there’s this fake looking blood all over the place… Although I see similarities with the army guy and the amputated, that’s in need of further testing.

    • Why is all the glass blown out of the Lenscrafter building?? The Lenscrafter sign is all messed up, yet the vertical blinds are nearly untouched on the second floor and you can see inside the first floor which seems too neat. If a bomb blast can do that to the sign shouldn’t the blast force blow the glass inwards?

    • Fat woman picture 5, brown sweater with yellow letters, top center. Watch her just stand there and use hand signals.

      • Interesting you mention that woman in the brown sweatshirt. She is EVERYWHERE in many of these pictures: running away, talking to responders, talking on her cellphone in a corner while everyone else is rushing to help the wounded, mostly just standing there somewhere. I counter at least 8-9 pictures where she’s there, in various parts of the scene (near the window, near the fence, in the middle. No emotion at any time. Odd.

        • Didn’t the Boston Globe tweet shortly before the first explosion that there was going to be a planned detonation that day? Why would you plan a drill on the day of the Boston marathon? I think this was a planned drill right in the middle of a live event using emergency actors and real people at the event got hurt and killed. I think this whole event – from the explosions to the shut down of Boston to the “capture” on the boat was a drill. Not only to use and show off all the new gear and weaponry but a test to see how the public would react to the show of force, the people in lock down in their own homes and the shutdown of an entire city and all public transportation – basically the suspension of civil rights. This event had it all and we witnessed it and the people of Boston fell for it and when it was over they lined the streets and applauded the deception.

          So now whoever instigated this farce knows exactly how the public will react if the scenario is played just right.

          But there’s still one thing that bothers me – there are so many people involved in this hoax. And any one of them in a moment of weakness could bring the whole thing down. That’s a huge gamble.

          • Obviously, there was a degree of control due to the fact that it was a scheduled event with many professionals. That said, in a multicultural city, I am surprised that the wounded are (with one exception) white. This is a city full of students – Indians, Chinese (one of whom was recorded as dead),Hispanics from every part of Latin America – and all the injured except one black woman are lily white. But if you want to deal with people who won’t talk, you have a choice between a foreign movie company from a distant but white land and active duty military. Anyone who does talk a month from now is in no position to show photos because they were fully engaged in the pantomime. They have the same standing as the average person who blogs about conspiracies and can effectively be marginalized, especially if they live in Finland or that US ally which shall not be named. I’m betting on some European country with debt problems.

            FYI take a look at an op-ed piece in the Boston Globe, April 21, 2008 – Boston Marathon as Dry Run Disaster, in which people active in terror matters see the event as a perfect stage on which to do a drill and in fact think of the whole thing as they do of Fourth of July in Washington DC as a proving ground for their theories about controlling terrorism. Don’t forget to read between the lines and absorb the tone which these planners adopt when they are among friends and colleagues.

    • At first didn’t notice the line on top of the photographs, the bar…/// Someone was watching from the building. That’s who these photos were taken from. Who took these photos, from inside the building?

    • Picture 6 tho does have the amputees leg on her head so maybe that’s why she has blood on her in later pics rather than in previous.

      • I am familiar with some of the Boston hospitals. The nurses control strays from wandering in. There are zones of ever greater security. Any hospital employee is charged with protecting patient privacy. It’s a beehive, and you cannot follow one bee without authorization. The hospitals here are highly disciplined and do not take their mission lightly. Employees are not allowed to snoop into other patients’ cases. When they try and track a celebrity, for instance, they are summarily fired. The absence of patients is therefore no problem in a place where people come from all over the country for, as a for instance, orthopedic surgery. Someone else with a motorcycle injury or Nascar injury from Missouri (as I have seen) will be indistinguishable from a white Marathon attendee who got hurt. Beehives.

    • Arteries are like rubber bands. If they are suddenly severed they often will retract and close within the body with little bleeding. This accounts for the reason so many battle field casualties survive this kind of trauma, and also why so many innocents in places like Cambodia survive land mines, but lose legs.

    • This is what oxygenated blood looks like, thus the term blood red. As an EMT you should really know this!!
      if its GSW or other puncture wound the body will put itself in shock to stop the oxygenated blood leaving the body so it should be darker like a veinal cut. But when your legs turn into mist this is what blast injuries look like. If these are all actors did the hundred or so people stab nails in their bodies at the same time and then go to hospital?
      Also if you are an EMT you should notice that if that guys bleeding is under control then the woman with breathing problems takes priority, as she’s clearly been treated around her chest her stretchered away.

      With reference to the pictures its obvious they have moved the casualties when dealing with them(or she rolled about), its easier if you look at the first pic to see the 2 distinctive blood patches on the floor, if you are still having difficulty wondering who went where you can see the pavement has two different styles making it easier to see who is where.

    • If you look at the 7th picture with the lady sitting wearing black and orange, also she has only one shoe on and her socks are white … they are really white with no blood or anything, with all that pressure, all there shoes are so clean ???

    • I know exactly what you mean! I’ve been both an emergency room surgeon and prosthetics designer and I’ve never seen a real human bone look like that obviously fake prosthetic. I can’t believe the government thinks we’ll just lap up this bullshit and not say anything. Viva la revolution!

    • It amazes me that all you people missed the obvious, video is shot at 29.97 frames per second and you are looking at less then a seconds worth of frames. So were is the blood well it take more then a millisecond for it to come out, these are shots before the boold came out.
      These pictures are all cropped so you only see what some else wants you to see and not the truth. They don’t show you that there is a big hole in the fence inline with Jeff Bauman’s body. Jeff got hit with a large piece of shrapnel that sherd his lower legs off and then hit the fence.
      Burn marks, every one is looking away from the bomb so any burn marks would be on their backs half of their bodies. Plus most people are at least 10 feet from the point of the explosion at the fence so they would have less burns.
      As for the African American lady and guy with the glasses, if you ever had a large fire cracker go off next to you, you would know that you become deaf and stupid for at least 5 minutes she is looking for help.

    • simply f**king amazing how so many of you have missed the biggest thing here, the author isn’t saying the whole thing is a staged bullshit mess what he is pointing out is in this what will forever be known as the “Boston marathon bombing” that America has been fed partial truths with partial lies!! Look at the bloody news from the day it occurred to now, the story keeps f**king changing! So think what you will, say you were there, not a single f**king one of us knows all of the honest details of this tragedy. Also in the point of this article think is it really past our government and people to stage some pictures to make things look and feel so much worse then it was to illicit a emotional reaction from us to make us raise are arms and go all patriotic?

      • One thing about this photo sticks out: how on Earth did the glass from the window get blown out so far onto the sidewalk, if the bomb was near the street. Some have argued that the bomb may have caused the glass to fall outside, instead of being blown inside the building, but this shows force FROM the other way.

    • Everyone saying that his artery was cauterized and contracted back, conveniently disregard the photo of the hero cowboy holding/pinching off his supposed artery. So if it has been cauterized and shrunk back why is it out in the open undamaged being held by the cowboy? Nothing left of this guys leg, but a long in tact artery is just dangling there for the perfect photo op?
      Also WHY is he sitting there by himself while all the others with little to no injury are being put on stretchers?

      The blast in the video is very small and all the “force” goes straight up. Something isnt right.
      The bomb was supposedly packed with ball bearings and nails…when bombs go off the force goes in all directions.
      Why are ALL the injuries to the lower legs while the torsos, arms, heads are left untouched?
      Also I have never seen blood that bright red, looks like paint. Blood is a much deeper red.

      In the video of the bomb, nothing is seen being blasted into the street, so where did his legs go? The blast can rip a humans legs off but cant break apart that little toothpick wood fence right where the injuries occured?

    • The biggest ‘smoking gun’, to me is that no regular medical services are allowed anywhere near these Sandy Hook the only ‘casualty’ that we saw had been wheeled uphill half a mile, passing seven ambulances and stopping off at triage on the way, being loaded onto the ambulance at the crossroads above the firehouse. No one bu the feds saw the inside of the school.
      At any major event emergency access is planned, and all emergency services pride themselves on their response times. So why, with fleets of ambulances just a couple of blocks away, were ‘seriously injured casualties’ wheeled hundreds of yards through the streets in wheelchairs ? Anyone with even the most basic first aid skills would know that treating someone with blast injuries, and possible internal injuries in such a manner would likely prove fatal, and anyone as badly injured as the double amputee would have their condition stabilised and a drip inserted before being moved.This happens in the middle of nowhere in Afghanistan, never mind in downtown Boston with ambulances and medical services readily to hand.
      Also, look at the smoke from the explosion. Grey brown smoke from the explosion clears and then white smoke descends from above.This is dry ice, or dry ice mixed with oilsmoke. Check also the ‘balloon lady’, rho preceeds the chechen bombers, she is blurred out, but we see the balloons released a few seconds after the first explosion

      • Everything you say is very realist. As for Sandy Hook, it seemed odd at first that no medical personal went inside to determine people had no pulse. Before a place is a crime scene, doesn’t it have to be a rescue mission? Even if someone might be lying in wait? Aren’t there techniques for that? I never got going too much on the fakery of Sandy Hook, except that families’ reactions seemed straight out of some cult-like Stepford Wives world. So now this.

        Just a small critical note. While the signature at the base of the picture of the finish line victims has that piece of paper with Firehouse Subs, you also have that quaint sign at Sandy Hook, hanging there in a sort of post-apocalyptic irony – “Visitors Welcome.” The two pieces of writing share the same sort of ironic commentary. If both are movies, then of course this is how you’d get your message through, telegraphing it to the viewer like the bottle of Vichy water discarded at the end of Casablanca by the French policeman who has decided to resist. The hot subs are the blood-stained victims (in tomato sauce), the visitor who was welcomed is Adam Lanza with his guns. The yellow balloons are some kind of signal. Seeing actors at the finish line making hand signals seems a feature of movie-making (“Shh! Quiet on the Set!”) but it could also be due to their wearing earplugs because of the explosion. The earplugs have to leave with them because if a bunch of earplugs are left lying around, it could give things away. There have been reports of ear problems at the hospitals, but if so, it is likely from runners being too close, unless even those reports are just to add verisimilitude.

    • Can anyone tell me why this critically injured, double amputee is being wheeled around in a wheelchair and not on a stretcher? Were there no medical personnel available to attend to him? Since when does an EMS show up with a WHEELCHAIR? Where is his IV? Wouldn’t they have started fluids? How is he conscious and able to sit up?

    • The most interesting aspect of this as seen in the comments below is this:

      Those who appear to take the side of the government use ad-hominem attacks. Calilng people names, like moron and idiot; saying that any doubt of the official story is ridiculous and preposterous. They also don’t engage when their commissar-like tactics are rebutted.

      That stinks to high heaven.

      If you want to see how totalitarian governments and their minions operate, please watch the move White Rose:

      It shows some resisters in Nazi Germany during WWII, and uses actual trial transcripts to portray their trial in a Nazi kangaroo court. Actual transcripts. In the trial scene, listen closely to the Nazi Commissar. He uses words like: ridiculous, insane, lunatic, impossible, etc. Note carefully those ad-hominem attacks and the tactic of attacking the man, not the argument. Of using emotive languange rather than fact.

      That right there is enough to convince me that something is very wrong. Take a look at any online discussion about 9/11 or Sandy Hook. You will see exactly the same thing. The ‘believers’ using insults, the ‘truthers’ using reasoned and logical arguments.

      I’ve seen this before. There is nothing new under the sun. And to complete the circle, the Nazis used false flag attacks beyond the Reichstag fire to accomplish political and foreign policy agendas.

      The government of the US has recently staged its own false flag, that was caught, called operation Gunwalker aka Fast and Furious. Even though a US Border Patrolmen was killed by weapons transferred illegally by our own government with full knowledge of Attorney General Eric (place) Holder, no heads have rolled. Not one prosecution for murder or accessory thereof.

      If by this point you don’t begin to doubt ‘official stories’ you are either helping spread the disinformation or you are completely ignorant of history, both world and the United States.

      I have no time or patience for liars and the willfully ignorant.

      To the originator of this blog and the insightful commentators below, I say BRAVO. Do not be cowed by the commissars. They are full of shit and they know it. Do not waste your time on people with below average IQs who believe everything that comes out of their televisions, or with paid shills AKA Commissars. They are simply not worth it. And they will be the first ones loaded onto the cattle cars because they will believe the government when it says “we’re relocating you to a new life — Arbecht Macht Frei”.

      Me, not so much.

      Refuse. Resist.

      • Thank you for this reference to the trial of the resisters in Nazi Germany. I am familiar with it, but never thought to look at trial transcripts (maybe because a justice system under the Nazis is actually hard to imagine, although I understand they had no trouble hearing cases involving commercial contracts so that business went on).

        I am sensing a kind of terrible choice in the newly minted slogan “Boston Strong” which has such a bundle-of-sticks overtone. It came about like something in Wag the Dog. And then they want you to contribute to Boston 1, and even lit up the Pru building with a big lighted “1”. I mentioned it looked like the fasces. It truly makes me wonder if this is intentional. I know Boston well enough to know that its “liberalism” is a mixed bag. Some of it is just the socialism part of national socialism to judge by how some of the Mafia types think, in some circles. Or maybe more Mussolini-ish.

        It’s true that the rhetorical device of the ad hominem attack is very prevalent in all matters in which one seeks to analyze and sort through the official story.

        It’s common to mock the more flamboyant “conspiracy theorists” who get a lot glaringly and quotably wrong and make an effort to attack some group or another as the cause (in that sense, such so-called truthers are using ad hominem methods).

        But what I care about are popular reactions in the comments section which raise many important points. There’s a real forum for discussion, and even the formation of hypotheses which can be examined and perhaps discarded. To me that is the way to find out the truth, short of subjecting the scene to forensics in some of these events. It isn’t just an exercise in talking about what you don’t really know anything about. It is talking about what the media have presented to you, and whether you are convinced.

        There seems to be no room to get back to the news people about the strength of your belief in what they said. What is expected is affirmation, like that crowd which allegedly cheered the policemen after the lockdown, when they caught their quarry. Personally, I think people cheered because the bars had reopened, if they weren’t hired shills. And the reason you turn on the news is not because you trust it, as they hope you do, but to see what the agenda is. Once that alienation has developed, you become out of step with those who rely on the them for their whole worldview. I don’t think public television is the exception. They are careful to toe the line.

        As for some of the bizarre things imagined by some right here (such as the actors coming into it with existing amputations for various reasons, whether military or complications of diabetes or accidents), as bizarre as this sounds (and I have certainly played out ways it could have worked), who could for instance have imagined the extent of the priestly pedophile racket and its cover-up at the highest levels. People facing it had to have guts, because it isolated them from all their social groups and seemed to play on long held prejudices against those very groups. Not every far out theory is eventually proved to be true, but sometimes when you see an event like this, the most far out theory is the one which is the official story.

    • I absolutely agree this is all fake. I am a critical care nurse (18 years with 4 years working in trauma). That is not real blood people! I agree with all of the bloggers statements. He didn’t mention the amputee guys L fibula looks just out of proportion to his body (too long). Ok that could be an abberration. My guy says this isn’t real folks. I have reactions to what is real and I feel nothing about these scenes but “fake”.

    • i agree I’ve seen real pools of blood and when you have massive blood loss you would see the plasma and blood clots in the dark red almost purple blood….it was faked to further an Orwellian Agenda for the NWO!

    • In addition to the obviously contrived “injuries” of the actors, has anyone else noticed that the glass from the windows of “Le Crafters”, allegedly blown out by the blast, was all on the *outside* of the building- distributed *towards* the blast center. I am certain that the Feral Buro of Instigation can explain that adequately to us.

    • I agree and am grateful for this evaluation and to know that there are those out there still paying attention!!


    • Hey folks, the man who lost both his legs that you are commenting on is my friend. So, while your scientific remarks are not completely off-base, you have to understand physiological factors that can occur in traumatic situations. Yes the femoral artery is a large vessel and is a major supplier of blood and nutrition to the lower extremities. Yes, it is largely patent and has good laminar flow in a healthy young adult. You have to think outside the box. Sympathetic responses to trauma. Vasoconstriction? How do you think we have so many soldiers returned from war with missing limbs? They survived somehow (see science) and their care wasn’t even close to as urgent as the care this particular young man received. I also have the tendency to discredit the comments of those who misspell one-syllable words in the opening sentences of their argument. Any other questions, let me know, I’m a doctor.

  2. Great pictures, b-man!

    We need a new news network – about about “false flag news” (FFN)?

    Each FF could be rated, like hurricanes:

    category 1 – aborted terror event foiled for some reason
    category 2 – fully faked terror event (e.g., Sandy Hoax)
    category 3 – mixed real and faked terror event (e.g., Boston Scare-a-thon, 9/11)
    category 4 – fully real terror event (e.g., London 7/7 bombings)

    There could be a “weather” segment – “today’s chances of a false flag event” occurring.

    • Sandy was faked…could of fooled me….90+ MPH winds, knocking down trees and cutting power for 5 days….wow the feds must’ve worked all night on that one.

    • “category 4 – fully real terror event (e.g., London 7/7 bombings)”

      Well I believe 7/7 was a category 3. There was a 1000 man “drill” in the same place and same time as the real bombs went off. The Muslim patsy’s were tricked into being “actors” in the “drill”. The bomb in the rail car was planted UNDER the car. The London farce was so badly done they would allow not even a phoney “investigation”.

      • category 1 – aborted terror event foiled for some reason, whether or not people died (e.g., USS Liberty slaughter Israel tried to pin on Egypt)
        category 2 – fully faked terror event (e.g., Sandy Hoax, Gulf of Tonkin, Holohoax)
        category 3 – mixed real and faked terror event (e.g., Boston Scare-a-thon, 9/11)
        category 4 – fully real terror event (London 7/7)

        I put London’s 7/7 bombing at category 4 because all the victims were real. The presence of a drill doesn’t distinguish among the different kinds of events, because the drills are present for most of them. Of course, the damage on 7/7 didn’t happen the way the media said – the bombs didn’t come from the patsies’ backpacks: Damage to the cars showed bombs must have been planted underneath the carriage and couldn’t have come from backpacks (either on the floor or anywhere inside the carriages).

  3. The level of co-operation to fake something like this would have to be extreme.
    As with the claims of sandy hook being faked….there are ways of proving it.

    This guy who lost his legs, is he still alive? If so, what hospital is he in? Go find him and see about the truth.
    Thats a start, there are other people injured….find them…are the injuries real?

    Thats the thing with this…those that claim this is faked dont go out and prove its fake.

    Anyone in/near Boston want to take up the challenge?

    I would like to know, anyone have the spare resources(money) to give me? I would be glad to take some time off work and go have a look …just to prove its real or fake.

    Dont get me wrong, I know our government( or those controlling it) can do terrible things to maintain control over the masses….I just need proof to give to the public.

    Lord knows our media wont spend 2 seconds proving or disproving this claim.

    Proof positive is what would wake the world up.

    • Who said it is all faked? There could very well be people hurt and killed.

      Surely you understand the issues that I’ve highlighted here?

      I bet you a dollar to a donut that hurt or not, you will not get near these people in these pictures.

      • Typical. You have no idea how to do basic journalism. Well that’s not strictly true, you do have some idea of what it would entail, but you’re simply not bothered to do the basic groundwork. And then you make lame excuses.

        This article is riddled with basic errors from the get-go. Shrapnel wounds are not “blunt force trauma”. This demonstrates a fundamental lack of medical knowledge. Real journalists talk to actual medical experts and do something called “fact checking”, not publish blatantly bullshit sourceless information on the sole condition that it supports your paranoid ramblings.

          • “Flow to the CFA can be stopped completely with pressure over the distal AA or proximal iliac artery in catastrophic wounds. Compression over the proximal iliac artery worked best, but a first responder still may need to apply upward of 120 pounds of pressure to stop exsanguination.” (distal AA = abdominal aorta) – anyone see 120 pounds ballast being applied on the guy’s abdomen?

        • gloone- no one likes to find out they’ve been duped-especially from an institution they trust. we all know a woman whose husband is cheating and if we told her, it wouldn’t matter because she wouldn’t believe it anyway. learn from this and you will never have to worry about it happening to you again. if you’re looking for historical precedent to explain this event, just go to your local library or hit up google news archives.

        • Shrapnel wounds are not “blunt force trauma”~GLOONE

          Shrapnel wounds would take place farther out from the bomb. What we would have in this instance is concussion trauma – blast trauma, that would be what the real effects of being right next to the device on detonation.
          There are more aspects to this than the “victims” and that is where the device actually exploded, which was NOT there among the people {actors} the device was beyond the fence on the curb just next to the large mailbox. So the guy who supposedly got his legs blown off was farther back from the explosion than most of the rest of that group.
          The ballistics of this make as little sense as the guy surviving such trauma as is posited along with the ‘response’ of rolling him down the street in a wheelchair.

          All of this considered, this particular explosion was a smoke bomb. The victims are actors. The story is scripted…this was a false flag.


          • The large mailbox was at the location of the second bomb. Baumann was located in the first blast site.

      • well i have news for ya bud.

        i know the man in the cowboy hat. he is a family friend. i can assure you he is no actor. and the gore that day was very real.

        • You have not explained the discrepancies. Are you saying that the the guy’s injuries in the wheelchair are real? Did you see them first hand?

        • I don’t know if it was a conspiracy or not, or a completely real event, or partly real and partly faked… But why should anyone believe an anonymous commenter about the unnamed identity of the man in the cowboy hat? I could say the same thing about any person in that picture. I would be lying if I did, but i could say it. If any of the whole thing was faked, then of course there will be people posing as regular people on websites like this making comments like that to defend the lies. It’s possible you are telling the truth and the whole thing was real, but you can’t expect people to believe you when you are so vague and anonymous. :/

          • Correct. And he may even be the real thing. I would pick up any guy on the street with the legs blown off……

          • The Nameless guy in the cowboy hat” (Carlos Arredondo) has been all over the news and grilled by the FBI. The “actor” with both legs amputated, Jeff Bauman Jr. from the Boston MA area. His friends are holding a fundraiser for him on May 5th in fact. I have been in a situation where a family member injured was being berated online, so I can understand wanting to defend them while being so emotionally frail and frazzled that you are not wanting to get too personally involved.

            These frames would have been taken so close together (within seconds) of each other that attempting to analyze a person’s body positioning as “hiding’ or “relaxed” or even people’s intent is both absurd and arrogant.

            It sounds like professionals across the board can debate the amount of blood being both evidence of a fraud as well as actual result of this type of trauma – that leaves room for reasonable doubt.

            As for the sub sign, yes looks weird at first, but I’m betting they were advertising to the hungry marathoners near the finish line as most companies do. Sure let’s turn that into product placement or the food sponsor of actors. We can twist anything in any direction we like and still rationalize it.

            So I’m not sure if you are saying that you believe the entire marathon bombing was faked (and those 3 people didn’t die), or just one of the explosions? If it is the later, then how would these actors and crew have known that this opportunity would present itself? I cannot imagine having enough people soulless enough and committed enough to stick to their stories to be in on a rouse like this. I’m sure though that Bradley Cooper (who visited some of the injured, including Jeff Jr., in the hospital – or studio staged to look like a hospital) will be offering them all roles in his next film. Oh, and football player Julian Edelman is fine with lying to the entire world about this too.
            I have no doubt in my mind that you also believe 9/11 was faked and all of those thousands of families were ok with a relative “disappearing” for life while they receive compensation benefits. I’d like to find the island that all of these imaginary dead people really live on.

            I find THINKING about the possibilities and truth mandatory for any intellectual being, but using FACTS, reason, and logic when determining what the truth is, absolutely necessary to continue being an intellectual being. Just because you find yourself smarter than most doesn’t mean that every tragedy is the government trying to pull one over on us. You are attaching the character of the people involved in this without even doing the proper research.

    • look at the 8th photograph the amputee victim is in the photo 2x once where he is in the other photo’s upper left corner few feet from where the cement turns to brick insert and again in a pool of blood on the brick insert.

      • Who is filming this? For someone on the scene with a camera thsi is the most comfusing footage??? The camera is pointed at buildings, the floor, the scaffolding – I don’t know about everyone else, but when something bad happens, an accident, a big noise, even a fight – you look at the people… right? The camera glances in the direction of the people once or twice, I just have no idea how someone could look at buildings and the floor when such an eye grabbing catching has happened?

        • Sorry – this is the first time I’ve seen this footage… What is with the woman in the blue jacket – just walking around where the bomb went off? How is she right there behind the lines uninjured but everyone else is still scrambling to get to the injured… a guy in a white t-shirt also just walking around… even with this dodgy camera work the whole scene just doesn’t add up or look right. I have seen how people react in an emergency… people don’t walk… even in shock, they either sit and stay still or they run???

          • No, people wander about all right. Seen it myself. People react differently when in schock. I’m a jump to action kind of guy, helping, doing something. Others flee, some just wander or sit about.

        • This filming was to allow time for the fake blood and prosthetics to be in place, see how the person filming does not go straight to the scene of the “bomb” and pans up-down around ect…for a few minuets after the blast to let the actors set up! The whole thing stinks to high heaven, also the msm coverage of the “shoot out” and the Lock down of an entire city!! The stupid people applauding and cheering are just sheep!!

          • seriously? maybe he wasnt a professional. maybe he didnt know what to do. perhaps he wasnt even paying attention to where the camera was pointed. just because he doesnt run up and slap people in the face with his camera to see the gore doesnt mean they were actors. plus what would you do in the case of a terrorist attack in the seat of power? let people mill about their business and perhaps be hit with more attacks? or have teams find the fuckers responsible and tell the civilians to stay out of the fire?


  5. Wow, good stuff B’Man. I was assuming the bombing was real, but now I’m skeptical… I definitely think that the shootout and pitched battle in Watertown with the Chechen brothers was TOTALLY FAKE. That seems rather obvious. But now you have me thinking… maybe the entire thing was fake? Maybe they had a couple small bombs go off with smoke and flares for the cameras, to give the impression something really did happen, then had their Crisis Actors on the scene ready to play their roles? What do you think?

    • Hey Man,

      I just don’t know if its all faked, but it sure looks like what I’ve pointed out seems fake to me. The dude that “lost his legs” is a huge indication of fakery… it does not add up. He would have bled out or at least would have passed out. He was awake and nonchalant. Also, all the other people around him appear very odd… their actions don’t add up. It looks staged.

      I can’t say that some people were not hurt, but there is no real way to tell with the info I’ve seen.

      I do believe that this was setup for an agenda that includes adapting people to a martial law scenario (and more FEAR).

      As in most cases concerning the MSM, they have an agenda and the truth is virtually unknown to them. So, whatever they are saying, you can bet is full of shit.

      • Agreed. It’s tough to tell with these types of events… but there are clearly fake aspects to it, including what you’ve pointed out here and, I believe, the “shoot out”/pitched battle that allegedly took place between the Chechen and police before he was arrested. This is utter nonsense, an insult to our intelligence. It is right out of an action movie. And you’re right – this was a major step in the direction of instilling martial law and more police state measures in the American public’s mind. And it worked.

      • I almost died when I had hemorrhage a few days after I gave birth and that was like super super heavy menstrual bleeding.. I had to undergo emergency operation. The doctors were trying to resuscitate me. It amazed me how this guy is still alive after ‘supposedly’ bleeding out from both legs like that..

        • Placenta previa. A lot of blood. More than this amputee and the other alleged amputees around him.

          Less than a slaughtered hog or a deer hung up to drain. Almost less than a big wild hare I recently prepared, whose blood had much more gore. I lived my early childhood on a farm. I know how much blood things make, and this is piddling. But I guess the American public has largely lost touch with the land and can be fooled.

          If there was a blast, you’d think someone would have an ear blown off. The street would be littered with pieces of clothing and body parts. Its pretty clean considering. I imagine the average Israeli who has seen a bus blown up or the average Iraqi who has seen sectarian violence knows what shredded people look like. This ain’t it.

        • I hemorraged too right after birth and within a matter of seconds i was shivering and convulsing and i didn’t evne lost enough blood for a transfusion. i remember shaking and shivering and being so cold while they took the baby. this does not add up. my body went into shock from blood loss

        • …but they provide you help immidiately a suppose….there were to be 13 legs blown annd no trace of any…..if it is real I apologize for my doubts… If the fbi investigation were conducted properly and not part in secrecy we all would be sure of everything that took place…by now.

      • Well i am not in the medical field myself but my mother is and i have been with her in many situations…..for one thing they would have put the amputee guy on a stretcher not a wheelchair and yes he would have lost tons of blood so they would have needed to have an IV hooked up to him with fluids or blood to replace what he lost before he dies….also i actually was at an accident one time where a man had his leg broken with the bone sticking completely out of his leg and the bone and blood there did not look anything like the bone and blood here…of course there were 2 different situations (and i was like 10 at the time) so……but in these pics the amputees blood and bone look like they just came off a bbq…i suppose that could be due to the bomb but the bleeding would have taken place after the bomb so…..also if you just had both your legs blown off your face would be contorted in excruciating pain….not just a slight wince….but the kicker is the black lady…first she was fine and helping the amputee and then she was covered in blood and on a stretcher…that just doesnt make any sense……and finally just looking at all of these pics i have to say i have been in a few traumatic situations and when you are in a situation like that it is usually chaos and people looking terrified and concerned….these people in all of these pics are so non chalant like oh yeah a bomb just went off….just another monday….ho hum

        • Don’t be so sure about the “excruciating pain”. I cut my finger off with a jointer and felt nothing. Another person I know cut fingers off with a circular saw and had the same experience. We had to look to see how we had injured ourselves. The body reacts to trauma in unexpected ways.

        • So what if they had no stretcher? No IV handy? Would he just be left? No they would take one of the wheel chairs often found at the finish lines of marathons and use it to rapidly move the guy to an ambulance. Actors…lol

        • I also found that as quite odd. sitting up means less blood to his brain and more pressure on the legs, something you do not want in a situation like that. I think I rather would have carried him in a horizontal position with the help of a few people around instead of a wheelchair. Quite odd. But hey, people makes mistakes. Doesn’t have to be “evil”, could be just less than optimal thinking in a stressful situation.

        • I don’t think it is necessary to concede points to the other side whatsoever. They put us through this crap, now they owe us an explanation for the medical anomalies we see. If you took several gallons of real blood and poured it on the sidewalk, you know it wouldn’t look like this orange stuff. Someone mentioned that fake blood gets bubbles in it. I think you could just add a little glycerin or something to it – surely the special effect and make-up people know their way past the usual Halloween stuff. Check out Team Kerto standing over it. People try to make out who these crisis actors might be, might they get outed. You’re assuming they are Americans and have to speak. Kerto is a set designer, film-maker in Finland. You know the international runners were all going home the next day. Why not the pale-faced, chubby Nordics who got injured here? Who’d give them a second glance as they made their way back home, looking vaguely American. Bravo, Finns. You have really won the race here.

    • Digger shared this video with me that shows that the youngest of the two (Dzhokhar Tsarnaev) was NOT the bomber. The video shows him running away AFTER the bomb WITH his backpack still on.

      But guess who lost his backpack when he is seen running? One of the two Blackwater looking dudes.

      Smoking gun!

        • Apparently you didn’t watch the video. There is obviously a backpack on the dude, nearly covered up by the elbow, but not quite.

          I don’t like Richard Noggins, whose first words they utter are insults. It shows a lack of cognizant thought and reeks of desperation.

        • if it’s all his elbow, that make his forarm too long. because they’re both black (jacket and backpack), it makes it hard to tell, but just looking at the length of the forarm and how far back his elbow would be, it can’t all be his arm. some of it has to be a backpack.

      • Thats sad that our government has to think up ways to create mass hysteria.
        Seriously, do they think that everyone in the states is a mindless idiot? There are still some of us out there that like to question the truth and get to the real answers.

        Its a massive, MASSIVE shame that these two boys got blamed for something they may or may not have done. I dont know if they really did it. I really dont know if they didnt do it.
        The evidence on both sides is overwhelming.
        I know that they didnt shoot the younger brother much because I remember (before the report was removed from the news wall), that the owner of the home with the boat where he was hiding, heard two gunshots and then stated that they took him out of there in handcuffs and he was happy that it was over.
        Now im hearing that they shot the boat full of holes and severely injured him.
        Why? What did the police do to the kid while he was in the back of the van/car/truck while they took him to jail? If he was just fine when he left the boat scene, shame on those officers for shooting him while hes in custody.
        AND I bet you all a thousand dollars, if the kid ever does recover and says that they did things to him in the back of the van/car/truck while in transport, nobody is ever going to hear about it.

          • Even if he does “confess” it will have likely been extracted under torture. The US government is well-known for that. However, it’s also widely known that “confessions” that have been coerced under torture are never reliable since people will say just about anything to stop the pain. I feel absolutely awful for this kid. This whole thing makes me sick to my stomach, and to think they will get away with pinning this whole thing on him has really made me lose all hope in our governments. I’m from the UK and ours is just as bad.

  6. You are full of shit. You wouldn’t know a trauma scene if you were in the middle of one. The EMT that makes the comment is FOS as well. This won’t make it to your post I am sure as all are positive comments. Dude, you should write for the Enquirer? I don’t know how to spell it cause I don’t give a fuck.

    • Wow someone’s really angry, perhaps it stems from having a little bit of cognitive dissonance? As another EMT-B (in the state of IL) I can agree with the other two EMT’s assessments. You are the only one here that’s FOS.

    • So his English isn’t perfect. That says nothing of his analytic skills. Besides, it was made pretty clear that he was in a trauma scene. Also, you can’t really know if he has or hasn’t been in one, unless you’ve been following him your whole life.

    • No ‘T-MAN’ you are wrong.
      The blood is fake in colour and the hemorrhaging pattern from the ‘severed’ legs is fake.
      This is a 100% staged event after a smoke bomb from inside the Lens Crafters storefront.
      No pressurecookers. No backpacks.
      I have a practiced medicine in two countries.

      Also this is a Boston false flag.

      • OK Mouser ~ Since I haven’t seen anybody mention the blown off legs, I will reply to you. The author put up some links of the guy in the wheelchair after the explosion sitting in the wheelchair. I know it is gruesome, but if you ( or anybody here) zooms in on the left leg close to the, it looks like knee cap, you can see something that looks like a little hand with the fingers wrapped around and holding something. It’s not the guys hand. It looks like it’s probably muscle. It’s a straight on shot so you can see the inside of the leg on the left. It just looks weird and I am probably a weirdo for seeing it. Do you see it?? Anyone here see it? Just wondered what anyone thought. It is probably just whatever is left of his leg but it looks pretty freaky. I will try to put the link is this box but if I can’t it’s the first link in the article.. http://www.kaotic is the beginning. Sorry, I am really bad at computers~

    • I’m a medic in one of, if not the, busiest EMS systems in the country, with a very high murder/death rate. I’m also an RN at a trauma center. First off, grabbing screenshots from a video and posting them in ways to support your claim is hardly proof. There’s too many inconsistencies in your own evidence/claims that it’s laughable. There’s no real work on your part to prove your theories and finding the truth. You’re just analyzing pics/videos and making huge claims that are unsupported, which many find offensive. I know I’d be pissed if I was severely injured in the bombing and saw this article. One thing I’ve learned from my 20+ years in EMS/medicine is that almost anything is possible. I’ve seen some crazy stuff. Both legs blasted off, no blood dripping off wheelchair and yet he’s still awake……Definitely possible. Bright red paint-like blood on the ground…..That’s how it looks and seen it plenty of times. Your claim that you can see an unmarked fake blood bottle in the bottom right of screen in the one pic…..Looks like a red tinted water bottle. The amputee’s lips looking pink…….Maybe a little, but he looks like crap, as well as his injuries, which hardly look like prosthetics and appear very real. I can go on and on why your claims aren’t worthy of further discussion, but I’ll just finish by saying you may be an EMT and you’re obviously making claims based on the training/knowledge you received during EMT school, which has taught you the things you’re seeing in the pics/video can not be possible. However, you obviously lack actual field experience and need to experience trauma scenes first hand, so you can see that a lot of things that textbooks say are impossible, are actually very possible and do occur. This was the real deal.

        • i can’t say if it is fake blood ,or actors ,in my opinion is more important what is behind all of this .If you totally agree with him tell me the motif then… 2 young students go and kill innocent people? For what?????????????? Pure nonsense !!! Better to kill them then, not investigate ,or what so ever … Behind every tragedy like this are money!!!! You ,public will agree now for more security ,for more cameras ,more drones , maybe chip in your “ass”- actually this chip is happening already in Texas on schools … Company who will make this devices will take money from your gov. and your gov. will borrow this money from private banks and it is millions and millions. Your GDP will rise , but your debt as well and again the public will pay it by taxes … Or , ok so lets make more weapons to prepare for war against their country – it has the same result at the end + oligarchs will get the resources … Am i a conspirator? maybe for you ,but for me it sounds pretty logic. Pure matrix .. But people think they are free ,because you can’t see the bars of prison. You know mate i tell you how to get rid of world wide financial crisis – go on the street and throw paper on the ground .. you will give jobs for 10 000 people over whole world .. if you kill someone you will give jobs for another 10 000 people worldwide, but all of them pay taxes and GDP will rise,so ask your self ,do we live in good system,when mess and death are resources of earning? why no one and nowhere doesn’t solving the core of all problems? Personal profit on detriment of others … Peace!!! check this :)

          • precisely! money and power and more cameras to invade or freedoms and more people reporting people for being anti american and the non sense never ends.. all over fear of nothing but a stunt to fool the people.. what is that saying fool some of the people some of the time but you cant fool all of the people all of the time.. this has taken it one step too far too soon.. they are pushing buttons and people have to wake up and see the truth for the truth

      • There is one thing I will point out about this whole investigative process. Most cameras record at either 24fps (frames per second) or 60fps. If it was a news camera, its was 24fps. That means this whole theory is based on about 20 frames, which is equal to less than one second of time. So how do you explain all this staging and setting up a fake amputation within one second? I am a film major and this is an honest question…

      • his so called tendons were caught in the wheel, and the tie off was not applied enough to completely stop flow your own theory is flawed it is ok to awaken, that feeling will pass in time. plus the left pumps up right pumps down this man would have died from bleeding out they even waited till the last moment ot take him away, and get his wounds caught in a wheel chair wheel .

        • Tie off? Are you talking about the thing the guy in the cowboy hat is holding? Because in that case, it is not a tie off or a tourniquet. It is the amputee’s actual artery. He is holding it shut.

    • I with you on this. This entire article is full of holes. This is conspiracy theorist BS. People believe what they want to believe. If this theory is true, the truth will come out. If it’s not, it will go nowhere. Sheesh.

      • Oh, the truth will come out? Like it always does? That’s funny, haven’t heard the “truth” about JFK yet, haven’t heard the “truth” about why we went to war in Iraq yet, haven’t heard the “truth” about Obama’s faked birth certificate yet, and on and on and on… If you think the fact that we’re entitled to the truth equates to us getting it you really have your head in the sand. I’m “entitled” to freedom of speech, freedom from oppression, and freedom to choose and practice whatever religion I want, yet somehow those “rights” don’t equate to my actually being able to enjoy them. Wake up!

        • you are correct the truth is always tainted with more money and lies.. the bottom line is if there aren’t enough answers or the story cant be explained without a ton of holes in it where it does not add up to make sense to the commoner then someone is behind the whole thing. orchestrating what they want us to see and believe like the puppets most of us have become.. and it is the rich and greedy calling all of the shots our government is running it for them they are in fear for their lives or positions as well.. it is a show of the hugest proportions to those in power.. and they get to watch it unfold in real time this is so off color it really hurts that people can believe such non sense. this was staged and until people realize it it is going to happen more and more until we are all led to a train and shipped off to be disposed of in mass graves and that is the bottom line.. history repeats itself and it has been forewarned many times in history that if we all just stand on the side lines and watch it unfold we have no one to blame but ourselves.. it starts with the man in the mirror.. you me and everyone around you or me.. wake up is right see the big picture for what it is .. do you think for one minute that when Hitler was in control that the people of Germany could save themselves from a corrupt and vile man who wanted the ultimate race? NO they were blind to what was happening until it was too late.. History repeats again and again.. and the phrase ignorance is bliss does not ring true in this situation people

  7. This whole signaling event you speak of? Takes place in 3 seconds. 30fps, You need to try again. I looked at the complete footage. Same at the Ali photo, when he’s standing over the downed boxer and making a arm gesture. If the video it was so fast you never seen it. BS BS BS….

    • Present your case T-Man. The aggressive tone, without substance is normally the sign of someone that is in the wrong.

      I repeat, present your case and convince us otherwise. If you can’t do it, then stfu.

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  9. Two of my coworkers were severely injured in this event and are still in the hospital with major leg and arm injuries. It happened 600 feet from the front door of my office. It was real.

    • The evil is seen with the Involvement/injury/death of innocents assist the “proof” of another staged event created by mind-controlled scapegoats controlled by Military Intelligence/FBI/CIA/DHL or whoever has an agenda. I’m looking into all the evidence as it presents, because 9/11 WAS a STAGED event complete with hollogram and demolition set-up prior to the “event”…The truth comes out to expose the secrets and hidden agenda.for gun control and demise of America.

    • I believe that a small device DID hurt people. But if you look at what I laid out here, can you understand why I would question what I did? I even posed this as a question of other EMT’s to review the discrepancies and they all concur. So, did you see the guy with his leg blown off? Did you see arterial blood SPURTING everywhere as it should if it were real?

      I hope and pray that your friends are ok, but that doesn’t mean that the part shown to us (and I shared here) is real.

      • BMAN, most of the evidence here seems to be from a guy who claims to be an EMT. He claims that the tourniquet that the man in the cowboy hat is holding is not tight enough to stop the blood. But that is not a tie off or tourniquet. The man in the cowboy hat is holding the man in the wheelchair’s femoral artery. He is holding the actual artery shut, stopping the bleeding. Why are you putting your faith in an EMT that does not know what an artery looks like?

    • Are the photos above from the first ‘explosion’ or the second one? Perhaps one was a distraction for the other – one was real and the other was a fake?

    • Being that close to your work, would you go out and take some samples of the blood? Surely there’s still some traces of it out there. It will be helpful for making DNA identifications of where it came from (i.e. whose blood it is). Be careful to take close up pictures before and after taking the samples so the exact location can be documented. Place some object at the point where the sample is taken and then do a wide angle shot showing that object so we can be sure of the context. Since we’re talking about many injured here we should get different DNA samples at different locations. The more samples and the more precisely they’re located, the better. As the blood will be dry and we can do miraculous things with DNA these days, placing the samples in separate envelopes will suffice. If you don’t have those, take some sticky notes and fold them into little envelopes and use those. Mark them with the id’s of the pictures you take to easily document and correlate the two.

    • Where do you work? What are their names? How long have you known them? Did someone just tell you they worked at your office or do you know from personal experience. I was in the San Francisco (Loma Prieta) Quake of 1989. I felt the huge effect, I heard screams on a nearby playground. It was as remarkable as watching an explosion and then being shooed away by a cop before the smoke cleared. I saw no one injured. I wasn’t injured. The only injuries were miles away. It can be an intense experience, but your knowledge of it can be almost all second-hand. The same is true for my niece with four tours of Afghanistan. She has never been anywhere near a firefight or seen an IED go off. It’s all second-hand (so far) and may it remain so.

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  11. I truly believe if it was staged, the staging was done for 2 reasons:
    1) A training excercise and,
    2) An effort to enhance the number of wounded / and for those to be used as a photo-op. It would suck to go thru all this planning and effort and then not have many injuries with which to further frighten the public.

    The supposed double-amputee I mentioned in my post yesterday. He goes by the name of Jeff Bauman Junior. Take a look at the photo of him on my post – and then look at the US Army soldier in the pic next to ‘Bauman’; the soldier’s name is Nick Vogt.

    Then someone tell me those 2 guys, Bauman and Vogt, aren’t the same man.

    • Yeah, American Everyman went out of his way to post that the two aren’t the same guy (even tho I disagree with him because they do, in fact, look very similar). But I am not positive. I did feature a comparison a few days ago here.

      Nor, does it matter if those are the two guys from my perspective, it is the injury (and lack of blood) no matter who the actor is, that is the smoking gun (and now the video I added last night showing the younger brother still had his backpack on after the bomb… a second smoking gun).

      • they own facebook too, he always had legs until iraq. thats thousands of photos, thats 3-4 different alias in pictures




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          • You would have to explain the lack of blood in the pics where he is seen on the ground (and no one is touching him or the fake artery).

            • You sir, are a moron. You’re lack of research is astonishing. How anyone ever let you publish this drivel is a mystery to me. Vague screen shots isn’t exactly proof and all this ‘signalling’ crap, how can you possibly know what was happening on the scene…you must be psychic mate. Damn.

              • So why does the Zio-media and Zio-education system spew a number of 6 million and when one questions the numbers or asks for evidence the response is either harassing or the person ends up in jail???

                • 1940 census on both Poland and Germany. The Ashkenazis of German extraction: 2.3 million. The Ashkenazis of Polish extraction: 1.8 million. Add those two #’s. It’s not even close. The 6 million number feces vulgar farce is of
                  Talmudic Kabbalah numerology origin. To see the Khazar obsession with that #, way before 1939 go here: More clear than water. No human being even the Ashkenazim themselves have pissed 6 million times in their life. Even if you were a 100 years old. Check the video before Zion Tube removes it. 22 mins 7 10 secs of absolute facts.

          • On both legs, at the same time? Gotta hand it to Jeff Bauman, both legs blown off, in shock–or is he?–and still has the where-with-all to self-administer. A-a-amazing!

      • Very telling. The ‘makeup artists’ do a realistic job. “Hyper-realistic”, even.

        There is a common denominator between this footage and that of the Boston incident, no blood spurting.

        Thanks for sharing these.

  15. This atentat is totaly fake!
    1. No blood in first pictures after atack. The man with no legs, give legs to the hooded man, and no blood.
    2. Blood on the ground have unreal color.
    3. Color of blood on the leg man, is darker as blood on the ground.
    4. Leg man no scream.

    • That’s what I don’t get either, point 4. The guy’s just had two of his lower limbs blown off(!), and he doesn’t even look as if he has a headache.

      Perhaps he lost senses to his legs too..?

      • Shock…. and if it was destroyed by the explosion, most nerves would have been burnt off, whats left covered by shock. points 2 and 3 are just stupid though
        2- its arterial blood, it looks that way,
        3- Blood oxidises fast, also is on darker ground.
        Interesting theory, and fun to debate, but dont post shit.

        • You are incorrect about the nerves being “burnt off”. This was a projectile bomb, supposedly, not an incendiary device.

          There is too little blood if it is supposedly coming from the femoral artery. As noted already, it would have been spurting like a fountain, everywhere. All those surrounding him would have been soaked, not to mention himself, because he had is leg up in the air for several seconds, at least.

          How fast does blood oxidize? We are talking less than a few minutes, perhaps seconds (in one picture, the smoke still lingers).

          I think the discussion can help people clear within their own minds what is what. If you consider that “shit” then don’t bother.

          • A lot of you have no medical background and especially blast injuries,
            If you don’t understand shock then its a pretty big subject to look into,
            The nerves have been severed as they are only present closer to the surface of the body.

            Its pretty simple just google the bloke you will find out info on him, find out he lived a normal life with his family before. He had a job check with any company he’s worked with or school. he is a bloke thats lost his legs in an attack. If this guy was a planted actor that lived a normal life before (that anyone can prove) what about the other 100 or so people injured? the video of the explosion was a hoax and they just nailed themselves?


            • Thank you James. You are so right. Why don’t the people who believe this shit go talk to the survivors like Jeff Bauman? Then they will know Jeff had legs that morning and now he does not? Also someone who knows him said that and was ridiculed. What about the two brothers, the mother and daughter, etc? All the things that are being brought up as proof that this is fake can be explained. But some will always choose to not believe what is right before their eyes. Also, why do the brothers who did this confess to the car jack victim? Yes I do believe him. I would like some of you who doubt this happened to be in the same situation and see how you act or how you bleed and then come back and tell us it did not happen.

        • Joshua,

          2. No blood is seen dripping on the wheelchair.
          3. The weather is not hot enough to dry the blood in real time.
          4. No blood is seen dripping on the exposed flesh.
          5. Losing two limbs results in huge blood loss.

          Interesting propaganda, and not fun to respond to Israeli miltary persons, but don’t debunk claims to promote the Zionist cause.

  16. Here’s why I have a problem buying the “actor theory”. Why risk using actors when they have absolutely no problem killing people for real? It would be way easier and a hell of alot of loose ends. Same with sandy hook, why would they use actors instead of really doing it?

    • Its is easier to detrmine the outcome of an event when you use actors. Also, consider that the legs missing guy is the only one that identified that kid as the bomb dropper. They did injure numerous people, this creates the realism in the story. They use actors as well to control the flow of information and confirm the “official story”. If you watch the footage from nbc, when they show wheelchair guy. He appears to have a white clean bone sticking out of his leg for a split second then the footage goes blue and you get an nbc error. I will post the video here after I find it.

      go to 9:12 in the video, and behold the bullshit!

      • in the actual video…it really does look like fake legs….but if any of this is really false….then where are the people who they said died from this explosion? are they secretly hiding on a far away island together or something??? honestly…I don’t know

      • Deus, you nailed it. If you freeze that video right before the intentional blue screen, the guy’s leg doesn’t look anything like the gory photos, which were probably Photoshopped after the fact. Also, the guy in the video has a calm, bored expression on his face, unlike the gory photo. I wonder how long that video will be available? Not long, I suspect.

    • I’ll tell you why. Because some people have consciences. Because murder has no statute of limitations and you can later be tried for it, forty years from now. Better to get American-looking actors from some country like Finland. Put them right on the plane with all the international runners in town for the day. No one will ever run into them again. You can also convince yourself that you are a “good guy” doing this for our education, the ways drills are run all the time.

      • So what about all the Costco people who worked with Jeff all the time? Suddenly he is an actor from Finland?

    • The Little problem of using real people is that this real people and his families going to research for the true like professionals (see the people of 11/09, and all the information that they find) with actors no body have enough motivation to research the true…

  17. This is the reason why I don’t trust our news stations here in the US anymore. Complete oversensationalization with a splash of truth in them. first guns, now this. it makes me wonder what’s next from our “most trusted news” companies.

    • that prolly the realest truth ever told, when they wanted to boost gas prices they started war…. so you know what comes next…bombing equal war

    • Why is questioning events somewhat taboo in the land of the free? And why did Israeli police agents come to America? Does America have enough police and military power to investigate crimes? Something is fishy and it is not Kosher.


        I’LL WAIT?

  18. In the photograph with the man wearing the red jacket the hooded man with the sunglasses has no cuts on his legs. But in the picture below it he’s got holes in his trousers and blood all over them as well. A bit weird don’t ya think?

    • I don’t believe this is fake. I am concerned that Jeff Baumann ID’s someone wearing glasses gray hoodie and black jacket. The man seen in the pic with him does meet that description, however it is NOT suspect #1. Suspect #1 wore tan pants and boots. FBI said they used Jeff’s description to pinpoint the suspects.

  19. It’s an interesting theory, but do you guys think everyone there was faking it? What about the hundreds who were actually injured?

  20. Warning Folks! This is just a test!!
    by: Jerome Ennis on the Boston Lock Down on 19 April 2013
    Or boys and girls, can you say–
    Martial Law?

    One suspected Terrorist Captured. But more importantly, a large scale Lock Down of Millions of People was totally successful and the President, Home Land Security, BATFE, FBI, Massachusetts State Police, National Guard, County Sheriffs Departments and the Police Departments of the entire Metro Boston Area, including the suburbs were utilized to Shut Down an Entire City for over a day to catch Just One Guy. In short, the Martial Law Plan, worked more effectively than even the Fascist Federal Police Forces imagined. And, Obama was delighted at the accomplishment of his Police State Forces in Action.

    I am glad they caught this kid, but I truly question the rest of the motives of this massive take down of a huge metro population center, and the sheeple, without a whimper, stayed in their houses and followed orders, “Do not leave your houses, and do not open door for anybody but a Jack Booted and Armed Person In A Uniform.”

    Scary, and if this does not concern or scare you, their plan for martial law will work on you too. I said way back when Homeland Security was first formed that one day, we will get to the point as a nation when, if the POTUS or Some Other High Ranking Fascist Bureaucrat Representing the Official Police State were to go on TV and Broadcast Nationally all at once, and repeated over and over that said, “Folks, stay in your houses, do not open doors or windows for anybody except Official Police Types for Your Own Safety and Protection” that probably over 90 percent of the cowed down U.S. citizenry would likely follow that order. Boston proved me right. They have been doing small practice runs on elementary schools, high schools and college campuses, and those Mini-Run Lock Downs were so effective, they used this incident to Do It On a Much Larger Scale.

    Warning folks, this is just a test!!! A test of your blind obedience to government forces.

    • It was like an eclipse, where they tell you not to look at the sun (for your own safety). There is POWER, pure power, in creating an event and insisting on people’s behavior. In the film Apocalypto, the royal astronomers of course could calculate the next eclipse, but they were able to behave as though they made it happen on purpose.

      We are a society now primed by the legend of 9/11. Young kids have grown up with it. And the TSA. So this revisits it, reinforces it. I keep expecting it to presage war, but really it is also about a certain way of asserting power which is totalitarian and more acceptable to foreigners than to people I consider American once upon a time. Maybe our decline is taking us in this direction.

      They don’t fear to dangle the pictures of last week’s attacks in front of Bostonians, who are flocking to Boylston Street to see the cleaned up scenes of the”attacks”. In fact they are confident no one will cry foul. The authorities don’t worry someone will notice the disconnect between reportage and the clips themselves. Brazen views of these places – even some footage of just after the blast in front of Forum – show the same small number of people as we saw at the finish line. Not hundreds. More like thirty, forty tops. Not blood running in the streets. Thirteen amputations? Three deaths? Thirty people still in the hospital, some having been in critical condition. More than a hundred treated. No. This is impossible. This is a lie. They could have fessed up and admitted to a drill earlier. But tonight they had a voluptuous young actress on the news, kissing the firefighter who carried her, sobbing convincingly and hugging every man who came into her “hospital” room. She’s a “student” at Northwestern in Chicago, allegedly. I didn’t realize students posed like that in their pictures with their girlfriends, or — well her name is “Victoria” — maybe she does a little modeling on the side. I don’t want to sound like Ann Coulter her. I would genuinely care about a person injured in the blast. They showed “her” X-ray on tv – mind you without the usual doctor showing to us, just a random X-ray all by itself without provenance. The problem is that all these details are piling up, any one of them easy to refute as a fake. But most smart people are sticking to the main story, and here is the danger:

      “They have someone in custody. He must have done the crime.” It is a totally primitive reaction, and I have seen it in some very well-educated people with great responsibilities.

      “Buy when there is blood running in the streets” – don’t think anyone is translating this into a complete bull market – probably because there really wasn’t much blood.

      History will judge us as fools for giving the authorities a pass on this one. Boston is forever tarnished.

  21. I get that there are some spot where a person might have their doubts, but I think the conclusions you’re drawing are a bit drastic. The medical parts I understand : the gentleman not bleeding out is indeed questionable if not miraculous, however, to say that it’s staged and that these people are signaling each other, how did you arrive at that? The images are slightly blurry so its really hard to tell anything other than what was meant to be seen, that an event happened and there appears to be a lot of smoke. It just seems like one reasonable doubt has given you license to bridge a huge logical gap.

    • If you read the comments section, you will see that I do not promote that it is entirely staged. But there could be sections of the event staged for whatever reason (which, too, has been discussed).

      The obviousness of the medical abnormalities (even to you, apparently) should give pause to any thinking person. Thus far, it has not adequately been explained by the nay-sayers (and notice how they immediately revert to name-calling and diversion in their argument… which is quite telling).

      I have no doubt that people were hurt and even killed in this event. But the specific points I have shown seem fake. Apparently you agree, so how much should we “just believe” and how much should we think through?

      • You state that someone losing both legs would die in about one minute. How do you explain all the veterans who come back from Afghanistan after losing their legs in an explosion? If I had to guess, I imagine you have zero experience with any explosive injuries. You simply have taken a 6 month course at a community college and have had max 5 years of experience as an EMT making about 10 bucks an hour and allowed to only stabilize patients.

  22. The pictures are not a hoax. The assertion by the author of this is regarding the damage (or possible damage) to the femoral artery. I’m speaking about the double amputee picture.

    A. The guy is suffering from a below the knee amputation, this is not the location of your femoral artery. Your femoral artery does run into your leg where it later splits. Thus, the femoral artery was not “severed”

    B. large vessels have the ability to vasoconstrict once injured. This is a basic concept taught in trauma courses. Factually, all arteries have this ability. The vessels can maintain this vasoconstriction for a period of time before they release and blood loss begins again. This is why make shift tourniquets do not have to be perfect, just effective.

    C. The amount of blood loss you are speculating is grossly exaggerated. It is VERY clear the person is in shock. For you, as an EMT basic, you may wish to burn this picture into your memory as to what hypovolemic shock looks like.

    D. A lot of whack jobs want citizens to believe the government is so coordinated that they could perpetrate this act “staged.” Yet these people are the same ones who probably scream how inefficient, cumbersome, and beurocratic this same government is. It seems far fetched to be able to stage this type of event. A cursory google research will show you that these type of bombings have been carried out many many times before. Ask the Brits.

    The author of this device garbage suggesting this is fake brings shame upon himself, the United States of America, and the medical community for the gross misrepresentation of evidence.

    I am a ER nurse, flight nurse, and paramedic. I have also worked as a preceptor and instructor for paramedics. These events are real, do not allow yourselves, as Americans, to be divided and led astray.

    • The mechanism that leads to vasoconstriction results from the increased concentration of calcium (Ca2+ ions) within vascular smooth muscle cells.[1] However, the specific mechanisms for generating an increased intracellular concentration of calcium depends on the vasoconstrictor. Smooth muscle cells are capable of generating action potentials, but this mechanism is rarely utilized for contraction in the vasculature. Hormonal or pharmokinetic components are more physiologically relevant. Two common stimuli for eliciting smooth muscle contraction is circulating epinephrine and activation of the sympathetic nervous system (through release of norepinephrine) that directly innervates the muscle. These compounds interact with cell surface adrenergic receptors. Such stimuli result in a signal transduction cascade that leads to increased intracellular calcium from the sarcoplasmic reticulum through IP3 mediated calcium release, as well as enhanced calcium entry across the sarcolemma through calcium channels. The rise in intracellular calcium complexes with calmodulin, which in turn activates myosin light chain kinase. This enzyme is responsible for phosphorylating the light chain of myosin to stimulate cross bridge cycling.

      Once elevated, the intracellular calcium concentration is returned to its basal level through a variety of protein pumps and calcium exchangers located on the plasma membrane and sarcoplasmic reticulum. This reduction in calcium removes the stimulus necessary for contraction allowing for a return to baseline.

      Bottom line- You cant have vasoconstriction without an external stimulant to act as a vasoconstrictor. How many men had limbs blown off on the beaches of Normandy and simply bled out and died? Unless auto-vasconstriction is a trick the human body has recently learned, I’d say go back to med school.

      • A. You may read after this reply. The reply by the firefighter from Florida.

        The changes in the body he is referring to (and your mystery vasoconstrictor(s) released by the body) during times of extreme duress; in layman’s terms, would be known as your “flight or fight reflex.”

        Fortunately, “autovasoconstriction” is a trick our body has known since the good lord designed us. If it has changed recently, then I guess I’ll have to”go back to medical school.” The body responds to extreme duress (perhaps an event like your legs being blown off) by secreting a powerful vasoconstricting chemical from your adrenal system. This chemical is known as “adrenaline” (AKA Epinephine). The chemical also acts to open the passageways in your lungs (so you can breath better) and dilate your pupils (so you may see everything around you better). Epinephrine also increases the heart rate, initiates shunting blood into your core (which is why people feel that pounding sensation after a fight or car accident), and subsequently elevates the blood pressure (if there is not substantive blood loss through injury).

        As I said in my previous posting. These are very temporary measures that the body can not sustain for long periods of time. Attempt to keep a contraction of your bicept for a sustained period (as if your life depended on it). Once your bicept fails, and your completely exhausted, you may begin to understand how temporary these measures are. hope that helps clear up things.

        B. Less men died in Normandy (WWII) than in WWI, less in WWI v. the civil war, and etc. Less combat fatalities have occurred today, in these modern conflicts, than ever before. My point is, your assertion is erroneous. Men died in Normandy because we did not have the understanding of how to supplement the body’s natural response to traumatic injuries. I Korea, combat fatalities dropped dramatically (due to MASH initiatives and helicopters), Vietnam saw more declines, etc. Every successive war has produced better trauma medicine, and between each war, scientist dissect injuries sustained from war and learn how to better prepares us for the injuries of the next war. Thankfully, civilians, also benefit from these findings and can do some pretty nifty stuff to aide the body’s natural responses.

        C. I respectfully say this to you. Read what I wrote more thoroughly and understand I live for what I do as a flight nurse, as an ER nurse, and as a paramedic. I do it for you, for your family, and for our countrymen. I try to maintain that professional decorum even during internet discussions. If you or others want to resort to name calling, that is your prerogative, but I wish for a better America.

        D. If this IS a hoax, its a damn good one. But I submit to you, what one other (that I read) has said. Why would the government leave all these loose ends? If the government (or anybody else) really wanted to be terrorist; kill a few, scare thousands…

        • I am just someone here reading this thread and would like to ask someone who gets the science. What confuses me most is that the amputee is sort of half sitting up or doing “crunches” effectively in lifting his upper body off the ground in most or all of the photos. How could someone still be doing this action after having legs gone? It seems like they would be on their backs, and would immediately be instructed to be on their backs with legs up?

          The other thing that shocked me from the first time I saw a picture of this man is that he was taken out in a wheelchair?? That seems like the worst idea ever. A) to expect someone who has lost that much blood to SIT UP with the wound below their heart seems like you might as well pour the rest of the precious water right out of a glass. And B) maybe this is repeat- but wouldn’t common sense practice be to put this person on a stretcher or at least carry him in arms instead of place him in a wheelchair?

          That part of it is really confusing and maybe you can shed some light for me since you seem to be very even about this.

          • Those are very intelligent questions from you. I am medical doctor and trust me I understand all these stuff. It just surprise me someone (Derek) called himself a nurse and still feel so confident to vomit that BS. Yes, it is true that natural response of vessels, artery and vein, is vasocontriction after injury. The truth remains that this reponse is absolutely uneffective when dealing with vessels of about 1- 2cm luminal diameter. It could be effective in small vessel but definitely not in large vessels like femoral, popliteal, tibial etc. Infact in surgical amputation, one of the things you must first take care of is tying the vessels. Also, very good point there about the guy being on a stratcher rather chair.
            Bottom line: in reality, that guy with double amputation is a dead guy. Do not be decieved.

      • Its cute the way you plagiarize wikipedia but don’t understand it. Look up the other words like epinephrine and realize that the body makes that…it’s called adrenalin sweety. Don’t post something you don’t understand. Most soldiers on those shores sadly would have laid there for a little bit they didn’t die quick clean deaths like in the movies. The smaller vessels have an easier time vasoconstricting, our friend Mr. BM is being anatomically incorrect, it would not have been the femoral artery that was severed.. It would have been the tibial and fibular arteries among some others that where severed. While yes you will likely say these vessels are connected as all of them in reality are, they are not the exact same when it comes to bleed out time. But then I am an RN with considerably more medical, anatomical and physiological training than an EMT-B so excuse for not happily swallowing his “story” when I encounter obvious medical inaccuracies in his reasoning. So far he has declined to pick up a basic anatomy and physiology textbook to fix the problems in his post so I will maintain my stance that he does not want to know or distribute the truth, just wants to hear more versions of his own story.

        • Thanks for the correction.

          I appreciate your comment, very much.

          I am a layman, but have consulted Trauma Drs and nurses I know and the response has been contradictory. Most see this as a fake and only a few say what you and a few others here have said.

          I just received an email from a Forensic Scientist that said “I AM interested in that obviously fake double amputee.”

          Here’s the deal, I don’t know you from Adam, but the professionals I do know have, in most cases, contradicted what you and a few others so nonchalantly discount. So, excuse me if I tend to believe the people I actually know.

          • Very convientant that the trauma nurses, icu nurses, and paramedics that have posted here have contradicted what you’ve said. However you “know” and “consult with” people that mostly disagree with the people posting here. Why are your experts not posting their rationale or science for discussion. Or why are you unable to get the sound logic from them and post it for us to understand? Why? Because its bs that you’re trying to pedal and hope everybody buys… You may fool the lay public, but I’m sure you’ll be hard presses to find actual trauma doctors and nurses whom agree with you. Do the medical community a favor, and don’t impersonate a professional.

        • – Lets get everyone’s head straight and for all the skeptics: FACT : Churchill staged an entire military assault including blow up tanks YES rubber tanks (have the videos, its history use Google anything you’ll find it) to trick the Germans into believing that the British will not Bomb the German city but do a full on attack. As it so happens the Germans believed the trick because the British knew there lines were tapped. Only the soldiers involved in the trick knew about it NO ONE ELSE, the British then bombed an entire city filled with British soldiers… point being if they have/can staged events like that soo long ago with no one knowing at all whats to stop then doing it now they prob better at it now.

          – the government does lie and keep secrets that means they have agendas and cannot be trusted,
          More history : the gladiator games in Rome was set to keep citizens away from politics = TV, on the main news a whistle blowers leeks government secrets. etc, etc

          – FACT: They did not read the suspects rights>> bye bye human rights : because it was in the public’s best interest that can apply to any and all situations which means there is a conspiracy.

          – 2:Muslim extremists terrorists are usually suicide bombers is there something wrong with the bombers
          – 3:The backpack footage is not enough evidence to provide convicting evidence (search warrants even) in court, neither can they use the eyewitness statement because under shock or trauma the person is disorientated,
          -4: why weren’t all the people carrying bags around the area arrested …or questioned (even one extra person would be better)
          – 5: the police and army do these kind of drills all the time why were they so easily caught by surprise, just two guys walking with backpacks not being checked, nothing no safety precautions, nothing

          – please tell me why 2 educated students would remain in Boston after planting a bomb and not run away until the heat cools: the dumbest even youngest criminals do that.

          OKAY so no one can dispute there is something wrong, and the government is very capable of staging events even in the 30’s -60’s so its possible that this may be staged : having said that i do not believe the actors story…there are to many contradictions and i wasn’t there, also in court if one statement is false the former and later statements are usually considered a lie i.e. the military man is not a match for the injured guy. Also conspiracy theories have a way of going to far like a guy exaggerating his story to get you excited and finally the story becomes far-fetched, the basic story is still true though

          My point is that even if actor conspiracy is false it does does not need to be true there is enough information to gather that the American government(corporations) is lying and that’s all that matters, how many times must your wife cheat before you divorce – fool me once….

          I have many crazy true stories if you need to know the extent of power but believe what you want happy and blind,

          I am not a conspiracy theorist, I am not for or against anything, I only look for truth and hard facts….conspiracy theorist’s really lack in that department though but they are basically right (without the extra bull)

      • You are half correct!!!!

        The external stimulant was the body responding to the extreme blood less. Barometric sensitive neurons act as sensors in the aorta and can detect changes in arterial pressures. As the brain takes notice to the extreme blood loss and reduced pressure on the aortic barometric sensor it would cause for constriction to try to return the pressure to pre-pathological state. This is accomplished with the activation of Ip3 protein which is not a cell membrane protein but a ER protein by down stream signaling cascade to release the calcium to activate the smooth muscle.

        The stimulant for constriction is the loss of blood. It is detected by afferent nerve fibers that travel from the aorta’s pressure sensors to the brain. Hypothalamic hormones are created and released in response to the trauma. Next, the peptide hormones travel to the pituitary gland and, thyrotropin is released to activate the thyroid.
        The thyroid releases corticotropic hormones that travel to the adrenals and releases norepinephrine which will bind to membrane bound protein adenylate cyclase which will then in turn activate IP3 and finally Ip3 activates release of calcium to turn on the smooth muscle. This is the parasympathetic/ sympathetic response (AKA fight or flight).

        It was a real event there were no actors. The injuries this poor man received are in my humble opinion very real. It is possible to sustain that type of injury and have the wound not bleed excessively after about 10 minutes. It will bleed very fast initially and the flow will be reduced as a function of time as the body responds to the trauma. It is very entertaining reading all the silly science posts from people who think they can learn everything from wikky. I would stop this nonsense as fast as posible for respect of the dead and injured. Ask them if it was real or not.

        -Dr. P

    • I have been a firefighter/medic in South Florida for almost 10 years. I have to a agree that based on the location of the injury, the femoral artery may not have been severed as suggested.
      From experience, injuries causing amputations do cause blood lines to vasoconstrict. Also, anytime there is a traumatic injury, the body does shunt blood to it’s major organs. It’ll do this for as long as possible causing changes in b/p and pulse. The body will undergo numerous life saving measures until it can’t no more or intil life saving measures (surgery) are performed.
      I also wanted to mention/ask about the actual explosion. Someone earlier mentioned the bombing was merely a series of smoke and flash grenades. I’ve seen several still photographs that show a massive fireball. Looks like more than just smoke and flash.
      I respect peoples opinion. This freedom that we are all exercising is what sets us apart. I merely suggest that along with the fredom to question we also respect one another.
      God bless the innocent and God help us.

      • As for the “smoke and flash,” watch the video footage itself – there are numerous videos taken from various angles and perspectives, and from all of them (at least those that I’ve personally seen) there are no visible flames or flashes whatsoever, only smoke.

    • go to 9:12 in this video and explain that. Also, why was he helped after the woman with both legs still attatched?

      • I just watched 9:12 about 50 times, and I’ll be damned if the left leg isn’t shiny and plastic-looking. I don’t know what happened, but there are definitely questions that need looking into…

    • Thank you Derek. You know what you are talking about unlike most on this page. And notice how they immediately starting calling him names?

  23. I think y’all are stupid if y’all believe this was fake ! Think about it ! If this was soo fake like y’all say then they would have to have the whole world on on it ! Stupid !! I swear there are some real dumb in educated people in this w

  24. Listen, I’m all for conspiracy theories. But what happened in Boston was not done by actors, I live here, I was there, it was not staged. The man who lost his legs lives a few towns away from here, I have friends who know him.

    You’re just a moron.

    • What is it with all the Richard Noggins who immediately resort to insults? Do you think that gives you credibility?
      It doesn’t. To the contrary, it causes me to disbelieve anything you wrote.

      • Just check the comments section of Youtube videos debunking the Boston news media claims and most of the commentors are non-active accounts,accounts from USA OR from Israel or have Hebrew/Arabic writing???? Do youngsters have time to troll online or are these trolls military personnel…

      • BMAN. I have a question. I don’t know if you or anyone else here knows the guy, smashed his sister, is an EMT or have any medical training. But the question all the bickering here brings me to is….

        Why is Mr Bauman Jr on the floor not bleeding…then in the famous photograph he is having his artery pinched to “save his life” and stop the “bleeding”? I leave this for everyone else to think about.

    • I live here and I am willing to change my belief in a terror attack if it was not one but a mass casualty drill. I received a reverse 911 call to “shelter in place” and I did so because I did not want to stress first responders if any issues arose for me out and about. They were concentrating on finding what I imagined to be killers. I now have more questions than answers, and mostly I am leaning heavily towards a big elaborate drill in which nobody died. So, a few less prayers from me to heaven, but I am sure the good Lord will not make my stay in purgatory longer for doubting. Thomas was, after all, a saint.

    • …we all can see the blast went direction up and one question ..that fiend of your friends…does he still have his balls…? They are much softer then leg muscles ….I believe..

  25. Once when I was a kid I did something wrong. Cannot remember. But I remember my Dad lecturing me and saying at one point that I lived in a fantasy world and to snap out of it. Worst advice ever.

  26. This item adds to the picture that is building up about this event. I started looking at the situation after the bombing and have found some interesting inconsistencies surrounding the above events.
    1/ There was quite a bit of social chatter, from Boston, about the police being told there would be a terrorist attack exercise (picked up by listening to police broadcasts). There was also surprise that sniffer dogs were present and the National Guard.
    2/ Having worked around physics for over 33 years, there is no way the backpacks being carried by the suspects, shown in the video release, contained pressure cookers with explosives, ball bearings and nails inside. The packs look too light.
    3/ A picture that has been used by the media was posted on the younger brother’s Facebook page whilst he was running around Boston avoiding the police.
    4/ Who was the naked, cuffed guy arrested in the CNN video? CNN originally said it was the older brother, but everyone denies this.
    5/ The attempt to link the younger brother to Islam looks a bit weak. His Facebook page had significant connections to Christianity and the Bible.

    • Excellent points I totally agree with you man. There’s more questions than answers right now. Keep thinking critically.

      • Thinking critically? He’s making this shit up. He’s obviously in his basement with a black board behind him making cheesy video’s narrating his Israel hating fairy tale and the useful idiot just derrrrrr believe the loon. Critical thinking my ass. This guy is a freak

          • Quoted from Russia Times:
            The investigation into Monday’s deadly bombing at the Boston Marathon has officially gone international: law enforcement officials from Israel have been sent to the United States to assist in the probe.

            Israel Police Chief Yohanan Danino says he has dispatched officials to Boston, Massachusetts, where they will meet with Federal Bureau of Investigation agents and other authorities, the Times of Israel Reports.

            Citing an earlier report published by the newspaper Maariv, Times of Israel writes that Danino has dispatched police officers to participate in discussions that “will center on the Boston Marathon bombings and deepening professional cooperation between the law enforcement agencies of both countries.”

            The paper reports that Israeli law enforcement planned the trip before the deadly pair of bombings on Monday that has so far claimed three lives, but the discussions will now shift focus in order to see how help from abroad can expand the investigation.

            In an address made Tuesday, Israel President Shimon Peres said that tragedies such as this week’s incident in Boston, sadly, bring people together from across the world.

            “When it comes to events like this, all of us are one family. We feel a part of the people who paid such a high price. God bless them,” Peres said. “Today the real problem is terror, and terror is not an extension of policy: Their policy is terror, their policy is to threaten. Terrorists divide people, they kill innocent people.”

            Around 20 hours after two bombs detonated near the finish line of the annual race, United States President Barack Obama went on record to condemn the tragedy as a terrorist attack.

        • Sorry mate, you are totally wrong in your views. All my points have been taken from USA media. Oh, and the Israel bit – I spent a great 5 week holiday in Israel over Christmas and New Year.

    • DLB: Or to be more precise, what interest has the USA got in turning interest on Chechnya? We know that the USA had prior intelligence on the 9/11 bombers but let it run. Why? To give them a reason to invade Iraq & get their hands on cheap oil (plus all the periphery of finding a use for the weapons industry etc.) So, in this case, what is the interest in Chechnya?

  27. Rather than speculating what “might” be, why not try contacting those who were supposedly injured and try to verify with facts to back the official story up. If it’s false, they would secure access to close potential leaks from getting out.

    • Exactly. If as much attention were devoted to gathering hard evidence as it is to speculating on the truth, we would all be getting somewhere productive. All of you people in the immediate vicinity who can do it: Get out there and get the evidence. Then give it to the rest of us. We can get to the truth. Do it, instead of just talking about it here.

    • I’m afraid there is that little issue of patient privacy.
      In addition, it has been announced that the area of Boylston Street near Copley Square Boston is shut down for the foreseeable future “in case there are unexploded bombs in the area” or in case “they have biowaste” and all the other official reasons. It has been secured for entire week already. They know how to keep people away. It was written into the original script and they knew there would be skeptics who figured out the magic trick. They are using their manpower to block those nasty heretics like us already. So we have to do with the “traitors” in their group who leaked this already. It’s about all we have to go on.

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  29. I have done latex appliances for cheap horror movies and my trade is SFX and game development. Those skin flaps are latex appliances. The blood is too bright red. I would have sent the fake blood back to the bench for an addition of a darker pigment in the blue or purple range. Goddamned black ops idiots have not a real artist amongst them. To them red is red. To me red is an entire range of colors with various specular powers. The specular highlights are way too strong for real blood which also has a subsurface scattering component to it which is totally lacking in these photos. To create a proper blood shader for 3D SFX you need the subsurface scattering of light in the luminance or incandescent channel of the shader or it looks like paint or plastic with only a surface specular…just like the photos look like paint. No doubt in my mind these are faked. I was also a CAF medic in my younger days trained in battlefield triage. These EMT’s are correct.

    The mouthpieces above use the exact same BS tactics proliferating all over youtube and blogs and alternative media comments since this happened. Ya all are a bunch of shitheaded drooldonkeys and I got a size ten cowboy boot to plant up your collectively ignorant arses. Your betrayal of the human race is noted in The Book of Life.

    “Forgive them..for they know not what they do.” – But you do know and yer doing it for a few bucks or to back your syndicate. You can kiss my royal golden ass.

    • Lovely. No time for last-minute color adjustment for light and film quality (which I’ll bet is unpredictably varied), and the blood came in plastic bottles, to judge from one analysis, so it was in ready-to-use units. But somehow there just wasn’t enough of it, was there? I mean one hog would make more of it than that. And here there are supposed to be multiple amputations.

      We are out to “ruin the sacred truths” and our fellow citizens will want to burn us at the stake as heretics. But hey, the earth really does move around the sun.

  30. Furthermore let’s find some photos of the sidewalk blood like say 20 minutes later when the blood would be much darker and have a great deal of umber brown composing the red after it coagulates and has begun to desiccate. That will be the final pin in this pin the tale on the donkey gambit. Go get ’em BMAN!

    • I totally agree with you man. The blood looks fake, the amputee injuries look fake, etc. I agree with Bman I think a bomb went off and some people got hurt, but parts of this were staged. They only show u what they want u to see on CNN and mainstream news. The police state grows from building fear. It’s all part of the NWO Zionist agenda.

      • Be careful not to concede a single one of their points – “I think a bomb went off and some people were hurt” is a statement with no direct basis in reality, just a received belief from the media. You’ve pared away some of it, but Occam’s Razor is still sharp, so use it.

        • Occam’s Razor?! Good grief people. Talk about inverted reality.

          Yes, I understand…it quite logical to conclude that a bunch of people created a Hollywood level scene of destruction complete with pyrotechnics, fake blood, gruesome realistic injuries, torn clothing and damaged property…and this ALL WITHIN 20 SECONDS…something which would have taken at least HOURS for a professional film crew. and this ALL WITHIN PUBLIC VIEW. …and NOT A SINGLE PERSON HAS LEAKED their inside knowledge of the event.

          Yeah…that makes perfect sense! Occam’s Razor, people. It isn’t so sharp around here apparently… lol.

  31. Good questions…but the biggest one isn’t being asked-WHY? Who would go to the trouble to do this? What is their connection with the perpetrators, one of whom is dead and the other in custody? That’s what we should be asking-and demanding answers for. If these people aided & abetted, they should be tried as well! Keeping in mind, of course, that in America, we’re innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, NOT public opinion.

    • Metalhaid: These two guys are reported as being, to a certain extent, loners. So they were probably chosen, some time ago, as it would be easy to build a scenario around them without having to worry about too many connections having to be covered. One of the suspects is dead and it is looking like the other is going to have serious problems communicating. The question is what interest the USA has in turning the spotlight on Chechnya?

      • I admire you for many of the things you have posted here, but to accept that one of the suspects is dead is a bridge too far for me. If they have failed to make a case for me, and if all this stuff at the finish line looks like theatrics, I am not ready to say that they took these two men and killed one of them. Their parents are back in Russia (the Daghestan part of it, true), we are told -told mind you – that they are Chechen. Putin was involved in the FBI story. It’s too much for me to accept that a bunch of local cops would be allowed to kill this man, “Tamerlane” (what a name, huh?). The whole sideshow of the “shelter in place” (which I was informed I should do by a reverse-911 call in a distant suburb) and the overwhelming force of police at a location equidistant between two Armenian churches (frankly, those youths look Armenian to me, as does mom) — not far from Harvard Square — it just reeks of more bad theatre.

        So I maintain my “doubting Thomas” position in this. Or “I’m from Missouri, ya gotta show me.”

    • I don’t think who they use as patsies is that important in this instance, just as Bin Laden was killed the day after Obama was found to have a proven fake birth certificate, this maybe a distraction from Obama, Bush and Clinton being indicted on war crimes during this event. A senator has also written up a bill on regulating the sale of gun powder, just as they used Sandy Hook for gun control. They maybe using it for a whole lot of things, you may see yet more executive orders from Obama soon.

    • First off, Bman, I am really impressed with your attempt to analyze the events so closely..kudos to you! You really are creating change. I myself am a questioning Chicagoan and have been following the story closely. METALHAID, I feel that the connection is the “Muslim terrorist” label that the media and officials have provided all the American people again and again and again. It seems that I heard about them being Muslim before I even knew their names. Forget that they are from Russia, to the American people all they needed to hear were the words “Muslim terrorists” and surely it stirred up patriotic feelings something fierce. This is war propaganda for the Israeli occupy movement. We are their allies so naturally we need to be on their side and this means being against all the Muslims of the world. I know many wonderful Muslims and have actually read the Quran myself. It talks about the need in protecting their people against their enemies (as all nations believe), but nowhere does it say anything about causing violence to other people unjustly or forcing their religion down others’ throats. Read a Quran and you will learn that too. This constant portrayal of them as crazy, uncivilized, virgin wanting, killing machines gives a fuel to the “war on terror” against Islam. It’s a smear campaign….a really tragic and complex smear campaign all in the name of greed and feelings of self-entitlement. Anyone who begs to differ, I am open to hear your arguments.

  32. You don’t seem to have any photos of the 8year, Martin Richard. old who was killed by this event? He should be there too. Too real and graphic? If you want to really debate this, show more, fool. It is obvious you don’t have respect, so don’t use that as an excuse. I guess all bad events in this country are staged, and it nothing bad really happens.
    Colors are enhanced by settings on cameras, as far as the blood color.
    The real threat to this country are the extremeists who put out all this propagana denouncing everything and calling everything fake, trying to create hysteria about the U.S. govenment. That’s the real threat.
    I guess the amputees aren’t real amputees either.

    • Smartwoman: Taking the opposite angle to the ‘false flag’ approach, there is a possibility that by tying the bombings to the Chechnya individuals, the US Government is covering its own back. At the time of the marathon bombings there was a significant fire at the JFK Library. It was reported that this fire was not connected to the bombings. However, a security expert from MIT did comment that if they were connected it would tend to indicate a dissatisfaction with the federal Government.

    • so you’re saying that even if the TERRORISTS [ADL/ATF & ADL/FBI] actually did Murder the Davidians with MALICE AFORETHOUGHT and the “JEWISH” MEDIA was an accomplice you’re like all cool with that, and

      That you totally accept the WILD CONSPIRACY THEORY that Timmy “Patsy” McVeigh actually invented a suck bomb…and –

      that the Extremely OUTRAGEOUS CONSPIRACY THEORY that 19 AYRAB HIJACKERS managed to bring down 3 Sky scrapers made of STEEL & CONCRETE in JEW YORK CITY with a secret Magic Pancake Recipe & Fairy dust…

      and the wildest conspiracy theory on EARTH that the so-called “JEWS” the TURKO – MONGOLIAN KHAZAR proselytes are in fact – – ALL 12 TRIBES of the Children of Israel….

      then you really are an extremist dingbat that should be on a watch list…

      personally in my homeland it would be preferable for only those speaking truth be allowed to show their faces in Publick…

      • Ah, you see that is where some of the problems arise. You mention 9/11. There was a problem in news reporting regarding building 7. The main clips show a BBC report which claimed building 7 had collapsed when it could been seen still standing over the left shoulder of the reporter. However, if you dig around you find that the first false report of the building 7 collapse came from CNN. The BBC did their usual trick of following without checking out their source.
        As with the building 7 issue, I just follow inconsistencies and see where they lead me.

    • Well I guess that’s that…… Truly bizarre the lack of blood splashing out….the lack of any blood trickling at all while they pushed him in the wheel chair… the strange fake looking color of the blood that was there,

      the guy with the shades relaxin like hes on the beach……and the black woman all of sudden going from fine…to lying in the stretcher like a corpse..

      You can’t see into jeffs facebook unless your his friend….but i traced it to his dads as im sure many of you did ….and yep…looks like he really lost his legs…..Cause his dads page looks legit…and is gettin the outpouring of love and support..

      But it’s good to question….and do so till you get answers…….

    • You can backdate facebook pages. Thats why I take the boston bombing facebook pages with a grain of salt. These however, are obviously fake injuries. The video footage of said guy in wheelchair is blue screened for some odd reason. My girlfriend spent an hour trying to find video footage of him and when she did, nbc bluescreens it. Guess this is all a coincidence, huh?

  33. i personally am not just a “believer”. i am an atheist, a former ICU, ER OR, trauma, and forensics nurse. i have always been a skeptic when it comes to the government, and tragedies like this. i don’t believe that the media, the government, or the news tells us the truth more than half the time. however, if you honestly believe something like this, you are uneducated, and probably not sane. having more than 10 years of experience in the ER and in trauma situations first hand, you should know that no human body is ever the same. blood color varies due to a number of variations (i.e., dehydration, blood chemistry, and circulation). also, the “cowboy hat man”, Carlos Arredondo, was less than 100 yards away when the explosion took place. he rushed to help Jeff Bauman (who is not the solider Nick Vogt, they are two different people). Arredondo has lost both of his sons, one in Afghanistan, and the other to suicide. if Arredondo was able to pinch the femoral arteries tight enough for Bauman to sustain bleeding out, then there is absolutely no skepticism. a properly placed tourniquet alone, that is correctly administered for a healthy victim, can last for more than an hour before receiving trauma care. a tourniquet severs the femoral artery, and causes the artery to close, and retreat like an elastic band. in the photos of Arredondo holding the arteries closed, in my medical opinion, that would sustain Bauman enough to get him to proper medical assistance, and reduce bleeding out.

    also, being an EMT-B, means that you are a BASIC EMT. it is the easiest, and fastest way to have a job in the medical field. it takes 6 months to become an EMT, with only 3 required classes. medical terminology is not even a required class to become a basic EMT. most community colleges in the country have an EMT training program, and there are no pre-requisits to become an EMT. there are no placement tests and no background checks. literally any average joe can walk off the street and become an EMT. all that matters is if you can pay the $750 for the class, and uniform. EMT-B’s are NOT paramedics. to become a paramedic, you have to get accepted into a technical program or college, and before you can even be accepted, you have to pass a number of tests. it takes up to two years to become a paramedic. i hate to say that there is a ranking amongst medical positions, but usually the people who choose to be EMT’s are people who could not get into a college or university to become a nurse, or doctor, or because they couldn’t afford it. EMT’s do not even do the work that paramedics do. EMT’s do a basic job of sustaining a victim for a short amount of time, while the victim is being transported to the critical care unit (trauma unit) at the hospital, which is the unit i have worked in for 10 years. there, we are the ones that put the patient back together. basic EMT’s are not taught the knowledge that even a paramedic is, let alone a trauma unit nurse. EMT’s cover only 120 hours of class material. hardly enough to be properly giving information on how to handle severed limbs.

    you are wrong about shrapnel and bombing victims. most of the time, when a victim looses a limb in a blast, the blast itself flays flesh from the bone, acting as cauterization. every human body is different. also, Bauman was the actual initial witness that says he saw Tamerlan Tsarnaev drop the backpack right in front of him, then run off. that is how authorities we able to identify Tsarnaev, and capture him as a suspect. i don’t know if the suspects caught are the actual bombers, and we will probably never know, and be 100% certain. but to pull apart something like this the way that you do, is so unhealthy. even if it is true or not, you are not a sane person. the government gets away with a lot of shit, but why do you feel the need to pick apart something like this? honestly the way you describe things, and “facts” makes you sound like a religious fundamentalist that is brainwashed. i hope you seek some peace of mind, and you get some help. because whether or not this shit is true, you shouldn’t be spending so much time going over it, and analyzing it. it is people like you who slowly “lose it”, and end up plotting similar scenarios on their own. i’m not saying that is something you would do, don’t misread me here, i obviously don’t know you. but seriously, do something else with your life.

    • Another “EMT!”

      To Emergency Media Turd “Bel” (or is it ‘Rachel’?):

      Oooh, 10 years experience. We’ll let’s all just change our minds and apologize then!

      Really, is that all you’ve got? Pretty poor showing on your part. Ad hominem? You should be ashamed of yourself! What kind of self-respecting troll are you to resort to mere ad hominem? Get back to work and don’t come around here until you’ve learned some better trolling skills.

    • You are ignoring the lack of blood in the original footage or the blood you see in the wheelchair. If it was cauterized why is there blood while he is being wheeled away? If he wasnt cauterized, where is the blood when he is laying on the ground after the blast? I am no emt but I am a gorehound and visit gore sites frequently. I have seen many many pictures of bomb victims. None look like this. Also, why is the only video footage of this guy blue screened? Please answer these questions.

    • I have to agree with some of what you have said. If this was a false flag why would they need ‘crisis actors’? They would just blow up innocent people in the crowd. Why would they ever risk a story like this falling apart. I disagree that people that analyse this sort of stuff slowly lose it and plot similar scenarios though.

  34. You’re an EMT. Well I work in special effects and makeup for tv and theatre and a prosthetic like that would take more time to apply than that. Now if you’re talking about an entire lower prosthetic that includes both legs, hips, torn clothing, and bleeding effect that he could just slip on, then I’m sure someone would notice an already legless man and a hooded man carrying a bag full of dismembered limbs.

    • The latex appliance was pre-applied. The fellow it was applied to has both legs missing to just below the hip from an IED in Afghanistan. This has been outed all over the net with his pic on military forums from 2011.The activity undertaken was to dowse the appliance with fake blood and ruffle up some clothes. I could do that part of the setup in seconds, as could you if you are what you say you are. So.. if yer a pro would you have allowed that color of fake blood to be used considering the lighting conditions of a bright sunlit day? Your disingenuous analysis should be ignored as shillwork You have put no thought into the scenario and rolled in to debunk my analysis which would be from a totally unexpected slant. A trained artist’s eye with experience in the business of SFX, both physical and virtual versus conspiracy analysis. This shit is getting to be too frikkin’ much and has to stop. You are either with the human race or against it.

  35. maybe you can volunteer to be dzhokhar tsarnaev’s lawyer and use this as a legitimate means to prove his innocence. FALSE. i normally would never respond to such stupidity, as i am sure that is exactly what you are looking for, however this is both absurd and infuriating. i would personally rather denounce my first amendment right than allow people like you to regurgitate bullshit like this. it is naive to think that the government tells us EVERYTHING, but ignorant to think that every negative event in our country is a “set-up.” i highly doubt you have any of the qualifications you mentioned prior to your theory. you clearly have a very creative mind, but that’s really all that can be proved here. people like you are a complete threat to our government and the basis of all things wrong with this country. for anyone who is “just a believer” of your theory, they may certainly have an imagination, but no ability to think rationally. it’s a big world out there, and it’s quite simple: if you don’t like america, leave. because to be quite honest, your actions are disgraceful, not to mention disrespectful to those who have been injured and killed, including an 8 year old boy. i could go on and on attempting to invalidate and discredit you, but for what? people like you don’t deserve the attention that they crave, and i see no point in continuing to waste my time or energy.

    • You’ll denounce your 1st Amendment rights? That’s a great idea. You can start by never expressing yourself again–here or anywhere else.

  36. You just subjectively produced a narrative for a 2-3 second time frame out of thin air and passed it along as “fact.” This is ridiculous. Your article is titled, “Are you a believer or do you think?” And you’ve essentially told everyone else how to think because of what you alone have dreamed up in order to place blame on whoever you think fit to reap it. The worst part is, now you’ve garnered other people to believe this absolute nonsense in the hopes of making people “open their eyes.” Here’s an idea, step back and realize who is making these claims – a fucking EMT employee from the complete opposite side of the country – and then decide whether or not you should follow this man/woman. You want people to open their eyes? I’m doing it right the fuck now.

  37. The guy in the wheelchair’s leg WAS tied. If you look at other news’ articles, they put a picture where his left leg has a red ribbon that blocks the blood from spilling.

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  39. Somebody should be able to track down Vogt and put him in the same room with the victim in hospital right?

  40. This is utter bullshit man, assume that some group perpetuates some sort of false flag.. goes to the trouble of hiring actors to not just act but to remain quiet, spend time coordinating in secret this operation, manufacture absolutely realistic looking prosthetics of simulated blown off legs, but in the heat of it all forget to get the color of blood right. You may want to look up something called confirmation bias, and possibly see a psychologist; you have some sort of unresolved issues here that you’re hiding and it’s being expressed in some pretty unhealthy ways.

  41. Well, this post assumes, that those guys, who faked this, are idiots and do not foresee, that such guys, like author exist and can easily show others mistification. Lol. Belive me, if somebody needed to fake bomb attack, he is not an idiot. Or maybe is. Easier is simply put a bomb without faking it :)

  42. You raise some interesting points….I used to be a first responder and you’re right, the lack of blood does not add up. However this guy was an employee of Costco….is that entire Costco store involved in the coverup as well?

  43. “This is an actor. This is staged. How did they pull it off though? I can show you.

    Here in frame six on the left we see the the man with a hood setting up the fake leg wound prosthetics. His attention and hands are right there. The woman is acting as a shield covering what’s happening.
    Frame 6”

    He is very good at his job. He can do it one handed while he holds sunglasses with his left hand

    The polarisation of “Thinker/Believer” isn’t very constructive. Being a believer cuts both ways. Some people will just accept the False Flag theory just as simplistically as those who reject it.

    There are a lot of “actors” and make up artists in on the conspiracy. Guess it is just a matter of time before a whistleblower or someone purporting to be a whistleblower pops up on Youtube.

    • I think the actors may be associated with Team Kerto. There is a Kerto who is a theatrical designer in Finland, with one film to his credit, in imdb as Kerto Roos, made with the Chinese. The overwhelming number of injured near the finish line (hey that’s a pun almost) are Nordic-looking (which isn’t all blond), pale and big-boned. They could be back home by now. Do you suppose some of them might not even speak English? Maybe they’ll lose some money if they talk. And would you believe them?

  44. You raise very valid points. However my good friend’s mother was in the race and finished about 6 minutes before the bomb exploded. She was a witness. I’ve talked to her about it and I believe her when she says it happened.

  45. I believe you’re talking about Jeff Bauman, Jeff Bauman lost his legs in the bombing. He was waiting for his girlfriend to cross the finish line. Jeff Bauman had legs before the day of the bombing; just ask his girlfriend and his parents. The photo of the man in the fatigues in the wheelchair is not Jeff Bauman. You stated that you are not trying to draw any conclusions, but clearly you are. There are more photos that exist than the photos you posted here. This is truly insensitive. The families of these victims know who they are and that they exist. The emergency responders that transported these people to the hospital and the doctors and nurses that treated these people know who they are. Am I to understand that you’re asking me to believe that all the surgeons from Mass General, Beth Israel, Tufts Medical, and Children’s hospitals are liars and part of some elaborate hoax? Are you trying to tell me that the three people that died were actors? That little Martin Richard was an actor? You are truly reprehensible as is anyone that is buying into your nonsense.

      • Speaking of Zionist’s ….Bloomberg just declared that “We Have To Change How We View The Constitution After Boston Bombing ” – it truly doesn’t mattter anymore who did what and what is fake or real. The Owned U.S. gov’t are using “these” events to further their agendas. THAT IS THEIR SOLUTION.
        The blather is everywhere but where it belongs. CUI BONO !

    • No. But to them this has almost undoubtedly been a very important drill for training in a mass casualty event. Knowing that Boston might someday be hit by such a thing, they would naturally take part in it to increase their skill. Loving medicine as many of them do, they would play along to learn the drill.

  46. Apparently a woman is deliberately used to obscure the view.
    She would not block a side view. In typical conspiracy style, a bunch of “facts” are thrown together as conclusive evidence, when there is nothing but supposition and conjecture.

    For all sorts of reasons I hope this is nothing more than an exercise, not least of all because it means that victims’ families won’t be upset by seeing images of their loved ones suffer and then be told it was just a game of make believe.

    • Also,too Craft International was there! Why? Why also bomb sniffing dogs? Why? People on Rooftops? Why? Also it is my opinion that the blood all over is fake. The guy in the wheel chair looks nothing like the guy in hospital photos. Craft international is a Xie like BlackOps that was formed by the now deceased Chris Kyle.
      Oh, and the first guy CNN accused has been found dead of course not reported here.

  47. Are you blind???? The military guy doesn’t even have thighs!!! Look at the Boston victim, he clearly has a knee still!

  48. So i guess it was a fake explosion that poor Mr Bauman was standing next to. I’d love to hear the theories of how Krystle Campbell’s legs that were folded like pretzels underneath her were also faked. Or the 100+ other serious injuries. There has to be literally thousands of people in on this supposed staged event. Perhaps the whole marathon was staged. Wait maybe everything we know of is staged? Oh my God it’s the Matrix!


  49. the picture with the blood claiming to be “fake” because of its bright red color… the solo cup also looks more red than usual. could EASILY have been photoshopped to make people believe this was staged.

  50. From what I understood from his accounts, he was pretty much standing on the bomb. He was interviewed by police in the hospital and said that he had seen someone put down a black backpack against a tree next to him. Therefore, I am surprised he did not have more wounds, unless there were some on his back.
    Also, he looked ashen and dazed. Those are signs of shock and severe blood loss. It is VERY difficult to fake that.
    Now onto the blood. Oxygenated blood is very bright red, hence the color of the blood on the pavement. At the part of the leg where his amputation starts, the veins are much smaller than above the knee. Also, his veins could have partially or completely collapsed, making it so that there wasn’t that much blood aside from arterial spray.
    Finally, onto the pictures. If you actually stopped to look at them, then you might notice that the man in the bed and the soldier are completely different people. The soldier has a rounder face; a less pronounced jawline; a bigger nose, with more flared nostrils; and smaller eyes than the man in the bed. They are definitely not the same person. However, when I look at the man at the bombings and the man in the bed, I see the same nose, eyes, and mouth. The jaw line looks a bit rounder, but that could be due to the fact swelling from the amount of saline and fluids he was probably getting in the hospital.

    • Oops. I forgot to mention the tourniquets. Tourniquets, if applied correctly, completely stop blood flow. Therefore, I don’t see why everyone is freaking out about the fact that he wasn’t bleeding when he was in the wheelchair. Assuming that the tourniquets were applied correctly, he should not have been bleeding. Also, the man in the cowboy hat “holding the tourniquet” is actually holding one of the man’s tendons so that it doesn’t get caught in the wheelchair wheels and/or drags on the ground (as you can see in this GRAPHIC photo:
      ). Please, look at that photo and tell me that this was faked and he was an actor.

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  52. Bman, by your explanations I am not sure your 120 hrs or so of EMT education is enough to fully understand the injuries that can be obtained from a bomb blast. First look up blast waves, blast pressure/s, and their effects on the human brain. The fact of being this close to that large of pressure wave would for-sure disrupt any cognitive function and blow ear drums to say the least. Good example and main reason police use flash/bangs before entry. Look that up too. Your ‘bleeding out in minutes” is not always the case either. Once again look up blast injuries, traumatic amputations, and bleeding. You will find that major bleeding isn’t always the case. In some cases the arteries and veins will spasm and retract back into the tissues… thus there is no bleeding. I have seen no blood before on missing limbs. Ask any returning vet and I would guess it is 50/50 on blood or not with traumatic amputations. The black gal having no blood and than having blood has really not relevance at all. You obviously have never had a disorientated patient before? They will roll, move around, and play in whatever they are around esp if they’re brain was just scrambled by a pressure wave. Someone also pointed out the fact of the lower leg amputation dude and the vet photo show two different type of amputations and to add the vet is missing both arms as well, but yet the Boston guy has both. My education is NREMT-P, RN, ITLS, CALS, and many many years as a Fire Fighter.

  53. Please go to 9:12 in this video. In the eyes of those that doubt this theory and believe the official story, this must be a HUGE COINCIDENCE! Pretty sure this is the only video footage of Jeff being wheeled away. Blue Screened!

    • They are really dead. Just because they are using actors doesnt mean there wasnt a real bomb. It is just a sign that the official story is bunk and they are con’ trolling the information the general public believes to be true. They dont want you to know who really planted the bomb.

    • Maybe they left town. Maybe they weren’t even American. As for Martin: it isn’t just he who is gone, it is his mother (brain-injured mother) and his sister (a little amputee). They split. Only Dad is holding down the fort, until he takes his breaking heart to Australia, Florida, Costa Rica, where he’s purchased his dream house. See how easy it is?

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  55. Isn’t the guy in the cowboy hat the same guy smiling in the hospital room with the tie and jacket on? Again, this explains why people were told it was all a drill and to keep on moving. To allow time for the scenario to develop; obscure the setting of the stage and placing of actors in position. It wasn’t a bomb, it was a smoke screen! The evidence is overwhelming. In pics 1, 2 & 3 the pavement is clean and without blood, where did all that ‘blood’ come from? Really, need we ask?

    • Because they really died. Just like people really died in the 911 staged attack. They would never fake death, it is very important to them. They just add fake shit in to hide the truth about who really is responsible.

    • Who do you know who died? When did you last see that person? Are you on intimate terms with them?

      I knew one of the 9/11 pilots in high school. After that he went into the Navy and attended Annapolis. But I didn’t keep up with him. I don’t know when he really died, if you were to ask me to swear to what I know about him. Rumor had it he was killed in a plane crash. Which plane crash? I’d only be able to say on hearsay. He might have died about the time his official pilot’s picture was taken in the 80’s or later on 9/11. I really do not have any value as a witness. We can be found in the same yearbook back in high school. We were in physics together. But after that – nada.

      • How do any of us really know we are anywhere? How do I know you are real? What is real anyway? What if all of our consciences are really just code written in a game played by hyper-intelligent robots?

        • A is A. I believe in reality. I believe it can be understood and then deliberately falsified. Nothing I said about the pilot I knew is unverifiable. I have the yearbook to prove it. I can prove the provenance of the yearbook. To pretend that reality is unknowable is to open yourself to fraud, as is probably what is going on at the Marathon. Everything that follows is just based on believing a few spokespeople.