Obamajustice And Obamainquisition by Jack D. Douglas

Obamajustice And Obamainquisition

by Jack D. Douglas

Let me see if I have this straight.


The U.S. secret police armies, apparently led in this case by the FBI working for the White House, took custody of a 19 year old immigrant boy riddled by bullets in the head, neck, legs, arm [s?] and [one or two?] hands, totally isolated him in a Boston hospital prison ward [strapped down?] surrounded by vast police and secret police forces, declared the boy cannot speak, was unconscious, on many strong drugs sedating him, might not live or even regain consciousness, declared he would be denied all visits from family and legal counsel until they had thoroughly questioned him, then the next day secretly let in a federal [?] judge appointed by the White House Justice Dept., to arraign the boy, then announced that he could not speak, but confessed to what they and the Republicrat Media charge him with by nodding [and winking?] and signing something they gave him in his stuporous state and he signed with a hand not too crippled or drugged to sign, his only unwounded body member, then they announced it to the world to give him Justice under the American Constitution by disappearing him forever and preventing any possible legal investigation and defense.


If I’ve got this straight, Obama has made sure no one can find out what really happened between the FBI, CIA, etc., and this boy and his brother riddled to pieces in the road before he could deny anything and we’ll never know what kind of deal they offered him, such as “Sign now or your family gets sent to prison as co-conspirators.” “Of sent to Chechnya for Russian execution.” Or….


If anyone ever gets the freedom and courage to do the movie on this, I hope Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor star in it. Only they can do real justice to the hilarious extremes of this Obama Inquisitorial Trial.


Now what? Public hanging and quartering of the drugged, mute and crippled remnants of a boy in the Boston Commons??? Or in front of the White House??? Or burning the remnants inside the Jefferson Monument memorializing the American people who have sworn eternal hostility to tyranny???


Obama and his vast armies of totalitarian, secret police have become America’s Undertakers, so it makes perfect sense to carry out the witch burning in the Jefferson Memorial. It will be a perfect Celebration of The Death Of America.


But here’s the final twist on Obama’s supreme trashing of our Constitution. He and his totalitarian secret police have gone to such a total extreme in tyranny that they make the infamous Inquisitors of witches look like freedom and justice loving Americans. Some charged witches survived similar mutilations and mind-destruction under torture and imprisonment and were able to defend themselves in public and escape and even bring to an end local Inquisitions and witch burnings. An old friend of mine and his wife have just been telling me of the book they have done based on a young woman who did survive and help stop the witch burnings, a young woman who was a member of the wife’s family in Noerdlingen, Bavaria, at the end of the sixteenth century and left a written account of all of it.


You know this remnant of a boy is never going to get a chance to be heard in public as a free man. And if he secretly writes up his defense, they’ll catch it on their omni-sphying cameras, put him in deeper dungeons of solitude, and burn his defense in secret.


How strange that Americans have become more tyrannical and insane than those Inquisitors centuries ago.


Ah, but let us not be maudlin. Like most Americans today, let us blind ourselves to what is really going on and yuk it up. This burning of the remnants of the witch in the Jefferson Memorial will be a hilarious ending to that comedy on American justice by Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor.


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8 thoughts on “Obamajustice And Obamainquisition by Jack D. Douglas

  1. what a mess, eh ?

    A week before his murder, Mess had been in an altercation with his girlfriend where she reportedly threw knives and beer bottles at him. She was out of state at the time of the murders though, the paper said.

    Read more: …..about why No One on Earth HAS to be a “JEWISH”….ever !!!!


    Khazars are not Israelites…just the facts



    “I’ve had very good conversations the last two days with your terrorist minister. I had a good conversation with the Zionist Terrorist “President” Peres yesterday. I was able to take a long tour up in the north and the eastern borders here, and once again it reminds me of the dangers and difficulties and challenges. But I believe together, working with our allies and our friends, we will be able to do what is VERY VERY “JEWISH” for your stool sculpture deity cult compound, and make this zionist terrorized region a better zionist terrorized region and a more stool sculpture deity cult friendly region, and make Talmudia more secure.”


    go to the ocean and see the beach

    see the stars and consider your reach


    • Revolution? Amerikkkans are too fucking scared and well-trained to offer up any resistance to the police state which has now become official since Bostonians welcomed with open arms the heavily armed police thugs at their door doing warrantless searches.

      That’s the good news, the bad is that it’s going to get a lot worse.


  2. Absent the Constitution, there is no lawful Federal Government. I am certain that the boys in Sodom on the Potomac will hold to a different idea; that they can go on bossing the rest of us around without the legal foundation of the Constitution, but for ordinary Americans, the end of the Constitution is the end of government authority. That Constitution is the original “Contract with America”, the agreement by which WE THE PEOPLE allow the Federal Government the authority to operate the nation for the benefit of WE THE PEOPLE. If the government tears up that contract, they are in essence abdicating their lawful authority, and We The People are under no legal or moral obligation to obey that government’s dictates, pay its bills, or send our children to die in that government’s wars of conquest to enrich the private central banks. “Mike Rivero” What really happened.com

    Let me clarify what a license or permit is. It is simply asking permission from the government and paying the government a fee for what we have every God-given right to do in the first place – for free, without asking anyone for permission. Burn that statement into your mind. Memorize it, use it as a chant. If that’s not bad enough, we must renew many licenses’ periodically and pay again and again. What if we all decided we would no longer get or renew our driver’s license and pay them for the right to drive our own car? What if we all stopped getting a license of any kind? They could fine us. But what if we didn’t pay the fine? We might go to jail. Where do a few get off telling the many we can’t get married, defend ourselves, or drive a car or go fishing or hunting or any of our other God-given rights without their permission? I don’t need the government to give me permission to purchase a gun to defend myself. Why aren’t you outraged? “Author unknown”


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