Is There A Kroll Advisory Solutions Connection To The Boston Bombing?

Mike sent me a link to an article with his commentary that asks the question about an Israeli connection to the bombing. That article is written by


Luckily, Mr Holley’s bio lists one of his forte’s as “crisis management”. Well, thank goodness for that. And, as luck would also have it, back in the day, Mr. Holley was employed as a litigation support specialist with the Environmental Enforcement Section of the United States Department of Justice. So, obviously, he is a ‘good guy’.

If you will remember, Kroll was the Israeli firm in charge of the World Trade Center Complex on 9/11. Besides the question of allowing an Israeli based firm to have such access to those buildings (why not an American company?), it appears that they have their fingers in a lot of American pies:


You may ask, so what? Where is the Mandarin located?


Methinks we are beginning to see several Jewish fingerprints all over this shebang. Mike digs farther and adds a bit to the connection I made in the first post of this subject:


Since I pointed out that the ‘bomb blast’ seemed more like a firecracker than the blasts we’ve seen in Iraq, I won’t mention it again (oops). Also, since I already linked to the TimesofIsrael article in the first post, I won’t again, but Mike points out that the good Dr Connman loves him some Israel:


Goodness. The Israelis are all over this. Must deserve some sort of thanks or something, right?

Anywho, now that it is done, and we already see Israeli connections, what’s next?

Can you argue with that?

As if that weren’t enough to convince you that there is a full frontal assault by the Jews, we have been getting prepped for a while. Case in point:

The number of right-wing extremist groups in the US has grown significantly in the Obama presidency. How can it be accounted for? To what extent do race issues play into this? Is the culture of guns to blame here? And how much risk do these groups present to society? CrossTalking with Allan Lichtman and Amy Zalman.

No, of course “Lichtman” or “Zalman” are not Jews with an agenda, not to mention Jew-lite, Lavelle. They are only concerned with America’s safety. Just like all good Bolsheviks.

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9 thoughts on “Is There A Kroll Advisory Solutions Connection To The Boston Bombing?

  1. Another bizarre aspect is the story about the dramatic shootout where the one brother drove over the other brother in a SUV and escaped. Must of been an armored SUV with bullet resistant tires to get thru all that firepower.

    More proof of a FF is that the MSM is pushing this 24/7. It’s as if the poor souls in West, Texas don’t exist… in fact, some don’t, they got vaporized.


  2. man, you should have put some kill Hitler stuff up….life is so unfair…

    all those great posts and only a handful of comments for …well for quite a while

    you call BS on the BFF and WOW look at all those comments….

    some are obviously not your usual readers…

    would like to see hundreds of comments….each time you do that thing you do…so well.

    maybe you could get Jerry Lawler to you know…work with you on helping the “slow” learners

    maybe offer them a learning permit…as a discount price…you know with easy credit terms

    say hey to Tim…he had a heart attack…

    Bwell Bman


    • LOL

      Well put.

      I am near 100,000 hits today. My previous biggest day was 6,700. New subscriber numbers are thru the roof, too.Go figure.

      Wait until they get around to actually reading my other stuff and we’ll see them drop like flies.



  3. Thanks, Man.

    It seems that almost every time they conduct such drills, something goes live. In this case, they are talking about a nuclear incident. I would not be there when they do it. For safety’s sake.

    maybe I don’t get the WRH thing. Is it saying that Hitler was a dictator? If so, nothing could be further from the truth.


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  5. Now they’ve searched the apartment shared by the Tsamaev brothers, and there’s no trace of anything the least bit incriminating there, no weapons, no bomb-making material, no radical literature, nothing but a sloppy pad shared by a couple of typical jocks. See This whole Boston thing, from beginning to end, is all so much pageantry. It’s just for show like the shakedown they put us through when we get on airplanes to the various barricades and cops around all the tourist sites in DC. See and “Groping Granny for Show” at


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  7. just stumbled upon your site…you are telling America the truth..thank you..for exposing the lies..any talk on the earth”s polar shifts, from major earthquakes,by HAARP?


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