Who Is Bruce Mendelsohn?


The “hero” speaks:

BRUCE MENDELSOHN: It was terrible. My first thought when I heard the initial blast was well I wonder if this is a cannon signifying someone important had finished and then I smelled the gun powder (the cordite) and knew this was an explosive device and I rushed in to help. This is what we do, this is what I was trained to do in the military. This is what we would ask our law enforcement officers to do and I executed.

I want to mention one thing about “cordite“, it is a smokeless propellant. I don’t know, but I saw lots of smoke.

When you look into this character’s background you can find several things of interest. He apparently is an expert in marketing, communications, “messaging” and communications. From his Google+ page:

A marketing, communications and branding leader with proven successes conceiving and implementing successful messaging, branding, business development, customer service and public relations campaigns…

Politically sensitive and diplomatic in resolving issues and handling crisis/emergency communications, while inspiring confidence, credibility, and accountability.

Specialties: Branding and identity, message development and dissemination, crisis communications, PR, advertising

Just to name a few attributes he applies to himself. Just what is needed if promoting a meme to the general public. Makes me wonder if Edward Bernays is a relative.

Maybe I’m nitpicking, but he appears to get the timing wrong in two of his renditions of his “emergency communication”:

  1. On marathon day I was enjoying a post-race party with about two dozen people at an office right across from the finish line. At around 4:10 on the marathon clock I saw a flash from the corner of my eye; a blast wave immediately blew me off the couch upon which I was sitting and onto the floor.I yelled at my brother – who’d finished the race over an hour before – to get all the people away from the windows, in case there was a secondary explosion. As soon as I said that, the second explosion detonated.
  2. Right, I was at a post race party at the finish line on Boylston Street with my younger brother whose medal this is, he was a finisher. We were on the third floor of an office building. I was sitting on a couch overlooking the finish line. I saw out the corner of my eye a flash and then a concussive blast threw me off on to the floor of the building that I was on. I yelled at my brother “That’s the blast that I’m hearing” and I cringe when I hear it. About 10 seconds later there was a secondary blast which I thought was in the same area but it turns out it was 100 feet down the street. I yelled to my brother to move everybody back away from the windows.

Other than the timing faux pas, he is making another point that one has hardly heard of, even if they were on the ground. The “concussive blast”  knocked him off the couch, insinuating that the blast had tremendous power. Amazing, seeing how he was on the third floor of a building (2 doors down from the same building that had the windows blown out 30 feet TOWARDS the ‘blast area’).

He is choosing some key words that push the listener into an image intended to instill fear and welcome the agenda. When asked about carnage he’d seen in battle compared to Boston, he said:

More like a scene out of Tel Aviv or Baghdad than Boston.

And speaking of Tel Aviv, guess where he spent some time in the past? (Again, from his Google+ account’s “Places” field, indicating where he has lived):

Washington, D.C. – Germany – South Korea – Tel Aviv, Israel – Wilmington, Vermont – Owings Mills, Maryland – Rockville, Maryland

How interesting that we have ANOTHER Israel connection to this bombing. Seems to be a lot of that.

Another strange and convenient circumstance is that ole Bruce knew the cop that was killed:

Bruce Mendelsohn (brm90) on Twitter

Gosh, that guy is all over the place, isn’t he?

Now, let me briefly address the “shredded pants guy”.


Is it just me, or does anyone else find it unbelievable that he has no injuries? Seriously?

Then, when you watch the Strategic Operations Business Card L video below and stop it at the 1:53 mark, do you see any resemblance to “shredded pants man”?

Strategic Operations Business Card L on Vimeo

Here is the video:


Thanks again, Marcell for your pointing these issues out.

One more thing, if you still doubt that our government would not use actors or plan such an exercise, maybe you should read through the DHS HSEEP document. There are entire plans used for such events. Very interesting documentation.

Just sayin’.

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32 thoughts on “Who Is Bruce Mendelsohn?

  1. You GOYIM are starting to get too clever for your own good. Do we have to blow up some more people to get you to start bawling like sheep?

    Or maybe we make some buildings drop at free fall speed again, JA?


  2. “Looked like a scene from Tel Aviv or Baghdad…” he says in the interview with the Australian media shill. He also offers a number of gratuitous negative opinions about American patriots in response to the shill’s set-up questions.

    On 9/11 I was listening to the local radio station, WTOP in Washington, and they had somehow found a George Washington University professor, whose name I didn’t get, who volunteered to the interviewer, “Now, perhaps, the American people will have a better appreciation of what the people of Israel have to face on a daily basis.

    They’re staying on message.


  3. A few observations. Maybe the 4:10 time Mr. Mendelsohn is referring to is the hours into the race? But then to see it he was close to a window…that didn’t blow in and shred him with the “wave” that knocked him off the couch? Hmmm. He then has the foresight to tell his brother to move people away from the intact windows AFTER he hears the second blast? Shockwaves travel that slowly? This guy seems a rather transparent sort of chap. I wonder who he REALLY is…or works for.Perhaps his name gives us a clue. Anyway, I find his story to be a very special kind of piffle.


  4. OK…I guess I need to read more slowly He yelled to his brother before not after 2nd explosion. So obviously I AM as dumb as my kids tell people. Anywho, I also thought,after read #2, the 1st explosion knocked him off the couch? Logic says the couch would be facing the window to watch the race. So it seems to me that the magic shock wave…which was by all appearances non-existant at street level…and managing to strike him while leaving the window unblemished…should have pressed him INTO the couch, not thrown him out of it. But then I think I may be wasting time on an incident that simply didn’t happen. I wonder what building/businesses were right across from blast no.1?


    • The building right across the street was… drum roll please… the library that the Boston Globe warned via twitter was going to have a bomb go off right before the bomb went off.


  5. Boston Library? He was in an office…with others…at the Library? Was the Library open? Private party? AT the Library? Sheeesh. Oh, any ex-military out there to answer this…he claims hes a vet, then claims he smelled “gunpowder” through the window (an open plate glass window in the Library?) anywho…would a vet say “gunpowder or would he say “cordite”? Also according to him, he never lived in Boston…everywhere else in the world…but not Boston…so how did he know the M.I.T. cop? Facebooks friends? I swear BMAN this doesn’t even pass the giggle test.


    • Actually ole Bruce was two doors down on the same side of the street that the bombing occured (two doors down from the blown out windows). However, the library the Globe tweeted about was across the street. How would they know about any bomb if this wasn’t preplanned.

      As for Brucey Poo, his entire schtick stinks.


  6. Two doors down same side of street? Then how in the hell did he get knocked down? How did…oh hell…why waste effort on this. All I keep thinking is he is soooo phoney that whoever ran him out there MUST be in damage control mode and they’re scrambling to stay ahead of the excellent work being done on so many sites. I have a feeling we are in for another “distraction”. The phrase…something wicked this way comes…keeps coming to mind. Syria? Another drill coming up? North Korean/Iranian/Al CIA duh suicide nuker? How ’bout bird flu? LoL they will try, but they will NOT prevail. OK, I’m gettin’ off the soapbox.


  7. Here’s some comic relief. I found this on the Gordon-MIT Engineering Leadership page describing their Director of Communications & Outreach: “Mr. Mendelsohn has wrote, placed and been interviewed for stories in national media outlets, including CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Presents, The Situation Room, and Headline News, ABC Nightly News, CBS Evening News, FOX News, Associated Press, America Online, The New York Times, USA Today, The Boston Globe, and TV, radio, and newspapers throughout the U.S. ” http://web.mit.edu/gordonelp/staff/mendelsohn.html

    I’m reminded of the story of the guy in Boston who found himself in the 12-items-or-fewer express line at a grocery store behind a young student-looking fellow with a whole cart full of groceries. “Are you from Harvard and can’t count or from MIT and can’t read?” he asked. Can’t write either, apparently.

    Interesting resume there, too.


    • Wow, very impressive resume. So he’s the Official Mouthpiece at M.I.T.? This guy is a WELL paid shill. He must be reliable otherwise he’d never get all that facetime. So he’s no small timer he’s a big gun. Hmmm.Like I said, they’re scrambling. I wonder what B.S. he was shoveling in all those cities he said he lived in. Do mouthpieces like him have military backgrounds? I’m thinkin’ M I? I’m assuming it’s U.S. military…maybe our pal in the Middle East?


  8. ” He earned a commission as an Army officer through Fordham University ROTC where he was a Distinguished Military Graduate. He served as Executive Officer of a 100-soldier Personnel Service Company in Camp Casey, Korea and Platoon Leader of a 30-soldier Postal Platoon in Ansbach, Germany. He is a Parachutist and graduate of the Eighth U.S. Army’s Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Warfare School.”

    These are pencil pusher desk jobs. That 8th Army NBC school is worthless. I had the same training. He has no trace of experience with anything related to injuries, explosives, or combat. I have always said that the U.S. military has two main attributes, firepower and bullshit. He’s long on the second, and we see him continuing to practice it in the video. Everything about him suggests that he’s “intelligence” of some stripe.


  9. dig those quotation marks around the word “INTELLIGENCE”….two big thumbs up there DCDAVE !!

    rip ’em a new one BMAN …


    why do people insist on living in the midst of a shit storm…er um the stool sculpture deity cult compound ?


    how is it that false assumptions {LIES} are supported and repeated by “JEWS” incessantly…over and over ?

    “Timothy McVeigh’s truck bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City took 168 lives. But “it could have been worse” is never a consolation. I picked up Yediot Achronot the day after the Marathon bombing and there it was, more than half the cover page devoted to a photograph of the explosion over a headline reading “Terror in Boston.” More photos and a map of the area on pages two, three and four. The bombing resonated in Jerusalem in a very special way, as one might expect. And also in ways one might not expect……could it be that many KHAZARS are rethinking their commitment to a faux narrative….could a mass EXODUS to Khazaria be in the offing ?



    In the letter, Congressmen Doug Lamborn (CO-05), Eliot Engel (NY-16), and Trent Franks (AZ-08) stated: “These malicious and mendacious claims not only justify these heinous terrorist attacks on innocent civilians,


    ..but belie the most basic human right – the right to live. – http://www.l-3com.com/ – They make a mockery of the founding principles of the United Nations and are a deep affront to the “Jew” worshipping BRAINDEADGOY American people.”


    The LBGT-Bipartisan Chairmen of the Congressional Israel Allies Caucus might have sent a strongly worded letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon condemning comments by a top UN human rights official about


    the Boston bombings….

    UN Human Right’s Council Palestine monitor Richard Falk blamed the terror attacks on “American global dominion” and “Tel Aviv” ….. omitting entirely the BFF ….preplanned “Jewish”
    {yiddish theatre} ….stage CRAFT quality of the covinous collusion between the “Jewish” media and the Crackhouse called CONGRESS…and the ACTORS over at…. LBGT “Homeland Security”….


    TRW leads a team of U.S. and Israeli subcontractors that is developing the THEL/ACTD fire unit for the U.S. Army Space & Missile Defense Command, Huntsville, Ala., and the Israel Ministry of Defense. The first fire unit will be a “transportable” system packaged in several semi-trailer-sized containers.


    now you gotta axe yoself…

    who would want to remain in the stool sculpture deity cult compound and look forward to being a FREIER….seriously…..!


  10. I’m hearing that Dzohkar Tsarnove’s photo has been edited with photo editing software…Before I even heard that news I was seeing a reflection of a face near the hand of the “suspect” and his arm looks unnatural……How deceptive can the Zionist media and American government go??? And to notice that the Boston marthon massacre happened on the same week when the powers-that-be purposely drove down the precious metal prices to panic consumers in selling their gold and silver….America is sounding like a novel with suspense judging by all of these Psy-ops and Obama’s Dianne Feinstein urges to ban guns and form a police state….


    • Very astute Jones Smith. Distractions that are yammered about on the MSM are always a distraction. We have to figure out WHAT we are being distracted from. Considering the rush from “paper” metals to physical metals that’s going on…that explaina the price drop. They want YOU to sell so they can buy and redeem their paper. The gun control thing? We the American people are perhaps the last line of defense against their plans. WE have guns. Therefore they must be confiscated one way or another. The Psy-ops? they are constant. Don’t dwell too much on ’em. Stay focused on what’s important. And that is what kind of life are we going to leave our children and grandchildren. We the people have more resources and power than we realize. We are a sleeping lion. And remember…we are waking up. THAT terrifies the would be masters of the universe. So they throw an endless series of distractions at us to keep us occupied and divided. Don’t sweat the small stuff…organize and gain knowledge. We will prevail.


    • You should have seen how many from the herd were glued to their Televisions viewing the MSM reports of the two islamic russians being confronted with police.Your comment reminds me of the day before September 11, 2001 when someone in the government declared money was missing in the coffers. One month before 9-11 Enron was accused of corporate fraud. Unfortunately, the idea that the government would hurt its own citizens is considered lunacy. But, the American government has been screwing up since the days of Lincoln pal. It has only gotten worse after World War 2 and even worst after the bankers crashed the markets.
      Barack Obama said in 2007 and 2008 that he will make “Change”. The herd cheered on not aware that change could be good or bad. Speaking of which, Barcack Obama did not go on his promise to label GMo foods. Government-sponsored terrorism, Israeli mossad spies, Monsanto and the Federal Reserve (privately owned money printing machine) are four of many threats facing the citizens of the USA.
      How soon will gun restrictions and police state come to USA soil? It looks as if the police military state is growing but many persons (who are usually labelled “rednecks”, “right wingers”, “conspiracy theorists”) are becoming aware of who are responsible for the decay of the earth. To add, those people will not surrender their rights without a confrontation.


      • Hi James, the phrase “Something wicked this way comes” keeps coming to me. I hope and pray it’s not so. But I think we may have a series of very large distractions and patsies coming soon. I agree about the events that occured before 9/11 that appeared to drop into the Memory Hole. If you’re looking for what Boston distracted us from, I would suggest you look at the bi-partisan report that declared Bush and Obama have committed war crimes over the past twelve years. It was, I believe, released the day before? Boston.


  11. That bald head guy’s has shredded clothes but no visible scrape wounds I can’t believe there are still people who trust the MSM and the government. maybe when the american government along with the bankers bankrupt the country and austerity comes in the people will wake up. The war on Iraq was a lie, the war on Afghanistan was a lie and now we are hearing animosity about Iran, North Korea and Russia. Who is benefitting from these unprovoked wars that thousands of American men and women risk their lives to defend in America’s name? It sounds as if the American soldiers are fighting needless wars for the military complex and international bankers. Right before our eyes the police and soldiers are becoming enemies of the citizens. These law enforcers and soldiers are acting in another groups interest and this is not democracy……………………………….THE GOVERNNET IS TURNING INTO FASCIST-SOCIALISM!


  12. The Israeli-looking “shredded pants guy” is clearly an actor. There’s no way that an explosion from a pressure cooker bomb supposedly filled with BBs and/or nails could totally shred his pants like that, yet cause ABSOLUTELY NO INJURIES to his legs – not even a scratch! He also has an incongruous hostile look on his face, and a hunched-over, arms-out, aggressive posture that says, “Are all you a-holes buying this??? Are you getting pictures of this???” FAKE! That guy has military written all over him – probably Israeli military.


    • Jeremiah you are correct. This dude is in a promotional video showing how military trainers today put on incredible mock event with fake explosives and all the Hollywood dressing in order to SIMULATE a real event. It is no coincidence that over half of the suspected false flags jokes recently just happened to occur exactly where and exactly when a previously scheduled emergency exercise drill was to take place making sure that all the chosen federal personnel within Homeland Mockery Dept and FEMA will there ready and willing to act out their deception on the public like the traitors they are. Like we are stupid. And how are we to remain respectful regarding absolute traitors and organized criminals? Justice will come. It may very well be after the collapse but it will come knocking.


      • Bruce Whoever or Whatever, Maybe you need to be saddened about many of the absolute fake events staged by the federal government both present day and as historical documented facts. You are about as corny as you look. Any honorable man smeared by some false accuser would at least acknowledge the outrageous attempts of fake, staged violence recently perpetrated on the public for political and/or financial gain. These half-ass fake events only fool an increasingly smaller and smaller percentage of the public. Go ahead and play dumb you jack-a__. And who wrote that goofy post above claiming you would never get involved in some fake crap? That post is classic. Classic bull shi_. Take your honor and stick it.


  13. As someone who actually knows Bruce Mendelsohn, (as none of you do) I am glad he is taking the hilarious high road to the drivel posted here. I have known Bruce for about 25 years, and I know he is an honorable man who would never take a tragedy and twist it into something else.

    While I do agree that this is posted to promote discussion, the message Bman is putting forth is conspiracy theory bull. Most of the quotes from Bruce that you are using to tear down a good man, were made within minutes, hours, of this cowardly tragedy. I dare you to talk or think straight after experiencing what Bruce did that day. Picking apart what he says when I know he literally was shaken to his core from the needless destruction caused that day, is sad and makes you small minded people.

    Was anyone who has posted on this forum actually in Boston that day? In America? Bruce was. He used training that he has learned over the years to help people in need. What is wrong with that? Nothing. It is to be admired.

    As I am sure Bruce would not want me fanning the ridiculous flames that Bman has started here, I cannot and will not sit idly by (like you must be doing in mom’s basement?) while the good deeds of my friend is torn down.

    Bruce and the victims of that day deserve better.


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