Are You Just A Believer Or Do You THINK?

Digger shared a link with me that contains a sequence of events from a video that focuses on the double amputee that supposedly had his legs blown off. I want to share those with you here and ask you, especially if you have any trauma medical background (in the Armed Forces or ER or whatever), what is wrong with these pictures? (pictures and narrative by Fist-Of-Freedom)

I’ve studied and graduated EMT-B certification with the state of Oregon. I’ve been on calls with heavy arterial bleeds, internal bleeding, fatalities, doa’s. I am speaking from direct personal experience with severe trauma.

Here is a telling photograph of the amputee actor. I encourage readers to view the photo side by side with my analysis.…42b556ee65.jpg

If you loose both your legs from explosive trauma half your blood is gone in one minute via the femoral arteries, youre dead after two. Bleeding out is worse with blunt force trauma (like shrapnel) because flesh is torn rather than cut, exposing more arterial and vascular tissue. The human body holds 5 to 6 LITERS of blood. If that really happened you would see blood EVERYWHERE, the guy would be drenched in it. You would also see what’s called arterial spurtting from the injury. Most likely he would vomit after turning ghost white from shock, then turning delirious or passing out. As for the “tourniquet”…

Its not even tied off, its suspended via gravity, which would literally do nothing to an arterial sever. There’s no pressure applied. There’s no knott with a turn stick for leverage. You can clearly see a gap in the nonexistent wrap job on his left inner thigh (left anterior proximal for you experts) His hands have no blood on them. There’s no blood on the ground. The color in his hands and lips shows good circulation.

This is an actor. This is staged. How did they pull it off though? I can show you.

Here in frame six on the left we see the the man with a hood setting up the fake leg wound prosthetics. His attention and hands are right there. The woman is acting as a shield covering what’s happening.
Frame 6


Here in frame eight the prosthetics are in place. Amidst all this chaos seconds after the explosion the hooded man takes the time to put on his sunglasses which is a signal.
Frame 8


Here in frame nine with sunglasses now on the hooded man and the woman make eye contact, signal received.
Frame 9


In frame eleven after recieving the go signal the woman makes an open hand gesture the direction both of them are looking, signaling the staged injuries are in place for cameras. The prone amputee raises his left prosthetic injury into the air over the woman’s shoulder. No blood is present. The bone is dry, no blood on his leg above the knee, no blood on the woman, no arterial spurt, nothing.
Frame 11


Here in frame fourteen the woman turns her head right but is still holding up that open palm signal with her left hand. The hooded man again busies himself pouring fake blood on the pavement behind the woman. The amputee has both fake injuries in the air now. There is still no blood on his legs, his skin above the injury is clean and dry.
Frame 14


Frame twenty, the fake blood and prosthetics are in place. The amputee gives an open hand gesture along with the woman to bring the cameras in. We’re now twenty frames in and still not a drop of fresh blood from a double leg amputation. His legs are dry, the woman is dry and unscathed. Both are making the same hand gesture.
Frame 20


These are actors. This is staged. It was flash powder. There was no crock pot nail bomb. There are no bombers, only patsy. If your looking for a gunman look at the Army in the streets of Boston. Share this knowledge with everyone.


Something about this entire thing smells to high heaven. When have you ever heard of someone with a blown off leg not bleeding? Some make the claim that it was cauterized, but obviously, the picture of them wheeling the guy out on the wheelchair shows ‘blood and gore’ (a cauterization is a burn that seals the wound). Something changed between these images and when they wheeled him out in front of the cameras.

And there is more analysis from Fist-Of-Freedom:

This image was taken by a third party photographer seconds after the first explosion. There is clear evidence of false flag staging here. The man in the red coat and baseball hat on the right is kneeling down giving directions to the guy in the white T-shirt. Also looking to this pair for direction are the woman sitting to the right and the man in a hood and sunglasses who set up the double amputee prosthetics.

Notice the relaxed posture and face of the hooded man. Notice also the calm prepared posture of the woman sitting down on the bottom right. See how her shirt sleeve is severely torn, yet her skin underneath is clean and clear of injury and blood. From where she’s sitting look right to the bottom right corner and you can see an unmarked bottle of fake blood.

Look to the left and see the cowboy hat man standing there doing nothing. This is the same man who will pretend to hold the tourniquet of the fake amputee actor later on. Look to center of the photo and you will see the african woman moving herself away from the amputee actor since her shielding him from camera’s job is over. Next to her is a woman with red hair leaning on her elbow.

Missing Legman

Compare this now with another photo taken seconds later. Putting them side by side is very helpful.

The man with the hood and sunglasses, who was just sitting up looking fine and healthy after fixing up the amputee actor’s prosthetics, is now on his back being evaluated by two people. Notice the rips in his jeans have no sign of blood or injury on the skin. The woman with red hair however is in the exact same pose as a minute ago. Meanwhile the double amputee actor is completely ignored by everyone when he is clearly in the most dire need of attention. There is a small amount of fake blood around him where the african lady shielding him used to be, she has dissappeared. What happened to her? Compare this photo with the first in my post.


The african woman who was sitting up, shielding the hooded man and amputee actor’s prosthetic rigging, giving hand signals, looking left and right, having no visible blood or injuries, is now covered in blood and strapped into a spine board stretcher.

In a real medical scenario the amuptee would receive immediate treatment or die from bleed out. The fact this actor woman is removed from the scene via stretcher while the double amputee is left on the ground is ludacris. He would be dead from blood lose before they could even begin spinal assessment procedures involved in moving a patient to a stretched. Not to mention his blood lose would be over five liters, enough to cover the entire scene around these people in a thick puddle.


From firsthand experience with trauma in the field of EMS work, this is not real. These are actors. This is all staged.

I know that many just want to believe. But I can’t help but think. So much doesn’t add up.

So, are you just a Believer or Do You Think? (Thanks, Digger)


UPDATED 4/21/13

KPatrickRyan shared an updated picture of the Bauman guy in the hospital (visited by Bradley Cooper). Compare him to the wheelchair man (Vogt???) and tell me who’s who.





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  9. How did the double amputee militar, who had lost his left hand small finger years ago, coul obtain a new finger as “actor” when was in the wheelchair and at the hospital????.

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  12. I don’t know if this has been mentioned before – there are LOTS of comments, but I think it’s weird that they have clearly moved between pictures. Look at the ground that the hoodie man is laying on in the beginning. He is in a clear spot with his feet on a line where concrete meets pavers. But then in the last shot he is laying in the blood just on the pavers. So they moved him into the middle of the pool of blood to check on him? That makes no sense either.

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  15. This site keeps closing my safari browser to my iPads home screen and I have to pull it up again. I’ve never had that happen before.

  16. Hey check out Bauman in the picture where the two ups are escorting him off and holding an artery. If you look at where his upper thighs joins the hip and then his knee. Does it not seem that his thigh length is incredibly long compared to torso etc…? Like there is a prosthetic giving unnatural appearance. Also Of course you would be applying pressure and an Emt would apply a tourniquet and the victim help by applying pressure himself. But if this is fake could that explanation be that was done to hide where the prosthetic joins?

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  18. GOOGLE THE NAME 1st Lt..Nick VOGT….. An aspiring Army trauma surgeon, Vogt, now 24, graduated from West Point in 2010. A year later, the young man found himself in Afghanistan. Just two months into his service in Kandahar province, Vogt would be considered “clinically dead,” having stepped onto a improvised explosive device (IED) that was buried in the soil beneath his feet, according to the report. The bomb exploded, taking his left leg and mutilating the right. BOOM CASE CLOSED THEY EVEN HAVE A FACEBOOK PAGE Facebook/Nick Vogt Family

  19. From the first picture to last you can not honestly say that someone besided ol limpy would have been hurt. honestly, this bomb wasnt made for one fucking person.

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  25. This was not written by a medical professional so why lie! Someone in the business wouldn’t be so blind as to assume there’s no pressure being applied for 1 , 2 they obviously didn’t look at the high res image as there is a trail of blood , 3 ‘Loose’ < Lose 4. Because i can't be bothered to continue to 17 which i originally planned i'll just leave you with the fact this has been published by someone with no qualification and if indeed i am wrong then they should be struck off the medical register but i'd go with my 1st instinct that it's wrote by an angry 40 something driven by political anger and doesn't realize they're supporting a terrorist who could finish what he intended to do if was released (which he won't be)

  26. Bman…I’ve got to say…not sure if you deliberately hand picked these “very selective” photo’s or copied them from another…this is a sad example of all the “miss-information” out there…that is in direct conflict with truth seekers trying to expose the truth about our corrupt world. I have to admit, I fell for it hook, line and sinker…for a while…until I came across all these photo’s that show beyond a shadow of a doubt…the Boston Bombs were real…no actors, no fake blood…just a tragic event, with horror and shredded people:
    I wanted to believe your post…as I know the Sandy Hook event was a staged event…that no one died in…but unfortunately this event was real…even if we are not being told the truth about who did it…PLEASE STOP SPREADING LIES…it makes it that much more difficult for us trying to expose the TRUTH. In gratitude

  27. I worked in a hospital for 34 years. I started off in the ER in admissions, then went to work in the ER as an RN after graduation. I worked in the ER for many years before I became a surgical nurse. I’m telling you now, that is not real blood on that ground. I have seen blood. I have seen many injuries of all kinds, including amputations from car accidents, factory accidents, etc. Never never seen blood that looks bright red like it came out of a paint can. That is stage blood. Not real blood. That is not a real accidental amputation. You would have seen blood coated all over the black woman who was laying over him. Blood would have been all over the man in the hoodie. There would be SO MUCH blood all over the both of them and on the ground. A double amputee would have looked completely different than what you see in those photos above. The gentleman would have suffered shock, would have been vomiting or passing out. He would not have been able to sit up in a wheel chair. The black woman is laid out on a stretched, but not the double amputee? This is NOT real. Not one bit of that scene in those photos.

  28. Someone already posted this question and I have yet to see an answer:

    From frame six to frame nine, the prosthetic was supposedly placed and hand gestures were made and the hooded guy puts on sun glasses. Even if this was shot at only 30 frames per second, then all of that happens in 1/10th of a second.

    I can’t believe I wasted so much time analyzing these frames looking for details.

    Look, I do believe something is fishy about the Boston bombings. The timing, right after Sandy Hook, and especially the way Boston was placed under an unprecedented state of martial law with home invasions, indicates an agenda is being fulfilled.

    But this analysis of frames representing a total of 1/4 of a second is just stupid.

  29. In the photo with the “Team Kerto” guy wearing the white T-shirt and backward baseball cap, you can see two used plastic bottles of fake blood on the ground! One is in front of the seated blond woman missing her left shoe, and the other bottle is behind her, closer to the hooded guy with sunglasses. And no, they are NOT water bottles – they’re much too small and narrow to be water bottles – they are both the size of plastic ketchup bottles. Also notice in this photo that the seated blond woman with the red and black racing top and missing left shoe is alert, and has no injury to her right thigh.

    In the next, larger photo, TWO people (a woman wearing dark tights and someone wearing blue gloves) are attending to the obviously UNINJURED hooded sunglasses guy, while everyone ignores the guy with supposedly blown-off lower legs, who looks rather bored by the whole thing! How believable is that??? The hooded sunglasses guy was apparently one of the on-site directors of this production.

    In the next photo (the one with the black woman on the gurney), notice in the background that the previously alert and uninjured seated blond woman (with the red and black racing top) is now on the ground with legs up, and a big yellow towel wrapped around her UNINJURED right thigh, and someone is cradling her head as if she’s mortally wounded.

    Then there’s Carlos the Cowboy, media hound extraordinaire, who just so happened to be right there on the scene, waving his American flag nonstop, then taking the man with supposedly blown-off lower legs for a wild wheelchair ride / photo op, while a gurney is used to take away the UNINJURED black woman! Psyop propaganda at its finest – all the emotional triggers are there for the sheeple to consume.

    As for the EMTs attending to the crisis actors in these photos, they were undoubtedly part of this production – many people will do anything if the price is right. And, how do you know that they were even real EMTs? All you know is what the corrupt media tells you.

    Supposedly the bomb was left at curbside and exploded there, yet in the videos, you can clearly see that the blast originated much farther back from the curbside, and in the photo with “Team Kerto” guy, you can clearly see that the glass from the two store windows exploded OUT, onto the sidewalk! If the blast had originated on the curbside, the glass would have exploded INTO the store. That’s just common sense, so don’t post any more BS about the strange and magical properties of pressure waves, because then you sound like the Warren Commission trying to explain JFK’s assassination with their “magic bullet” theory.

    The more you examine these photos with a critical eye, the more anomalies you find. Anyone who says that these photos couldn’t have been staged by trained crisis actors is either a fool or a shill. Hell, they got away with 9/11 and blamed it on some Afghan cave-dwellers! Faking a few injuries and deaths from a flash-powder bomb is child’s play for them!

    Much has been said about Jeff Bauman (if that’s even his real name), but I’d like to know who the other people in these photos are, and what became of them. Who is the sunglasses guy? Who is the “Team Kerto” guy, and what the hell is “Team Kerto,” anyway? The “Team Kerto” guy is obviously not a runner – he’s built more like a power lifter, and has tattoos on his forearms, which is common among military types. Who is the black woman? Who is the blond woman with the red and black racing top and the uninjured right thigh? What were their supposed injuries? Where are they now? You will never see these questions answered by the mainstream media.

  30. Here’s a thought for the day, prompted by a front online page of the Boston Globe view of Forum restaurant on or about Saturday April 27, 2013, which showed pretty much (though lacking one thing) what I saw on Google filmed in about 2009.

    Even after the bomb, the sidewalk view shows a tree, a mailbox, and a street-light with two intact shades over the light bulbs. Behind it (only a few feet away) is a set of intact railings around chairs (which may have been brought later from inside or not, though probably just left as they were).

    The one thing different on the sidewalk scene from 2009 is that back then there was a parking meter, and now there isn’t one. My current assumption is that the meter would have been taken out sometime between 2009 and 2013. I don’t know if there is any deeper significance or when the removal occurred. The easiest thing that comes to mind is that they have valet parking at Forum. It is often the merchants who decide to have this kind of metered parking or not, and they usually want it to keep their place from having long term parked cars in front of it. But if they use a valet, then they would not want it and could just get it taken out.

    Seeing this site and knowing there are people in hospitals with amputations claiming to have stood in front of Forum and been injured leads to one logical conclusion: their amputations did not happen as a result of an explosion in front of Forum. When they took place and why they took place, and if they are genuine in all cases is not relevant. What is relevant is that they do not belong with the scene of the Forum. If the idea catches on that the explosion didn’t really happen just at that spot but slightly down the street, it will just be one more necessary adjustment in the official story to keep it on track.

    So yes, there are unfortunate people with real amputations that happened at some time in their lives. They just weren’t standing in front of the Forum to watch the stragglers from the Marathon. And yes, I can believe some runners may have fallen due to the explosions, and that they may have the sort of bruises and fractures you get from that. A big explosion is the kind of thing that can wreck your run, no matter what it is made of.

    We’ve seen fraud before in this society. We even enjoy films like Ocean’s Eleven and we cheer for Robin Hood. We don’t like Goodfellas so much, but let’s face it, clever tricks to get money are always interesting. Is this one of them?

    Was Irish-American mobster Whitey Bulger telling it like it is about the mobs and the FBI in Boston?

    I’m so glad my job does not involve repeating the official story like the Apostles’ Creed to show I belong. I pity those for whom it is an article of faith right now in Boston. There are things you cannot say today and keep your job, but trust me, you’ll be able to say them tomorrow. For the rest of us, it helps to do what the men of Ulysses did to survive the Sirens. Stuff your ears the way the actors did when they needed to endure the explosions. To look at this madness full on, the way Ulysses listened to the Sirens, can be perilous to reason.

    Sometimes I think logic is a lost art, but if it isn’t it is greatly eclipsed by the need to show the proper sentiments.

    Ultimately I care about this because I care about the difference between reality and fiction and I believe in what actors call “The Fourth Wall” between the audience and the players. That wall should not be violated. It is sometimes, though, in music hall turns involving magic acts.

    Right now many people in Boston are drowning their loss of a real Marathon event in the devotions expressed by candles and flowers in Copley Square. It is becoming a rite of passage for all American young people to meet at these shrines. A young Afghan vet, Tom, has written movingly today in the Washington Post about his terrible feeling of futility because his service did not make us safe at home. For his trouble, he has gotten anger in the comments section because not only did he not prevent this thing, he caused it. I don’t think so. I want to comfort all the veterans who believe this is somehow caused by them. It wasn’t. I told him to forget Boston Strong and be Tom Strong, because in the end all you have to show for your life is your own soul.

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  32. This is my opinion;

    I find myself neither convinced of both arguments quite as yet, but I will confess myself as a sceptic from the minute i saw the original footage as it happened. Just from immediate footage, I found some peoples behavior somewhat characterised/scripted, particularly people close to the bombing scene, their reactions where less than surprised.

    Once the photos came out, I noticed some discrepancies:
    1. The black woman – it was clearly noted her strange behavior, and the way that she just rolled into the puddle of blood and moved around was so bizzare, why anyone would do that is beyond me.
    2. The hooded man, and his somewhat calm demeanor , I mean, really, who the hell lies like that, and has the time to put his sunglasses back on when something like that has happened.
    3. The lack of blood – once the photos started rolling out, photographers and free roamers, I was taken very far a back by the minimal amount of blood at the scene, particularly with a double amputation, and other single leg amputations around the scene, the color of the blood, and the consistency.

    Media reports of the mothers reaction to her son, and how he was innocent, and the death of the brother, a hushing attempt if you ask me…
    If you listen to radio interviews with Jeff, he is believed to be ‘a quiet, reserved person’, but has a lot of trouble recalling emotions or feelings at the time, beats around the bush.

    I think that the possibility of his arteries being cauterized, but none of his upper extremities, face, legs, hands and hair not being burnt is unlikely at best plus no one around him, including the person directly next to him is burnt or traumatised anywhere near as badly as he is. I don’t really grasp the whole prosthetic idea, I think something like that would take more time to do, and wouldn’t have been pulled of so perfectly. There are abnormalities about how he was treated, the lack of treatment time, the way people around are being treated, when he is obviously in the most dire need of treatment. Why he was taken away on a wheelchair, but the black lady was taken away on a stretcher. The idea of being wheeled away on a wheelchair, down the middle of the street, for everyone too see, easily making expressions of emotions on the face, reads just like a movie script… I can see it now to be honest, like the movie ‘wag the dog’. I’ve seen a blunt force trauma amputation when driving my car one time, a lady was hit by a car on her bike and her leg was torn off, there was arterial spray for less than a minute, it slowed down as her blood pressure dropped, but it never stopped bleeding until EMT arrived. She was unconscious in minutes, and this was only one femoral artery…

    Apparently Jeff died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital and required CPR multiple times before arriving at the hospital (I believe i read that somewhere) and yet the guy was never put into a medical coma, and only a week later, is out of his hospital bed, roaming around, and begins rehab… A double amputation, blunt force trauma, like this wasn’t a nice clean cut, his legs were in bad shape!

    I will quickly sum up on why I do believe that this actually happened to him; I am a strong believer of power of the mind, and I personally think that anything is possible, within reason, if you have total control of your mind, and believe, have a strong will, something like this could be possible, to make it through a double amputation, and be out of the bed in 1 week, and remain conscious, despite having both your femoral arteries severed, from the scene, to the wheel chair, and into the ambulance. But despite this belief, nothing will get rid of the horrible fishy smell this whole event has…

    • You put a lot of thought into what you wrote.

      The true experience of a bicycle accident with a severed leg, and how arterial blood loss looks, how a person goes unconscious (with, as you note, merely the loss of one leg), is the kind of observation that is rare (fortunately!) but very important to distinguish how these things work from the faked version.

      You say you heard Jeff was declared dead and needed CPR in the ambulance. I guess that is a good thing to add to the story, but really all we were noting was that he was not even bleeding (the usual cause of the heart stopping). Somehow, it seemed necessary to a coherent story that his heart had to be restarted from the blood loss.

      I looked up some of the issues with amputations. I found one of the main causes (and the incidence climbs with age) is diabetes, both Type 1 and Type 2. Sure, we see the soldiers and call them heroes, but among ordinary people I think it might, even more than accidents be the leading cause of leg amputations. I also learned that a hospital stay, once the procedure is done, is short, perhaps two days. After that, you go to a rehab center to learn how to walk on prosthetics (which are very good these days). So whoever he is, it is nothing unusual to be able to be up after a couple of days.

      The fishy smell of the event is about the marginalization of anyone who questions any of the official story, the bullying that goes on when you saw a red flag somewhere and want to slow down the movie to have a frame-by-frame look. Because this kind of foot-dragging is not on the agenda of the news people (while developing a fund for victims and the sloganeering is), you find yourself out of step, following the beat of a different drummer (to quote Thoreau). I think it’s fishy that in times like these no one calls on the New England tradition of dissent. I am doing that. I am being a free-thinker.

  33. Emily Rooney, the daughter of the late 60 Minutes curmudgeon Andy Rooney, has been scanning sites like these and is asking the advice of her guests on a Boston talk show about the news business what to do when the websites about this event are going over everything so carefully. There are two white guests and two black guests, all journalists. The usual lizard people and anti-Semites can easily be dismissed. But what about the obsessives – is there some kind of well, danger, there? Notice, like Pontius Pilate, she would easily be able to say “What is truth?” as a kind rhetorical shrug, which elite people have to make in imperial societies. Short of emperor worship, you have to realize your role is not to question but to obey and yet to seem not to.

    One of the guests is quite succinct. He is secure in his position and unafraid of losing it. Yes, a kind of orthodox fellow if the truth be known, polished at Harvard or Yale. He says “Ignore it.”

    But the black guests raise a dilemma. The man says he is worried about the young black men aambridge Rindge and Latin. They are concerned about their alumnus Mr. Tsarnaev, are grasping at any straw on the internet to explain how he could have done it after being like them, a hard-working kind person, involved in his school and quite a successful student who won a scholarship (not the alienated pot head of the news crap machine). He could be them and they know it. How are they to be led away from hard questions into faith and belief in the authorities against all evidence that there are serious red flags? And what if someone intelligent makes the case for deceit?
    This man’s brow was seriously furrowed. There was inner conflict – lie to your kids about Santa Claus and everything else and yet try and raise them with integrity? They are adolescents. Will they simply reject you? Will you have to crack down?

    The black woman changes the subject as best she can, with smiles and laughter.

    The remark Harry Belafonte made about Colin Powell applies here – or does it? Emily, I think you may have a mutiny soon.

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  37. Really Like Really, I just got finish examine the picture taking of a couple of the so call victims of the bombing… and I have one question I want to ask….WHY THE FUCK DO THEY ALL STILL HAVE THERE SHADES ON?…. literally if the bomb was strong enough to amputate your legs and arms etc….SO WHY THE HELL ARE YOUR GLASSES STILL ON YOUR FACE….FOLKS LET BE REAL ABOUT BULLSHIT WHEN WE SEE IT.

  38. wow have anybody notice that a bunch of wheel chairs with red flags came out of no were, all this people with new addidas white and yellow jackets ?? and they arrived before the ambulance, the army, was already there?? i don’t see this real at all !! fresh new uniforms from addidas for everybody!!!! crazy!! theres no screaming of pain! no screaming of confused people!!!!! do you know how people cry went you are alone, confuse and in pain??? trust me is very loud ! no one cried for real for real !!

  39. Hey i just a person interested in facts,yes it hard to make up this whole ordeal but yes the leg do look fake and yes the guy from the wheelchairs doesnt look anything like the guy from the hospital picture. Now i want to know if anyone knew how close Jeff Bauman was to the other guy that had his legs blown off?

  40. what a joke!!!! , what is coming next??? so the lady is on a bed and the guy on a wheel chair??? why?? a color lady with blood and not even one scratch on the bed and a (amputated) white man with exploded legs on a wheel chair bleeding to death but not even feeling it ! a guy with sun glasses an a hoodie on an explosion on the floor like he’s at the beach ? even beach wind blow out my shades of my face imagine on an explosion , i believe if it was you next or even near the incident you at least will remove your shades so you can see whats going on. just because . i did it went i saw the news all the way from bronx ny. i knew it was a FAKE! not even a good act, directing or producing ! next time call me so we can do a real movie !!

  41. What is suspicious about these two brothers action on the bombings scene is the fact pointed out by their aunt as “evidence” for them being staged – namely the fact that they did NOT walk together but separately – the older brother first then a few feet behind the younger one. Why? If they were there together having nice time and all – why didn’t they walk side by side and so forth. Furthermore, later on in still photos (just before and after the explosions) you can only see Jahar standing alone or walking calmly and his brother nowhere near?? Doesn’t sound right. I think the MAY have done it, after all.

  42. According to an article I recently downloaded (which would explain some hospitals’ non-involvement in this story) “discharged patients have been removed to rehabilitation facilities.”

    You can easily get admitted to a hospital, especially on Marathon Day, simply by complaining of your symptoms related to the race. But can you, like Marc Fucarile with a fresh amputation AND shrapnel around the heart, get discharged on your own feet from Massachusetts General Hospital and go to a rehab facility so soon? Ten days after your injuries? He’s from Stoneham like several other victims.

    Isn’t the heart kind of a bridge too far? An exaggeration which can trip you up? Yet something you may have as an old war injury? Is it true that they merely think you should carefully monitor a patient with shrapnel around the heart or would they just crack your goddamned chest and go in there and get it out? MGH surgeons know how to do that, but apparently they have too much integrity to pretend about this thing. MGH is the crown jewel of Boston medicine. It is old-school. They do not let you out if you are in that kind of shape. So clearly, when you were admitted to their facility, you told them some other story.

    This story is a crock. He didn’t recover in two weeks from these injuries. He never had them or they happened overseas and like a beggar on the street, he has set up a tin cup. Which he has, in addition to the Boston #1 fund.

    But how can anyone doubt these victims? Why would you ever challenge a victim? Which rehab facilities are taking them in? The ones like dishonest nursing homes? There’s quite a history with rehab places. HealthSouth comes to mind, countless others.

    My first impression of this story was it might have an organized crime component. I don’t know. But follow the money, maybe, that usually helps. The swelling funds for victims. That could almost be the motive.

  43. Even if it the 2 pictures of the amputees are the wrong match doesn’t mean another amputee wasn’t used instead.
    What I don’t get is why they would create fake victims when they could just as easily create REAL victims? Do they really need to be able to control ALL the elements?

  44. Another observation would be the fact a wheelchair was used instead of a stretcher with such a traumatic injury. I’m not a doctor or medic, but it just doesn’t make sense unless someone is already there with a wheelchair.

  45. My observation and questions would be about the wheel chair. I am all over the place through-out a day and never have seen a wheel chair just handily available. Not saying it isn’t possible, just not likely unless there is a double amputee nearby. Where did the wheel chair come from? Was it in the ambulance? Did another person give it up to help? was it in a near-by store front? in a backpack maybe? Just an obsevation.

  46. You’ll notice that there is no bomb residue or noticeable blast radius at the site where the legs were blown off. No burn powder marks on anything there at all. There is closer to the restaurant where the other 2 backpack agents were though. Curious, no?

  47. It amazes me that even now there are a lot of people thinking that (part of) the US govt is incapable of staging events like this. They have done it before and on a much larger scale.
    Best example is the attack on the WTC on my birthday.
    I came home from doing my birthday-shopping and turned on my TV just before the second plane hit the second tower, I realized that my birthdayparty was over and spend the rest of the day watching the event on live-TV,

    After the collisions I remember asking myself where all the dust that covered Manhattan was coming from.
    Within a couple of months I realized that the dust used to be the WTC and within a year I learned about pyroclastic surges.
    A pyroclastic surge is a cloud of hot gasses and fine dust containing so much energy that it can travel even over water. (In this case the pyroclastic surge was filmed by a guy named Rick Siegel, over in Hoboken).
    Only two events can create a pyroclastic surge; a vulcanic eruption and a controlled demolition.

    So for me the dustcloud that covered Manhattan is litterally the biggest smoking gun ever in a crimescene. The only explanation possible is that the buildings were brought down by explosives. No way that Bin Laden could have done that.

    Back to Boston: when I saw the picture of wheelchair-guy being wheeled over the finishline I instantly realized that it was absurd.
    Him growing a beard in 10 minutes is equally absurd.

  48. G.I. Joe Sixpack, I can almost hear your Boston accent. Start with a punch. You don’t write too much. It’s all in slang. Thank you for taking the time off of your drone warfare to check in. Nothing too specific, not special insights or having read anyone’s remarks, just aggression. But still, happy you aren’t baby-killing at the moment. That’s a plus. Must be hot in Arizona right now.

  49. I just want to know who the naked man resembling the older brother was. If he wasn’t Tamerlan who the hell was he? Nobody but Tamerlan himself, I guess.

  50. I have read through all of the theories and the comments here and other places. It is obvious to me now that this theory stated on this page is a conspiracy to direct conspiracy theorists away from the real stories of the coming conspiracies to take away the ability and right to conjecture and theorize alternate theories to actual events.

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  54. Just 1 question, could you explain how our troops get there legs blown off way to often, in the middle of no mans land and manage to not bleed out as they wait for a Chinook to transport them to a field hospital, & then to Germany????

    • “Just 1 question, could you explain how our troops get there legs blown off way to often, in the middle of no mans land and manage to not bleed out as they wait for a Chinook to transport them to a field hospital, & then to Germany????”

      Because someone on location, a medic or otherwise, has managed to stop the bleeding.

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  57. Okay, pretty convincing evidence.

    But imagine it were truly faked. Then I have no fear of the people who set it up, nor their motives. Because their agenda has to be peaceful, since they didn’t set up a real bomb with people getting hurt. So if this is a stunt pulled off to set something in motion it has to be a good motion. People are feared by terrifying events like these, but they’ll be over it soon again when other things hit the headlines. I think we shouldn’t spread the word about these things being fake, it clearly has a good purpose. Out.

    • That’s stepping out of the box stuff. Pretty progressive concept but nothing like that has been attempted so far in history as far as we’ve been taught. Plus some of these guys like Carlos the cowboy are virtually media celebrities, so less likely to be in any underground movement, at least if he was his cover is now fully blown.

  58. The point to this research was to show that the attack was entirely staged. Yes real people did get maimed and killed in the process but all this to push further a very dark agenda. I know most of you will not want to by this. Of course they need a scapegoat so they used these two brothers. Why Chechnya? We shall see soon. In the meantime, LOTS of things are happening in the government that are passing under the citizens radar. Get ready to be completely under surveillance, there is NOT going to be freedom soon. Most people are living a delusional life, you need to wake up and see reality from the other side.

    • There was one recently trotted out which will get people off on the wrong path (notice all the story changes in any of this) – which is an energy-burning red herring technique. A very grainy picture is shown of the alleged amputee standing in a dense crowd where you only see his head and upper body. People will be diverted and spend a lot of time figuring out whether or not this is the guy. But even if you find out that it is, and this is for the rubes they rely on in their majority, you have to believe an amputee cannot stand up in a crowd, which is nonsense given the excellent prostheses they have today. So who cares about such pictures? Is it impossible for an amputee to wear pants over his prosthesis? The pictures before a just a distraction.

  59. Stop saying they switched guys, or that he put his sunglasses on as a signal. Those are not the same guys. Jeff just folded his legs back. And who knows what he was doing with his sunglasses. You are speculating and that loses credibility. Stick to the facts. There “accidental” photos show that there is no way with that positioning, that only his legs were damaged that badly and nobody else. In the made for TV photos, in one just the black woman is removed from the scene, in another, just the amputee removed. Get it? It’s impossible! unless they removed one of them then brought them back and laid them back down in the blood. lol liars.

  60. This is bullshit; did the fake kill 8 year-old Martin Richard and fake amputate his sister’s leg too? Not everything is a conspiracy.

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  62. First off, Bman, I am really impressed with your attempt to analyze the events so closely..kudos to you! You really are creating change. I myself am a questioning Chicagoan and have been following the story closely. I feel that the connection is the “Muslim terrorist” label that the media and officials have provided all the American people again and again and again. It seems that I heard about them being Muslim before I even knew their names. Forget that they are from Russia, to the American people all they needed to hear were the words “Muslim terrorists” and surely it stirred up patriotic feelings something fierce. This is war propaganda for the Israeli occupy movement. We are their allies so naturally we need to be on their side and this means being against all the Muslims of the world. I know many wonderful Muslims and have actually read the Quran myself. It talks about the need in protecting their people against their enemies (as all nations believe), but nowhere does it say anything about causing violence to other people unjustly or forcing their religion down others’ throats. Read a Quran and you will learn that too. This constant portrayal of them as crazy, uncivilized, virgin wanting, killing machines gives a fuel to the “war on terror” against Islam. It’s a smear campaign….a really tragic and complex smear campaign all in the name of greed and feelings of self-entitlement. Anyone who begs to differ, I am open to hear your arguments.

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  66. You are on the right track but you are wrong to think that these are human actors. The Truth is that these are aliens and they are taking over our planet. This alien race is known as ‘the reptilians.’ They are body snatching ~ taking over human bodies. I became involved with one such reptilian host and the reptilian entity working for him. I am now free of all of them. Secrecy is their power. Once you read this, you will start to recognize them. ‘This is why the government is like it is’ ~ humans hosting reptilians and the reptilian is the one in control. You will never know it until you read this.
    This is the first time you can actually see all the evidence in the photos and the videos above. The bombs are fake. They are just smoke bombs to cover the real thing that was going on. The amputee guy is a reptilian. He is in a process of regenerating his legs. I’m so glad that this was actually caught on camera. On picture 8 you can clearly see that the bone not yet covered by the flesh is around 12 inches long. Then later when he is on the wheelchair you can see that the flesh has already covered 10 inches of it. This is exactly the way they snatch human bodies buy growing bones first and then covering them with their alien flesh. Do you wonder why everybody is so calm? This is another proof of their reptilian nature. Reptilians don’t feel emotions. They can’t express them. That is how you can spot them and by doing so they cannot operate in secret. Did you notice that in one photo, only the black woman is removed from the scene, in another, only the alien amputee is removed? Yes, another body snatching caught in action. First they dissolve the human body by special chemicals and then they take the human DNA and regenerate themselves as humans. That is why there is so little blood on the ground and that is why the blood has different bright red color. One of the reports says that 282 people were injured – these are 282 reptilians taking human forms. Did you noticed that the next day there was a huge explosion in a fertilizer company in West, Texas? This was another staged event of a mass body snatching taking place.
    Almost all of our US government is replaced by the reptilians even the president is a reptilian. Please pass this story as far and wide as you can. Lets get people talking about this exposure of the body snatchers,… and hopefully some of the sheeple will catch on also until it’s not too late. We don’t have time.

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  69. Yeah asshole, I’ve got something to say. Forget about this bullshit. All I know is the government is behind it and every thing else that happens. I think there is a coup going on inside the government. The dark(cabal) and the good guys. And I hope it leads to civil war so we can get this country back on track because right now it’s insane.

  70. The only thing I wonder about is that the guy in the wheelchair in fatigues doesn’t seem to have ANY part of his legs, the right one is completely gone and the left one doesn’t seem to be much longer, he is practically sitting on his hips. The guy in the Boston bombing staging has much more stumps on both legs even before the blood and torn prosthetic is added. Could anyone comment on that? Also, a friend of mine is asking for the name of the double amputee actor, does anyone know who he is for certain? Thanks for any help in this matter.
    Also, I lost another friend today over 9/11, Gabby Gifford, Batman, Sandy Hoax, and now this. She knows I’m right but prefers not to believe it. How dumb is that? Dumb as a rock!

  71. What kind of an alleged EMT doesn’t know where the “femoral artery” is. The man had his fucking legs blown off at the shins (just under the knee). The femoral artery is in the thigh. Some expert.

  72. If you check out the pictures the man right behind jeff bauman takes off his sunglasses and uses the elastic band from his sunglasses and puts it onto one of jeffs legs as a tourneiquiet.

    • Wow! If this is true, then forget the cowboy, sunglasses-hoody is the real hero of the day–at least in my book. Trouble is, can’t find any sigh of his elastic band tourniquet, no matter how much I enhance or zoom. Can you?

  73. As someone from Boston who was in that area, I will tell you that many many Bostonians are not buying this shit at all. After the initial shock of the explosion that day many unhurt people were able to share what they saw….And what they didn’t see. It’s horrifying that it’s safer to keep quiet about it than talk about it now. People need to stop wasting time arguing with these Government shills that are paid to take attention from the facts in situations like this, this are not people with differing opinions, these are people with no strong opinions and little to none skepticism in them, thus they are sought out and hired to spread misinformation online.

  74. There will always be MORONIC conspiracy theories such as this and there will always be those so very easily DUPED into believing them and I’m really not surprised at all. I see a lot of similar RUBBISH on the internet these days and see literally thousands of NON-THINKERS jumping on the old conspiracy wagon! Yipee!!, here we go again! Enjoy your ride! I, however, prefer TRUTH and live in the real world! Come on people WAKE UP, get your heads out here where the sun shines!! This conspiracy theory most certainly does NOT have a leg to stand on!!

      • You didn’t check out Bauman Sr’s Facebook page? The one with photos of Jeff WITH legs? Because Jeff has no legs now. Which is it? & btw, a grand conspiracy would have TAKEN OUT THE SECURITY CAMERA FILMING THIS “EVIDENCE” before this all happened…

  75. It looks pretty doobious to me. Also look at that 3rd party pic with the black-haired Cowboy in the bleachers. I would imagine the explosion supposedly occured right near the carnage right? At least that would make sense. But wait…look at the windows they are blown at least 10 feet into the street. Unless there was some weird implosion sucking the air from the building I would have expected the blast to blow those plate-glass windows into the building not out in the street. I could be wrong, What do you guys think?

    • When you get injured, isn’t it the first thing you do to yourself is to touch your injury and try to stop your own bleeding? There is no blood on the amputees hands. Why? I did take EMT training and the wound can cauterize but there will still be blood at first. The amputee should have been #1 priority. Also, the cowboy hat guy- why is he standing waving the flag when all of this “horror” is going on. He should have blood and body parts on him and he should be reacting to something. The asian chick only had blood on her when she is on the stretcher. She is practically laying on a double amputee wearing a white t-shirt and not a drop of blood on it til later. This sold me that it is a hoax. Too many calm people not reacting to a ‘horrific” event.

      • nah, they’re not all in shock (not MEDICAL shock) or anything…a bomb just exploded completely unexpectedly, yet you expect sudden movements right after this cacophonous event.

    • Another picture of the windows (i think at the Forum site of the second blast) shows shattered “glass” and firemen reflected in a glass behind it. Shards of “glass” from the broken window in the front outline it. This has to be a temporary scrim made of cooked sugar or whatever glass movies use. Nor did it ever have to be a big piece. There is not a huge volume of glass on the ground. It only has to look like glass from a broken window roughly the size of the window space. The shards can be set up in place to look like it was a whole window.

      Notice how no window is partially broken? All are completely broken.

      “The window that never was” takes its place in propaganda history beside “The man who never was.”

  76. Notice the heavy woman in the brown hoody standing next to the fence and above the amputee/handler scene. In the second frame she either hands something to another woman or takes something from her. Here front hand pockets of the hoody have something in them. Is she the make-up lady handing out fake blood vilas? This is choreography.

    • I noticed her. And later I saw another shot of her (I think in the front of a blown out window at the back of the scene, the place the actors waited and prepared). Her purpose is to block the scenes from view which have to be blocked. Naturally the carefully vetted “Newtown” contingent in the stands opposite cannot have any super camera geeks with advanced equipment, but it’s hard to know if someone is up on a roof or shooting from somewhere they missed. Still, easy enough to use her and one other large woman I saw next to her to block out any place that needed blocking. She has this placid look in both shots, as though her role is to be a wall (makes me think of the “rude mechanicals” in Midsummer Night’s Dream one of whom plays a wall).

  77. WHY would they stage such a horrific injury?
    Were they part of the plot?
    Was it an amputee who just carried around fake injury prosthetics?
    And if this was staged, why hasn’t it been on the news?
    PLUS, even if it is fake, the paramedics and trauma doctors must have realized right away, so why wouldn’t they say anything?
    The world is getting crazier and crazier…

    • They do it for radical domestic and foreign policy changes
      Yes it goes all the way to the top, most likely the Israeli lobby
      Mainstream media has been controlled by zionists for a very long time – the same group that run your govt – look at or to see what is being blacked out.
      Most if not all of them there would have been in on it – if they even had real doctors there.. I’ve seen other pics and videos and there were probably a dozen dressed as paramedics etc but the random cowboy got the job of holding his artery, odd.. They put him on a wheelchair instead of a nearby stretcher, also odd.. they then pushed him too fast then had to stop because the guys flesh got caught in the wheel, he didn’t seem to notice, just ridiculous.

  78. Wherever your image came from MIKE, if you reference that one with this finishline video,, the large officer runs to the left of the fallen older runner towards the barrier while several other officers run towards the old runner from the other direction. (freeze 0.14 in this vid) That means the large officer decided to u-turn and come back to the old runner as his other officers collected behind him and then … five of them looked or ran towards the opposite side of the road where there was no bomb action taking place. Good police work, it’s obviously best to leave ground zero wide open and prevent the seated spectators from jumping the fences.

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  81. It just seems like a lot of work for a just a few seconds. Like you said the last picture of the scene was seconds after the first pictures of the three people. Sure you could be right, but that would mean every person around them was acting as well. Hard to get those people as actors, the paramedics that took care of him as actors, and the hospital to not say it was fake. Just looks like you looked way too far into this, just like everyone is looking for every possible avenue to make this fake. If you are right great job on your research and analysis, but just seems like a lot of work for about 20 seconds.

    • The total lockdown, or should we say the lack of resistance to it, was successful and is worth a century. Yes, I know, resistance would have been futile anyway – unless of course several hundred finished up back at the police station demanding that they CHOOSE to be on the street regardless of a fire-breathing nineteen year old being on the loose.

    • Witnesses said that someone was on a bull horn telling the crowd that this was a drill and not to worry. The “bomb” blast shoots straight up, then you can see the flags suddenly blow in the wind from being still. . .as if a fan had been turned on to blow smoke away from the buildings. The blast site can be seen behind this group on the sidewalk as a black mark. There are companies that supply the military and DHS with “crisis actors” all the time. They’re usually amputees who act out life like battle scenarios for training purposes.

      • I wondered why they got on a bullhorn, but now it makes sense to me: real runners in top shape, including military running for veterans’ relief, would immediately rush to the scene and overwhelm it. In a real disaster, you would want every able-bodied helper you could find, and military people would not let some unexploded IED to stop them. They never do. Yes, you see a few uniformed men tearing down the the fences. They were waiting in the wings to do that. Do not expect an interview with them. They went back to Finland on the same night with the rest of their acting company. No one who thought real people were in need was going to be stopped. Cell phone service went out locally at the same time. Yes, they had an explanation that it was too busy. In a city like Boston? With the end of the Marathon? With stragglers coming along? A city normally packed with office workers who today have a day off. Some system. No, “some chicken, some neck.” The choke point. And since this was a benign event, how would a malign event look? Boston is no bigger than DisneyWorld.

        • A real bullhorn announcement would ask for doctors and EMT’s among the runners (and their supporting spectators) to come forth and aid in the treatment of victims, at least back in pre-Homeland Security days. The idea that they already had enough medical personnel on hand to deal with the reported 250 injured (no way) and reported 3 deaths and 13-15 critically injured (later needing amputations) is hard to believe.

  82. Here are four images of the SAME MAN which should lean people more towards the HOAX explanation:

    1. Notice no cuts or lacerations, only blood which doesn’t look like his.

    2. No cuts under his leg either.

    3. Now in a wheelchair, with some odd stuff on his face.

    4. For the final close in look at his eye ‘injuries’

  83. Here are four images of the SAME MAN which should lean people more towards the HOAX explanation:

    1. Notice no cuts or lacerations, only blood which doesn’t look like his.

    2. No cuts under his leg either.

    3. Now in a wheelchair, with some odd stuff on his face.

    4. For the final close in look at his eye ‘injuries’


  84. Been a nurse a long time never saw blood that color but paint yes. This article has been blocked by Facebook every time I try to share or view it is says restricted. You arw forbidden to view this.

  85. Okay, without getting into the specific arguments of the article, does someone want to explain why this would be done and what purpose it would serve? Who would be behind this giant act? Since it was proposed that this was staged, clearly someone would have done it, and probably had to have had a reason for it, so what was it? And then logistically – if it’s staged, all the players would have to be involved – so you have 180 or so victims (all clearly actors) and all their family members who have been talking to the media or posting various social media reports with updates on their conditions. Then, the thousands of first responders and helpers would also have to be actors, as clearly they would have been able to clearly give away that everything was staged otherwise. Then there’s all of the photographers and what not capturing all the various images from different locations at the marathon. And all the spectators…let’s not forget those that were there and nearby who didn’t play the part of victims or intricate players and just witnessed everything, specifically all of those that would have been witness to the fact that there was initially no carnage, and instead just those nearby planting props and fake blood (and all those watching from above in the buildings who would have a clear shot of the ‘carnage’). There’s also the runners who had been running nearby at the times of the blasts, because of course they would have been able to witness that nothing had actually happened. Then you of course have the perpetrators, the two bombers, who would clearly have to be actors as they did not deny the involvement, and indicated that they were responsible in the hijacking in Watertown. The victim of the hijacking would be an actor, as would the worker at the convenience store that was robbed (or gas station, don’t remember). From there, those who witnessed the ‘gunfight’ between the bombing suspects and the police in Watertown would all have to be actors or gullible enough to realize that the shootout was fake and the one suspect that was ‘run over’ was clearly part of a staging as well (complete with a very convincing autopsy photo circling the Internet). Then find some Chechen family members to be actors and interviewed frequently.Then there’s everyone who was in the hospitals with all these fake victims (including Bradley Cooper who sources tell me ACTUALLY IS an actor). So you take every single one of these literally tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of actors when you add in all the friends/acquaintances who have now responded with well wishes to their friends/acquaintances who were affected, and you have to pay them. Not for participating – but to stay quiet so they don’t say anything. And shockingly, not one of them have gone rogue and broke character, informing us that they were part of a giant ruse. Take all of that, take the hundreds of millions of dollars lost with Boston shutting down and spending MANY resources on saving fake victims, and then tell me – the purpose was? What exactly was accomplished or could be accomplished by staging this? There’s no profit to be made by anyone and there’s no political ramifications of this other than a criminal court trial for someone clearly involved in the ruse.

    So…really? Of all the stupid conspiracy theories that exist on this tragedy and dozens of others, this has to be the single most poorly created and illogical one. And you have to believe me – I have a degree in logic from a college, and apparently saying so on the Internet is all it takes to be a qualified expert on the matter.

    • I don’t think Wag the Dog is off the mark or total comic fantasy.
      Have a look at this article: April 21, 2008, Arnold Bogis, Boston Globe op-ed “Boston Marathon as a Dry Run for Disaster”.

      The first responders are already in place and are privately hired, including ambulance services. The security firm is Craft, a rival to Xe (formerly known as Blackwater). The police we think of as Boston and other city (public) cops were probably not at the finish line but scattered through the several cities which the route goes through.

      What would be the motivation besides teaching about how the city responds to terror? I think you have to see this as a two-part show: the Marathon and then the Chase of the Suspects. The Marathon was in largely private hands, while the Chase was a combination of local, state and federal police and fire. Those in the Chase were typical first responders. The others were hired mercenaries if you will, who were in on the deception. Even the actors could have been foreign (we only see the scenes of carnage at the finish line, not while at Forum which is a cast of locals including the ones being interviewed here in Boston). If you try to find the other people, I don’t know where they went. People participating would have probably been told it was for a good cause, like a drill.

      The money raised for the relief of the injured has so far risen to $23 million dollars, and more is solicited on the nightly news in Boston. The Boston #1 fund is a powerful incentive to anyone trying to capitalize on this event, even if it was real. As the money grows, so grows the possibility of its use for something other than caring for the injured. I’m wondering if the first rule of journalism these days is: “Don’t ask questions. Just read your script, with feeling. Lots of feeling.”

  86. WOW I saw this right after an article about amputees having discovered a great career niche serving/posing as “victims” in realistic “emergency”/disaster-prep /?fake terrorist attack? type exercises/drills. I gotta say I almost feel stupid the idea never even occurred to me before (I definitely ain’t a sheep but just never would have thought of that)… Wow. It’s a f-ed up f-in world. Btw since when do we hire “mercenary” type law enforcement with all the bells and whistles to handle security for the Boston marathon? Really? And howcome they were dressed exactly like the alleged bombers right down to the backpack, not to mention wearing skull (and no-bones?) logos – and are skull-logo guys supposed to make people feel “safe?” Really? Why not just hire Hell’s Angels while you’re at it?

    • In Boston, they keep interviewing these brave women amputees. I’m thinking there must be many diabetics who have lost a limb or more likely a foot and yet who are actors. So maybe not just the military as a source. I’ve noticed at least three women with amputations. What I do NOT see is facial stitches or eye injuries or signs of deafness (now it has been ten days). The arms are okay and the necks, no bandages or stitches. Even a stitched up cut would take longer to heal. A recent stitch in my neck was not invisible for six weeks. There is swelling and then it fades away, but it takes time. If they had them, they would not have covered up with make-up, because they were proud to show their bandaged stumps in what appeared to be a hospital like setting.

      It’s just the lower extremities. This was explained, right from the first day, by the bombs having been left at ground level. It seemed very important to get that message out the start. Now it is less important to explain, because it is ten days since the incident, so you could always say you have healed. The reason they might not use so many men might be that few of them are interested in acting jobs post-injury OR that they had other injuries because funny – those IEDs probably didn’t confine themselves to the lower body, even if they were at ground level like the backpacks.

      When a magician does an act, they always tell you something at first, and I think the special quality of the explosion as only at ground level was a suggestion so that you would not wonder about the lack of upper body injuries that were more than make-up. This was the set-up for your perceptions. It was a key script item in the first instance.

      The Pledge The Turn The Prestige Presto chango: We’re all in uniform to fight the — Iranians

  88. you fucking moron. Boston is one giant small town. We all know each other- we know the people who were injured and killed and the doctors that treated them. you’re a dumb piece of shit.

  89. @ 1:47 is the first appearance of another shot of this scene. it appears to be, by your timeline, as the black woman in red and white top is moving away from Bauman and the hooded man is now sitting up, turning away. Also there is a few moments of them tearing down the bleachers where you can see actively tearing down the barricades. and here’s another story you’ll love.

  90. “Meanwhile the double amputee actor is completely ignored by everyone when he is clearly in the most dire need of attention.” this seems like a stupid comment .. if they are trying to make something “look” real , they will do it properly .. not to mention there is probably nobody at the scene that can triage 30 seconds after the explosion .. whoever wrote that needs a kick in the teeth ..

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  94. And the ladies in the blue and yellow coats on the right are huddled up the entire time. Thing is, who knows if they are just seeking shelter from the blast.

    However, the lady in yellow looks rather docile in frame 11, while the lady immediately below her has been freaking out the entire time.

    Also, I just want to put my thoughts and condolences out to the innocent victims of this whole thing, whether injured by the bomb or whatever…sucks

  95. I just want to point out in the first picture series there is also a women to the (lookers) left of the sunglasses guy who is also blocking line of site. And the lady in brown sweater and jeans on the top right corner is extremely suspicious as well, at one point it looks like she’s blocking someone from intervening the path of the four people we are discussing. She doesn’t move at all in the series, somewhat reminds me of a security guard. Just sayin…

  96. I think all people are missing the most SICK part of the whole story: It’s really Jeff Bonham at the marathon. He had his legs surgically amputated before the race because he was paid allot of money. He can’t fake not having legs the rest of his life.

  97. So, what would be the motive of faking this?

    Imagine some evil mastermind planning this. What would they be hoping to achieve? What kind of person would do go to those lengths?

    Why would this evil mastermind go to the trouble of hiring a bunch of actors to pretend that something horrible happened, when it would be a hellava lot easier to just blow up a bunch of innocent people?

    I’m sure if such an evil person exists, he or she would have no problem just killing and maiming people.

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    • Thank you for posting this. The girl in the blue t-shirt is confirmed by many other sites to be Krystle Campbell who died. Here she is on the day of the event. *Note the same bag and trainers. A lot of people must be caught up in this “conspiracy” as yesterday her funeral took place.
      Imagine how her family and friends would feel reading this thread – ‘she was already an amputee,’ etc.

      And why is this image not included at the top of this thread?

      * If this whole thing was staged, then why oh why did they go to all this trouble and then screw up with obvious omissions such as blood that most on her say is not realistic looking and “actors” who more or less look like they are kicking back and watching the world go by, and leaving the most horrifically injured unattended?

      If gore needed to be added to the double amputee then surely it would have been easier to do it in advance and cover it all with long trousers? Then pull them off and expose the wounds? Are you saying they added all of this AFTER the explosion and placed prosthetics onto someone who was already an amputee (that is what i think you are stating?)

      They knew there were cameras everywhere – especially near the finish line, surely this was massively risky that no one would notice?

      I am asking these questions because I am genuinely feel something very odd occurred that day, but just cannot understand how the deaths and injuries seen on in the image posted by Nicolas above – can be explained away.

      The original post states the explosions never happened and it was all actors. Do you all still stand by that?
      QUOTE: “From first hand experience with trauma in the field of EMS work, this is not real. These are actors. This is all staged.” ENDS.

      • Exactly my thoughts David. It’s horrible that we had to include these gore pictures of people suffering. Even if we think alike about the fact that something odds is going on, every “valid point” provided on this post seems to start vanishing the more I think about it.

        Since english is not my native language, I appreciate very much your comment David cause you expressed what I couldn’t.

      • THIS.
        I just spent 2 hours looking at pictures and videos…
        I came to the conclusion that a bomb did blow up:


        The main topic in this page focused a lot on the amputee guy, but did not mention Krystle Campbell, which was right next to him…clearly, we can surely say she suffered from the same leg injury, but sadly died. Here you can see how she was in agonizing pain, trying to stand up and not receiving any kind of help; the amputee guy was not even CLOSE to matching her facial or body signs:

        However, I do believe he’s not wearing any kind of prosthetics, and the blood is real…the whole thing is real! In the link below, you can see how he is pinching his leg pretty hard, his fingers deep into the skin, trying to stop the blood loss; the upper leg is white and almost pale, and his skin is yellowish and swollen closer to the knee. Oh, and do not miss the piece of a foot and some toes to the left of the picture, right next to the shoe…

        This album shows how many others got their clothes shredded…if it was staged, we could see these people with shredded clothes before (there are plenty of pictures out there just minutes before the explosion)…but that’s not the case, it was a real bomb, like I already said:

        Marathon Explosion-5

        Lastly, and going back to the beginning of this post – remember the .gif I linked, showing how she was in excruciating pain? Yeah, sadly, she was living her last minutes…I do not think you can fake that, like some other poster said; it’s not only disrespectful to completely ignore that and only focus on one instance. We must look at the whole picture, and I think it’s pretty clear this incident was not fake…because fake cannot end like this:

        I pray to the ones who lost their loved ones, and those who suffered from this hideous incident. Now I just want the truth about WHO did it, but that’s a whole different story…

      • The important thing is the big fencing arranged near the finish line behind which the actors came out almost all ready from a shop – Marathon Sports, through a window broken out for the purpose. There were flags, wooden pickets and metal railings, layer upon layer of cover. Everything else could be done quickly, and those who appear to pull off the fencing are actually checking to make sure they aren’t doing it before everything is ready. They are gate-keepers. Who’s across the street who might see the whole thing? Who might spill the beans? Why the Newtown contingent in their stands (not wandering around, but in stands). I’m not sure what people in the upper stands could see across the street, but probably the Newtown people and friends were told that they would have extra security (against the gun nuts), and so the stands could be arranged however. This is not to say the Newtown people are genuine or not, but let’s face it, whoever they are they now have enemies.

        Does that do it for you?

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  100. has anyone ever googled the photo of the little boy’s family? Martin Richard, look closely at the photo of his family, the mom’s arm around the older son is disfigured and huge compared to the rest of her body preportions. The little girl was photoshopped terribly, one of her arms is supposed to be tucked behind her brother, but it looks as though she has no arm, between the father and mother is a tiny gap where you can see skin, which looks like an arm why would a loving husband have his hand in his pocket instead of around his wife for such a happy photo. Now-a-days with so much technology, photoshopping seems to be very very easy, you don’t have to believe these conspiracy theorists, but just think to yourself, what if they are right?

  101. However long this comment lasts: I visited last night and left comments that have since been deleted.

    Attention, fellow sane people: there aren’t actually this many lunatic conspiracy nuts in the world. The administrator simply cherrypicks the comments.

    You know – typical coward behavior.

    • I have spammed only a few comments… the ones that simply call me a moron or “fucking idiot” and offer nothing else. If that was what you wrote, then yes, its gone (but I don’t remember your name, so I doubt it). Other than that, you can place your Sheople beliefs here for the rest of the sane world to see.

      I don’t mind people disagreeing with me and have asked for comments of substance. But if you are a Richard Noggin and resort to immediate cursing, denigration and name-calling, I won’t stand for it. Besides, if you did leave a comment like that and I spammed it, I also spammed your IP and you wouldn’t be able to leave this very message that didn’t add anything of substance to the discussion but was simply a bitch post, which included a lie as well. But its here.

      Oh, and if you don’t like it here. Go away.

  102. I would love to believe this, but when every single one of you fucks on both sides can’t quit boasting for five seconds and present a logical argument without trying to be bigger and better than the last guy, it’s really f-ing difficult to sort fiction from fact.
    You want the people to know the truth? It starts with you not acting like a toddler trying to stand over the others.

  103. Needless to say, I agree with the article, as it has been my position all along.

    It should be noted that whether arterial or from a vein, when blood comes in contact with oxygen, it turns red – but NOT Fire Engine Red.

    Being in make-up special FX for years, I have a lot of experience with matching the color of blood. A proper fresh blood color is not pure red, like ketchup; one needs to add to a pure red, about 2 percent phthalocynne green.
    This poured onto a set would be fine as fresh blood. But later when it dries it would take on a ‘purple’ hue, as there is a hint of blue in phthalocynne green. For dried blood, it would be necessary to use use a very watery burnt sienna with about 1/8th pure red blend.

    The “blood” in these photo’s is not real, it isn’t even ‘special effects realistic”

    It is also absurd that the guy would be put in a wheelchair and rolled down the street. He would have been dead by the time they lifted him into the chair.

    The whole sequence is such an obvious bit of theater, that only those conditioned by constant PR and movie violence could buy this load of bullshit.

    \\][// — Willy Whitten

  104. Yeah, 100s or 1000s of people in on this…actors, all scripted etc…. just to get……YOU! Yes YOUuuuUUUuuuUUUuuu.


    Bunch of skitzo’s that are off your meds. Fucking IDIOTS.

    • Yes, there are definitely many involved because most believe they are taking part in a drill. The below article ran in the 2008 Boston Globe….while there are many drills/exercises that do not have a terror event….nearly every terror event is run through a drill…it only takes a few teams to pull it off. Do your homework and learn about Operation Gladio, Gulf of Tonkin, etc…and also look up amputee crises actors – yes we have drills during real world events and there are crises actors, including amputees – therefore it is critical to rule out govt. sources who typically has the access, the funding and means to pull off such things. Govt. certainly will not investigate itself. Wake up!

      A 2008 article from the Boston Globe indicates that it is very likely, as it explains the value of holding disaster drills during massive events like the Boston Marathon. The article by Arnold Bogis titled, “Marathon as a dry-run disaster” states, “today thousands of runners and hundreds of thousands of spectators are unwittingly taking part in a planned disaster.” While that may sound dangerous, Bogis assures us that the people are not only safe but they are actually making the, “citizens of Greater Boston safer in case of a natural catastrophe or terrorist attack.”

    • Please be aware: The “conspiracy” requires only about 3-4 people max. Beyond that, humans fill in roles they don’t know they’re playing.
      One person makes and delivers bombs.
      One person fields the requests for information, poring over the evidence until he finds a “responsible party.”
      One person was the mastermind, looking into how to accomplish his objective.

      When bombs go off, medics respond as medics, police as police, news crews as news crews. Only the Face man (#2) actually needs to know many details, and he can be recruited after the fact, doesn’t need to be a “conspirator.”

      So, here’s an alternative to the offical “two muslim brothers” theory.
      Official agents acting in an official capacity made bombs, delivered them to race, moved out as official agents.

      After detonation, everyone else does what they’re “supposed” to do. Face man is told, “These two look suspicious.” Why are they suspicious? They’re (a) convenient, (b) identifiable, (c) The official people were never even looked at, they were excluded from suspicion – and the actual bomber(s) weren’t even checked as a result.
      The News Media disseminates the Official Story – it’s their JOB. The Public stay out of the way – it’s their JOB. Medics help the injured – it’s their JOB. Police go hunting for suspects – it’s their JOB. Politicians capitalize on the misery and injuries, make stirring speeches, etc – it’s their JOB.

      And it’s just a “sit back and watch” situation, it all happens on auto-pilot from the detonation forwards.

      Doesn’t change the fact we’re being deceived, only the depth of the “conspiracy,” which doesn’t really NEED to be a conspiracy if it’s an inside job – a security consultant is not screened, or maybe has a bomb already made, wiating in a closet somewhere inside the perimeter, and just delivers it, and then fades away afterwards – no one would even notice. And that can be a lone wolf operation of a “true Believer,” someone who believes “Obama will bring paradise!” (Could be any official, we’ll pick on Obummer.)

      Good example, if you’re a sci-fi fan, is the agent in Serenity. He was a monster, in his own estiamtion, able and willing to do anything to promote the government. He was going to create a paradise. He would never enter that paradise, but he was willing to make the sacrifice so others would be able to enjoy it. And he would kill man, woman, child; rape, murder, torture, blame others, whatever, to accomplish his goals. The ends justified the means.

      Do you actually believe, in a world of suicide bombers and power-mad dictators, that such people do not exist? If so, I envy you that innocence – but I also warn you, when you are confronted with reality, it will be a massive, painful, brutal mental trauma.

      • People get informed on a need to know basis. This is ancient trade craft. I remember reading about Lafayette and others in Europe who were trying to liberate various countries or territories, right after the French Revolution. Each cell had twenty people and was called a “vente”, from the Italian for “twenty”, and certain people from outside ran between them, because no one in a vente could know anyone who was in another, for the purposes of plausible deniability.

        But I do not think the bombings in Boston were like that, because I am still of the opinion they were benign and genuine drills. Someone has run with this culprit theme – I guess they have to. The op-ed piece by Bogis of April 21, 2008 in the Boston Globe leaves out the covert action side of it, which undoubtedly would be managed by CIA. CIA is not supposed to operate in the US. That is the role of FBI, but this international story gives them some sway doesn’t it? Since the culprits have geopolitical side.

  105. out of all the links i’ve been posting on facebook. this is the only one that i have to fill out a capcha for. and when i click the link after the post, facebook says it’s spam do i want to proceed. this has NEVER happened to me before. i am assuming that it has just been reported a lot as spam on fb. i was just wondering if this has been happening to others.

  106. I have not read every comment – but if this was a kettle bomb with nails and ball bearings….everyone in the image should have horrific shrapnel wounds…I simply do no see (even the amputee) evidence of what should look like skin/muscle gouges, puncture wounds, embedded metal, ball bearings and nails….further such injuries should be more widespread..we are looking at localized injuries – presumably folks next to the device – in which case they should all be littered with shrapnel in what would be an amazingly gross scene far beyond the presented images – the shrapnel damage should have covered people over a fairly decent radius – many folks in the distance should have eye loss and other injuries. Perhaps I’m missing something, but if this is ground zero and the official story is a kettle bomb with shrapnel – we are missing the shrapnel wounds in the pictures..

    • You’re right Mike. I had been thinking that but no time to comment. More windows would be shattered in (not out),
      not to mention the flags in close proximity are pristine, not even one visible hole. Were they made of kevlar?

    • The eyes have it, so to speak, since none of them was affected. Wow. If only people who wasted their time watching the same news over and over would sit down and think this out. I am convinced part of the ignorance is due to the fact that we have really lost touch with the land and the accidents which happen to people working it, as well as the volumes of animal blood you see if you have to process a steer or a hog. But of course sheep do not make good farmers. We have left the dirty work in the hands of powerless people and we think we are better off. I only make this as an observation, because the out-of-touch Americans are raised on images which they cannot walk around.

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    • unfortunately, like the old soviet union we are lied to so much – that we have to resort to investigating ourselves with the best tools at our this case (unless the photos are doctored) we have photographic evidence. these are also the tools that real investigators use…while the pictures appear gross, what do you think investigators look at all the time? we have to get our heads out of Disneyland. Who is watching the watchers? The best service to victims and their families is to ensure that we know the truth and that real criminals are identified. How many times do we have to exhume bodies after information is received there is foul play. No one wants their loved one pulled out of the grave but it happens all the time to seek the truth. as I posted below, if there is one thing to consider in the photos – consider the fact that the official story says a kettle bomb with nails and ball bearings – the damage to all in the photos would be far worst…gouges, eye injuries, puncture wounds – the people should look like they were blasted with shotguns….very “clean” images for the types of injuries. I have no clue what transpired, but based on the photos and the fact that drills are run during the marathon (check out 2008 Boston Globe story), the ever changing story from the govt. and known nefarious action by our govt….Operation Gladio – the verdict leans towards govt. subterfuge….meanwhile CISPA is moving through, the massive amount of DHS bullet and armament purchases are off the radar – Boston gets a real time martial law drill, etc….

    • Christina,

      The “sick people” here are the TVZombies who buy hook-line-and-sinker, any bullshit the TV tells them.
      Thanks to ignorant chumps such as yourself, we live in a despotic Military Police State, that you obviously haven’t noticed.

      Ever since I was a kid, I wondered how it was possible that the Nazis suckered a whole nation into following them into a totalitarian state. It seemed surreal, unbelievable that so many people could be fooled like that.

      Watching the same thing happen here, it is no longer such a mystery…even though I am still baffled by the naivete of such boneheads as you…and so many others here in Amerika.

      And this comment is meant for the rest of you droids here that have had their brains turned to cotton candy by the main-stream-media, where all of life is just a stupid sit-com.


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  112. You’ve blown the false flag right outta the water with these pix. AMAZING and THANK YOU. I’m NOT an emt and know that if you have two legs blown off that you’d immediately bleed out without medical help any idiot knows this! Plus to have the cowboy hat guy pushing him down the street with the guy’s head held up and not being passed out with no blood trailing? HOW STUPID DO THEY THINK WE ARE? Apparently there are TOO MANY STUPID PEOPLE IN AMERIKA.

    Reposting on my blog and posting on facebook as well. The world needs to see this!

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  115. Notice there is no blood on the guy in the hoodie with the shades. If this was real, he would be drenched in ‘Jeff Bauman’s,’ I mean Vogt’s blood.

  116. Sorry Mr. Believer, but Mr. Bauman suffered major trauma, as shown in the photos. He lost a lot of blood, had blood given to him, pumped full of fluids and endured major surgeries. He will obviously be swollen head-to-toe in the hospital bed. Stop trying to ruin the lives of people that have already suffered so much. Both of those men are heroes. Those men and their families are forever changed. When your legs are hit by an explosion filled with metal shrapnel, sometimes the injuries don’t act exactly as you want them to. You need a new hobby and maybe a girlfriend.

    • Typical of a government shill comment. These are mostly dumb people. Without a government job they would be lost. No creativity. They at any rate are worth much less than they are paid . Only a hot printing press an keep up with the payroll!

  117. Yeah, I remember thinking when I first saw video of the “explosion” at the marathon’s finish line how anemic it was, and how it din’t seem right to me. Earlier today (before I found this article) I looked at one of the pictures where the bombing “victims” are lying on the ground in various poses and I thought to myself the scene looked staged, then I thought no more of it.

    Of course, I’m aware of the actors used at Sandy Hook, now I’m sure actors were also used at Aurora, Colorado and at the Gabby Giffords shooting in Arizona. Allow me to be more precise with the Giffords case…several months ago after watching Gabby Giffords do a terrible impression of being speech impaired, I knew she was never shot.

    Here’s original research concerning 9/11 (that the so-called 9/11 Truth Movement spiked). No, not concerning actors (though they were present for that incident too), but the number of persons who didn’t show up for work in the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001:

    “Another major non-government source of death reports are family members who are eligible to receive Social Security survivor benefits. “In our vital-records analysis of those deaths, we determined that about 70 percent of these people were under 40,” said Susan Craig, a spokeswoman for the New York City Health Department. [Steven] Schwartz [vital-records registrar for New York City] agreed. “There is no question that these were largely younger people,” he said. “When there are younger victims, there may not be survivors” to claim federal benefits. As a result, more than 90 percent of New York’s victims were not recorded in the Death Master File.” – ‘Why 9/11 victims’ names are missing from federal death registry’, By Thomas Hargrove, Scripps Howard News Service, Fri, 09/09/2011 – 11:55am.

    Is this true?

    9/11 Fatalities:

    Americans = 2,605; American Residents of New York = 1,762

    Social Security Administration Paying 9/11 Survivors Benefits To Survivors Though Victims’ Names Are Not Listed on the Social Security Death Index:

    By August 2003, the Social Security Administration was paying monthly benefits to 2,375 surviving children and 853 surviving spouses (which includes divorced spouses if (1) the divorced spouse is taking care of a child under 16; or (2) the divorced spouse is over the age of 60 and was married to the deceased for at least 10 years) of 9/11 victims. In addition to monthly benefits, one-time payments were made to 1,800 members of victims’ families. — ‘Social Security’s Response to 9-11 Attacks: More than $3 million a month being paid to victims’ families’, by Robert Longley, U.S. Government Info, August 2003.

    Because 70% of New York’s 9/11 victims were under 40, the victims’ offspring were MORE likely to be within the age of eligibility for survivors’ benefits, thereby INCREASING the number of those eligible for survivors’ benefits, contradicting both Susan Craig Steven Schwartz.

    With 67.639% of American victims being NY residents (1,762 NY/2,605 total American), we can confidently say that at least 50% of the 853 surviving spouses receiving survivor benefits as of August 2003 were the spouses of New York victims. 853 x .5 = 426.5, so that’s 426 spouses receiving survivors benefits and 426 names that MUST be recorded on the Social Security Death Index.

    426/1,762 = 24.17%

    24.17% is a minimum statistic for New York victims’ names that should be listed on the Social Security Death Index, not the under 10% statistic admitted to by vital-records registrar for New York City, Steven Schwartz. Of course, the statistic of 24.17% is higher since 2,752 death certificates were filed relating to the 9/11 attacks, as of February 2005, and funeral homes would have reported (as is custom) most of those deaths to the Social Security Administration.

    In other words, greater than 90% of World Trade Center “victims” didn’t go to work on September 11, 2001! The 9/11 operation had been planned since at least 1991. Why do I say at least 1991? Because the fraudulent collapse of the USSR took place in 1991.

    So, why did the United States government mount the 9/11 operation, you ask? Simple, if you had been paying close attention to the news:

    For those not clued-in, the collapse of the USSR was a disinformation operation under the “Long-Range Policy” (LRP), the “new” and more suble strategy all Communist nations signed onto in 1960 to defeat the West with. The next major disinformation operation under the LRP will be the upcoming fraudulent collapse of the Chinese Communist government, subsequent to which Taiwan will be politically stymied from not joining the mainland.

    Now you know why Russian military aircraft still have the hated Communist Red Star on their wings/tail fin, and why NEW Russian naval vessels have the hated Communist Red Star placed on their bows. That hated Communist symbol represented the 74 years that the minority Communist Party of the Soviet Union (representing no more than 10% of the adult population) persecuted the majority population, and would have been immediately removed from all such military hardware if the collapse of the USSR were legitimate.

    In other words, the “War on Terror” is a cover for the still ongoing “Cold War”.

    For more on the LRP, read KGB defector Major Anatoliy Golitsyn’s 1984 book, “New Lies for Old”, available at Internet Archive or your public library.
    It just occurred to me today, entities within all levels of government are intentionally staging blatantly obvious false flag operations. Why? To lessen Americans faith in government. Purpose? When the Federal government admits that the Cold War never ended, who will believe the Federal government?

    Who would mount such a “mistrust” operation? Only one entity would benefit: Communist agents within Federal, state and local government.

    • Look at the video I posted below. It shows the photograper running towards the victims and the huge pool of blood, as he approaches them, not color enhanced by still photos. Settings on a camera can make blood (red) look much brighter than normal. These photos were taken in nano seconds which make them look staged, as there are no blurrs, or real movements showing. If the video is down look on youtube at some of the videos, they tell a lot that the still photos don’t as far as activity happening., timing etc. This is real. End of story!

  118. Three questions. Why are the clothes so blown up looking and their skin is so clean? Why are the windows blown outward? Why would a pressure cooker pot blow up a entire area instead of shooting the lid off at a projected direction.

    • Another question – why are they so white (except for one). Boston is full of students who come from all over. Where are Indians and Hispanics and Blacks? It’s just a white-a-thon.

  119. While I don’t doubt there were plenty of genuinely injured people but much of this scene looks staged. It’s been said before but the guy who lost his legs looks too calm and collected and I know some will say it is *shock* but surely you would have *some* kind of reaction that signifies something major has just happened….pain, disorientation, confusion, horror. There is absolutely no reaction on his face.
    The only problem I have about this Jeff Bauman guy is that I checked out his Facebook *fundraising* page and he seems to be active on there, there’s a few pictures of him before and after he lost his legs, and a cousin of his has given his home address out on public for solidarity letters to sent to his mum. So basically, he seems like a real guy who has a job etc. Can all that be faked? Im confused.

    Also, apparently Jeff Bauman’s testimony was what led to the identification and arrest of the brothers. Well he told the police that a man wearing sunglasses, a hat, and a jacket over a hoodie placed a bag at his feet and walked off. After several minutes the bomb went off. First of all, wouldn’t you get slightly suspicious if someone walked up to you, left a bag at your feet, walked off, and didn’t return for several minutes? I would seriously think about reporting that to the nearest police officer. Secondly, his description of the suspected bomber fits neatly with the picture of another man that’s been going around (well, minus the hoodie) carrying a *very* packed looking backpack who was later seen without it. He’s wearing a white cap and sunglasses, sometimes on top of his hat and sometimes on his eyes. He’s also not paying any attention to the marathon. He is with another man who is wearing a blue top. I want to know who the heck these men are and why one has *lost* his backpack. Here’s the link to the pics (there’s a lot so scroll down to the ones with the 2 North African/Middle Eastern looking men):

    There are so many answered questions. I truly believe the two Tsarnaev brothers were also victims here and were set up to take the fall for this. One innocent man is dead and his kid brother will be convicted of crimes he didn’t commit. I am totally disgusted with the US government and its complete impunity for its crimes. It’s proven once again that it’s totally morally bankrupt.

    I feel so sorry for the two brothers and wish there was something I could do to help Dzhokhar. Unfortunately, he’s doomed. It’s the battle of David vs Goliath and he has no chance. They will either kill him before trial, make sure he commits “suicide”, or plant every piece of fake evidence they can to convict him. I won’t believe any of it. If they can do this to one person they can do it to any one of us. We should all be terrified.

    • I’m also worried that he will be coerced or tortured into giving a false “confession” as the US government is notorious for these. Such “confessions” extracted under torture are completely unreliable because an individual being tortured will basically say anything the interrogator wants to hear for the pain to stop.

    • The only consolation about the Tsarnaev brothers is that they might be in on it. I do think that in the months ahead we’ll see that one of the targets of the propaganda will be Vladimir Putin and Russia itself. I’m not a partisan of them so much. But I do understand that their relationship with Iran is one of the things which makes people scared of making a first strike on Iran. What will Russia do if this important Caspian trading partner is at war with the West and Israel? It’s going to isolate Russia too much and they cannot have that. That’s some side speculation.

      It probably isn’t too much of a stretch to think that Uncle Ruslan, who denounced his nephews as losers (on no basis, since if you drill down you’ll see that for boys their age they were doing all right), laid a red herring in the trail because he made it look like a family split. Since he’s in intelligence (that lovely brick house where he was interviewed, in the Beltway area of DC, was my first clue) he would be obligated to supply a lot of stories about their embrace of radical Islam and all sorts of false information. That way any previous relationship they had among CIA assets in Dagestan would be couched as some kind of al Qaeda link. Since we are already at this kind of game in Syria, I don’t think this is a stretch.

      There is some waxwork of Tamerlan, an unclaimed body in a morgue, and the brother is in a federal prison on a former military base, Fort Devens (which may still have military ties for all I know), awaiting not a real trial (oh no, you can’t play with the courts like that) but an alleged plea bargain, to whisk him off the stage. The present moment is simply to gin up the story of radical Islam in Chechnya.

      I only know what I surmise and your local newscaster only knows the piece of paper he or she is given to read. If they ever did serious reporting, they would be fired. That’s why we have to listen to all that filler about the Khardashians between one government press release and the next.

      If this is “far out” , well dismiss it. I hope you have already dismissed the many nonsensical details which proved untrue in the official story that they had to ditch like, well, grenades from a moving vehicle.

      But keep watching the US Russia relationship and the agendas about Iran. That is where this is going. The only problem is, Russia is no dummy. They invented “legends” about people. They invented sleeper spies. They are a pretty good opponent in anything requiring mental complexity. It’s almost an honor to be in the same league with them on this one, if we can hold our position in this great cold war marathon. The ultimate goal, I would hope, is to continue the no-war standoff, even as other countries press for it and loonies in our own require it.

      If I make it seem less dire than it is, well maybe that is just my hope. Maybe I am wrong and we are about to be destroyed by our own government, turned into a Big Brother kind of dystopia, which we are in a way without a doubt for many of our people at the lower end of the social scale. Maybe we shouldn’t wait around to see where this is going. But ask yourself this question: “What is to be done?” It isn’t obvious, is it?

      • Having just looked up the place where Tsarnaev is being held in federal custody, is indeed the case that Devens (formerly Fort Devens) is an Army-controlled facility with Army Intelligence units on the scene. It appears that the prison holds a variety of inmates, including ones described as mentally ill. This is from Wikipedia, but it definitely comports with a view that the prisoner is some sort of quasi military inmate and that intelligence services might want access to him. I don’t think it needs to be said that this is for all intents and purposes a “black box” which cannot be penetrated by reporters unless they are designated as safe to remain within certain parameters. At the moment, it is tempting for people who doubt the perpetrator of the bombing to be concerned about the welfare of Mr. Tsarnaev as a patsy. But that would be a top-down approach to the problem. You’d be reacting only to information you are given, rather than to something more basic to the story. Tsarnaev is therefore not accessible to view, in my opinion, and yet I cannot help but speculate that he will simply plea bargain and receive life in a place like Devens, since it has long-term prisoners. I have no idea how he will be used after than, aside from some collateral purposes, but he will be a symbol of Chechen terrorism, meaning that the handful of Chechens in the US will now do the government’s bidding if they know what’s good for them. There will now be about 200 willing assets.

  120. I’ve actually had a feeling all along that something is not right with the Krystle Campbell story (the girl in the bright blue shirt next to the fence in the photos). The photo that has been widely circulated shows the paramedic with the light blue glove checking her pulse, as her mouth is slacked open and eyes half mast. She appears to be dead or at least unconscious in that photo. Alternate angles show that her leg appears to be half or totally ripped off and pointing in the opposite direction under her body. HOWEVER, the frames here with the guy in the sunglasses also show her wide awake and screaming. There have been widely circulated interviews with the medic tent staff saying that she was brought to the tent “struggling to breathe” and that despite their best efforts she died there. They wanted the family to be aware that she “did not die alone”. Plus there’s the fact that her ID was originally found on her friend who survived? And no newspeople allowed inside the wake or funeral? Even if these are all simply inaccuracies I feel bad for her family, especially if she was a casualty of an orchestrated event.

  121. why is the guy in a wheel chair?? wouldn’t you wait for a stretcher ? wouldn’t paramedics have put in a drip for morphine or something to stabilize him ?

  122. We’d like to take a moment and thank our sponsors for providing the capital to stage an event such as this, first and foremost Adidas. Those white zippered coats really PoP!! They really stand out from the other groups such as the EMT’s with their black and gold which was another combination as they can be easily identified.

  123. Didnt read through this whole blog but something that stands out to me is the lack of blood on the guy with the glasses. With the guys legs blown off, sunglasses guy would have some or better yet a ton of blood all over his chest. Clearly the three of them are actors. Thankfully a true American was able to capture their terrible deception. Sad to see what is and has been going on and how most people are clueless. Even worse if you even mention this possibility you are instantly considered crazy.

  124. right side image show that guy lost his legs are 100% vogt.

    right corner image shows similar chins with some new makeup hair.

    Also people need to see how its possible have to see this you tube video of how army uses people who lost legs and resuse them as crisis actors.

  125. One of the top five moronic things I’ve ever read.
    Tell you what “B man”, I have no idea where you live, but I will pay your airfare to com here and make your allegations to the “actors” faces. You can even stay at my place.
    Let me know. I’m serious as a heart attack. You have my email.

    P.S. That’s Julian Edelman…not Bradley Cooper (LOL)

  126. If there was a camera set up there, then where are the pictures of the guy standing up on his legs before the blast? Show me that picture!

    • Because the guy in the office above wtarting taking them right after he heard the bomb go off and he put it on auto pictures where it took a bunch in a quick time frame. He did not take them before the bomb. Why would he?

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  128. With a pressure cooker bomb full of nails and/or ball bearings everybody within 30 feet would be dead! Also all we see are lower body injuries with no chest or head injuries.The police were near where the bombs went off but they had no injuries? Surely there must be a network of EMT workers who have info on who was treated and what their injuries were?

  129. Reason he was in wheel because they want the world to see him and get angry. Its all part of the plan. If he is in stretcher no would see. Why people keep on falling for these hoax is beyond …I think people are more afraid of than they admit. Reality scares them.

  130. But innocent people are being bombed every single day, authorized by Barack Obama in droning Innocent women and children because they are in the wrong place at the wrong time. Why is this getting more airplay than the hundreds of innocent children Obama has bombed into oblivion. It must be because they weren’t american.

  131. So let’s get this straight… The same people that usually say that “The Government is incompetent and can’t handle money” is saying that they pulled off an operation with dozens of actors and operatives? I’m all for finding the truth, but why is it so hard to believe that two nutjobs made makeshifts bombs? This tragedy sure has the hallmark off an amateur job.

    A real explosives expert would’ve killed over a dozen people easily.

    • Perhaps the purpose was to instill fear instead of killing many. Fear is a potent weapon. Just witness the plethora of freedom robbing laws bestowed upon us by our government to make us feel “safe”. And of course, all the king’s horses and all the king’s men with their DHS provided domestic weaponry and armored cars and automatics couldn’t find one skinny 19yr old nor keep anyone safe. They did a great job of their martial law shut down for ordinary folks though.

    • if this had happened like 15 years ago, you wouldn’t see anywhere near the amount of people jumping on it but more and more people are waking up to what’s going on and have gotten to know signs of a false flag along with the motives behind them.

    • Problem with a conspiracy is that the ultimate evidence there IS a conspiracy is that there’s NO EVIDENCE of a conspiracy. ;-)
      It’s easy for a pro to make it look amateur. :-(

      OTOH, you know why the gov’t might want that “incompetent, inability to handle money” meme might be useful right? So that those REAL “conspiracies” are dismissed out of hand. :-P

      OTOH, I also point out down below, you don’t NEED a conspiracy for many of these things. Below I note that Boston could be done with a lone wolf, let alone a conspiracy.

      How about Sandy Hook? Well, the film “Shooter” shows a suicide rig, using braces and tension to force someone to shoot themselves. It’s a possibility, you get a crisis and a dead “assassin.” 2-4 people max, “empowering” an agency by causing the problem and providing victims. YES, there are evil people out there. Drug up, or bring along, a doped / looney Adam Lanza, after you come by to “inspect the gun safe,” you kill his mom, bring him to the school, kill the kids, kill him, disappear before the police surround the place, then use official badge to escape interrogation. Could even be the father of one of the local children… And if Lanza was drugged up, it might be a one-man operation. Want it to be REALLY tight? One person goes in and starts the shooting, another is obtaining Lanza, Lanza is delivered after the events, mourning (?) his mom, if he even knows about her – and he is taken inside and executed in a suicide pose. Original killer disappears into woods while Lanza is being killed, Lanza’s killer hoofs it out, maybe is, maybe isn’t, seen/caught.

      The objectives in each case are the same, though: Get mroe money, get more power. Elevate yourself by hurting others. Let’s say it’s the ATF, for example.
      So, ONE ATF agent is there on a security detail. Knows the route, knows the places TV camers will be. Has access to buildings while they are inspecting them prior to the race – brings in his home-made bombs while doing the inspections, places them where he can retrieve them on race day, declares building clear, everyone moves on. On Race day, retrieves and detonates the bombs. Is likely elsehwere when they go off, but if not, he died for “the cause.”
      But with the blasts, he’s now given a REASON for “Special Branch” to get more manpower. To ignore that pesky 4th and 5th amendment. To get a bigger budget for next year. Assuming he’s a novice, it’s taken what, maybe a few hours to get some reloading powder or black powder, make a cheap, near-untraceable bomb, and due to position, he won’t even be a suspect. Then just STFU and let human nature take its course. People want to blame someone, they’ll latch on to any “suspect” as guilty. News reports half garbage, half true info. Politicians have their moments in the spotlight. Police power is demonstrated. FBI, CIA, ATF, local police all get ego boost and power boost. To him it’s win/win.

      Is this tinfoil hat stuff? I WISH! The THEORY may be – but people exist who would do this, make no mistake. Germans following orders killed a lot of people, we’re told… All thought they were good citizens, even good people, but they still killed and experimented on Jews, Christians, homosexuals, gypsies… With a clear conscience, too! They were just following orders, protecting the Fatherland.

      Only took ONE bad egg. (OK, hitler, himmler, goebbels, don’t know how many others worked together – but Hitler needed the others, and I doubt the others would’ve made any progress without a Hitler. For them, it was a symbiotic relationship. Same in Communist Russia, and Mao’s China, and Pol Pot’s Cambodia. Just because they were destructive to their host society doesn’t change the fact they benefitted from harming others. Viruses and bacteria invade us, make us ill, but find a good home inside us… Until the immune system identifies them and kills them. Same thing, society is a social body. If the “immune system” goes bad, you’re SOL – the cancer lies to the body, diverts blood bringing nutrients to the tumo, helps the tumor grow, the tumor metastasizes, you dies. Same concept applied to government yields WW1 and WW2.)

      Scary, mostly because it’s NOT impossible to imagine.

      • I agree about the motives for these bombings likely being kind of simple – get more power for your agency. It’s kind of hiding right in plain view. People want job security, they are afraid that downsizing would throw them out in the cold. So create a need for them, create needs to extend “necessary” bureaucracy. Actually, I would almost apply that to the military, who need mobilizations to keep them getting their entitlements and adding on more.
        And too, when some very detached and historically minded people talk about someone we consider evil like Hitler, they always surprise me by describing him as a politician and his organization as a bureaucracy. But it was. And there is a “banality of evil” where everything they do was seen as good. Evil people tend to think they are doing something good. That’s where it is tricky, if we want to avoid doing something evil ourselves. What are the moral standards of someone, anyone, who would do what was done at the Marathon, whether or not anyone actually got hurt? Easy enough to single out the wicked terrorist motive and to disown it.

        But sometimes, you have to try and see it from the viewpoint of whoever did it and ask why they thought it was the right thing to do. Not that you should agree with them. Doesn’t our government lately come up with a lot of flimsy rationales for the way it offs people around the world. When it acts this way at home, it has crossed the Rubicon. Dictatorship will follow if we aren’t careful. “Who do you believe, me or your lying eyes?”

  132. As matter of a fact, as soon as I saw this photo early last week (when it just came out), I was only asking myself those questions:
    1. How come this man didn’t seem to be in agony?! If it was me, I bet I would be crying my eyes out…but I thought it was because he was shocked.
    2. How come I did not see blood dripping on the floor?! mmh…maybe I don’t know any medical circumstance?!
    3. How come only his legs were blown off, and only his?! showing in photos…mmh…maybe he was only unlucky?!

    After it was said that he identified the suspects, I then asked myself, how come he didn’t stand out and say he saw a person looked into his eyes and dropped a bag?! mmh,..then I thought maybe he was shocked?!

    I could never believe this kind of things could be staged, but I kept asking myself those questions which I couldn’t explain to myself properly…

  133. BMAN. I have a question. I don’t know if you or anyone else here knows the guy, smashed his sister, is an EMT or have any medical training. But the question all the bickering here brings me to is….

    Why is Mr Bauman Jr on the floor not bleeding…then in the famous photograph he is having his artery pinched to “save his life” and stop the “bleeding”? I leave this for everyone else to think about.

  134. The woman Krystal who was near this double amputee did die rather quickly. I am not sure if both hers legs were severed or nearly so, but I did see a picture of her lying on her stomach across her leg. She screamed before death in the pictures and was aware. However, the fellow who did not die after both legs blown off is a key witness and that makes it interesting. Maybe he was meant to be a witness but didn’t expect LIVE bombs to be in a bag. I mean, in this day and age who watches an obviously ethnic looking man (possibly Israeli, Iranian, Iraqi, Afghani, eastern European, as Tamarlan could have been all those) place a bag down and then walk off?? Would there be no WTH???? No “hey you, you left your bag” or warning to others to get the heck out of there immediately? Really? would you just watch that bag and not be suspicious?

    • I nowadays wonder about the dead. A girl from China (or is it our ally Taiwan? South Korea?), Krystle Campbell (was she ever in the US military – might she have been killed overseas?). The Richard family with a mother with brain damage, a daughter who lost a leg, a dead child. Awful, huge loss. I have a niece who is in and out of Afghanistan, close in age to Krystle. If she died and someone approached her parents, would they consent to a delayed death out of some patriotic arrangement as this drill might be portrayed? Or is she just an actress like that “student” Victoria McGrath. Krystle is the hard one to place, if it is a drill and someone isn’t committing murder to make it look real. I am not willing to concede perfidy to my masters yet. Call me old-fashioned. I think they believe they are trying to save lives. But they are going about it wrong as usual. I could find out otherwise. I am not impervious to new information. I am very struck by her lovely mother speaking up for her. Looks like someone I knew in Nova Scotia. Never mind.

  135. You didn’t rub me the wrong way, rather the opposite now that I know there are American’s prepared to step up the plate to save this country, not Traitors like the rest of those we’re suppose to depend on to have our backs, rather the horrid opposite. This goes to prove how Evil has taken over the US since 9/11. I speak truth to power. If someone doesn’t like it they can leave my country.

  136. I saw this photo on another site and it immediately struck me that the expression on the guys face was calm, composed, completely inconsistent with what has just happened, as if he was thinking I lost both my legs, oh well, shit happens. I asked several friends who are EMT’s about the lack of blood and they responded, without prompting, that they have seen cases of severe trauma without a lot of blood. I will accept that but I cannot believe that anyone who has just had both legs blown off can possibly be so calm and nonchalant. I could only think of the scene in the first Monty Python movie where King Arthur severs the Black Knight’s arm at the shoulder, blood spurts out, and the Black Knight scoffs “Just a flesh wound. I’ve had worse.”

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  138. I still think the Khazar Zionist Mossad had somehow part in this. After all remember that the Pseudo Republic of the United States is in fact a Zionist creation. Yes fellows, the USA is a full fabrication of these Ashkenazim impostors. No wonder they control everything there. Of course, they founded the place. One thing is certain. The Sociopathy of Zionism has been well exposed. Many people there are waking up to, who is the real culprit of the things going on in the planet. The thing is these criminals know it. They are not dumb. They know their days are numbered. It seems their own creation is going against them, very much like what happened in fiction to Percy’s wife character in her well known novel. Remember lunatic alchemist Victor Franken-Stein: form a creature and sooner or later it’s gonna get back to you. It’s not about the subjected corporate government they own and control. This attack was directed to the people that already has waken up to their psychopathic criminal behavior. Fort the USA citizens reading this, listen clearly: the time has come to become the monster Victor created. Yes, it’s in your hands to destroy Zionism once and for all. Remember fiction can transform to reality when it’s needed.

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    • And we even assume it is glass and not a Hollywood version which won’t cut the actors. The reason I think this new theory is that there is a picture of men in police uniforms standing in front of a broken window.But they are reflected in an existing window. That means the window was a double. Could the outer window be an easily smashed copy made of something like sugar? That way the actors would not be harmed. It is dirt simple to break – you don’t need a hammer or a real bomb. Oh, and I am sure that windows in shops are shatterproof to some extent so they don’t shatter but crack in place like car windows. This is a very important clue here.

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  147. Hello, free speech is always good. People that do not allow difference of opinion is called a police state. Believe me you really don’t want that. So you will have to deal with other people having different opinion to yours. That is what I see here. People who believe everything in Boston was real do not seem to be able to tolerate a different opinion. Enough about that. I have learned to trust myself first and always keep an open mind. Nobody knows exactly what happened here, nobody. What I do know is that some of this bombing looks faked. I am a RN and I noticed something was wrong the INSTANT I saw the photo of wheelchair man.I did not even have to think about the picture, I knew something was wrong. I trust my intuition as it is right 99% of the time where my critical thinking is only right 50% of the time. I can’t say exactly what happened but I know Americans are getting scammed every day. Also when I saw Boston turn into a police state to chase ONE man I was mortified. MORTIFIED was my reaction. I am really concerned that not very many people were SHOCKED, ANGRY and speaking out about this total mind conditioning to accept military all over the place telling us what to do. OMG. Also one last thing, I believe these actors came up through the grate vent next to them, it would have been very easy to do during the smokescreen, I mean the smoke from the bomb. People who are getting upset really need to calm down and learn to work together to solve these puzzles. Now everyone look through pictures to find the grate on ground, I believe I saw a picture with that grate on top of a man at one time. Lets find those pictures. I think the people coming up from below is a perfect opportunity to get the actors in place. Lets do this together. As Americans we need to pull together to be able to do something about what is going on. If there is a conspiracy. Which I think there is. Be good to each other and stand together as divided we fall!

    • I liked your grate idea and it could still have merit, and you are certainly headed in the right direction. I know the grates in NY City are huge and they are access to basements below. Don’t see as many on the streets of Boston (I was most recently on Boylston St. about two weeks ago – I’m there quite a bit). But what someone else pointed out and I never got was the significance of the windows that blew out of Marathon Sports (blast #1) and also Forum (scene of blast #2). They mentioned that these businesses, behind barriers for the day and thus perhaps closed for business due to the race, would have made perfect places for actors to get suited up for their roles as injured people. The reported numbers of injured were much higher than the numbers of actors involved in the show. I could see them getting into make-up in the privacy of that environment, putting on ripped clothes, gashes etc.

      It begs the question whether they would tell about their experience. But if they are foreign (one tee shirt at the scene said Team Kerto – funny Kerto is a set designer in Finland involved in making a Samurai flick in China), and of course they don’t have to talk, they could just fly back home after with all the returning international runners. Or, as is more and more the case, they could be military under orders to keep silent. I hate to think something bad would happen to them for participating in this thing. I like actors.

      So your idea was great and got me thinking, then I found someone else’s slightly more plausible example, but I will be sure to check the sidewalk if I ever walk on Boylston again. I might leave town like those actors.

  148. Get off the crack, man.
    What is it with Americans and conspiracy theories? No other country on the planet has a higher concentration of them.

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  150. The shop that had it’s windows blown out has cops reflecting in a supposedly none existing window. It looks like some sort of screen. These pictures were taken as the smoke cleared. I believe the actors were in that building giving all the time in the world to prepair before bursting out under the cover of the smoke. The flags also served to mask this shop from view in the first footage. The second footage was a cloverleaf stye camcorder shot which spent most of it’s time looking at the smoke and the second distraction blast. Why would windows be blown out not in. The flags being ripped down was all part of the reveal. What we witnessed was a magic trick. It’s interesting to note that Steven Speilburg is pictured helping the wounded ans his presence reported by a number of sources

    • I have been puzzling about that double window, but it makes sense if it was there to screen out the light of actors preparing their make-up. Then you break the covering window (heck, it could even be a scrim made of sugar like they use in the movies). So maybe the real window is the one inside. Whatever. Real broken glass might pose a risk of real injuries which would need real medical attention and create liabilities for the actors. You are so on to something with the double pane.

      “Champagne for my friends, real pain for my enemies.” And sugar pane for my theater company.

  151. The very fact that the image of the double amputee in the wheel chair was shown in the media is proof that it was staged. Normally these things are deemed too “graphic”. Same with the videos of alleged atrocities by the Assad regime. Pictures of mutilated people, dead or alive, are simply not shown in the MMS. Until now that is.

  152. Some of you just can’t seem to see the bigger picture. Yes there was an explosion.Yes there were people injured.
    Yes this did happen in Boston. Yes there are witnesses.
    Letting your emotions become involved in this will not help determine what happened. Calling people morons and trying to guilt trip them is exactly the response that was hoped for from this event.
    Are you serious about saying it was just a couple of guys trying to gain their 15 mins, of fame?

    The media and the ABC agancies have been saying they are terrorists. Yet some of you think 2 guys made a bomb that they made sure would hurt the least amount of people as possible..Do you really think that could be possible? What is the point of being a terrorist in the first place if that is their agenda?

    If this was not a coordinated effort by something other than 2 brothers with a chip on their shoulder, then you better be very worried about your life here in the good ole u.s.of a. because you are not safe anymore going to your own mailbox, going to the grocery store, home depot, post office or any gathering of more than 10 people.

    These 2 guys are the biggest morons if there ever were any. They killed a few people and altered the lives of many and they were blundering idiots that tried to keep injuries to a minimum? Yeah..Right.

    So, now how do you feel about someone saying, “That’s the price we have to pay for our “FREEDOM”…

    No one will even talk about this event in 2 months..They will be too busy chiming in on whatever the next crisis is the MSM leads them to.

  153. fantastic points altogether, you simply gained a new reader. What might you recommend about your post that you just made some days in the past? Any positive?

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  155. I think to the contrary of many being believers, my FIRST THOUGHT when I heard about it was false flag. Sometimes I worry that I am so distrustful I may blame tornadoes on the government

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  157. People’s lives were ruined and you think its fake? I’d like to see you get caught in the middle of that blast and see how fake you’d think it was then

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  159. There are dozens of pictures here

    I looked at them all and I am telling you something is not right. You can right click any photo and choose see the original and see so up close it is amazing. Compare those to these and ask yourself WTF is going on here? There is so certainly something wrong that if you can not see it you are blind.

    Just to point out a few. In the pics in the link.

    Notice where the grey hooded man is.

    Notice how many people are NOT around the amputee, the black woman, the grey hoody etc.

    I admit there is a lapse in the pictures and unfortunately they do not overlap the ones on this page, but they certainly raise even more questions.

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  162. this is horrible what US are doing with the life of 2 young men! they ruined their life and what are they going to do with them, kill them?… this is US who are the terrorist, and now some say that the victims does not exist! it was all a stage, so nothing ! just a good reason to pass Laws and wars!

  163. I am absolutely disgusted by the Boston Bombing truthers, and their callous disregard for the people involved, in their zest to create an alternate reality for everything. How dare you make claims for which you have zero evidence. His name is Jeff Bauman, he lost both legs in the bombing. He is in the hospital. He is not an actor. There are no shredded legs prosthetic, and no EMT that claims to know what kind of injuries result from losing one’s legs has any credibility, regarding Jeff’s injuries and the amount of blood, when we consider how rare IED casualties are in America. Jeff Bauman has incurred astronomical medical bills from his injuries a week ago, despite having insurance through his job at Costco. You people should be ashamed of yourselves, with your stupid lies. Have you no decency.

    • The people who should be ashamed of themselves are the ones who gulp down lies being fed to them without questioning. You are the people who disgust me

      • Then pursue it! Go in person and talk to Jeff Bauman and see for yourself he is real and so are his injuries. He had legs that morning. Until you and bman can prove otherwise you have nothing but false allegations.

    • “Have you no decency” is a quote from someone who was protesting Joe McCarthy’s open attack on a young lawyer with false accusations. The attack used the power of government to hound people, sometimes to death. No one here at this site is doing any hounding, unless you count bloodhounds. Nobody here is causing others to suffer. Decency is not believing what you are told to believe. We aren’t little children waiting for Santa Claus. Decency is calling on all your judgment when peoples’ futures are at stake, when you know something probably intended for public safety has the potential to turn into oppression and dictatorship. It’s the tyrant’s oldest trick from the most ancient play books. It would be indecent to let it pass and fester into real harm to the people, particularly ones singled out as scapegoats. Those of us who deplore the rise of Hitler and the murders and gulags of Stalin cannot simply sit back and stay (while wallowing in our victimhood) “It can’t happen here.” Because it damned sure can. It’s a simple matter of the Goebbels playbook applied. Those who wrap themselves in the flag, ever since 9/11 find they can accomplish terrible things.

      • Dianne,

        Your commentary is insightful and thorough.

        But I must ask you what I ask many people that throw out the evil Nazi/Hitler canard: if you believe the government lies to us about false flags and history in general, why would you believe their storyline about that era in Germany? As an example, they used media deception regarding the various “death camps”, even inventing shrunken heads and lampshades supposedly from human skin, that have since been shown to be lies set to color people’s minds with their version of reality. back then they set the meme for a dubious purpose and agenda, just as they do today. Nothing has changed.

        So, in your opinion, when did they (a) ever tell the truth? Was it before WWII and since then started lying for propaganda purposes? Or: (b) Did they lie before WWII, then magnanimously tell the truth for that short period of history, then start lying again afterwards? Or: (c) have they basically ALWAYS lied for an agenda of control and manipulation?

        Have you ever heard of James Forrestal and what he was warning about until he was suicided (you can read DC Dave’s work on it here by searching)? How Marxist, Communist Jews had infiltrated the government and media, especially the whitehouse, even way back then?

        I began to realize long ago that certain storylines that I believed once, are, too, lies and deception, meant to further our mindset. I have since realized that ALL of these stories from our government and complicit media are to be seen in that light. Including the McCarthy days.

        Your thoughts?

        • Sure the Nazis have been done to death. I really don’t care about the stories that cling to them. They launched wars all over Europe and then “deported” innocent people who were starved to death. I have that on first hand authority and I am one of those people who knows trauma first hand. They did evil in my book, and they almost destroyed Europe by practically inviting the communists in to put them down like mad dogs. I have no regard for them at all. If WWI had never happened, however, they would not have morphed into what they did. By the way, my German ancestors were Prussians. I’m glad they got to America in time.

          • So, is (a) or (b) your answer?

            Did our government tell the truth up to WWII and lie since? Or did they tell lies up until WWII, then tell the truth for that period and afterwards start lying again?

            My mother is full blooded German, born and raised during the war. All her sisters and Mother were (or are) Germans still living there.

            I have been told the truth about the situation. They lived it.

            Who sounded the war cries, the Germans or the Jews?

            Do you know what Bolshevism is?

            I am trying to understand the incongruity of your awareness to what is going on right now with the same types of lies that went on then. There really is no difference. They lie now, they lied then and they lied before then.

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  165. It’s one thing to speculate from a safe distance, but pay attention to what I say:

    I was there 500 feet from the second blast. I heard the powerful deep loud thud of the bomb and felt the massive shockwave on my face. There was power in that explosion. I knew people had been injured.

    I believe that 9/11 was a cover up, I believe that the towers were demolished. I’m not so sure about Boston being the same though. The bombs were NOT fake, I can tell you that much. .

    I’m still not sure what Craft international was doing there, and there are a few other things that don’t quite add up yet. However the two brothers did look very suspicious in the surveillance photos, the way they walked in not side by side. Also, there are photos of the gray backpack that Dkzohar had on earlier left abandoned right at the site of the second blast.

    I don’t trust the official story completely, but I know what I saw and felt there one week ago today. It was very real.

    • My point seems to have escaped you, so let’s go through it again.

      The explosive used was obviously a low velocity, low power explosive, or there would not have been big chunks of the pressure cooker laying around after the blast.

      The government says “black powder” was used, and that would be consistent with the evidence.

      No doubt, “black powder” does “explode”; it will do damage, and it will kill and maim people. It just isn’t anywhere near as effective and useful as other explosives. That’s why it’s not used in modern military ordnance, for example.

      Just like a .22 caliber rifle will kill someone, but a serious sniper would not be using a .22 when other calibers would be much more effective. Do you follow?

      Likewise, using “black powder” in a “pressure cooker” bomb is simply not something a serious person, e.g., a “real” “terrorist” would do, when there are other much more effective, cheaper – and less technically risky alternatives.

      I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the story the “government” is telling simply doesn’t fly.

    • Well hello fellow Bay Stater. I imagine anyone who was where you were may have felt something from those explosions. Can you be a little more specific. Were you a runner when you felt it “500 feet away”? Do you remember what building you were in front of at the time. Please give us detail. I know the place quite well and I want more information. “I knew people had been injured” sounds like you cannot say “I saw people had been injured.” Yet you were there. What did you hear and see?

      I was once in a powerful earthquake in California. It almost had a deep sound to it too. But what really took my breath away was the sound of other people who were afraid. It is deeply memorable. What I did not hear was that they were hurt. And they were not. The absence of your personal sense perceptions in this post concerns me. I don’t know what part you played that day, but I am not convinced you were near injured people, or you would have said so. That’s the problem with this whole story, isn’t it – it’s smoke and broken windows.

      • Hey Bud,

        I was a spectator in front of the mandarin hotel, across the street from the second bomb. What I meant was, since the blast wave was so strong from where I was standing, I knew people must have been injured right next to where the bomb went off. I saw one person with their clothes ripped apart covered in blood before the police told us to “clear the f-ing area.” I didn’t stick around, I was scared out of my mind.

        It is so insulting that all these idiots who weren’t there are trying to convince me and everyone else that it wasn’t real. Wait till you are caught up in something like this. See how real it is for you then!

        • As a spectator in front of the Mandarin Hotel, you would have been evacuated after the first blast and not stuck around for the second. You were in no position to see the results of the first blast. The cops were on top of this Stat and you would have been swept away without getting a look at Forum until after the smoke cleared, which would have been too late for a privileged view. This whole operation is about privileged spectators. Unless you are one of them.

          • Diane Foster you weren’t there so what kind of spectator does that make you? Don’t tell me what happened. I was there!

            No one was evacuated after the first blast where I was standing, as no one knew what was going on. The second blast happened only seconds after. The second blast was right across the street, in my plain view. After that everyone was screaming and running, and I took shelter momentarily inside of a restaurant, before coming back out onto the street and was then promptly told to clear the area.

            I am tired of arguing with you and all the idiots that weren’t there. The bomb was powerful enough to feel a shockwave on my face and chest, and powerful enough to take legs off of people. Have you not seen the interviews of the amputees? Are they just actors? As a fellow Bay Stater you should have some respect for your state and those injured there.

            I commented on this post so that someone might see the point of view from someone who was actually there. I am not media, I have no vested interest, except for dispelling rumors for the sake of the victims. But most of the people here on the blog have already made up their mind.

            I think it’s good to question the media’s accounts of things, and I do think false flag operations have and do occur.

            But those bombs were not benign, and it was the scariest experience of my life. For those of you not believing what I am saying, just wait to be caught up in a situation like this for yourself! Then see how frustrating it is when people try to tell you “it wasn’t real.”

            • I’ll accept that you are still in shock from the experience. I guess I come from a more violent place. I arrived in Boston however in 1974. I have been here since then with two years off for good behavior.

              But we have to distinguish from what we see and experience not just “personally”, because we can say we were there, but what our real senses took in. I was at Palo Alto, California, in 1989, with two small children in hand, when we were struck by the major quake (about 7.1). I heard the screams of children on a playground we were headed for. I heard heavy things crashing on the playground, though I could not see it. I knew from the intensity that people were dying in great numbers on freeways and in the city. The waves of the powerful earthquake were practically indescribable. My parents’ in law were in a shopping mall nearby (they had come to visit in our one year sabbatical home). My husband was on a second floor in an office building. I did not know who was alive or dead but it was terrifying. Neighbors straggled out of their houses, those who were home at 5:15 or so. And the story was told everywhere. But I did not see anyone hurt or dying. My eyes could not see the children on the playground. None was even hurt in the end, in spite of the horrible screams.

              I would suggest that when you took shelter in the hotel, you did not see two people killed and thirteen people badly injured to the point where they would need amputations. When you emerged, you never saw blood running in the streets. You never saw the level of carnage a typical person in the hot spots of the world has seen. Nor what an Israeli saw after a bus bombing or kids gunned down standing in line for something.

              All you have seen has been media-ted, and is second-hand, in spite of how close you feel you were. And your experience of the explosion I do not doubt. Like me you have seen a lot of interviews with amputees. But even though you were across the street from Forum, you never saw a dozen people and the amount of blood which would have run out of their bodies for which a firehose would have been required. The Forum chairs stayed up and the mailbox in front of it never fell off its base.

              That said, I respect that you have had a horrible experience. I hope you can get through it. My skepticism is due to the pictures of the first event, near the finish line, through contemporary pictures meant to be seen by the public.
              No one to my knowledge has any footage of the scene in front of the Forum. It’s where most of the injuries and death is supposed to have occurred. I’m glad for you that you never saw such a thing. May you never see such a thing in your whole life.

              And if you hate me or think I’m a stupid fool, go right ahead. Whatever helps you to heal, I understand your anger. I’m angry too, but not at you.

  166. The answer is in the chronology (pics taken during and after). Details not noticed by casual observer (you have to know what to look for). Overall impression from looking at over 200 photos, videos and still shots: What you see does not match up with what’s being reported.

  167. The first time I saw the picture of him on the ground I thought…where’s the blood pouring out his leg? Second thought was wow that’s some bright red blood…looks like what we painted sheets with for holloween…

    Then I looked at these pictures, and for real my first thought was why are those people layin on him? and why isn’t he (given the fact he appears to be able to raise up) pushing that woman off him? There is also a blonde almost laying on him…the first thing anyone does when touched close to an injury is freek out and want it to stop…and yet he just puts up with it like oh well….

    I am not an expert, far from it. But my son had his leg at the ankle crushed and nearly torn off in a car accident. The seat kept it carturized until he was out of the wreckage. He freeked, flailed around, screamed, cried, and was covered in blood. That type of injury does bleed alot. I was not with him the whole time, but because of the efforts of the EMTs and helicopter personel it took nearly an hour for him to nearly bleed out. They had blood hooked into his femoral artery pumping it in full blast and he still nearly bled out.

    He barely made it to the trauma team that was waiting for him. I can assure you in the condition he was in he couldn’t even identify his own family, or remember what had happened, much less do what they claim this guy did.

    I do not believe he could have survived this given the way it is all being portrayed.

    I don’t know what happened in Boston for sure and no one is going to tell the full truth. Something stinks here for sure…The guys they pointed the finger at first…black hat tan pants black backpack…is not who they killed and captured…who were those guys?

    To many unanswered questions that led to being able to call in a 1000 cops to go door to door…and no one seems to notice how easy it was to yank away the rights of every person in every house they searched in the name of safety.

  168. I’m guessing someone doctored these photos to try and get attention, this is disgusting, I have a friend who’s leg is being amputated today from Newport. This is just disrespectful to all the injured and the deceased. Shame on you.

    • So I see you have a media company. I hope you’ll share the story of your amputee friend with us soon. Somehow, there is very little about anyone who was injured. When he or she is ready, of course. This is indeed a very tragic and sensitive time, no matter how you perceive it.

      Even in cases of sainthood, there must be a devil’s advocate. Unless of course you imagine the government is above scrutiny by the small people who inhabit places other than Newport, Rhode Island – a place whose greatest claim to fame is robber baron mansions and Claus von Bulow.

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  170. I have no medical training and will not make comments in regards to the blood and how injuries should usually occur, however, I believe that every incident will result in different injuries and the human body can do ‘unbelievable’ things when these types of severe injuries occur. While it may seem like he is too “well” to be sitting up etc, I think shock is would explain this.

    MM2(SS) GEORGE stated earlier the order in which casualties are treated. I think this is rubbish – there appear to be enough people on the scene to respond to everyone equally and the medically trained may be able to assist those who were dying/with most serious injuries while the public could have helped with lesser injuries – even if they appear to be quite severe. There is a vast majority of the public who have been trained in first aid. I have and even though I have not done my refresher courses, I believe I would still know what to do if I was in this situation. This isn’t a war on foreign land where you have limited resources or hospitalisation is not an option/ too far away. You wouldn’t have to make difficult choices to only work on people who you perceived to be ‘saveable’ and decide that others will die regardless. It was not necessary to prioritise in this way.
    So, with the above stated, I question why the double amputee is not being tended to like the others?

    These photos show more pictures of what I assume is Kyrstal Cambpell and her pulse being checked – there are quite a few photos where no one is tending to the double amputee. I really don’t understand why the African American woman was put on a stretcher before the double amputee – a wheelchair doesn’t seem suitable for his injuries, surely elevation would be important in this instance?

    I am quite bothered by the wheelchair and the patriotic stories that have emerged about Carlos Arredondo. In the video footage you can see him still holding his American flag. Wouldn’t he have dropped it while running to help?
    I am willing to put this down to pure shock of the incident – sometimes I have found myself doing irrational things in emergency situations. However, the stories emerging of Jeff’s eyewitness account being the crucial evidence in identifying the Tsarnaev brothers seems ridiculous to me and I could maybe believe this scene being “real” but I don’t believe that.

    I also struggle to understand why someone (the hooded man) would take off their sunglasses and then put them back on.

    Sorry if the following should be on another page:
    I feel incredibly sorry for the Tsarnaev brothers. I believe they are innocent and have been framed. As for any resulting actions they may have been responsible for (reports of shoot outs and further explosives if they are in fact true) I wouldn’t really blame anyone for freaking out after being plastered over every media outlet in the world as the “suspects”. They are now referring to their actions following the bombings “haunting” as they attended classes and watched movies – normal behaviour for people who are innocent. There are just too many questions in regards to the “drills” and photos of The Craft members and their backpacks which more closely match the released photos of the shredded backpack which they suspect held the bomb.

    I don’t know about America, but in other countries, it is not practice to call people a suspect immediately. When CCTV footage is released of a “suspect” they use different terminology. Usually they are referred to as a person of interest or a person that “may be of assistance to police”. Media is very careful not to implicate anyone until they are charged. I have seen footage of people who are clearly the perpetrators in the video whose photographs have been released referred to as someone that “police wish to speak with”. As soon as they put up photographs of the brothers I was incredibly shocked – surely plenty of people would be wearing backpacks and caps at a sporting event. They were immediately scrutinised, linked with extremist muslim groups and accused by the world – regardless of everyone that knew them saying that this was not in their character. Meanwhile the real perpetrators are overlooked, possibly intentionally, while the world searches for these brothers. I can only imagine their hours after release of footage that they must have realised the predicament they were in – even their friends wouldn’t want to be implicated with helping to hide the “Boston Bombers”

    I was not surprised to now see articles saying Dzhokhar “may never be able to speak” due to his apparent self inflicted injuries. It was also said that he was not read his Miranda rights. Handy if you don’t want to be able to use any of his responses legally – for example if he claims he was set up and is innocent. I would not be surprised if this boy suddenly dies from these injuries that allegedly prevent him from speaking – injuries which were so severe that he was able to easily step out of the boat unassisted. If you shoot yourself in the throat – I am not sure if you would be in a state to get out of a boat like that unassisted.

    I think there are a lot of questions that remain unanswered and part of me believes that these are actors (oh and by the way – the people saying that Vogt has no arm – a quick google search will show photos with both arms attached – i think it was just an awkward photo).

    One problem I do have is just how many problems would occur with a set up like this. If Bauman was really Vogt or someone else, I just feel that in today’s social media-run society, people will too quickly call foul and friends and family would speak up against any lies. I don’t believe there is any amount of money that could silence that many people. It seems more realistic to plant a bomb, have ALL real casualties and fatalities and simply cover up the actual people who planted the bomb with framed innocent young men from “dodgy” backgrounds. I don’t think it is possible to have that many people stay silent when victims and their families will no doubt be hounded for interviews etc. Unless these people and their families have been bred especially for this one day in their life, I find this fairly improbable to keep under wraps. Maybe the actor and his immediate family could stay quiet but their friends or acquaintances from highschool/work/uni would pipe up.

    One final question – all of the evidence seems to be focused on the initial bomb next to the finish line and there seems to be no information on the second bomb and any resulting injuries. Were all three deaths at the finish line? does anyone else have information and footage regarding the second bomb? I just haven’t heard anything about it at all and all the media is focusing on is footage from the bomb closest to the finish line – just wondering if there is anything suss about the second bomb and why all the focus is all just on the initial explosion?

    It has been really interesting watching this all unfold but I feel like it is a really scary thing too. If anyone is familiar with Melbourne’s Jill Meaghar case you would understand how amazing social media can be when an entire state works to solve a case. When it is not a conspiracy, it works incredibly well and I believe that this kind of tactic by police to help solve cases will become the norm. It is just incredibly dangerous that the world can be told that two specific young men were definitely the perpetrators without being able to defend themselves. I feel like extremists or disturbed persons who would have acted out this crime would kill themselves earlier or immediately after and their running and hiding away is more likely the act of two incredibly scared young men with no means of help.

    Sorry for the long post – but I find this thread and comments incredibly interesting and the people worldwide deserve an answer.

    TL;DR – real bomb, real victims with the Tsarnaev brothers included. It makes me feel sick.

    • I have just read your post in full, Andrea, and I feel heartened by its humanity and belief in due process of law.

      I actually live in the Boston area. My husband works so near the place Sean Collier was shot, I worried for him as he left for work. Why was I worried? Haven’t they dealt with the murderers? That wasn’t my gut reaction this morning. Not at all.

      But everyone at MIT is caught up in mourning for the officer – a real class barrier shattered for once. I do not think that crime has been solved as yet. I do not believe the Tsarnaev brothers can be put at the scene, although many at MIT felt they were in the sights of the bombers after they were told the connection. They imagined the brothers were caught casing out the place for another incident. Some thought the officer might (from inside his car) have recognized them. But why would they even be there? The original story: Sean Collier was called to a “disturbance”. The reality? No one I have heard from at MIT called in a “disturbance” and the patch of campus where his car was found with him shot dead inside is basically deserted at night, nor would people in their offices be likely to call in a disturbance – which is SUCH a vague word, don’t you think?

      First of all, the implication of the brothers in the death of the officer was supposed to have happened just after they robbed a convenience store on a nearby street. Which they did not. The CEO of the store chain made that absolutely clear a few days later. But it seemed necessary for the narrative to portray the brothers as desperate for cash, suddenly cornered and trying to leave town.

      So robbing a convenience store and killing a cop became part of that narrative (one whose shaky premises have not been re-examined by most people and corrected in light of such an authoritative source as the CEO of the company which owns the store).

      Later in the night, they were said to have carjacked a Mercedes and driven around the victim to ATMs in order to withdraw cash for their getaway. Which, I suppose, would make sense if they were guilty, but what put them in the area of the carjacking was the alleged non-robbery and the supposed killing of the campus policeman (whose assailant was seen as a black man of a different size from the brothers – given a recent drive-by shooting and other incidents in the area, not inaccurate perhaps). This night-long crime wave brought on the police and resulted in the death of one of the brothers (if it wasn’t all a “movie set” as some have called it).

      Ultimately, what are the motives behind this incident? Cui bono?

      • Hi Dianne, thanks for the reply. Can you point me in the direction of any articles/statements with the CEO denying there was a robbery if there are any?

        I just find this all incredibly interesting, and that all these occurrences happened while these towns were in lockdown, preventing witnesses of these attacks…

        I would LOVE some video footage from the ATMs and convenience stores backing up the police claims.

        • It’s the director of corporate communication not the CEO who made the statement. She also said, and this is important to note, that the picture alleging to be one of the Tsarnaev’s did not come from the store in Central Square (which would have placed the man only one mile from the murder of the cop).

          By the way there are unsolved drive-by shootings and hold-ups in the immediate area where the cop was shot and MIT is a prime place for burglary in addition to hold-ups on the sidewalk along Main Street. Similar criminal activity has risen at nearby Boston University just over the river, and it involves gang activity by little thugs. That the perp may not be caught in this case should concern the MIT police and the community in general.

          The carjacking I assumed would be close to MIT, soon after the killing. But it is said to have happened in Brighton, a place not on the Red Line which runs at MIT and kind of hard to reach from Cambridge unless you already have a car. I suppose someone could have hopped the Red Line after the killing to get NEAR Brighton, but they shut it down. You’d have to take it towards Harvard, away from the river. Meanwhile, getting on would be risky because of the activity on the bridge to MGH taking the cop to the hospital. Yes, a person might be able to find a window of opportunity, but I am dubious.

          Also, yes, they keep changing the story about the carjacking. It makes no sense. The victim was even left alone in the car and the modern guys who would have known better somehow not only announced their crime but allowed the victim’s cellphone to be left behind with them. I know about how these types operate – I have some criminology
          background and intern experience. Criminals make sure they have nothing which could connect them to a crime. Of course in this instance they had the car (or did they?) but lost the hostage. That would have instantly told them to lose the car. Like now. Whatever was in it would also implicate them. Just abandon it in the Trader Joe’s parking lot or whatever. That they didn’t is another red flag. Remember, the adrenalin is supposed to be pumping and they are hyper vigilant. But we are expected to believe that only Americans are savvy. That’s why we keep getting killed in Afghanistan, Vietnam – we are a lot less savvy rather than more.

          • thanks Diane,
            I (maybe mistakenly) posted my doubts on my personal facebook page and have been riddled with belittling comments ever since (over 170 comments on one status). Everyone is treating me like a fool for not accepting the “clear facts” and saying “as if the FBI would lie” and “the brothers CLEARLY did it” & “but there is so much evidence against them”

            I haven’t seen one bit of evidence which yet implicates them. I haven’t read any articles in the past 5 hours or so, so happy to stand corrected but up until yesterday at least there was only

            – One camera (yes, somehow only one camera caught them out of all the cameras present there that day) that caught them allegedly placing the bag down and leaving it. this footage is in sole possession of the FBI and somehow hasn’t been released.
            – a murdered cop with no witnesses (apparently he was murdered for his gun)
            – a shootout occurring during a lockdown with fuzzy photos from one resident but nothing further. One handgun recovered from this shootout apparently with the serial number filed off (so unless they had ample time to file off the cops serial number… I guess the above isn’t correct?)
            – a yet-to-be-named car jacking victim. if the public can handle photos of a victim whos legs have been blown off being wheeled in a wheelchair, I suppose naming a car jacking victim with some of the most important information in the case would be too horrific for us to deal with at this stage.
            – a confession at time of arrest reported by an unnamed official who gave the information on the condition he remain anonymous. this confession happened before the younger brother was read his rights so is inadmissible anyway.
            – confessions from hospital – information given by an unnamed official who gave information on the condition he remain anonymous “as the case is ongoing” (no shit).
            – a suspect who was able to get out of a boat unassisted, reportedly shot himself in the throat while unarmed but is too severely injured to talk.

            Surely if he was indeed so severely injured we would see some blood on him. I know it is dark but you can clearly see the boat hull is red, so surely we would see red or at least dark blood stains down his shirt? Orrr, are they invisible like his gun.

            This coming after reports that police said he was shooting at them from the boat and poking his gun from under the tarp.

            Yet I am a nutcase deserving 100+ comments from my friends belittling me for not accepting that the FBI could not be lying at all.

            I actually can’t understand how my friends can be SO dumb and blind to this? I am embarrassed for them and for myself. I will be the first to say sorry if I am wrong about this, but I will be prouder doing that than being the first to say an innocent boy is guilty.

            • I think the belittling comments are to be expected. Most people don’t have the time to pick over the event in detail. Just as few baseball fans know all the stats of all the players, most peoples’ minds tend towards enjoying the event. It’s the same way with a movie. Few are critics at heart. Most just want to be moved. Right now Boston is a shrine, complete with flickering candles, flowers and teddy bears. The new slogan (launched from nowhere) is “Boston Strong.” Senator Elizabeth Warren, someone I used to respect, invoked it like a battle cry. “Are you in or are you out?” “Are you Team Boston or Team Lizard-People?” It’s that crude.

              I really wish you success in withstanding peoples’ rebuffing your search for truth and rebuffing your hopes of alliance. I often think of the quote of William Butler Yeats (who was writing about the centuries of troubles in Ireland, reduced in our time to Catholic v. Protestant, but which was in his time – and he was a Protestant Irish patriot – a fight for Liberty, Eleutheria (as the Greeks have it) —

              “Cast a cold eye on life, on death. Horseman, pass by.”

              It is that coldness and indifference towards loss of community which sometimes you just have to deal with. The online community no less than the real one.

              The inner light and inner strength is sometimes necessary. That is why God made Quakers.

              • You intrigue me. I am glad there are intelligent women out there in the world who don’t just do and believe what they are told.

                So many people has said ‘why would they lie?’

                People need to understand that when swift arrests are made, it is often because the idea of these monsters out There is scary and basically people just want to hold someone accountable even if its not the right person. Somehow it’s suddenly better to blame someone who may be innocent than not catch anyone at all.

                Sadly, this case has gone so far and if the boys were innocent, there is no way the FBI would turn around and say ‘we made a mistake’ and if they did they would justify the older brothers death as a victim of terrorism.

                I think if I recall correctly there was a guy shot down in London after the bombings because he was wearing a coat and they thought he had explosives. But the killed an innocent guy and then told them sadly this is an ‘act of terrorism’ because the real terrorists caused us to be on edge and make us fearful. And then. As they are doing now with Boston, they are going on about expenses of the city being shut down saying ‘this is what terrorists want.. To cause disruption to everything’. I think it’s really disrespectful to everyone.

                And for Sean colliers family I am soooo disgusted that they would pin it on guys and not be looking for the actual perpetrator.

                Sorry I really drunk right now hAhaha so sorry if none of this is decipherable!

                But again… You inspire me and I am so glad that there are intelligent women like you out there who have empathy and a strong desire for real justice. it takes an incredible person to believe in the law even if someone is guilty and just be adamant about their rights regardless – some people don’t get this and are like ‘kill him’. I suppose in away its like your 2nd amendment right -choosing to have guns even though you know there are gonna be people who go out there and abuse it and stuff up everything for the responsible gun owner.

                A lot of people do not understand what true freedom and human rights are. Even the worst people imaginable have rights and that is what sets us apart from the undeveloped nations.

                Xx thank you so much Diane. If I lived in America, I would totally be taking you out for a drink and chat.

                I hope you and your family stay safe xx

  171. Where are all the injured? There are a just a few in the photographs. And obviously the guy with his legs blown off should have been attended to first. The positioning of the people around the less injured is idiotic.

    • Here’s a clue. Watch the video of when the 1st blast first goes off (when the camera isn’t jumping around showing buildings, the pavement, policemen running or photographers filming, or spectators on the opposite side of the road, etc.). Look carefully behind the smoke. How many people do you actually see? Are they running frantically away or in place? Hundreds? dozens? Look again.

      Some guy in an office above that site took photos right after the bomb exploded, BEFORE the fence was broken down. It shows very few people. Of the people “running” away, some are merely walking. Of those merely walking is a couple who walk, stop and look back, walk slowly to the building adjacent. The woman’s wearing a yellow headscarf covering her hair. In a later photo of the scene where first responders are all over the place, there she is again, woman with the yellow head scarf, planted between the victims and the responders. I say “planted” because in one photo of the “responders come to help victims” scene, I count at least 40 responders and bystander-helpers and can only actually see evidence of 3, maybe 4 victims. Are these photos photoshopped? That they are being spread via mainstream media tells me media believe them to be true actual first photos.

      Here’s another clue. Play “Find Wally” – except line up every possible photo you can find from the blast scene, pick out one person in it and check every photo to see where that person is and what he/she is doing. Then pick another person. Look at their name tags, ID badges. Hand gestures. Expressions on their faces. Look at the physical position of each victim in various frames/photos or video sequences and who’s next to them. Why are some particular bystanders in every virtually every photo, see first running from the scene, then standing around observing, then checking out a victim, then talking to an organizer, then walking by while the wounded are being attended to. I’m thinking of one in particular. How does a photo taken before the bomb smoke has even cleared, show so few victims (not “not even close to 100). Why does one fellow’s leg (as he lies on the ground) show it footless, and in another photo he suddenly has a foot? Someone is messing with our minds here. As a test to see how many people will notice? or as a time-consuming distraction?

      Just my opinion, but it kind of looks like a drill to me. Not saying no one was actually injured or killed. But I did hear one doctor, giving an interview outside the hospital, talking about how prepared they were (“40 or 50 doctors”, actually say the words “”I don’t actually believe we were locked down, because we technically do that, EVEN IN DRILLS LIKE THIS, but I’ve been in taking care of patients so I dont’ know anything about that” (the lockdown). What did he mean by “even in drills like this” ???? Did he, in fact, think it was a drill?

      Anyway, just to say, I had the exact same question. “Where are all the injured” Why, before the smoke has even cleared, do you have one person mortally wounded, and someone a few feet away with not a scratch on them, just standing there? That part didn’t make sense to me.

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  173. Wow…. this board is so gross…. Yes, fake dead, fake injured, fake phone footages, hundreds of fake testimonies, fake shattered windows, fake smoke, oh wait, let’s go the easy way, fake Boston, this town has never existed !

    • No. Boston is quite real. This show is what’s fake and I am personally insulted by it. It is a direct insult to my ancestors who founded the place. I am sending them a few prayers for help, because I am sure some of them made it to heaven. This is a defilement of my city.

  174. Thanks a lot! once again I know there’re still many people who use brain over the mind to create fake “magical” stories and share it on fb to gain comments, likes, and another stupid people to spread it. Really, thanks a lot! Now I think I see the real truth.

    • But you sure don’t read too much, do you? Or look at pictures and analyze them. You just get mad at people who do not share your faith in the authorities. Sorry. It’s a scary situation when they trick us this way, but if you make yourself strong, you won’t be tricked again. Just try.

    • Thank you for this. Several points I see which I did not take into account immediately about this. One: Martin Richard doesn’t look eight, but a bit younger. I wonder why. Two: the second bombing site, which we have rarely seen, is the restaurant called “Forum” in the British paper, Daily Mail. Few Americans have seen it, except AFTEr they swept it clean and took out the furniture. But this is where the Richard family was supposedly so horribly injured – dead son, daughter with leg lost, mother with serious head injury. You see chairs and you see a post box. You see men in Hazmat suits. You do not see blood in the broken glass. And the chairs are standing up not all helter-skelter. It is NOT the scene of a bombing but of a window broken out. So that’s your SECOND bombing site – just hunky dory. Except for the men in the white suits. What a crock.

      Recently, there was a news report of a woman recovering in a hospital bed from losing a foot, presumably at the site of the second bomb. She smiling in a hospital bed with a pink bandage wrapped around what we are to believe is a stump where her foot used to be. She teaches ballroom dance at Arthur Miller dance studio where Ally Raisman, the Olympian, trained for Dancing with the Stars. Her husband is in the military. In other words, he does things under orders. Which might explain why so many people are in on what may be an elaborate show. They have to be. They are working for the military. This news broadcast was accompanied by oohs and aahs from the anchor about what a brave woman she was and how wonderful she can smile like that with her terrible loss of a foot. What a human interest story. And so the message is reinforced. But I saw where she lost her foot, along with all the other carnage. And I don’t buy it.

      This is creepy. People really do get hurt in this world. And these people are taking the attention away from them for some agenda. Their karma is going to be bad. I hope they realize that.

  175. there was thousands of people there that witnessed these bombs go off with huge explosions. generally, when a bomb goes off, people get injured. these people were obviously next to the explosion that, again, thousands of people saw happen. there would be no need for them to fake injuries, since standing next to an explosion would obviously cause injuries like this. i doubt the u.s. government would rest their “evil conspiracy” on the shoulders of some actors on the street.

    • You could also ask: Why did the plane that hit the Pentagon pick the one spot where there would be the fewest casualties?

      Why didn’t the “anthrax killer” deploy his military-grade anthrax in the ventilation system of a large office building, for example? Why did he instead waste it and only kill a few people when he could’ve theoretically killed hundreds or thousands?

      How did the perps (the real perps) in this case know in advance that 3 people would be killed? And why only 3? A typical bombing in Iraq or Syria kills dozens. Why only 3 here? Because they weren’t really trying to kill that many people, apparently.

      Thus they had to be prepared for a worst case, and had to have some cooperative people (i.e., actors) with some “dramatic” injuries that could be showcased to the sheeple.

  176. “He would be dead from blood lose before they could even begin spinal assessment procedures involved in moving a patient to a stretched.” – This statement alone proves you’ve never worked a day in the field in your life. Immediate life threats take priority 100 percent of the time over spinal immobilization. Your terminology alone screams that you’ve just finished EMT school. Don’t believe a word this moron says.

  177. Flash powder? Have anyone of you even seen the video and the power of the shockwave the explosion created? Or did the government fake the videos or install jet turbines into buildings to blast air at 150 km/h for half a second so it looks real?

    • The explosive used was clearly a low-velocity explosive (witness the large pieces of pressure cooker that have been displayed). Even a good quality pyrotechnic flash powder would have been more effective.

      But let’s face it, a “real” terrorist attack by “real terrorists” (you know, the type with access to “sophisticated” “detonating devices” as the “government” claims) would’ve used a real high explosive, to get the most powerful blast effect possible, no? It’s a matter of common sense.

      Moreover, if you’re going to spend $20 per pound for “black powder” why not at least go with something like “Bullseye” powder, which can undergo a DDT and would’ve been much more effective. Any real terrorist would’ve done something different.

      The use of “black powder” (or equivalent) in this case is a dead giveaway that this was a false-flag job. Nice try though, Junior.

      • these weren’t real terrorists, moron. they were a couple of russian brothers, working presumably by themselves, that did the worst they could with the knowledge and supplies that they had. nice try though, tinfoil hat weirdo.

        • That’s not what the “government” is saying, asshole. They’re saying the detonators were “sophisticated”, knucklehead. But thanks for taking some away from your Talmudic studies to share your “opinion”.

    • I have to wonder why the FABRIC flags flying at the site of the explosion simply flapped and were not shredded as well…..

  178. A few more observations that hopefully others have wondered about also…

    1. Were these the first of the “intelligence challenged” terrorists we should expect to see more of in the near future? I mean, let’s be real for a moment. These guys were/are supposed terrorists and the MSM is trying their hardest to show these guys have some sort of terrorist organization backing that helped them pull this off. They went to all this trouble and years of planning, had to figure out all the logistics and possible scenarios for escape, had detailed plans as to mass potential injuries inflicted on the population, totally planned out the mental effect on the population and the ramifications that would result, and they chose the Boston Marathon for their best choice of mass potential injuries? They could have inflicted more damage in a crowded elevator or a Starbucks for christ sake! The supposed pressure cooker bomb would have been more effective at a crowded bus station or golf tournament, but they chose the Boston Marathon….Very intelligent terrorists…no wonder it took 9000 LEO’s to finally catch them.

    2. Why didn’t they just do this in a crowded college classroom where they had better access and more damage control? Do we now have terrorists that have a conscience as to their actions? You mean to tell me they didn’t want to hurt TOO many people? Just enough to get some attention knowing it may cost THEM their lives?

    3. What was the end result of this bombing from the terrorists viewpoint? Seems like they picked a pretty bad choice of targets if you ask me.

    4. I feel sorry for anyone involved and hope everyone heals quickly, but if you don’t know what “collateral damage” is, you might want to look into it. We will most likely start seeing more and more of it as summer progresses.

    5. Be careful about what you use and trust as evidence. I can take a pic on my phone, photoshop it and have it on the www in less than a minute..It can then be taken and photoshopped by someone else and posted again as conflicting info…all in less time than it takes for most people to boot up their computer.

    Something just doesn’t add up about this whole thing….

      • The explosions happened around four hours into the race, as shown on the display at the finish line. The winners crossed more than an hour before. All the usual followers of the Marathon – press and helicopters, special police escorts – were gone (I live near Heartbreak Hill and have stood there during several marathons, as well as attended closer in when I had friends in apartments near the finish). There was only one reason to keep watching, and that reason was very political and to some people personal. The Sandy Hook parents and others had sponsors running in the race, people who weren’t real pro athletes, the amateurs who bring up the rear. If there was any media attention, which was sparse by then, it was for that. The bombers lost the main chance, but had a message to send with the later one anyway.

    • Not to mention – if they wanted to inflict the most casualties and get the most attention then why did they wait till AFTER the peak, after the main racers had finished and the spectator crowd had thinned out?????

      • It seems associated with the Sandy Hook parents, in that the stragglers in the race included some of their sponsored runners (as well as other charity runners). Imagine being in the grandstands set up for the Sandy Hook people across from the bombings, watching the stragglers come over the line. Nevertheless there would be some press and publicity, though not the ones who followed the top athletes in the sport. Those athletic reporters were long gone. All that were left were the ones who were reporting basically on a political story about the Sandy Hook tragedy and the need for gun control. The bombing sort of would have stolen some of that thunder, since it is alleged that the bombs killed a lot of people too.

  179. I am a truth seeker. I have been looked down upon because of it like every other person that questions anything. All I can say is that whether or not this turns out to be faked in THIS way or any other way, I respect the fact that Bman and other people are asking questions. I respect that they aren’t sitting in front of the TV being fed ONLY what the media wants us to think. I believe that thinking for yourself is important especially in times like this. I believe that if events like this were 100% true the way the media says it is, people that questioned things would not be so looked down upon.

    As for the post. If you take each little frame for what bman says then there are MANY inconsistencies. Even ignoring all the medical crap it does not make sense for there to be no visible blood around the three (amputee, black woman, sunglasses) then blood surrounding them in later pictures not to mention the black woman COVERED on a stretcher (while the amputee lays ignored). If the sunglasses guy really WAS helping the amputee (and not staging things), wouldn’t he have stayed with him the whole time since he was at least not completely taken out by the blast which the first couple pictures prove? But later he is pictured lounging just before he is on the ground being checked out while the amputee is still being ignored. If I was in that situation, I would like to believe that if I was near someone in way worse condition than me I would stay to help them until someone took over. When did he decide to crawl away and leave this man alone?

    As for the hostility in this thread on both parts (for and against the staging) I think it is ridiculous. This all comes down to the fact that people are asking questions. People that are for that should take the questions others ask and allow that to influence their own questions and answers. People that are against it should understand that there are people out there that do not want to believe everything that is set up on a platter for us when we turn on the TV. I understand that its definitely outside of the comfort zone of your own belief system but you do not have to get angry when other people may not believe the same thing.

    It is a FACT that governments everywhere do things they hide from the public and try to cover it up later. Not believing that is like saying we live in a sinless world when all you have to do is step outside and smell the corruption. Who is to say that this government and this event is immune to that possibility? Yes people died, yes people were hurt and questioning whether or not this goes further than two guys wanting to make a name for themselves does not mean we don’t care about that or take anything away from the families that are experiencing loss. As for them, I would like to think they are trying to find out the truth as to what happened as well. They have more reason than any of us.

    Bman, much respect. I hope that negative comments don’t eat away at you like they used to me. I hope you are at the point where you can rejoice in the fact that persecution like this means you are doing the right thing. I showed this to people that are for the most part anti conspiracy theorists and they now believe that the media is not telling the whole truth. If only those two people were changed because of this post then great job, its still worth it. This world is hard to convince otherwise and you got to two hot heads. I am a firm believer that if you believe something is off and do not stand up and say something you are just as bad as the perpetrators. God bless and Godspeed.

    Peace and Love

    • I appreciate this comment as much as any given. I am simply trying to get to the truth, since we are lied to with abandon by our government and complicit media outlets.

    • except you are not thinking for yourself. when stuff like this happens, you immediately go to some conspiracy theory website and become sheep for people like bman. if you didn’t think of this theory yourself, then this website is simply another news outlet you are trusting. it is okay to QUESTION things, but just because something happens, doesn’t mean there is always some conspiracy behind it. sometimes some crazy russian brothers just want to get famous or are messed up and make some pressure cooker bombs so they could hurt other people. sometimes things are just exactly the way they same. ever heard the quote “the simplest answer is usually the right one”?

      • “the simplest answer is usually the right one” – Okay, what is the simplest answer for one photo of the wounded black girl with red jacket sitting on ground before being rescued, where there’s a gaping hole in her left pant leg, revealing her knee, skin and bloodied injury, but in another photo where she’s being wheeled away on a stretcher, she’s wearing a black pair of pants with no tears in it at all (unless it got sewed up somehow before the second photo). Would that be “the simplest answer” and “the right one?” Or were the photos taken on two different days?

    • what makes you a bad person is believing something that isn’t true, especially when you are disrespecting so many people who now have to live their lives as amputees just so you could make conspiracy theories about it. an 8-year-old child lost his life, and all you want to do is make conspiracies about it as if the parents aren’t crying every day for losing their son. as an American, you are a disgraceful citizen.

      • If you knew that eight year old child, my condolences. But if we are being scrupulously honest, the child is either like some little kid who we never knew but who died of cancer at St. Jude’s and who we see for the first time when they solicit for contributions. Have I wept for such children, yes, absolutely. Have I not wanted to throw away the little picture of that precious human being, wanting even that image to stay in the world a little longer? Yes. Have I sent money to them. You bet. I want them to do their work.

        I want my government to work right too. I want them to “provide for the common defense and promote the general welfare” and I want my posterity to enjoy the blessings of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

        This little boy – whoever he is, whatever role he played in the recent events – can be a touchstone for me as well as for you. Either he died or his image was used in deceiving us into something – perhaps even another war.

        I care no less about this Dorchester boy than you do. My great grandmother grew up in Dorchester. My ancestors, her parents, are buried near there. I am not born in Boston, but I have some roots here. I care very much about my adopted city. Very much.

  180. I am all for looking at all possible scenarios, but some of the people commenting here – have you actually seen all the images around showing twisted and maimed bodies and the actual shots of “feet” that have been blown off.

    ** NSFW. Images are graphic & upsetting.**
    Here are some of Krystle Campbell who died, the same girl in blue t-shirt against the fence in the images posted at the top of this thread: (this is after the fence has been pulled down)

    If you are telling me the double amputee was faked, then what about this girl? If it was not a bomb that caused these horrific injuries to her, then what was it? Are you telling me she is not dead and this was faked too? Look at the damage to her lower extremities in the 2nd image.

    And here you see rescuers covered with blood – something else that has been questions in previous comments.

    And just one of the many 1st responders who explains about the injuries:

    Looking at all the footage and images – I am sure 2 pretty powerful bombs exploded in Boston that day. Who planted them or why are other questions.

    • Thank you for this, David. I had not seen these horrific pictures. My heart goes out to all that were injured and hurt.

      But I must say that it doesn’t address the other anomalies highlighted in the post and comments section. I still do not consider the guy in the wheelchair and the guy in the hospital bed looking the same.

      I wish I could get that straight in my mind.

      I will use your comment as an addendum in an upcoming post.

    • Did you know that the “anthrax attacks” of late 2001 actually killed some real people? Yes, some real people were murdered by some real military-grade anthrax…but that doesn’t mean that the “letters” were mailed by “real” “Moslem” “terrorists”.

      In the anthrax attacks, the attacker obviously had access to deadly military-grade material, buy chose to deploy it in a way that would only kill a relatively small number of people.

      Likewise in this case. Some kind of improvised pyrotechnic device was set off in a location and in a manner that it apparently killed some people. That doesn’t mean that the whole thing wasn’t staged.

      Who knows, the 9/11 attackers may not have wanted to kill all the firemen that had entered the South Tower that fateful morning…but what could they do? They couldn’t have hundreds of credible witnesses reporting that the building was structurally sound and shouldn’t have collapsed, could they? Thus they had to bring the building down when the firemen and victims were still inside.

      So you see, even our prudent false-flag planners sometimes have to break a few eggs in the process of making their omlette.

      • That might well be true. But if this was a combination medical drill and propaganda device to focus on a new enemy, then it isn’t a perfect analogy with the seemingly rogue anthrax attack, which nevertheless terrorized the American public enough to want it to attack Saddam, who supposedly had worked with al Qaeda operatives to send it. What a crock.

        All of that lost decade comes back with this.

        I suppose that is why so few people I know want to delve into this – bad and traumatic memories. Fool me once…

    • The png picture looks to be from the second explosion which could have been real and could have caused real injuries and death. Compare the blood there to the blood at the scene of the first explosion and that will convince any doubters that a good part of this bombing was in fact staged. Nobody has said here that ALL injuries and deaths were faked – just the ones that seemed to have the most media available to capture the staged event.

      • does this suggest a piggyback false flag…

        kinda like the ADL/ATF ran out of AMMO on 28 Feb 93 and the ADL/FBI came in to save the day ?

        with the end result being not a budget cut but a budget increase ?

        the old change the subject ploy, with mass murder as a side show ?

        isn’t curious how steel and concrete buildings turn to dust in midair…and psychopaths with nuclear weapons who claim to be Israel are not actually Israelites and studiously refuse to take the SHADRACK MESHACK & OBEDNIGO test to prove the authencity and validity to their claim of being Hebrews…?

    • The first two links are of the same scene debunked by the article.
      The Daily Mail article has photos of rescuers with some blood, but not “covered in blood” as you claim.
      The clip of Dr Levin does not AFAICS prove anythinbg one way or the other.
      These things should be well-known to B-Man so why has he said he’ll include your not-very-helpful comment in his next article?
      What’s going on? Who really is B-Man, that he would even be bothered doing this?

  181. I also noticed our hero cowboy hat guy who supposedly helped the guy who lost both legs is surprisingly clean and blood free? How did he happen to be right there at the site of the blast to help this guy with supposedly blown off legs AND remain so clean such that only his HANDS have blood on them?????? Later I saw an article quoting him where it said authorities had searched his house and taken his clothes and he was quoted saying “I want to do everything I can to help the investigation”. That seems like propaganda to me…

    • Also want to echo what other commenters have said above – why it seems the guy with blown off legs seemed to rank so low in triage priority???? I see people being wheeled away in stretchers well before he appears to be wheeled away from the scene. I see people attending to others much less injured in several of the photos while he lays there with no blood spurting and his fake blown off legs and everyone appears to be ignoring him initially? And it makes NO sense to put a person with blown off LEGS upright in a wheel chair. I would think he would have been a candidate for a stretcher. They even have you lying down to GIVE blood. Medical personnel would have put him in a stretcher if his injuries had been REAL

  182. The explosions themselves were pure Hollywood, i.e., low-velocity blasts with bright orange fireballs, lots of white smoke, and large chunks of pressure cooker remaining to be found.

    Real “terrorists” would’ve used real explosives.

    According to “the government”, the bombs contained “black powder” as the explosive but were equipped with “sophisticated” detonating devices. That doesn’t make sense. Someone that would use a “sophisticated” detonating device would not use “black powder” as an explosive. If a “real” terrorist was intending to set off a bomb to kill and maim people, he would use the most effective explosive he could get.

    If you can get a “sophisticated” detonating device then presumably you can get ammonium nitrate or chlorate based explosives, if not something even better.

    When using low velocity explosives, e.g., “black powder”, in something like this, the effectiveness of the bomb will depend very much on the details of construction, i.e., the design and size of the container; the particle size of the explosive; the type of initiator, e.g., fuse, #6 detonator, electric match, etc.

    Thus for this type of bomb, prototypes would need to be built and tested…otherwise, how would the bombers know, for example, that that the top would not blow off the pressure cooker first, directing most of the blast ineffectively upward, instead of outward?

    Moreover “black powder”, in addition to being not a very effective explosive, is also expensive ($20/lb or so) and increasingly hard to find, especially in quantity..

    Where did the brothers get the thousands of dollars for the 100 pounds or so of black powder they would’ve needed for construction of the devices and prototypes, and where would they have built and tested them?

    This reminds me of the government sponsored “anthrax attacks” where the attacker apparently had access to sophisticated weapons-grade anthrax, but used it in an almost benign, childish manor, causing far less casualties than he could have, had he chosen to actually use it properly.

    This also reminds me of the so-called “underwear bomber” (the mysterious “terrorist” who was somehow able to board an international flight without a passport and without going through a security check). The “underwear bomber” had some PETN, a powerful and relatively easy to detonate explosive, but was somehow unable to detonate it.

    In light of all the apparent facts, the Boston Marathon bombing was clearly another “government” sponsored false-flag attack.

    • You just got me thinking of something else about the un-suitability of the pressure cooker bomb (apart from the lid being intact after the blast). It’s more about the propaganda around it. If you were in the government and you saw that the bombers had constructed a clever WMD out of common parts, why would you publicize what it was and show how it worked in cut-away illustrations? It made me instantly want to go out and buy one to see if I could take it out to some desert and see how it worked. And I’m just a girl.

    • Now they are saying the explosives were from fireworks, and they can connect Tamerlane to a purchase of fireworks in New Hampshire last summer. So what kind of explosive power do fireworks have?

      It raises another thought about a their thinking they were involved in a prank – admittedly a stupid one – but then again even in this we are reliant on interested parties, parties I am beginning to believe want Russia to crack down on Chechens so they can divert Moscow from opposing us in Syria and in Iran. Just think – Moscow full of far worse terror attacks, putting the power structure into jeopardy, splitting the Russian people… That’s maybe the big picture started in Boston.

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  184. Holy crap what some comments. Boot licker’s believe it happened and chanted USA. B’man you hit a home run with this one. I can’t add anything to this post. Well done. Lack of blood and all for the amputee. C’mon man. Wow!!!!

  185. I am so utterly confused by your blog posting I don’t know what I am supposed to not believe or where I should be screaming at big government to tell the truth…

  186. This one is easy, Where are his shoes? Kinda an obvious observation, but these are usually the ones overlooked, was he walking the streets in bare feet? I don’t know but I can’t see any spare shoes in the photos, just a thought.

  187. Couple of things: I was looking at still photos of the doctors and emergency personnel wheeling people away from the scene either on stretchers or on wheelchairs. But I noticed none of the doctors/emergency people had any blood on them or their gloves. Doesn’t that seem odd? I would think if they were stopping blood, bandaging, or picking bleeding people up ,they’d get blood on themselves and their gloves.
    Secondly, I was looking at a couple of still photos taken right after the 1st bomb exploded (before the fencing was removed) and I don’t see the little boy or his family there, and I don’t see the Chinese lady there either. There only looks to be maybe 20 people lying on the ground, and of course, the photos I saw maybe were from a bad angle, so maybe it didn’t show the people who were killed, but it’s so weird. When I went back to see if I could find out which location the three people were killed at, it seems to say the little boy was killed at the first bomb site. But I don’t see a little boy or a family there.
    Third, I wonder why medical personnel wouldn’t wrap open and gaping leg-blown off wounds in gauze to wheel a guy down the street.

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  189. How in the hell does one get a pressure cooker to fit in a backpack? I just tried it and mine doesn’t fit in my backpack…Wouldn’t someone notice something so large clanging around in someones pak as they walked down the street?

  190. What about Kristle Campbell (the girl in the blue top) who had her leg blown off and died closeby – was that an act too?

    • AGAIN I say – why no graphic pictures of blown off limbs???? Witnesses reported limbs flying by them at the scene – so it’s awfully suspicious none were captured in any pictures. IF they were blown to bits you would still see massive tissue laying around. All I saw on the ground was nice clean looking blood… not convincing…

      • As a former marine (0331 -m-60 machinegunner 1978-1982) I have to make an observation that no one has hit on yet. I have been around enough exploding ordinance to know that if you do not use adequate ear protection near ANY blast or high caliber round going off, your ears will ring for hours, sometimes days. Most people within a 50′ diameter of that blast in Boston would have been rendered practically “deaf” for some time. One commenter even said there was a “shock wave” that sucks the glass out of the store nearby. While I partly agree with that, I still know that I can fire off one round with a certain large caliber pistol I have and if I don’t have earplugs in, I can’t hear for hours.
        How were all thee people able to understand each other after that blast? No one seems to have suffered any kind of hearing problems or I just missed that in the reporting…….

        • I grew up with a dad who was deaf in one ear from having been an infantryman. Not only that, he talked about “a bloody mess” that he once saw after something (he was probably thinking out loud), and I had a rather vivid impression of something worse that what we see in these photos.

          I think it’s time for Mythbusters. They never would defy our government however. But maybe a private mythbuster to see what this kind of ordnance would do to a few dead pigs, or whatever.

  191. Nobody has looked into where the supposed body parts ended up that many said went “flying by” them – I don’t see any severed legs, arms or feet in the “graphic” photos. That is a red flag to me…

  192. Reblogged this on Wade Venden and commented:
    I can’t vouch for this information, but it seems like the kind of questions everyone should be asking – especially about the lack of blood from the double amputee injury. What does it hurt to ask questions? In a free society, it hurts nothing, but in a police state, it’s against the law. Which one do we now live in?

  193. Easy to contest all your paranoia, first, this is a 3 or 4 seconds sequence. So, have you really medical experienc like you say ?….Than, im pretty sure the 8th pic is a fake from yourself. People… just OBSERVE and THINK, OH YES !!!

  194. The bomb exploaded and the shock from the bomb made his blood go back in him. Its the truth. Theres no way the government would lie to its own citizens.

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  196. Thank you for speaking up BMan. This proves beyond doubt that the “criminals” are Government employed. I would hope that some of these “used” amputees would now come forward with the truth or are they prepared to be called criminals as well. Now this also proves that Fed and local cops have been involved in MURDER of the so called terrorists. We have seen the real bomber on video and he is a bloke in uniform wearing a cap and backpack with a white emblem on it. The same emblem as on the backpack with blown pressure cooker. We must now ask were there any real casualities?

    • I do not believe that the younger Chechen is the same man with the white cap in the photo presented to us. The man in the white hat is much older than 19 – his chin is flat on the bottom and his skin texture is hard from years of shaving. Dzhokhar has a baby face. Now I have to wonder if either of these kids were involved at all….

      • Now that you mention it, yeah. The Tamerlane lookalike is wrong in the mouth area too, in that it is rather droopy and Tamerlane’s is not. The older guy in the photo looks like a “heavy”, mean. The actual prizefighter looks friendly and handsome.

  197. you must be a muslim. to think that a developed country could stage such a terible thing. then shoot dead a man and arest another. the devil speaks through you. must be a muslim.

  198. COME ON! americans could have used a real blood to make everything as perfect as possible. They are not stupid. They can even make an alien look real in a movie. hahaha! I bet the believers of this hoax are too emotional that they easily deceived with what they just saw here. That’s all

  199. I speak from personal experience as I had my left leg artery(just above and to right of knee) severed when went through plate glass window and I lost three an half litres in about 2mins. people had to stand on my groin to stop the blood gushing out.

    There is no way in this world that man has had that kind of trauma and A, shown zero pain and two, without leaving a trail of blood in his wake, no no way.

  200. Whoever said that this act was staged is a complete idiot. How can you stage 2 blasts and fake injuries, deaths, fears like that? If this was indeed staged as you said it was, why were there 2 suspects? 1 dead and 1 captured. Are these staged as well? With a strong blast like that, would you have time to fake severed legs within seconds? I highly doubt it.

    Also, Imagasser was right, you think being an EMT qualifies you to make such outlandish, ridiculous assertions that are not based in fact. Think again.

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  202. I agree with this post. It makes perfect sense that the government would stage these bombings. Clearly the government does not have access to an EMT, nurse, doctor or other individual with medical knowledge that could help make their fake injuries look realistic — but the public does thanks to wordpress! The color of the blood is also understandable, as no one in the government is likely to have ever seen blood before.

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  204. you should consider removing the posts of those who are trying to explain this away – they’re in on it too and know that people who want to believe in their government need only see 1 possible explanation for like 20 things before they go away still thinking it’s legit.

  205. I especially love how you have the guy going from setting up the prosthetics to having the prosthetics in place in 2 frames. Elapsed time would be less than 1 second. That’s either the worlds slowest camera or the worlds fastest hands.

    There are photos that put Tamerlan right next to Bauman. The bomb was literally at his feet. There were probably pieces of his bones lodged in the other victims. Think about that. Google Krystle Campbell and look at the photos of her screaming as her body collapses on top of her mangled legs. Listen to the explosion. Watch the force of it. Unfortunately there’s nothing fake about it. Maybe you just can’t believe that something so horrific could happen here in the US. I wish you were right.

    You really need to stop letting your hatred cloud your view of reality. Otherwise you’ll never be viewed as anything other than a gang of crackpots.

  206. You need to learn how to find real truth and research properly. Many intelligent and qualified commenters did a good job of debunking your claims. I could see numerous flaws as I read this because I have read almost every story on the bombings out there. You don’t even seem familiar with information that’s mainstream like the story of the cowboy hat guy (Carlos Arredondo). Also I’ve seen enough gore videos of war like the Syria stuff on LiveLeak to know that people can do amazing things with brutal wounds. What’s sad is that there is indeed lot’s of conspiracy going on with this story and cover up. But, you’re on the wrong track. And the Truth is stranger than fiction.
    I seek truth and I’m not afraid to find it.

  207. I don’t have time to read through all the comments, but did anyone notice when he is on the ground prior to wheelchair is face is completely clean and in wheelchair he is dirty all over, especially the face!

  208. All Bullshitting aside, look at the poor staging of this. Wheelchair man on the ground in the photo, look at the one after the other woman is taken away. Notice he is laying in the fake blood, Notice no cut to his cheek, now the clincher, NO BEARD ( Go Ahead Blow Up the Picture). Then look at him being wheeled away with a cut to the cheek and a BEARD. Can you say FUKUP!! The real story is posted by jeromeennis above.

  209. Unless they gave Vogt a nose job recently and he had his hair done differently, that is not Vogt in the wheelchair. As for the guy in the hospital and the guy in the wheel chair, i dont see any news reports providing names yet. My understanding is that there were upwards of 20-30 people that lost limbs, some one some two and others three.

    Sorry Charlie we want tuna that tastes great not tuna with great taste.

  210. I agree. From the first moment I saw these photos I knew they were staged. Also when you think about it supposedly this man woke up from surgery and identified the suspects. First having your legs blown off you would loose lots of blood and be in shock. So chances are you aren’t paying attention to any details. But he claims he made eye contact with him. Well the suspects were wearing sunglasses. Also most people are so completely unaware of there surroundings espevially to pick someone out in a large crowd and remember specific details. There was no crime in progress that anyone was aware of for this guy to be taking mindful notes of someone looking suspicious. Why? Because he was wearing a backpack? Most cops know that even someone of sound body and mind can’t clearly identify an assailant even when they are aware of the crime taking place. Eye witnesses have different accounts of what actually occurred. So it doesn’t make sense to me that being in shock, having surgery, waking up from anesthesia and being heavily medicated with strong pain medication that this guy would be able to identify someone.

  211. Having spent quite alot of time in, around, and with a trauma room, I will come quickly to my point: its fantastic! Your dictator pro-tem and wanna be king Barry did this to get you Americans used to not only chaotic scenes such as this, but to get you to be desensitised to LARGE NUMBERS OF ARMED MILITARY in the streets, as well as get you all to not only give up your 2nd amendment, but was patently designed to make you want government security and all that was so he could take your weapons. And why then, is there no more state-run-media reports on the little boy who perished? Where is his father and why are there no news agency reports on the survivors? Having served in active duty AND seeing first-hand the damage from shrapnel and concusive forces, its pretty surprising that so many people are not only conscious, but standing!! The medical assertion of the original poster is spot on, and just as many posters have already pointed out, this was staged just as Colorado was and just as Sandy Hook was. And of particular interest is the exact same three Sandy Hook policemen who were hailed as heroes are at the finish line exactly at the blasts detonation, as well as the alleged dead principal of Sandy Hook. These people should have their SAG cards pulled and be JAILED for acts of tyranny against the people of the United States of America. Of paticular interest is the heavy-set woman in frames 14-20. Note she is looking STRAIGHT at the actors as they don their costumes. Where is she? Is she part of that conspiracy and if not, why has she not xome forward?

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  213. You people are all crazy!! I worked in the ER that day at MGH and I can tell you it was NOT fake. You should all be ashamed of yourselves for disrespecting the pain and loss that these families have endured. Obviously you have never had to experience this type of trauma you are all to busy cooking up conspiracy theories! Get a grip. Would love to see you walk into the hospital room of one of the blast victims and tell them their amputation is fake. Or tell the families of the three that died that they are not really dead. This isn’t a video game people…you don’t just hit restart and everything starts over. You people are losers!!

    • Yeah, having an EMT-B state his experience and education is like having a secretary state she is an experienced psychologist because she talks to people on a regular basis.

    • No one is saying that nobody died, just suggesting that the truth is not being told, that this scene is maybe just that, a scene set up for a purpose, that maybe the story is a manipulation for ulterior motives (glass blown out instead of in). It is strange that someones legs could be blown off and the person could be that awake, very little blood on him, his clothes, wheeled off in a wheel chair, no blood trail, and wide awake posing in a few days with his favorite star. Usually with these horrific stories the person is put into a drug induced coma for humane reasons because the pain is so great. This is the guy that ID’d the supposed bomber so it is suspect. But that was after they had another suspect taken into custody that all of a sudden wasn’t. No one is disrespecting the pain and loss that these families have endured or suggesting someones wake and funeral are not real. And if this guy that lost his legs is doing that great so quickly then that is great, but is it true? That’s what is being asked.

      Also, where are these groups of celebrating people coming from? How do they just happen to be there having a celebration with a camera crew available when a capture is announced? This makes how many times this has happened?

    • “The” ER at MGH? Which one? Have you ever been in the family waiting room? It is normally crowded with people waiting the outcome of everything from gall bladder surgery to a motorcycle accident to some kind of mysterious internal bleeding. Meanwhile, people are being wheeled in from the ambulances right down the halls, and some look to be gunshot victims from the immediate area. I hung out there once for three weeks because a family member was waiting for the right surgeon but too sick to leave. I explored. How you can tell which patients are being brought in for what and how many I just don’t know, especially if, unlike me, you are working there and under the orders of your superiors. It is a mystery to me how you expect us to believe your “expertise” in this.

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  216. You aren’t being completely accurate in the way you are putting this across. If you are an EMT then you should know the system called START, Simple Triage and Rapid Treatment, or at least the theory behind it. When dealing with a MCI, Mass casualty incident) If one is Expectant (double amputee) they would be handled LAST along with the deceased. Critical first, then minor injuries then the dead and dying.

    I do agree though, you would think there would be more blood.

  217. what about the other parts of the leg? is it possible for the other parts to just disappear? like, i know they’re saying his legs got blown up but what about the parts that got blown up? where are they?

    and blood seems a bit more thicker, not like that…but who knows really.

  218. It looks to be a well staged exercise. Why? Homeland security needs to be financed and if they do not
    alert the local populace budget cuts will come about. I was an intelligence officer for many years, and
    mock exercises are designed to make it look real. It is similar to 9/11 and the US government introduces
    something called “management by crisis”. They focus on one area and after a number of years that
    crisis is closed down and another is started. So, it is a continuous cycle. They go from one to the other,
    and people fall for this.


  219. The store behind the explosion which had it’s glass blown outwards would most likely have been a staging area for the operation, notice how the store ‘Marathon Sports’ is the only store to lose it’s glass frontage. The period of time the smoke lingered would have been ample time to set up photo ops and given the preparation involved, timing would have been practiced and perfected.

    People say that, still obscured images are hardly evidence, but wholeheartedly accept the still images of the ‘suspects’. Forget the quality of the images for a second, when ‘Bauman’ is lying on his back and the black lady is no longer present, the next picture shows her in a stretcher. It would be reasonable to assume that priority would have been given to ‘Bauman’, especially where a stretcher is concerned. Thats just one of the anomalies.

    Everyone wasn’t involved, but most of those around the so called blast zones most likely and created a buffer zone(particularly by the ‘stewards’ or guys in yellow) from genuine first responders, runners and members of the public. Most of the surface narrative sound plausible and reasonable and therefore a lot of people have accepted and I myself did initially, but the medias own conflicting reports raised doubt, which has led to this. And given the precedent of Sandy Hook, this line of thinking becomes less incredulous.

    Ironically the ‘deceased’ have become a smokescreen for scrutiny, but the deaths themselves are brought into question so dishonoring the dead is a non issue.

    Is Martin another ‘Emilie’ (Older version with younger version).

  220. Just wanted to let you know that FB is filtering this page out as spam, saying the content is unsafe. Typical! Thanks for the article, I’ve passed it on to several other friends who were EMT’s. They too, questioned everything your article covered. Thank you!

  221. I think what the retired Lt Col is saying is true. We have been manipulated for some time now, with the invention of the media, news, etc. This is what hitler, moa, stalin and every despot thruout history has done. Why would it be different here? They create the problems and then blame them on someone else. It’s what has destroyed the middle east. Everything has been the Jews fault since the beginning when the ones in control were causing all the problems, impoverishing the people while they became so wealthy. Why did we go to the middle east in the first place when we had so much natural resources here in America, just in Alaska & Texas alone? Why was the EPA created?, to keep us from using these resources, scare us into manipulation. If it’s not safe here, why would it be safe there? No one is saying the bombing didn’t happen, just that is was a set-up to manipulate us, and it worked, MA shut down by govt order. Does that not scare anyone? You can tell some of these comments are people who go to websites to help in the manipulation. Anonymous especially. They are called useful idiots, such as in the gay marriage agenda (military, boy scouts-neutralize men), abortion on demand used to destroy millions of women, races of people, all built on lies. We have an enemy and he has been around since the garden telling the same lies, ‘has God said?’. He is good at manipulation, coercion, subversion, distraction, deception. To think this administration is not corrupt after this point is either to have your head in the sand or you are part of the problem. All you have to do is wiki their associates, history. My goodness people are you this blind. Obama’s best buddy, backer & probably ghost writer blew up govt buildings & then taught in our colleges. His mentor Frank Marshal Davis was an admitted pedophile and communist. Both of these stories & their books are published. Obama is governing from their playbooks. Read them and deny it. Most of the people in our govt think Stalin, Mao Tse Tung & Che Guevara are good guys. Hitler learned his best deeds from the Muslin Bro who are in our govt offices now. Hillary Clinton’s aide Huma Abedin’s Father, Mother, Brother are Muslin Bros. I keep asking the question, Are you really this blind, those of you who think we are not being played? The Middle East Arab Spring was all about the MB takeover of the Middle East. Bengazi was gun running from Lybia to Syria just like Fast & Furious to Mexico. Why do you think they are keeping our borders open? (Also to destroy the economies of TX & other border states) Who are the Syrian rebels (MB)? Why are we helping them to get rid of the leaders in the Middle East that were at peace with Israel and the US? Why do so many people think there really is a Palestinian people group? Why did obama just give a speech in the Middle East in front of a picture of ‘The Father of Terrorism’ Arafat who created the entire Palistenian scam after years of telling the Arab people that all their problems were caused by Israel, but he has to cover a cross when he speaks? Obama is telling everyone hear all the problems are Christians, right wing nuts, gun lovers. Do you not see all the staging he does? Health Care standing in front of Drs with robes on no less, that alone should scare you. Then Sandy Hook, using the children to drive home gun control, gun control standing in front of police. They have been staging crime scenes in the Middle East against Israel for years and CNN, etc have been willing participants (this is proven). Why would they not be doing this here? Are we special somehow?

  222. I believe the young girl in the blue t-shirt against the fence in all the images at the top of this post, is Krystal Campbell who tragically died. What is your explanation on this?

    • Where is the family video or proof that she died? Is there a documentation from her workplace, school, etc of her absence because she is deceased? What does Krystal Campbell have to do with the wheelchair photo? Is it a red herring that the US military, Israeli Mossad and Israel Defense Force uses to derail conversations?

      Speaking of which, why did Israel authorities decide to intervene in the investigations knowing that their training has evolved American police into ruthless killers?

  223. Come on guys, I’m all for speculation…but at least be logical about it. You can sit here and pour over these pictures determining why something is fake, but you’re overlooking so many MORE things that indicate it is real.

    When coming up with a conspiracy theory, at least try to look at it objectively from both sides of the coin to see if your own theory checks out. I know this will be very difficult for you, but if you were to do this same exercise, assuming that this whole thing IS fake, you’d come up with a lot more reasons telling you that it’s real. You scrutinize the hell out of these pictures looking for every little thing that looks out of place, but do you then turn around and do the same thing with your own theory?

    1) In the few seconds that it took the smoke to clear, think of all of the things these actors would have had to accomplish. Remember, these were people busy pouring fake blood and applying prosthetics.
    a) In the first picture, how was the fence literally blown apart? Is Krystle the actor in charge of busting the fence up with her bare hands in just a few seconds before pretending to die?
    b) How do you account for the sheer amount of wreckage and debris everywhere?
    c) What about all of the torn clothing? There are pictures that were taken seconds before that show the same people with clothing that is in perfect condition. Did they all have knives on them to poke a bunch of holes into their clothes?
    2) How do you control for all of the random people walking around at a publicly accessible event?
    a) Anyone could have walked by at that moment, saw the fake bomb go off and people pouring fake blood everywhere, and wondered WTF was going on. I’m sure we would have had many detailed accounts of this by now.
    b) What about all of the random paramedics/people that show up to help? Do you really think they’re going to be fooled by fake blood and prosthetics? Even the movies have to use CGI to make it believable when it is a close-up shot.
    c) The people that died, did they just pause their heartbeat to fool those said paramedics into thinking they were actually dead?
    3) What about the physical remnants of the bomb? These are all things that a flashbang wouldn’t be capable of…
    a) Nails and BBs all over the place (some fused to the metal grate at the bomb site)
    b) Backpacks and clothing torn to shreds
    c) The huge flames/clouds that erupted in the video (how the hell can you actually watch that and assume no physical damage was done to anyone in the near vicinity?)

    I already know your answer…it was ALL a setup. Everyone involved…from the suspects, to the victims, to the paramedics, to the police officers, to blackwater, Obama, Osama, etc…had a plan, and knew what they were doing. That’s hundreds of people right there. Then, you have to consider people who knew the victims. You’re presuming that Jeff Bauman was already an amputee…how many friends/family members would then have to be “in on it” to not call BS on his “lost my legs at the marathon” act? You’re talking about a cover-up that would entail tens of thousands of people, at minimum. It’s not even remotely possible…

    I know I just wasted my time writing this…you guys can’t argue logic so you just resort to attacking the person who posts it. I’d be happy to come back here and have a rational debate over whether this is real or not, but I know that’s not going to happen. But I thought I’d post it anyway in case someone a little more objective is reading through the comments. Maybe I can prevent someone out there from believing this BS.

    • At Last!! someone with some sense… it’s easy to be fooled and we all love a conspirancy theory nut Res Logician is right … too much to cover up.

    • I love you for posting this!! I am a retired Army Intelligence Analyst, this was real! Everyone will see when the rest of the investigation comes out and after Dzhokar wakes up completely to do his full interview and all the evidence from the convo can be gathered.

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  226. YEAH. Just like 9/11 and Columbine this is all shit staged by that baboon Obama and the feds to ruin our country! We need to rally up the country and start another civil war to reclaim the freedoms our government has sought to take away from us!

    • Obama wasn’t in office when Columbine and 9/11 happened…..but the American government was around back then…try to make the posts accurate because the American military shills and Israeli Mossad are working overtime on the cyber operations behaving as Grammar sceptics and trolls.

    • Questions-
      1. What makes the post retarded?
      2. What is the thesis of the post?
      3. What could be disproved?
      4. Did you read the entire post?
      5. What sections of the post don’t you agree on?
      6. Can you disprove the items you disagree?
      7. Can you prove the items you disproved?
      8. Are the items you disproved credible and able to be scrutinized?

      If you can’t answer those questions, your one sentence rebuttal has no meaning or credibility.

  227. Monsanto is using terrorism to prevent lawsuits???Darn…those bio-tech food corporations are playing invincible…

  228. nobody has explained the bottle of blood or the glass that has blown outward, people just don’t want to believe the govt would be behind this even if nobody died, even with the indictment for war crimes that followed the next day, even when bin laden is killed the day after obama’s birth certificate was proven fake – distractions and you keep falling for it.

    • the Boston masscar occured on the same week that persons were suspecting that the Federal Reserve or some rich person was purposely driving down the price of paper silver and paper gold to scare people and make them sell their precious metals at the cheap prices……

  229. Hmmm…how come there is no blood dripping from the 2 amputated legs??Not even a drop is on the ground even when the fresh “flesh” is hanging towards the ground…But in good ole America asking those questions infuriates the mainstream consumers ain’t it??? Something ain’t right about the news reports and photos…I’ve watched plenty of war crime videos and Mexican decapitations via Bestgore website to know that when deep wounds are fresh the blood drips even a drop drips…

  230. You heartless imbeciles. That IS REAL. THE PHOTOS WERE EDITED BECAUSE IT WAS TOO GORY by the New York Post!! It’s a wonder the man did not die with all the blood he lost.

    Go get some psychiatric help.

    • The photo with the cowboy man escorting the amputee in a wheelchair has been photoshopped ???to hide the dripping blood?????when the amputee’s GORY leg wounds and hanging flesh is there in full resoultion? Does the New York Jimes have time to photoshop every drop of blood dripping on the pavement????

  231. Let’s do the math: two legs X two veins X two arteries (pumping blood) @ 85 bpm/60 sec X (with a pressure) = 120mmHg X (a total arterial diameter of) 2.5 X 4 X (for a total time of) 60 sec X 10 min = the amount of blood equals 6.3 liters lost, by the time they start intravenous solution. Dead by anaphylactic shock. That, without counting gangrene from hot gases, clots as a result of the alleged ‘cauterization’. The picture of the patient in the Hospital – hours after the accident – shows a happy man, even having lost two legs. Beside: Boston Globe reported the FBI declared there was going to be a bomb drill in the same place, the same time. Coincidence? Unlikely. My impression is: staged.

    • Let’s do the math, you are a moron. How would anyone from Afghanistan or Iraq come back after losing their legs than? You are not a doctor, just shut up.

  232. The wheelchairs supposedly came from the tent where medical staff was standing by to assist the runners. I’m sure there were also gurneys in that tent, along with IV’s for dehydrated runners. Wheelchair Guy should have been Gurney Guy with an IV. Hooded Guy with sunglasses (who looks like he’s lying on the beach trying to pick up girls) sustains injuries after “assisting” Wheelchair Guy. Black Lady falls victim to the same fate. In pic where Hooded Guy is being helped, look at the lady in the lower bottom of the pic. Seems to be smiling. No pain in any victims’ faces in that pic. Amputee just looks annoyed and wants to collect his check.

  233. Apparently I know someone who knows you. That said, you’re an idiot. Conspiracies are all well and good, but if you think of the sheer number of people who would need to be complicit and remain complicit and silent…. no. It’s just not possible. That, and my niece apparently grew up with Mr. Bauman, which I believe because I’ve been given no reason not to.

  234. I have been working as a medic in the British army for nearly 16 years, I have done 3 tours of Iraq and 4 of Afghanistan. I am no stranger to missing limbs, IEDs suicide bombers, gunshot wounds, the list goes on. In these pictures is nothing particularly uncommon. He doesn’t seem in much pain because he is in shock. I have seen a man pick up his own arm. He didn’t seem in pain. But his arm still wasn’t attached below the elbow. The brain shuts down the pain. As for the “lack” of blood again not uncommon. They are extremely close to the explosion, there is every chance it cauterised almost immediately. I have also seen instances when in sever trauma the artery will pinch itself closed like a tensed muscle, I find this whole argument extremely disrespectful and urge you to remove yourself from behind your computer open the front door and go putside once in a while. Join the army, see what’s happening in the rest of the world an maybe try and put it to some good, rather than this blatant attack on your government and the wounded civilians.

    • If it cauterized, why is there blood in the wheelchair picture? Yet not in the original ground picture? Not calling you a liar, just hoping you can explain.

      • Various reasons. The cauterised area could be very local. In which case he would still bleed a lot but not from his artery. The blood may not even be his. I don’t know where he was standing. It could be from other cuts we can’t see like under his shorts. And running down his leg. There is a never ending list of possibilities. But just because there wasn’t blood and now there is. Doesn’t mean something can’t have happened when he was moved. And he was moved in a hurry. Hence the wheelchair.

    • Hi James. While I would be happy to believe wholeheartedly in your alleged expert assessment of the situation, I would also like to see some uncontroversial evidence that you actually are who you claim to be and that you’ve actually done what you claim to have done. After all, you could just be spreading disinformation here. You know, the kind of stuff we’ve heard about Iraq, WMDS and so on. Since you were involved so closely with the Iraq war, you must know first hand that there were no WMDS there. I also would like to ask you how many lies it would take for you to stop trusting a person? If you react like any ordinary person, I would say it would take one single lie. Yet, amazingly, people still trust governments and the media circus presenting us with their second class show. I am eagerly awaiting your reply. Thanking you in advance.

    • We’re not attacking anyone. We are not professional soldiers like yourself. We do not follow orders like you do. You must realize we are patriots and not traitors. Get a clue, we are not your colonials. Haven’t been for some time.

      If you focus only on the amputee as you are supposed to do, you will miss what we have heard (and I suppose you have never heard it yourself): this is a mass casualty event. There are multiple losers of limbs, at two locations near each other.

      Where in the name of Christ are they? Where is their blood, what are their wounds? The numbers do not add up. This is done on a shoestring. It is cheesy. It is street theater.

    • Got to back other james with very similar background this looks pretty standard, people complaining about the colour of the blood and not enough. all i can say is the human body is amazing at trying to stay alive.
      This is pretty disrespectful of all the people injured find the bloke with no legs if you are really that bothered he will be in hospital now and rehab for the next couple of years see if he’s faking it. just takes 1 call to the hospital or find that the blokes lived a life with work history and family its all recorded. i can’t believe this is still going on.
      why is it so hard to believe that 2 pissed off guys made 2 bombs, America has buys walking into cinemas with full automatic weapons wasting innocent people but a bomb is ridiculous?

    • Because they really died. Just like people really died in the 911 staged attack. They would never fake death, it is very important to them. They just add fake shit in to hide the truth about who really is responsible.

    • Who do you know who died? When did you last see that person? Are you on intimate terms with them?

      I knew one of the 9/11 pilots in high school. After that he went into the Navy and attended Annapolis. But I didn’t keep up with him. I don’t know when he really died, if you were to ask me to swear to what I know about him. Rumor had it he was killed in a plane crash. Which plane crash? I’d only be able to say on hearsay. He might have died about the time his official pilot’s picture was taken in the 80’s or later on 9/11. I really do not have any value as a witness. We can be found in the same yearbook back in high school. We were in physics together. But after that – nada.

      • How do any of us really know we are anywhere? How do I know you are real? What is real anyway? What if all of our consciences are really just code written in a game played by hyper-intelligent robots?

        • A is A. I believe in reality. I believe it can be understood and then deliberately falsified. Nothing I said about the pilot I knew is unverifiable. I have the yearbook to prove it. I can prove the provenance of the yearbook. To pretend that reality is unknowable is to open yourself to fraud, as is probably what is going on at the Marathon. Everything that follows is just based on believing a few spokespeople.

  235. Isn’t the guy in the cowboy hat the same guy smiling in the hospital room with the tie and jacket on? Again, this explains why people were told it was all a drill and to keep on moving. To allow time for the scenario to develop; obscure the setting of the stage and placing of actors in position. It wasn’t a bomb, it was a smoke screen! The evidence is overwhelming. In pics 1, 2 & 3 the pavement is clean and without blood, where did all that ‘blood’ come from? Really, need we ask?

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    • They are really dead. Just because they are using actors doesnt mean there wasnt a real bomb. It is just a sign that the official story is bunk and they are con’ trolling the information the general public believes to be true. They dont want you to know who really planted the bomb.

    • Maybe they left town. Maybe they weren’t even American. As for Martin: it isn’t just he who is gone, it is his mother (brain-injured mother) and his sister (a little amputee). They split. Only Dad is holding down the fort, until he takes his breaking heart to Australia, Florida, Costa Rica, where he’s purchased his dream house. See how easy it is?

  237. Please go to 9:12 in this video. In the eyes of those that doubt this theory and believe the official story, this must be a HUGE COINCIDENCE! Pretty sure this is the only video footage of Jeff being wheeled away. Blue Screened!

  238. Bman, by your explanations I am not sure your 120 hrs or so of EMT education is enough to fully understand the injuries that can be obtained from a bomb blast. First look up blast waves, blast pressure/s, and their effects on the human brain. The fact of being this close to that large of pressure wave would for-sure disrupt any cognitive function and blow ear drums to say the least. Good example and main reason police use flash/bangs before entry. Look that up too. Your ‘bleeding out in minutes” is not always the case either. Once again look up blast injuries, traumatic amputations, and bleeding. You will find that major bleeding isn’t always the case. In some cases the arteries and veins will spasm and retract back into the tissues… thus there is no bleeding. I have seen no blood before on missing limbs. Ask any returning vet and I would guess it is 50/50 on blood or not with traumatic amputations. The black gal having no blood and than having blood has really not relevance at all. You obviously have never had a disorientated patient before? They will roll, move around, and play in whatever they are around esp if they’re brain was just scrambled by a pressure wave. Someone also pointed out the fact of the lower leg amputation dude and the vet photo show two different type of amputations and to add the vet is missing both arms as well, but yet the Boston guy has both. My education is NREMT-P, RN, ITLS, CALS, and many many years as a Fire Fighter.

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  240. From what I understood from his accounts, he was pretty much standing on the bomb. He was interviewed by police in the hospital and said that he had seen someone put down a black backpack against a tree next to him. Therefore, I am surprised he did not have more wounds, unless there were some on his back.
    Also, he looked ashen and dazed. Those are signs of shock and severe blood loss. It is VERY difficult to fake that.
    Now onto the blood. Oxygenated blood is very bright red, hence the color of the blood on the pavement. At the part of the leg where his amputation starts, the veins are much smaller than above the knee. Also, his veins could have partially or completely collapsed, making it so that there wasn’t that much blood aside from arterial spray.
    Finally, onto the pictures. If you actually stopped to look at them, then you might notice that the man in the bed and the soldier are completely different people. The soldier has a rounder face; a less pronounced jawline; a bigger nose, with more flared nostrils; and smaller eyes than the man in the bed. They are definitely not the same person. However, when I look at the man at the bombings and the man in the bed, I see the same nose, eyes, and mouth. The jaw line looks a bit rounder, but that could be due to the fact swelling from the amount of saline and fluids he was probably getting in the hospital.

    • Oops. I forgot to mention the tourniquets. Tourniquets, if applied correctly, completely stop blood flow. Therefore, I don’t see why everyone is freaking out about the fact that he wasn’t bleeding when he was in the wheelchair. Assuming that the tourniquets were applied correctly, he should not have been bleeding. Also, the man in the cowboy hat “holding the tourniquet” is actually holding one of the man’s tendons so that it doesn’t get caught in the wheelchair wheels and/or drags on the ground (as you can see in this GRAPHIC photo:
      ). Please, look at that photo and tell me that this was faked and he was an actor.

  241. the picture with the blood claiming to be “fake” because of its bright red color… the solo cup also looks more red than usual. could EASILY have been photoshopped to make people believe this was staged.

  242. So i guess it was a fake explosion that poor Mr Bauman was standing next to. I’d love to hear the theories of how Krystle Campbell’s legs that were folded like pretzels underneath her were also faked. Or the 100+ other serious injuries. There has to be literally thousands of people in on this supposed staged event. Perhaps the whole marathon was staged. Wait maybe everything we know of is staged? Oh my God it’s the Matrix!


  243. Are you blind???? The military guy doesn’t even have thighs!!! Look at the Boston victim, he clearly has a knee still!

    • Also,too Craft International was there! Why? Why also bomb sniffing dogs? Why? People on Rooftops? Why? Also it is my opinion that the blood all over is fake. The guy in the wheel chair looks nothing like the guy in hospital photos. Craft international is a Xie like BlackOps that was formed by the now deceased Chris Kyle.
      Oh, and the first guy CNN accused has been found dead of course not reported here.

  244. Apparently a woman is deliberately used to obscure the view.
    She would not block a side view. In typical conspiracy style, a bunch of “facts” are thrown together as conclusive evidence, when there is nothing but supposition and conjecture.

    For all sorts of reasons I hope this is nothing more than an exercise, not least of all because it means that victims’ families won’t be upset by seeing images of their loved ones suffer and then be told it was just a game of make believe.

  245. I believe you’re talking about Jeff Bauman, Jeff Bauman lost his legs in the bombing. He was waiting for his girlfriend to cross the finish line. Jeff Bauman had legs before the day of the bombing; just ask his girlfriend and his parents. The photo of the man in the fatigues in the wheelchair is not Jeff Bauman. You stated that you are not trying to draw any conclusions, but clearly you are. There are more photos that exist than the photos you posted here. This is truly insensitive. The families of these victims know who they are and that they exist. The emergency responders that transported these people to the hospital and the doctors and nurses that treated these people know who they are. Am I to understand that you’re asking me to believe that all the surgeons from Mass General, Beth Israel, Tufts Medical, and Children’s hospitals are liars and part of some elaborate hoax? Are you trying to tell me that the three people that died were actors? That little Martin Richard was an actor? You are truly reprehensible as is anyone that is buying into your nonsense.

      • Speaking of Zionist’s ….Bloomberg just declared that “We Have To Change How We View The Constitution After Boston Bombing ” – it truly doesn’t mattter anymore who did what and what is fake or real. The Owned U.S. gov’t are using “these” events to further their agendas. THAT IS THEIR SOLUTION.
        The blather is everywhere but where it belongs. CUI BONO !

    • No. But to them this has almost undoubtedly been a very important drill for training in a mass casualty event. Knowing that Boston might someday be hit by such a thing, they would naturally take part in it to increase their skill. Loving medicine as many of them do, they would play along to learn the drill.

  246. You raise very valid points. However my good friend’s mother was in the race and finished about 6 minutes before the bomb exploded. She was a witness. I’ve talked to her about it and I believe her when she says it happened.

  247. “This is an actor. This is staged. How did they pull it off though? I can show you.

    Here in frame six on the left we see the the man with a hood setting up the fake leg wound prosthetics. His attention and hands are right there. The woman is acting as a shield covering what’s happening.
    Frame 6″

    He is very good at his job. He can do it one handed while he holds sunglasses with his left hand

    The polarisation of “Thinker/Believer” isn’t very constructive. Being a believer cuts both ways. Some people will just accept the False Flag theory just as simplistically as those who reject it.

    There are a lot of “actors” and make up artists in on the conspiracy. Guess it is just a matter of time before a whistleblower or someone purporting to be a whistleblower pops up on Youtube.

    • I think the actors may be associated with Team Kerto. There is a Kerto who is a theatrical designer in Finland, with one film to his credit, in imdb as Kerto Roos, made with the Chinese. The overwhelming number of injured near the finish line (hey that’s a pun almost) are Nordic-looking (which isn’t all blond), pale and big-boned. They could be back home by now. Do you suppose some of them might not even speak English? Maybe they’ll lose some money if they talk. And would you believe them?

  248. You raise some interesting points….I used to be a first responder and you’re right, the lack of blood does not add up. However this guy was an employee of Costco….is that entire Costco store involved in the coverup as well?

  249. Well, this post assumes, that those guys, who faked this, are idiots and do not foresee, that such guys, like author exist and can easily show others mistification. Lol. Belive me, if somebody needed to fake bomb attack, he is not an idiot. Or maybe is. Easier is simply put a bomb without faking it :)

  250. This is utter bullshit man, assume that some group perpetuates some sort of false flag.. goes to the trouble of hiring actors to not just act but to remain quiet, spend time coordinating in secret this operation, manufacture absolutely realistic looking prosthetics of simulated blown off legs, but in the heat of it all forget to get the color of blood right. You may want to look up something called confirmation bias, and possibly see a psychologist; you have some sort of unresolved issues here that you’re hiding and it’s being expressed in some pretty unhealthy ways.

  251. Somebody should be able to track down Vogt and put him in the same room with the victim in hospital right?

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  253. The guy in the wheelchair’s leg WAS tied. If you look at other news’ articles, they put a picture where his left leg has a red ribbon that blocks the blood from spilling.

  254. You just subjectively produced a narrative for a 2-3 second time frame out of thin air and passed it along as “fact.” This is ridiculous. Your article is titled, “Are you a believer or do you think?” And you’ve essentially told everyone else how to think because of what you alone have dreamed up in order to place blame on whoever you think fit to reap it. The worst part is, now you’ve garnered other people to believe this absolute nonsense in the hopes of making people “open their eyes.” Here’s an idea, step back and realize who is making these claims – a fucking EMT employee from the complete opposite side of the country – and then decide whether or not you should follow this man/woman. You want people to open their eyes? I’m doing it right the fuck now.

  255. maybe you can volunteer to be dzhokhar tsarnaev’s lawyer and use this as a legitimate means to prove his innocence. FALSE. i normally would never respond to such stupidity, as i am sure that is exactly what you are looking for, however this is both absurd and infuriating. i would personally rather denounce my first amendment right than allow people like you to regurgitate bullshit like this. it is naive to think that the government tells us EVERYTHING, but ignorant to think that every negative event in our country is a “set-up.” i highly doubt you have any of the qualifications you mentioned prior to your theory. you clearly have a very creative mind, but that’s really all that can be proved here. people like you are a complete threat to our government and the basis of all things wrong with this country. for anyone who is “just a believer” of your theory, they may certainly have an imagination, but no ability to think rationally. it’s a big world out there, and it’s quite simple: if you don’t like america, leave. because to be quite honest, your actions are disgraceful, not to mention disrespectful to those who have been injured and killed, including an 8 year old boy. i could go on and on attempting to invalidate and discredit you, but for what? people like you don’t deserve the attention that they crave, and i see no point in continuing to waste my time or energy.

    • You’ll denounce your 1st Amendment rights? That’s a great idea. You can start by never expressing yourself again–here or anywhere else.

  256. You’re an EMT. Well I work in special effects and makeup for tv and theatre and a prosthetic like that would take more time to apply than that. Now if you’re talking about an entire lower prosthetic that includes both legs, hips, torn clothing, and bleeding effect that he could just slip on, then I’m sure someone would notice an already legless man and a hooded man carrying a bag full of dismembered limbs.

    • The latex appliance was pre-applied. The fellow it was applied to has both legs missing to just below the hip from an IED in Afghanistan. This has been outed all over the net with his pic on military forums from 2011.The activity undertaken was to dowse the appliance with fake blood and ruffle up some clothes. I could do that part of the setup in seconds, as could you if you are what you say you are. So.. if yer a pro would you have allowed that color of fake blood to be used considering the lighting conditions of a bright sunlit day? Your disingenuous analysis should be ignored as shillwork You have put no thought into the scenario and rolled in to debunk my analysis which would be from a totally unexpected slant. A trained artist’s eye with experience in the business of SFX, both physical and virtual versus conspiracy analysis. This shit is getting to be too frikkin’ much and has to stop. You are either with the human race or against it.

  257. i personally am not just a “believer”. i am an atheist, a former ICU, ER OR, trauma, and forensics nurse. i have always been a skeptic when it comes to the government, and tragedies like this. i don’t believe that the media, the government, or the news tells us the truth more than half the time. however, if you honestly believe something like this, you are uneducated, and probably not sane. having more than 10 years of experience in the ER and in trauma situations first hand, you should know that no human body is ever the same. blood color varies due to a number of variations (i.e., dehydration, blood chemistry, and circulation). also, the “cowboy hat man”, Carlos Arredondo, was less than 100 yards away when the explosion took place. he rushed to help Jeff Bauman (who is not the solider Nick Vogt, they are two different people). Arredondo has lost both of his sons, one in Afghanistan, and the other to suicide. if Arredondo was able to pinch the femoral arteries tight enough for Bauman to sustain bleeding out, then there is absolutely no skepticism. a properly placed tourniquet alone, that is correctly administered for a healthy victim, can last for more than an hour before receiving trauma care. a tourniquet severs the femoral artery, and causes the artery to close, and retreat like an elastic band. in the photos of Arredondo holding the arteries closed, in my medical opinion, that would sustain Bauman enough to get him to proper medical assistance, and reduce bleeding out.

    also, being an EMT-B, means that you are a BASIC EMT. it is the easiest, and fastest way to have a job in the medical field. it takes 6 months to become an EMT, with only 3 required classes. medical terminology is not even a required class to become a basic EMT. most community colleges in the country have an EMT training program, and there are no pre-requisits to become an EMT. there are no placement tests and no background checks. literally any average joe can walk off the street and become an EMT. all that matters is if you can pay the $750 for the class, and uniform. EMT-B’s are NOT paramedics. to become a paramedic, you have to get accepted into a technical program or college, and before you can even be accepted, you have to pass a number of tests. it takes up to two years to become a paramedic. i hate to say that there is a ranking amongst medical positions, but usually the people who choose to be EMT’s are people who could not get into a college or university to become a nurse, or doctor, or because they couldn’t afford it. EMT’s do not even do the work that paramedics do. EMT’s do a basic job of sustaining a victim for a short amount of time, while the victim is being transported to the critical care unit (trauma unit) at the hospital, which is the unit i have worked in for 10 years. there, we are the ones that put the patient back together. basic EMT’s are not taught the knowledge that even a paramedic is, let alone a trauma unit nurse. EMT’s cover only 120 hours of class material. hardly enough to be properly giving information on how to handle severed limbs.

    you are wrong about shrapnel and bombing victims. most of the time, when a victim looses a limb in a blast, the blast itself flays flesh from the bone, acting as cauterization. every human body is different. also, Bauman was the actual initial witness that says he saw Tamerlan Tsarnaev drop the backpack right in front of him, then run off. that is how authorities we able to identify Tsarnaev, and capture him as a suspect. i don’t know if the suspects caught are the actual bombers, and we will probably never know, and be 100% certain. but to pull apart something like this the way that you do, is so unhealthy. even if it is true or not, you are not a sane person. the government gets away with a lot of shit, but why do you feel the need to pick apart something like this? honestly the way you describe things, and “facts” makes you sound like a religious fundamentalist that is brainwashed. i hope you seek some peace of mind, and you get some help. because whether or not this shit is true, you shouldn’t be spending so much time going over it, and analyzing it. it is people like you who slowly “lose it”, and end up plotting similar scenarios on their own. i’m not saying that is something you would do, don’t misread me here, i obviously don’t know you. but seriously, do something else with your life.

    • Another “EMT!”

      To Emergency Media Turd “Bel” (or is it ‘Rachel’?):

      Oooh, 10 years experience. We’ll let’s all just change our minds and apologize then!

      Really, is that all you’ve got? Pretty poor showing on your part. Ad hominem? You should be ashamed of yourself! What kind of self-respecting troll are you to resort to mere ad hominem? Get back to work and don’t come around here until you’ve learned some better trolling skills.

    • You are ignoring the lack of blood in the original footage or the blood you see in the wheelchair. If it was cauterized why is there blood while he is being wheeled away? If he wasnt cauterized, where is the blood when he is laying on the ground after the blast? I am no emt but I am a gorehound and visit gore sites frequently. I have seen many many pictures of bomb victims. None look like this. Also, why is the only video footage of this guy blue screened? Please answer these questions.

    • I have to agree with some of what you have said. If this was a false flag why would they need ‘crisis actors’? They would just blow up innocent people in the crowd. Why would they ever risk a story like this falling apart. I disagree that people that analyse this sort of stuff slowly lose it and plot similar scenarios though.

    • Well I guess that’s that…… Truly bizarre the lack of blood splashing out….the lack of any blood trickling at all while they pushed him in the wheel chair… the strange fake looking color of the blood that was there,

      the guy with the shades relaxin like hes on the beach……and the black woman all of sudden going from fine…to lying in the stretcher like a corpse..

      You can’t see into jeffs facebook unless your his friend….but i traced it to his dads as im sure many of you did ….and yep…looks like he really lost his legs…..Cause his dads page looks legit…and is gettin the outpouring of love and support..

      But it’s good to question….and do so till you get answers…….

    • You can backdate facebook pages. Thats why I take the boston bombing facebook pages with a grain of salt. These however, are obviously fake injuries. The video footage of said guy in wheelchair is blue screened for some odd reason. My girlfriend spent an hour trying to find video footage of him and when she did, nbc bluescreens it. Guess this is all a coincidence, huh?

  258. You don’t seem to have any photos of the 8year, Martin Richard. old who was killed by this event? He should be there too. Too real and graphic? If you want to really debate this, show more, fool. It is obvious you don’t have respect, so don’t use that as an excuse. I guess all bad events in this country are staged, and it nothing bad really happens.
    Colors are enhanced by settings on cameras, as far as the blood color.
    The real threat to this country are the extremeists who put out all this propagana denouncing everything and calling everything fake, trying to create hysteria about the U.S. govenment. That’s the real threat.
    I guess the amputees aren’t real amputees either.

    • Smartwoman: Taking the opposite angle to the ‘false flag’ approach, there is a possibility that by tying the bombings to the Chechnya individuals, the US Government is covering its own back. At the time of the marathon bombings there was a significant fire at the JFK Library. It was reported that this fire was not connected to the bombings. However, a security expert from MIT did comment that if they were connected it would tend to indicate a dissatisfaction with the federal Government.

    • so you’re saying that even if the TERRORISTS [ADL/ATF & ADL/FBI] actually did Murder the Davidians with MALICE AFORETHOUGHT and the “JEWISH” MEDIA was an accomplice you’re like all cool with that, and

      That you totally accept the WILD CONSPIRACY THEORY that Timmy “Patsy” McVeigh actually invented a suck bomb…and –

      that the Extremely OUTRAGEOUS CONSPIRACY THEORY that 19 AYRAB HIJACKERS managed to bring down 3 Sky scrapers made of STEEL & CONCRETE in JEW YORK CITY with a secret Magic Pancake Recipe & Fairy dust…

      and the wildest conspiracy theory on EARTH that the so-called “JEWS” the TURKO – MONGOLIAN KHAZAR proselytes are in fact – – ALL 12 TRIBES of the Children of Israel….

      then you really are an extremist dingbat that should be on a watch list…

      personally in my homeland it would be preferable for only those speaking truth be allowed to show their faces in Publick…

      • Ah, you see that is where some of the problems arise. You mention 9/11. There was a problem in news reporting regarding building 7. The main clips show a BBC report which claimed building 7 had collapsed when it could been seen still standing over the left shoulder of the reporter. However, if you dig around you find that the first false report of the building 7 collapse came from CNN. The BBC did their usual trick of following without checking out their source.
        As with the building 7 issue, I just follow inconsistencies and see where they lead me.

  259. Good questions…but the biggest one isn’t being asked-WHY? Who would go to the trouble to do this? What is their connection with the perpetrators, one of whom is dead and the other in custody? That’s what we should be asking-and demanding answers for. If these people aided & abetted, they should be tried as well! Keeping in mind, of course, that in America, we’re innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, NOT public opinion.

    • Metalhaid: These two guys are reported as being, to a certain extent, loners. So they were probably chosen, some time ago, as it would be easy to build a scenario around them without having to worry about too many connections having to be covered. One of the suspects is dead and it is looking like the other is going to have serious problems communicating. The question is what interest the USA has in turning the spotlight on Chechnya?

      • I admire you for many of the things you have posted here, but to accept that one of the suspects is dead is a bridge too far for me. If they have failed to make a case for me, and if all this stuff at the finish line looks like theatrics, I am not ready to say that they took these two men and killed one of them. Their parents are back in Russia (the Daghestan part of it, true), we are told -told mind you – that they are Chechen. Putin was involved in the FBI story. It’s too much for me to accept that a bunch of local cops would be allowed to kill this man, “Tamerlane” (what a name, huh?). The whole sideshow of the “shelter in place” (which I was informed I should do by a reverse-911 call in a distant suburb) and the overwhelming force of police at a location equidistant between two Armenian churches (frankly, those youths look Armenian to me, as does mom) — not far from Harvard Square — it just reeks of more bad theatre.

        So I maintain my “doubting Thomas” position in this. Or “I’m from Missouri, ya gotta show me.”

    • I don’t think who they use as patsies is that important in this instance, just as Bin Laden was killed the day after Obama was found to have a proven fake birth certificate, this maybe a distraction from Obama, Bush and Clinton being indicted on war crimes during this event. A senator has also written up a bill on regulating the sale of gun powder, just as they used Sandy Hook for gun control. They maybe using it for a whole lot of things, you may see yet more executive orders from Obama soon.

    • First off, Bman, I am really impressed with your attempt to analyze the events so closely..kudos to you! You really are creating change. I myself am a questioning Chicagoan and have been following the story closely. METALHAID, I feel that the connection is the “Muslim terrorist” label that the media and officials have provided all the American people again and again and again. It seems that I heard about them being Muslim before I even knew their names. Forget that they are from Russia, to the American people all they needed to hear were the words “Muslim terrorists” and surely it stirred up patriotic feelings something fierce. This is war propaganda for the Israeli occupy movement. We are their allies so naturally we need to be on their side and this means being against all the Muslims of the world. I know many wonderful Muslims and have actually read the Quran myself. It talks about the need in protecting their people against their enemies (as all nations believe), but nowhere does it say anything about causing violence to other people unjustly or forcing their religion down others’ throats. Read a Quran and you will learn that too. This constant portrayal of them as crazy, uncivilized, virgin wanting, killing machines gives a fuel to the “war on terror” against Islam. It’s a smear campaign….a really tragic and complex smear campaign all in the name of greed and feelings of self-entitlement. Anyone who begs to differ, I am open to hear your arguments.

  260. Furthermore let’s find some photos of the sidewalk blood like say 20 minutes later when the blood would be much darker and have a great deal of umber brown composing the red after it coagulates and has begun to desiccate. That will be the final pin in this pin the tale on the donkey gambit. Go get ’em BMAN!

    • I totally agree with you man. The blood looks fake, the amputee injuries look fake, etc. I agree with Bman I think a bomb went off and some people got hurt, but parts of this were staged. They only show u what they want u to see on CNN and mainstream news. The police state grows from building fear. It’s all part of the NWO Zionist agenda.

      • Be careful not to concede a single one of their points – “I think a bomb went off and some people were hurt” is a statement with no direct basis in reality, just a received belief from the media. You’ve pared away some of it, but Occam’s Razor is still sharp, so use it.

        • Occam’s Razor?! Good grief people. Talk about inverted reality.

          Yes, I understand…it quite logical to conclude that a bunch of people created a Hollywood level scene of destruction complete with pyrotechnics, fake blood, gruesome realistic injuries, torn clothing and damaged property…and this ALL WITHIN 20 SECONDS…something which would have taken at least HOURS for a professional film crew. and this ALL WITHIN PUBLIC VIEW. …and NOT A SINGLE PERSON HAS LEAKED their inside knowledge of the event.

          Yeah…that makes perfect sense! Occam’s Razor, people. It isn’t so sharp around here apparently… lol.

  261. I have done latex appliances for cheap horror movies and my trade is SFX and game development. Those skin flaps are latex appliances. The blood is too bright red. I would have sent the fake blood back to the bench for an addition of a darker pigment in the blue or purple range. Goddamned black ops idiots have not a real artist amongst them. To them red is red. To me red is an entire range of colors with various specular powers. The specular highlights are way too strong for real blood which also has a subsurface scattering component to it which is totally lacking in these photos. To create a proper blood shader for 3D SFX you need the subsurface scattering of light in the luminance or incandescent channel of the shader or it looks like paint or plastic with only a surface specular…just like the photos look like paint. No doubt in my mind these are faked. I was also a CAF medic in my younger days trained in battlefield triage. These EMT’s are correct.

    The mouthpieces above use the exact same BS tactics proliferating all over youtube and blogs and alternative media comments since this happened. Ya all are a bunch of shitheaded drooldonkeys and I got a size ten cowboy boot to plant up your collectively ignorant arses. Your betrayal of the human race is noted in The Book of Life.

    “Forgive them..for they know not what they do.” – But you do know and yer doing it for a few bucks or to back your syndicate. You can kiss my royal golden ass.

    • Lovely. No time for last-minute color adjustment for light and film quality (which I’ll bet is unpredictably varied), and the blood came in plastic bottles, to judge from one analysis, so it was in ready-to-use units. But somehow there just wasn’t enough of it, was there? I mean one hog would make more of it than that. And here there are supposed to be multiple amputations.

      We are out to “ruin the sacred truths” and our fellow citizens will want to burn us at the stake as heretics. But hey, the earth really does move around the sun.

  262. Pingback: Are You Just a Believer, Or Do You Think? | The Story Behind The Story
  263. Rather than speculating what “might” be, why not try contacting those who were supposedly injured and try to verify with facts to back the official story up. If it’s false, they would secure access to close potential leaks from getting out.

    • Exactly. If as much attention were devoted to gathering hard evidence as it is to speculating on the truth, we would all be getting somewhere productive. All of you people in the immediate vicinity who can do it: Get out there and get the evidence. Then give it to the rest of us. We can get to the truth. Do it, instead of just talking about it here.

    • I’m afraid there is that little issue of patient privacy.
      In addition, it has been announced that the area of Boylston Street near Copley Square Boston is shut down for the foreseeable future “in case there are unexploded bombs in the area” or in case “they have biowaste” and all the other official reasons. It has been secured for entire week already. They know how to keep people away. It was written into the original script and they knew there would be skeptics who figured out the magic trick. They are using their manpower to block those nasty heretics like us already. So we have to do with the “traitors” in their group who leaked this already. It’s about all we have to go on.

    • DLB: Or to be more precise, what interest has the USA got in turning interest on Chechnya? We know that the USA had prior intelligence on the 9/11 bombers but let it run. Why? To give them a reason to invade Iraq & get their hands on cheap oil (plus all the periphery of finding a use for the weapons industry etc.) So, in this case, what is the interest in Chechnya?

  264. This item adds to the picture that is building up about this event. I started looking at the situation after the bombing and have found some interesting inconsistencies surrounding the above events.
    1/ There was quite a bit of social chatter, from Boston, about the police being told there would be a terrorist attack exercise (picked up by listening to police broadcasts). There was also surprise that sniffer dogs were present and the National Guard.
    2/ Having worked around physics for over 33 years, there is no way the backpacks being carried by the suspects, shown in the video release, contained pressure cookers with explosives, ball bearings and nails inside. The packs look too light.
    3/ A picture that has been used by the media was posted on the younger brother’s Facebook page whilst he was running around Boston avoiding the police.
    4/ Who was the naked, cuffed guy arrested in the CNN video? CNN originally said it was the older brother, but everyone denies this.
    5/ The attempt to link the younger brother to Islam looks a bit weak. His Facebook page had significant connections to Christianity and the Bible.

    • Excellent points I totally agree with you man. There’s more questions than answers right now. Keep thinking critically.

      • Thinking critically? He’s making this shit up. He’s obviously in his basement with a black board behind him making cheesy video’s narrating his Israel hating fairy tale and the useful idiot just derrrrrr believe the loon. Critical thinking my ass. This guy is a freak

          • Quoted from Russia Times:
            The investigation into Monday’s deadly bombing at the Boston Marathon has officially gone international: law enforcement officials from Israel have been sent to the United States to assist in the probe.

            Israel Police Chief Yohanan Danino says he has dispatched officials to Boston, Massachusetts, where they will meet with Federal Bureau of Investigation agents and other authorities, the Times of Israel Reports.

            Citing an earlier report published by the newspaper Maariv, Times of Israel writes that Danino has dispatched police officers to participate in discussions that “will center on the Boston Marathon bombings and deepening professional cooperation between the law enforcement agencies of both countries.”

            The paper reports that Israeli law enforcement planned the trip before the deadly pair of bombings on Monday that has so far claimed three lives, but the discussions will now shift focus in order to see how help from abroad can expand the investigation.

            In an address made Tuesday, Israel President Shimon Peres said that tragedies such as this week’s incident in Boston, sadly, bring people together from across the world.

            “When it comes to events like this, all of us are one family. We feel a part of the people who paid such a high price. God bless them,” Peres said. “Today the real problem is terror, and terror is not an extension of policy: Their policy is terror, their policy is to threaten. Terrorists divide people, they kill innocent people.”

            Around 20 hours after two bombs detonated near the finish line of the annual race, United States President Barack Obama went on record to condemn the tragedy as a terrorist attack.

        • Sorry mate, you are totally wrong in your views. All my points have been taken from USA media. Oh, and the Israel bit – I spent a great 5 week holiday in Israel over Christmas and New Year.

  265. Once when I was a kid I did something wrong. Cannot remember. But I remember my Dad lecturing me and saying at one point that I lived in a fantasy world and to snap out of it. Worst advice ever.

  266. Listen, I’m all for conspiracy theories. But what happened in Boston was not done by actors, I live here, I was there, it was not staged. The man who lost his legs lives a few towns away from here, I have friends who know him.

    You’re just a moron.

    • What is it with all the Richard Noggins who immediately resort to insults? Do you think that gives you credibility?
      It doesn’t. To the contrary, it causes me to disbelieve anything you wrote.

      • Just check the comments section of Youtube videos debunking the Boston news media claims and most of the commentors are non-active accounts,accounts from USA OR from Israel or have Hebrew/Arabic writing???? Do youngsters have time to troll online or are these trolls military personnel…

      • BMAN. I have a question. I don’t know if you or anyone else here knows the guy, smashed his sister, is an EMT or have any medical training. But the question all the bickering here brings me to is….

        Why is Mr Bauman Jr on the floor not bleeding…then in the famous photograph he is having his artery pinched to “save his life” and stop the “bleeding”? I leave this for everyone else to think about.

    • I live here and I am willing to change my belief in a terror attack if it was not one but a mass casualty drill. I received a reverse 911 call to “shelter in place” and I did so because I did not want to stress first responders if any issues arose for me out and about. They were concentrating on finding what I imagined to be killers. I now have more questions than answers, and mostly I am leaning heavily towards a big elaborate drill in which nobody died. So, a few less prayers from me to heaven, but I am sure the good Lord will not make my stay in purgatory longer for doubting. Thomas was, after all, a saint.

    • …we all can see the blast went direction up and one question ..that fiend of your friends…does he still have his balls…? They are much softer then leg muscles ….I believe..

  267. I think y’all are stupid if y’all believe this was fake ! Think about it ! If this was soo fake like y’all say then they would have to have the whole world on on it ! Stupid !! I swear there are some real dumb in educated people in this w

  268. The pictures are not a hoax. The assertion by the author of this is regarding the damage (or possible damage) to the femoral artery. I’m speaking about the double amputee picture.

    A. The guy is suffering from a below the knee amputation, this is not the location of your femoral artery. Your femoral artery does run into your leg where it later splits. Thus, the femoral artery was not “severed”

    B. large vessels have the ability to vasoconstrict once injured. This is a basic concept taught in trauma courses. Factually, all arteries have this ability. The vessels can maintain this vasoconstriction for a period of time before they release and blood loss begins again. This is why make shift tourniquets do not have to be perfect, just effective.

    C. The amount of blood loss you are speculating is grossly exaggerated. It is VERY clear the person is in shock. For you, as an EMT basic, you may wish to burn this picture into your memory as to what hypovolemic shock looks like.

    D. A lot of whack jobs want citizens to believe the government is so coordinated that they could perpetrate this act “staged.” Yet these people are the same ones who probably scream how inefficient, cumbersome, and beurocratic this same government is. It seems far fetched to be able to stage this type of event. A cursory google research will show you that these type of bombings have been carried out many many times before. Ask the Brits.

    The author of this device garbage suggesting this is fake brings shame upon himself, the United States of America, and the medical community for the gross misrepresentation of evidence.

    I am a ER nurse, flight nurse, and paramedic. I have also worked as a preceptor and instructor for paramedics. These events are real, do not allow yourselves, as Americans, to be divided and led astray.

    • The mechanism that leads to vasoconstriction results from the increased concentration of calcium (Ca2+ ions) within vascular smooth muscle cells.[1] However, the specific mechanisms for generating an increased intracellular concentration of calcium depends on the vasoconstrictor. Smooth muscle cells are capable of generating action potentials, but this mechanism is rarely utilized for contraction in the vasculature. Hormonal or pharmokinetic components are more physiologically relevant. Two common stimuli for eliciting smooth muscle contraction is circulating epinephrine and activation of the sympathetic nervous system (through release of norepinephrine) that directly innervates the muscle. These compounds interact with cell surface adrenergic receptors. Such stimuli result in a signal transduction cascade that leads to increased intracellular calcium from the sarcoplasmic reticulum through IP3 mediated calcium release, as well as enhanced calcium entry across the sarcolemma through calcium channels. The rise in intracellular calcium complexes with calmodulin, which in turn activates myosin light chain kinase. This enzyme is responsible for phosphorylating the light chain of myosin to stimulate cross bridge cycling.

      Once elevated, the intracellular calcium concentration is returned to its basal level through a variety of protein pumps and calcium exchangers located on the plasma membrane and sarcoplasmic reticulum. This reduction in calcium removes the stimulus necessary for contraction allowing for a return to baseline.

      Bottom line- You cant have vasoconstriction without an external stimulant to act as a vasoconstrictor. How many men had limbs blown off on the beaches of Normandy and simply bled out and died? Unless auto-vasconstriction is a trick the human body has recently learned, I’d say go back to med school.

      • A. You may read after this reply. The reply by the firefighter from Florida.

        The changes in the body he is referring to (and your mystery vasoconstrictor(s) released by the body) during times of extreme duress; in layman’s terms, would be known as your “flight or fight reflex.”

        Fortunately, “autovasoconstriction” is a trick our body has known since the good lord designed us. If it has changed recently, then I guess I’ll have to”go back to medical school.” The body responds to extreme duress (perhaps an event like your legs being blown off) by secreting a powerful vasoconstricting chemical from your adrenal system. This chemical is known as “adrenaline” (AKA Epinephine). The chemical also acts to open the passageways in your lungs (so you can breath better) and dilate your pupils (so you may see everything around you better). Epinephrine also increases the heart rate, initiates shunting blood into your core (which is why people feel that pounding sensation after a fight or car accident), and subsequently elevates the blood pressure (if there is not substantive blood loss through injury).

        As I said in my previous posting. These are very temporary measures that the body can not sustain for long periods of time. Attempt to keep a contraction of your bicept for a sustained period (as if your life depended on it). Once your bicept fails, and your completely exhausted, you may begin to understand how temporary these measures are. hope that helps clear up things.

        B. Less men died in Normandy (WWII) than in WWI, less in WWI v. the civil war, and etc. Less combat fatalities have occurred today, in these modern conflicts, than ever before. My point is, your assertion is erroneous. Men died in Normandy because we did not have the understanding of how to supplement the body’s natural response to traumatic injuries. I Korea, combat fatalities dropped dramatically (due to MASH initiatives and helicopters), Vietnam saw more declines, etc. Every successive war has produced better trauma medicine, and between each war, scientist dissect injuries sustained from war and learn how to better prepares us for the injuries of the next war. Thankfully, civilians, also benefit from these findings and can do some pretty nifty stuff to aide the body’s natural responses.

        C. I respectfully say this to you. Read what I wrote more thoroughly and understand I live for what I do as a flight nurse, as an ER nurse, and as a paramedic. I do it for you, for your family, and for our countrymen. I try to maintain that professional decorum even during internet discussions. If you or others want to resort to name calling, that is your prerogative, but I wish for a better America.

        D. If this IS a hoax, its a damn good one. But I submit to you, what one other (that I read) has said. Why would the government leave all these loose ends? If the government (or anybody else) really wanted to be terrorist; kill a few, scare thousands…

        • I am just someone here reading this thread and would like to ask someone who gets the science. What confuses me most is that the amputee is sort of half sitting up or doing “crunches” effectively in lifting his upper body off the ground in most or all of the photos. How could someone still be doing this action after having legs gone? It seems like they would be on their backs, and would immediately be instructed to be on their backs with legs up?

          The other thing that shocked me from the first time I saw a picture of this man is that he was taken out in a wheelchair?? That seems like the worst idea ever. A) to expect someone who has lost that much blood to SIT UP with the wound below their heart seems like you might as well pour the rest of the precious water right out of a glass. And B) maybe this is repeat- but wouldn’t common sense practice be to put this person on a stretcher or at least carry him in arms instead of place him in a wheelchair?

          That part of it is really confusing and maybe you can shed some light for me since you seem to be very even about this.

          • Those are very intelligent questions from you. I am medical doctor and trust me I understand all these stuff. It just surprise me someone (Derek) called himself a nurse and still feel so confident to vomit that BS. Yes, it is true that natural response of vessels, artery and vein, is vasocontriction after injury. The truth remains that this reponse is absolutely uneffective when dealing with vessels of about 1- 2cm luminal diameter. It could be effective in small vessel but definitely not in large vessels like femoral, popliteal, tibial etc. Infact in surgical amputation, one of the things you must first take care of is tying the vessels. Also, very good point there about the guy being on a stratcher rather chair.
            Bottom line: in reality, that guy with double amputation is a dead guy. Do not be decieved.

      • Its cute the way you plagiarize wikipedia but don’t understand it. Look up the other words like epinephrine and realize that the body makes that…it’s called adrenalin sweety. Don’t post something you don’t understand. Most soldiers on those shores sadly would have laid there for a little bit they didn’t die quick clean deaths like in the movies. The smaller vessels have an easier time vasoconstricting, our friend Mr. BM is being anatomically incorrect, it would not have been the femoral artery that was severed.. It would have been the tibial and fibular arteries among some others that where severed. While yes you will likely say these vessels are connected as all of them in reality are, they are not the exact same when it comes to bleed out time. But then I am an RN with considerably more medical, anatomical and physiological training than an EMT-B so excuse for not happily swallowing his “story” when I encounter obvious medical inaccuracies in his reasoning. So far he has declined to pick up a basic anatomy and physiology textbook to fix the problems in his post so I will maintain my stance that he does not want to know or distribute the truth, just wants to hear more versions of his own story.

        • Thanks for the correction.

          I appreciate your comment, very much.

          I am a layman, but have consulted Trauma Drs and nurses I know and the response has been contradictory. Most see this as a fake and only a few say what you and a few others here have said.

          I just received an email from a Forensic Scientist that said “I AM interested in that obviously fake double amputee.”

          Here’s the deal, I don’t know you from Adam, but the professionals I do know have, in most cases, contradicted what you and a few others so nonchalantly discount. So, excuse me if I tend to believe the people I actually know.

          • Very convientant that the trauma nurses, icu nurses, and paramedics that have posted here have contradicted what you’ve said. However you “know” and “consult with” people that mostly disagree with the people posting here. Why are your experts not posting their rationale or science for discussion. Or why are you unable to get the sound logic from them and post it for us to understand? Why? Because its bs that you’re trying to pedal and hope everybody buys… You may fool the lay public, but I’m sure you’ll be hard presses to find actual trauma doctors and nurses whom agree with you. Do the medical community a favor, and don’t impersonate a professional.

        • – Lets get everyone’s head straight and for all the skeptics: FACT : Churchill staged an entire military assault including blow up tanks YES rubber tanks (have the videos, its history use Google anything you’ll find it) to trick the Germans into believing that the British will not Bomb the German city but do a full on attack. As it so happens the Germans believed the trick because the British knew there lines were tapped. Only the soldiers involved in the trick knew about it NO ONE ELSE, the British then bombed an entire city filled with British soldiers… point being if they have/can staged events like that soo long ago with no one knowing at all whats to stop then doing it now they prob better at it now.

          – the government does lie and keep secrets that means they have agendas and cannot be trusted,
          More history : the gladiator games in Rome was set to keep citizens away from politics = TV, on the main news a whistle blowers leeks government secrets. etc, etc

          – FACT: They did not read the suspects rights>> bye bye human rights : because it was in the public’s best interest that can apply to any and all situations which means there is a conspiracy.

          – 2:Muslim extremists terrorists are usually suicide bombers is there something wrong with the bombers
          – 3:The backpack footage is not enough evidence to provide convicting evidence (search warrants even) in court, neither can they use the eyewitness statement because under shock or trauma the person is disorientated,
          -4: why weren’t all the people carrying bags around the area arrested …or questioned (even one extra person would be better)
          – 5: the police and army do these kind of drills all the time why were they so easily caught by surprise, just two guys walking with backpacks not being checked, nothing no safety precautions, nothing

          – please tell me why 2 educated students would remain in Boston after planting a bomb and not run away until the heat cools: the dumbest even youngest criminals do that.

          OKAY so no one can dispute there is something wrong, and the government is very capable of staging events even in the 30’s -60’s so its possible that this may be staged : having said that i do not believe the actors story…there are to many contradictions and i wasn’t there, also in court if one statement is false the former and later statements are usually considered a lie i.e. the military man is not a match for the injured guy. Also conspiracy theories have a way of going to far like a guy exaggerating his story to get you excited and finally the story becomes far-fetched, the basic story is still true though

          My point is that even if actor conspiracy is false it does does not need to be true there is enough information to gather that the American government(corporations) is lying and that’s all that matters, how many times must your wife cheat before you divorce – fool me once….

          I have many crazy true stories if you need to know the extent of power but believe what you want happy and blind,

          I am not a conspiracy theorist, I am not for or against anything, I only look for truth and hard facts….conspiracy theorist’s really lack in that department though but they are basically right (without the extra bull)

      • You are half correct!!!!

        The external stimulant was the body responding to the extreme blood less. Barometric sensitive neurons act as sensors in the aorta and can detect changes in arterial pressures. As the brain takes notice to the extreme blood loss and reduced pressure on the aortic barometric sensor it would cause for constriction to try to return the pressure to pre-pathological state. This is accomplished with the activation of Ip3 protein which is not a cell membrane protein but a ER protein by down stream signaling cascade to release the calcium to activate the smooth muscle.

        The stimulant for constriction is the loss of blood. It is detected by afferent nerve fibers that travel from the aorta’s pressure sensors to the brain. Hypothalamic hormones are created and released in response to the trauma. Next, the peptide hormones travel to the pituitary gland and, thyrotropin is released to activate the thyroid.
        The thyroid releases corticotropic hormones that travel to the adrenals and releases norepinephrine which will bind to membrane bound protein adenylate cyclase which will then in turn activate IP3 and finally Ip3 activates release of calcium to turn on the smooth muscle. This is the parasympathetic/ sympathetic response (AKA fight or flight).

        It was a real event there were no actors. The injuries this poor man received are in my humble opinion very real. It is possible to sustain that type of injury and have the wound not bleed excessively after about 10 minutes. It will bleed very fast initially and the flow will be reduced as a function of time as the body responds to the trauma. It is very entertaining reading all the silly science posts from people who think they can learn everything from wikky. I would stop this nonsense as fast as posible for respect of the dead and injured. Ask them if it was real or not.

        -Dr. P

    • I have been a firefighter/medic in South Florida for almost 10 years. I have to a agree that based on the location of the injury, the femoral artery may not have been severed as suggested.
      From experience, injuries causing amputations do cause blood lines to vasoconstrict. Also, anytime there is a traumatic injury, the body does shunt blood to it’s major organs. It’ll do this for as long as possible causing changes in b/p and pulse. The body will undergo numerous life saving measures until it can’t no more or intil life saving measures (surgery) are performed.
      I also wanted to mention/ask about the actual explosion. Someone earlier mentioned the bombing was merely a series of smoke and flash grenades. I’ve seen several still photographs that show a massive fireball. Looks like more than just smoke and flash.
      I respect peoples opinion. This freedom that we are all exercising is what sets us apart. I merely suggest that along with the fredom to question we also respect one another.
      God bless the innocent and God help us.

      • As for the “smoke and flash,” watch the video footage itself – there are numerous videos taken from various angles and perspectives, and from all of them (at least those that I’ve personally seen) there are no visible flames or flashes whatsoever, only smoke.

    • go to 9:12 in this video and explain that. Also, why was he helped after the woman with both legs still attatched?

      • I just watched 9:12 about 50 times, and I’ll be damned if the left leg isn’t shiny and plastic-looking. I don’t know what happened, but there are definitely questions that need looking into…

    • Thank you Derek. You know what you are talking about unlike most on this page. And notice how they immediately starting calling him names?

  269. I get that there are some spot where a person might have their doubts, but I think the conclusions you’re drawing are a bit drastic. The medical parts I understand : the gentleman not bleeding out is indee