Exit Stage Left: The Actors

It appears that there are actors involved with the False Flag Event in Boston. And if you don’t believe this old redneck, maybe you’ll believe the Boston Police Commissioner:

How about the cowboy and fake blood?


How about the fake bombing victim?


You can always check this video at the 9:14 mark, just before the intentional blue screen when they realized how fake it looked from that angle:


close up

Did you see where CNN interviewed the same woman immediately after the bombing, then again, elsewhere, the same woman on a different subject. Amazing how she witnessed both events:

Watch it all, but especially the 2:45 mark.

Something is not right.

And if you still doubt that actors can be used, then you really need to watch this video:

EDITED 6AM, 4/26 (Info provided by Greg at the Goon Squad)

h/t Digger, Marcell and NODISINFO

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56 thoughts on “Exit Stage Left: The Actors

  1. Good stuff B’Man! I’m convinced that there was all sorts of fakery involved in this latest false flag, PSYOP-style terrorist event, but I can’t say the entire thing was fake (unlike the Sandy Hook “shooting” Hoax). The first bomb seems to be a smoke bomb, part of the drill. But maybe the second bomb was legitimate and some people did get hurt? I don’t know… I tend to think the entire thing was staged but I can’t say that with 100% confidence. Also, I’m really trying to figure out how the hell they pull these events off. Could it be possible that they filmed this “bombing” drill one day, and played it as live footage on the Boston Marathon, and had a similar scenario going that day, too? Just speculating here, but it might explain some things.


      • BOMB SUSPECT HAS THROAT WOUND may never speak again.

        Boston Bomb suspect is being treated by Israeli doctor. Apparently our own American doctors aren’t capable. Tsarnaev came down with Chronic Patsy Syndrome (CPS) which is only treatable by removing your larynx.


    • It seems to me that there were some actors involved with the real thing and there was collateral damage. Obviously a true false flag event.

      It may have been a drill gone bad, for I do think that some of the people were hurt (and possibly killed). But, maybe not. Maybe the entire thing contains actors, but that would be near impossible to pull off, imo. I don’t see how they could have filmed it one day and not have the public know. I doubt its all a set.

      But then again, I don’t know for sure.

      The lady witness being interviewed at two different times suggests she is acting, that’s for sure.


  2. It’s interesting that none of the witnesses talk about experiencing the shock wave that comes from an explosion. I have been fairly near explosions that were much smaller than these two were purported to be and the phenomenon of the shock wave really makes a big impression on you.

    Now it looks like they’re trying to pin more crimes on the older brother. See http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/world/brutal-triple-murder-linked-to-boston-suspect-20130423-2ib8k.html. He sounds like a combination of Carl Derek Cooper http://www.dcdave.com/article3/990831.html and Khalid Sheikh Mohammed http://www.dcdave.com/article5/070318.htm. Too bad they killed him. They could have gotten him to confess to practically every unsolved violent crime in New England. But there’s still Dzhokhar.


    • Shoot. As a kid M80’s were available and you could feel the wave from them.

      I do remember one runner (actor?) saying he felt a wave and he went to the ground, but I haven’t heard too many others say it).


      • Some of the earliest footage coming out showed the runners getting ready to cross the line and you’ll see an elderly man start to fall at damn near the same time the ‘blast’ occured. You’ll also see people closer, some dressed in yellow, standing between the runner and the ‘bomb’ not fall down and turn around with a WTF? glance.


    • If you look at the blown out window near the place where the bombs went off, you will notice that the glass is blown out from the inside out. How can a bomb, place near the marathon route, on the sidewalk blow glass outward. Forensically it doesn’t add up.


      • Simple explanation….Not all bombs expand a lot of gas, so it’s more of a shock that shatters the glass and it falls down and bounces away. There wasn’t a large movement of air to push the glass shards inside the building like you see in the movies.


        • Yes, and gravity caused the glass to ‘fall’ and ‘bounce” 30 feet away from the window.
          That explains it.

          Sayanim should be able to do better.


        • Bad physics .. shock wave formation is contingent upon rapid pressure changes as associated with gas generation. No gas? No shock! Simple as that. Can’t have one without the other. No such thing as a solid-state bomb.


  3. visiting in SoCal recently provided a front row seat to the “Empire” of the Producers & Directors who work for the Studios….amazing what you’ll see at a starbucks in Burbank

    curiously Mel wouldn’t return my call{s}….oh well.


    but stop and think about it…like the global narcotics profits, just guesstimate how much the studios make in gross profits annually…and while “THEY” are doing lines of coke at 4am what do you think “THEY” talk [PLOT] about ?


    given that the media, currency printers & crackhouse operators are actually “THEY”….

    one more time for the children in the Hospital….


    How did the so-called “JEWS” make it from Khazaria in 8th century AD to the Old Testament ?


    “….what do you think I do…play tennis ?” . . .


  4. Like I’ve been saying: in these images of people in these so-called “terror attacks”, they are participating in a staged attack…say a Sandy Hook or a Boston Marathon bombing; if they are ACTORS in a stage terrorist attack, are ACTING the part of bomb victims, grieving parents, first responders, police or military, witnesses, etc…then they would have inside knowledge, could be easily identified, brought in for questioning, with criminals prosecuted under RICO.

    All we need is a DA, any DA, from any county, in any state. Any Attorney General from any state in the union. A new Jim Garrison, a new independent Oklahoma City bombing investigation. Someone to start an investigation, find out who these people are, haul them in front of grand jury, who planned these staged attacks, who paid them, and uncover the whole rancid under-belly of the so-called war on terror that has enslaved and impoverished America.


  5. Please don’t veer into silliness. I’ve noticed a lot of people in really underground/atlernative media and a lot of people in the “conspiracy community” don’t seem particularly literate, unfortunately. (See the guy over on Veterans Today who insists on misusing “incredulous” despite correction.) There is nothing fishy in the use of “actors” in the presentation of the Boston Commission. The second definition of “actor” given in the Oxford English Dictionary is as follows, with examples:

    a. A thing which or person who performs or takes part in an action; a doer, an agent.Occas. with figurative allusion to sense 4.
    c1425 tr. J. Arderne Treat. Fistula (Sloane 6) 87 (MED), Natural hete in þe body, which is principal actour of curyng, expireþ out of ofte remeuyng of a wounde.
    1461–2 Rolls of Parl.: Edward IV (Electronic ed.) Parl. Nov. 1461 §18. m. 11, The same Henry, actour, factour and provoker of the seid commocion..shamefully refused theym.
    1561 in J. D. Marwick Extracts Rec. Burgh Edinb. (1875) III. 123 Vpoun consideratioun of the necessar and godlie seruice dalie done be Ihonne Carnys, actour of the mornyng prayeris.
    1583 in J. Spottiswood Hist. Church Scotl. (1655) vi. 326 Providing the Actors and Assisters do shew themselves penitent.
    1604 F. T. Case is Altered sig. Bv, Oh wicked money, to be the Actor of such a mischiefe.
    a1616 Shakespeare Measure for Measure (1623) ii. ii. 37 Condemn the fault and not the actor of it.
    1694 R. Molesworth Acct. Denmark 44 Received not only from eye-witnesses, but also from some of the principal..Actors.
    1759 W. Robertson Hist. Scotl. I. i. 5 The characters of the actors are displayed.
    1792 J. Almon Anecd. Life W. Pitt (8vo ed.) IV. App. 268 He came very young into Parliament, and..soon equalled the oldest and ablest actors.
    1819 S. Rogers Human Life 102 Now distant ages, like a day, explore, And judge the act, the actor now no more.
    1875 E. Poste tr. Gaius Institutionum Iuris Civilis (ed. 2) Introd. 13 An actor is negligent when he is ignorant of the consequences of his act.
    1912 W. James Ess. Radical Empiricism vi. 162 Bare activity would thus be predicable, though there were no definite direction, no actor, and no aim.
    1960 V. Van Dyke Polit. Sci. iii. xi. 124 We define politics as a struggle among actors pursuing conflicting desires on public issues.
    2001 S. Caffrey & G. Mundy in W. O. Weyrauch Gypsy Law 110 No study mentions Gypsies ever attempting to understand or express an offense in terms of the pathology of the actor.

    Have you never heard the phrase “bad actor”? Take a look at the definitions here at Dictionary.com:


    I see and hear “actor” used this way all the time in the news or in political discussion.


  6. Just to be clear, I think I have plenty to learn from people whose grammar and diction, and general sense of usage, is a lot less than perfect. I’m pretty ignorant in a multitude of areas. Knowing the conventions of standard English doesn’t actually amount to a whole lot. I do realize this. Too many people I know who would get high scores on verbal intelligence are completely clueless and unwilling to seriously question authority.

    But man, I come to this page and the first thing I see is making a big deal of something someone, in a way that clearly reflects a lack of familiarity with how the word “actor” is used on a regular basis in English.

    (I’m still sorting through the other evidence presented here and elsewhere in defense of the claim that the Boston Marathon bombings were at least partly faked, so I’m not dismissing that possibility.)


    • Actually, the two who have been accused were not among those who seemed to be carrying out assigned roles as depicted in the videos, so it may, indeed, be a mistake to make too much of the Police Commissioner’s slip of the tongue. But I watched the coverage of the event on Fox News, and the Fox camera kept coming back over and over to a woman who looked terribly distressed while holding her hands clasped beneath her chin and apparently praying. It really struck me as excessively maudlin, like something from one of those old Hollywood B movies. She and the camera’s attention to her looked terribly staged to me.


      • A lot of that. There are also two geezers in wheelchairs, one male and one female (the woman looks like she could be the sister of the maudlin prayer-sayer). Both geezers have the same mousse applied to their hairlines, which is a sort of tan color, over which is sprinkled something that looks like the masonry dust, and then they have the blood drips coming down from the head and all over the bodies. Must some of the elderly people who flocked to the sidelines to cheer on their grandchildren. I’m sure this was only a sampling of the 250 wounded in the huge blast which did not even blow out the two streetlamp bulbs in the front of Forum. Where did the masonry concrete come from that landed on their heads? I notice the sidewalk is intact to this day. But that mousse was applied so sloppily – like when they give you a dye job at the hairdresser’s before they wash it out. It was done to hold the dust on and maybe even to protect from having the fake blood dye the hair in any way that could be detected.

        When I was in high school, during the Vietnam War, I had the astonishing experience of opening the paper to find a classmate decked out like a Catholic priest on the front page, praying the rosary (not something priests are as known for because it’s generally a woman thing) over a dying soldier in the swamps of Vietnam. He still went to high school. He worked in the photo lab for the annual and school newspaper. But in those days, primed by Hollywood movies, people wanted to be reassured that in their last moments their sons’ souls would be saved.
        Even though I was only 16, I saw straight through it. My vision for such things, call it a bullshit detector, is still in working condition.


  7. it is a forest for the trees thingy…


    if one has no connection with the History of America, England, Europe, & the Children of Israel they are at a serious disadvantage when it comes to understanding the ongoing conspiracy to enslave the people who are the children of Israel…


    if one were to invest the time in reading some History omitted by the Winston Smiths’ of NEWSPEAK fame the unfolding dynamics would stick out like a sore thumb…




    that are SHOCKING TO THE CONSCIENCE….of all who love TRUTH & JUSTICE !!!


    – MASSMURDER ….with malice aforethought…aided and abetted by Talmudvision and the crackhouse called CONgress….the PRIVATE CORPORATION doing business as the US GOV.

    it is true though that Language is the Key….
    and many would improve their analytical skills by paying closer attention to spelling and defintions of words…


  8. There was a press event at a hospital yesterday. An alleged “bomb-amputated-leg-at-knee” cute blond milf was on a bed (or sump`n) in front of a blue hospital logo backdrop (“bring your bomb wounds here!”). She had a made for TV face, her eyes were clear and voice steady (she wasn’t too doped). She looked perfectly healthy and totally adjusted, like she had been accustomed to be “newly” legless under the lights and on camera for a long time..

    How did she live through an amputation (especially given cowboy hat guys sloppy tourniquet on John Voight/Jeff Beauman (wheel chair double bomb blast amputee actor) ? Loose a leg, you be dead in a minute – femoral artery will dump blood like a sievewhen severed).

    Sh was in the pink – beautiful – made for TV – calm – and instead of being in ICU from the trauma, she gave a perfectly made face and exquisitely coiffed “of blond” doo – an all Merikon Girl – who gave impression that loosing a leg (just a few days earlier) was something anyone could overcome – without pain killers, remorse or the raggedy look and shock most would suffer from the trauma and pain when a major appendage gets unexpectedly blown off.

    The fact that lamestream actually broadcast that charade with the confidence that AMericans would buy into it is very telling.

    Just on news (RT). The Boston boom boom pair are now alleged to have been involved in a plot to boom boom NYC. NYC got a guarantee just a few days ago that the BMB meant NYC would not have to take a sequester hit for DHS granted guard dog services. A bit of an over kill if ya ask me


  9. Hi folks, I’m new here so please forgive me if I ramble a bit. Like many people, I’m still trying to sort through this and no doubt, haven’t seen everything. So here are a few thoughts for whatever they’re worth. First, there seems to be a lot of videos and photos of the scene in front of Lens Crafters. Are there videos and photos of the second explosion? Could someone far more adept point me to them? Second, the thought occurs to me that whoever did this would KNOW we will disect everything we get our hands on. Therefore it follows whatever is “leaked” may well be a misdirection…looking at the magicians buxom assistant while the magician does the trick so to speak. So I would humbly suggest that we all take a breath and reexamine what we have with new eyes. And by that I mean look at what is seen but SHOULDN’T be seen and what SHOULD be seen but isn’t. Foe example, why do we see Spec-Ops when these guys forte is being invisable? Or if some of you have EMT experience…do the emergency people have standard equipment with them? we focus on outside of Lens Crafters…do we have any idea what went on inside? Well, I see I’ve rambled more than intended. So loike I said, just some thoughts.


    • I read a rather naively earnest contemporary account about the explosion in front of Forum, the second explosion, always stated as happening in front of Forum.That one was probably the easier of the two to pull off and of course it wasn’t filmed. The first explosion started in process the clearing out of unauthorized spectators and kept runners well down the road. I have to think the runners were even stopped before the first blast.

      Forum is kind of brazen, in that clean-up pictures show no damage except for discarded backpacks, sippy cups and broken glass, while the mailbox, a smallish tree and the light post with its quaint pair of shades are all completely intact, as is, a few feet away, the railings around the outdoor seating area and the gray chairs inside it. And yet, it is stated that the bomb which blew up there killed two people, injured almost 250 and left more than 10 with leg amputations. There is one word for it: a lie. So that’s why the Forum shots (“too graphic”) will never be shown. I guess some hotel guests and foreign press never got the memo, which is why we even see any pictures of Forum at all. Never mind, there are lots of interviews with amputees, some of whom are so cheerful they seem to belong to a cult. Maybe that is because they got used to their amputations a long time ago.


  10. What stuck in my craw was the comment from somewhere that the second alleged bomber was shot at the car and then ran off. He must have been shot somewhere because the homeowner who found him did so by first seeing blood on the boat and looking inside. Later reports said he was shot on the foot, leg, torso and neck and one report says he was shot on the foot. It was 24 hours from the time he was shot at the car until he was found by the boat owner but since there was already blood at the boat he must have left a blood trail from the car to the boat and the distance between the two was probabyl not far. Even so 11,000 plus police, FBI, HSC etc were unable to find him in the next 24 hours and so they gave up. But not only did they have thousands of police but they also had dozens if not hundreds of police dogs and dogs find blood trails very easy to follow. I would like to know how far the guy travelled from the car to the boat?


  11. Ted, I would humbly suggest you are making a mistake by assuming the official story is true. And then you go from that assumption to wondering HOW it could be true. Exactly. We are dealing with a multi-layered Black-Ops/Psy-Ops here. So to me it seems the first rule would be nothing is as it appears. When it seems illogical…it is for a reason. I’m thinking about what they are hiding…not what they’re showing. But then, what do I know? I’m just an old country boy.


  12. My gawd, anybody with even half a working brain should know that this is the same shit that has been brought to you by the same bunch of criminals who did 9-11, and the long list of bombing that have the exact criminal govt fingerprints on each of them. Is it really still a secret to you American that your govt has been taken over by a criminal group along with a bunch of dual citizenship zionist Jews—sheesh!!! get a brain!!!!


    • I have no idea who you are “Zen”, but I doubt you’re the Zen Gardner I’ve read on Beforeitsnews. The writing style is different, He is well spoken and humble…you on the other hand seem to have mastered the art of combining arrogance and funtional illiteracy…well done my lad.


    • If you are Zen Gardener or not, I hear your message plain as day…

      if ALL these ZIONIST imposters in the US govt and all their three letter support groups looked Chinese it would be completely obvious a take over occured…

      Not only a take over but by psychopaths from HELL…the trance they have most under many will NEVER wake up from and will go down with these demons for they are the robots that blindly support their evil system……these demons are of pure dark energy ALL they know is death, destruction, exploitation, usary, misery, pain, disease, greed, power, lust they offer NOTHING to life itself and destroy and destuct everything they touch….no other animal does that but these demons from the pits of HELL!!!…anyone that can’t see their destuction deserves to go down with them….

      Everyone will know why this evil must come to an end……this darkness will NOT contaminate the rest of creation (which we have been isolated from by these demons)….everyone will soon know who is who….there will be a great divide of energies….those of dark energy will not mix (like they have in the past we will spot them a mile away), those who have awakened will have their senses heightened while those of the dark side will show “Terminal Madness of the End Times” which they already are showing signs…

      They are exposing themselves for ALL to see just who is who in this evil dimension….strap in tight for it might get a little bumpy….


      • Hi Laurie, I’m not trying to dispute what “Zen” said…I take issue with how he said it. In a free and open exchange of ideas there is no place for condescending tones, impatience or insults. We are all adults here. Let’s try to act like it. If we all act and talk like “Zen” your demons win right?


        • I don’t believe for a second that this is the Zen we know. So, if he lies about his name, taking on the prsonna of someone else, I wonder what the motivation is. And btw, I don’t necessarily disagree with what he wrote, but as you say, how he wrote it (and the name he hijacked).


      • And no nation was ever ignorant and free. Everything you just said is being applied by others to Moslems. In my opinion, there are good people and bad people in every group. I judge them on an individual basis. It’s hard sometimes not to succumb to prejudice and stereotype. I ask myself whether something a person does is a crime. If it is, then I say so no matter what ethnicity they hide behind. It’s that simple, although persecuted minorities tend to feel (and rightly so) that if one of their kin has done something they will be blamed. And they are right, because as you know the majority people in any group are totally innocent. And it does not matter what ethnic group you are talking about. Most people are trying to be good.

        But criminal conspiracies by their nature hide behind things like their country’s flag or some noble purpose. They want you to defend them.


  13. Final scene of 3 Days of the Condor (1975)

    Robert Redford (Joseph Turner “The Condor”) Part of a section of “readers” for the CIA who search world wide for any book plots, etc. that may refer to actual CIA plans, etc. He stumbled across a plan by a rogue CIA within the CIA group and his whole section is murdered.

    Cliff Robertson (Higgins, a CIA officer) Condor’s senior officer.

    [last lines]
    Joe Turner: Just look around. They’ve got it. That’s where they ship from. (referring to the NY Times building next to them) They’ve got all of it.

    Higgins: What? What did you do?

    Joe Turner: I told them a story. You play games, I told them a story.

    Higgins: Oh, you… you poor dumb son of a bitch. You’ve done more damage than you know.

    Joe Turner: I hope so.

    [Condor turns around and starts to walk away]

    Higgins: Hey, Turner! How do you know they’ll print it? You can take a walk. But how far if they don’t print it?

    Joe Turner: They’ll print it.

    Higgins: How do you know?

    – – – – – – – – –

    We’ve been warned for so long haven’t we. :-/


  14. The man in the wheel chair with both legs supposedly blown off is not reality.

    The legs contain the femoral artery and are a major blood path through the legs. The man in the wheel chair would not have been put into a wheel chair because it would have killed him! His supposed injuries are one of those that would cause major issues with survival and having both blown off would have most certainly killed him if he was put into a wheel chair. Those type of injuries almost always result in death. Even with fast response, the tourniquet that I see in the photos are not adequate to keep the blood from emptying his body. Keeping the upper body horizontal with injuries like that are needed if this guy was to survive. Plus, from the pictures, the blood pool is way too small for the injuries received. There would have been blood at over 15 feet away as the femoral artery is severed.

    I’ve seen many motorcycle accidents where just the loss of one leg at the scene resulted in such catastrophic blood loss that death was within one minute.

    Putting the man in a wheel chair would have most certainly killed him if the injuries he supposedly got at the finish line did not.


  15. OK, on the video that has the red lettering telling you to go to 9:14:

    Watch from 4:40-4:54. There is something moving from the left to the right of the screen that is visible for at least 10-15 sec. Please tell me, WTF is that?!?!


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  17. Outstanding the most conclusive evidence yet for this fantastic con job. But no one I know is willing to talk about it I have already been committed as a mad-hatter. Shit I am stuck in the damn city with nowhere to go or car to get there w.t.f. do I do. I am already on their shit list having done time in the Big House for sending ‘Threatening Communications” to this fucking idiots that call themselves our leaders. This is a lifelong federal felony conviction for telling these assholes I wasn’t buying into this shit. I cannot get a job pumping gas also I have been branded as mentally ill by these nazis and forced under court order to take mood altering mind controlling drugs with mandatory blood checks to test my levels with the threat of contempt of court. Hell I know that I am first in line for their F.e.m.a death camps. W.t.f. should I do party like it’s 1999?


    • Ever thought of applying as a crisis actor? Your background is no worse than Carlos Arrandandos. Infiltrate ’em. On a serious note…what caused you to send letters you should’ve known would get flagged to those people? And why does the response you got surprise you? I suggest you try Union Halls. They often times don’t hold felonies against people.


      • The joke really isn’t funny not just because it is on me. In answer to your question I did it because it appeared there was no other option at the time. Kinda like now the vast overwhelming majority don’t give a shit. Yes it was the stupidest thing I did in my whole life and no I did not think I would get caught being partially homeless anyways. I am in my 50’s now so a little late for trades which I already have anyways and yes they all run background checks regardless . I could not even become a fry cook at Mcdonalds either. Thanks for the advice


        • Yes David I was being a bit flippant. But in NO way was I attempting to make fun of you or your situation. If I offended you I am sorry. Yes, you may be too old for trades. I’m 53 myself so I understand. I don’t know when your felony occured but I know for a fact some trucking companies only want it to be 5 years. Some want 10. And it isn’t hard to get into a company driving school with one of these companies. No tuition…you drive for them when you graduate. I KNOW this to be a fact. And will point you to some if needed.


        • David, I don’t know you of course, but I have a lot of sympathy for someone who would get boiling mad. Sometimes it is because finding out these things reactivates the sense of being betrayed in childhood as some of us would. Of being treated like you’re stupid (when most small children still have the ability to see straight through a lot, and later learn to keep their mouthes shut when they do), of being manipulated by a parent who cons other people too. You have a romantic feeling of riding to the rescue when you are now of mature age, and you know you can call out a bad guy. That has to be one of the way police get recruited too, and then they find out they are just a publicly paid security force for the powerful. They aren’t there to bring the bad guys to justice unless they are the bad guys that won’t jeopardize the powerful guys.

          But I’m sure you know all this.

          I kind of like to think of this as something sordid and petty, no matter how big the effect on the media and in politics. These psyops are hatched in some crummy back office and written out on the backs of envelopes. The people doing them cannot even have a decent cup of coffee. Maybe they’ve even done time themselves and have thought this up in stir. Or if it is intelligence involved, they live in back streets of the third world, getting diarrhea and talking to illiterate locals, using them like donkeys. Yes, they later move money electronically, take some vacations in tropical paradise, get a boat or something. But they can never really walk in the sunshine, there’s always something they have to cover up. They can’t have true friends, only associates.

          And really, even though they have set up a world in which you can be marked out as having gotten a lower status due to over-reacting to them – due to reacting to them at all (it can be something subtle you say over a drink, and then the promotions start, because they know you’ll never get with the program) – just remember, you never joined their club and you never will. That’s all you have, but it’s more than they’ll ever have. It’s in fact – everything.


  18. Let us do something very simple….how much brain power do you have??? common knowledge is at about 10 percent of our total volume of brain matter…so ask your self the simple question ‘of all the information there is and all the information I know’ … which is greater??? well of course what we don’t know … the hard question is by what percentage? …. not even one percent would be an honest answer… now why do we continue to insist to die for our ignorance… get it real …. you don’t know squat … gather all the info you can…remember even falsehoods are sign posts to truth … the decay of world population is on…world cultures are vanishing … it is time … only turning within with observation of thought as it rises and vanishes will guide any individual to wisdom … all is a stage your but an actor, director and witness so get hold of your reality there are those who you will bury you en-masse … good luck … you need it…..


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  20. These are very interesting videos which I’ve forwarded to everyone I know, that is, everyone I know that will listen. The only question I have is how, with so many people involved can they keep everyone quiet. You’d think that at least one person would blow the whistle.


    • Hi Jetstream, perhaps you’re assuming they all knew what they were involved in. Think compartmentalization…need to know kinda thing. Wheels within wheels so to speak. This is a much smaller scale than 9/11 and that was pulled off without a hitch or any inside whistleblowers.


        • It could also be a bonus for acting jobs well done. But having said that I DO think people were injured. I think the 1st puff of smoke was the drill..the 2nd caused the injuries. Does anyone know where videos or photos of the 2nd can be found? Or are we just fed the images of #1?


          • Yep. You’re only ever going to be fed images of #1 because having already seen clean-up crews photographed going over #2 the Forum restaurant site, I can tell you that absolutely nothing happened there, and yet that is supposed to be the locus of most of the carnage. The “just-so” story you will be told is that “no of course there cannot be any photos released out of respect for the victims, and because it was so graphic” – Then of course you see all these hospital interviews of brave amputees, so it must be true, huh? That is movie-making 101. Your mind puts the amputees at the scene. Your mind even (when it’s a photo of a patient in a fully outfitted genuine hospital bed) fills it in with your assumptions: this is a picture taken after the Marathon, the person in the bed is an amputee, the staff around the bed are caring for an amputee which just got injured due to a bomb. You fill in the blanks.

            A kid I know who is a film-maker showed me some of their tricks. They would go to a store and have a conversation between an actor and a person in the shirt of some store – only the shirt was for Walmart and they were in Costco. Before the store got wise, the kid would take off the shirt. Does anyone remember the Eddie Murphy Steve Martin movie Bowfinger? I’ll bet that is how some of the hospital scenes were done –


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  22. Maybe someone could explain to me why the ambulances didnt drive to the victims. All that circus of rolling wounded racing down the block, and once some real emts showed up they had to carry their equipment up the street. Fuckin circus. Also do they not believe in securing a crime seen. I also. Dont understand how out all the people involved. Not one of them have any balls or moral backbone to blow this shit wide open


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