More Boston Bombing Questions And What Do They Have In Store For Us Next


Are these the same men? Actors? What is up with this (courtesy of Jimstonefreelance)?


There has been something else bothering me about the event, especially regarding the glass being blown out. Several commenters suggest that the blast some how sucked out the glass instead of pushing it into the building. But if these projectiles caused so much carnage (blowing off limbs) how did it “suck” glass 30 feet or more onto the sidewalk?

And if you still don’t believe that this was some sort of false flag event, listen to the arguments made by the truthergirls:

I should point out that the VideoRebel put up a post on April 15 (in the morning) where he wrote:

I am convinced we are near another False Flag event planned for us by the bankers. It will be as big as 911 but unlike it in other ways to fool as many of us as possible for at least a few months. I do not see the bankers as capable of lasting until the 2014 and 2016 American elections.

The point is that the bankers are trying to get their hands on as much bullion as possible before the yen, the pound, the euro and the dollar collapse.

The End is Nigh. Beware of a False Flag.

Here’s the thing, he wasn’t predicting the Boston Bombing incident, but something MUCH bigger. The criminal government needed this event to acquiesce us into accepting Martial Law type of behavior. Getting used to seeing cops, especially the DHS forces in action is important because something much bigger is being planned. Maybe something associated with this:

Preparing for Major Terrorism Exercises Three Cities

The federal government has begun preparing three U.S. cities for large-scale, 10-day terrorism-response exercises scheduled this month.

Beginning sometime between May 7 and May 29, local, state and top level federal authorities will respond to simulated weapons of mass destruction attacks in three cities — Denver, Portsmouth, N.H., and the Washington, D.C.-area.

Denver or Portsmouth will face either a simulated biological or a chemical weapons attack. The D.C. metropolitan area will respond to a radiological attack drill — which could range from simply an exposed container of radioactive material to a small nuclear detonation…

I don’t know about you, but if I lived in any of these areas, I think I’d plan some sort of vacation away from home for a couple of weeks.

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8 thoughts on “More Boston Bombing Questions And What Do They Have In Store For Us Next

  1. “Several commenters suggest that the blast some how sucked out the glass instead of pushing it into the building. But if these projectiles caused so much carnage (blowing off limbs) how did it “suck” glass 30 feet or more onto the sidewalk?”

    One idea I had (and I’m no explosive expert, so I could be way off here) was that the bomb was built in such a way as to explode out one side while sucking in oxygen needed for the combustion from an other side, so in essence the bomb was created in such a way as to have a ‘front’ and ‘back’ and was placed in such a way (thru the low pressure) of pulling that glass towards it.

    If that is the case it is possible that the instigators set it up in such as fashion as to again provide a red-herring for others to argue over indefinately (I can think of a few 9/11 question marks that meet the same criteria).


    PS, they also want us, the White Folk and so called Middle and Upper Class folk of all color to begin to associate troop carriers, machine guns, helicopters and federal troops with safety (‘Ohhhh, they’re savin’ me from the big, bad, mooslim t’rrists!’)


    • The next False Flag will be somewhere in the MidWest, to show the sheeple that nowhere in the USSA is safe from those ‘terrorists.’

      Get ready to have the Gestapo agencies like ATF, DEA–WTF were they doing in Boston?–the FBI and others kicking in doors to ‘look’ for another FBI patsy.


    • Guys take a look at the behavior of the flags after the blast on the first video that was released (i think it was taken from the finish line – it shows the runners running towards the camera). I found the behavior of the flags strange from the get go. I am not sure whether this helps with explaining the other phenomena.Best wishes. Carol


    • If the explosion blew out one way and sucked in the other…then the blast had to be pointed into the street to “suck” out the windows. And from the videos and photos it appears the blast/charge was directed away from the street.


      • I believe it all depends on exactly where the bomb was. From all indications, it was near the street, which means it would have been directed back across the sidewalk towards the windows. If so, how did it “suck” glass 30 feet towards it?


  2. but the sun is coming up and there are cakes on the griddle….


    a Library for a Moron ? now that is funny, I don’t care who you are.

    Dig this Chutzpah…{view from 6th floor window} ——-> the reflecting pool !

    Were the Davidians Murdered ?

    Did Oswald really Assassinate JFK ?

    was a missle used in WEST ? –

    how is a PATSY convicted without TALMUDVISION……seriously ?

    Maybe Kenn Starr has the answer to that riddle, ??? – – ???
    inside an enigma….

    tear down their altars –

    some people beat around the bush….some people are timid, afraid and apprehensive… – some people don’t want to be seperated from the other sheep

    GOY – CATTLE – …..batteries, so they watch talmudvision, shuffle off to JEW WORSHIP [WORK] and

    PAY TAXES that they don’t owe so the JEWISH TERRORISTS can be “JEWISH” for another 24/7….

    Go figure.


  3. what a day…

    fair & Balanced ….

    three thumbs up for the choreographers & scriptwriters…,7340,L-4372444,00.html

    surely Adam Sandler was in there somehweah…

    check the comic book section of the “Bush” library @ SMU

    Zoldan insists that the powder in the fireworks could not have been enough to create the bombs. Yet, he is uncertain if materials from the fireworks were used at all in the bombs.

    “We doubt that the product, itself, was used in the homemade-bomb devices,” Zoldan told “We’re not 100 percent sure of that. We’re working closely with the FBI, and we’ll get an analysis of what material was used in the bomb-making.”

    This isn’t Zoldan’s first brush with the FBI in this regard. Zoldan previously found himself defending the sale of his fireworks when Faisal Shahzad, who attempted to explode a parked SUV on May 1, 2010 in New York’s Times Square, bought some Phantom firecrackers for inclusion in the device, which did not explode.

    Read more: Justifiably homicide Talmudvision…

    so good, so good, so, good…

    the irony is allegedly he wrote the song for John Johns’ sister Caroline, after her daddy was killed by that patsy guy Oswald who shot three times from the 6th floor …the third shot being the magic bullet….back & to the left


  4. Hey folks, just a thought…I just saw on Rense that the JFK library will be closed indefinitly due to the fire/explosion that occured there on the 15th. I’ve also read there were documents stored there that were due to be released soon. I’m wondering…anyone see the Marahon as a distraction? any connection? The “authorities” say no…is the denial confirmation? Like I said, just a thought.


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