Dust In The Wind

I close my eyes

Only for a moment and the moment’s gone

All my dreams

Pass before my eyes in curiosity








It has been said that this is simply towels being thrown.

Looks like dust to me.

h/t rainbow2sun

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42 thoughts on “Dust In The Wind

  1. glad you didn’t say JIHAD…..


    mud wrestling…just add water{TM}


    Before the dust even settled out in Boston, irresponsible individuals slapped their crap up on the Internet.
    Why, do you know those were actors in Boston? The amputees were actors faking it?

    Do you know fake blood was used? And, fake bomb dust! Of course! All the EMTs who were already there because at big marathons like that triage tents are common for runners or even bystanders who might have a medical problem, why they had to be actors, too!


    They’re all part of a staged event as well as hundreds of average, ordinary Americans watching the runners. And, people believe it because they send me emails as “proof”.

    get the Mug Shots


  2. An Israeli hi-tech company with an office in metropolitan Boston was instrumental in helping to identify and lead to the arrest of the Boston Marathon terrorists

    BriefCam company’s technology enabled investigators to summarize an hour of surveillance video footage into only one minute and also zoom in on people and objects whose movements changed during the filming. The system then can track those movements form the beginning of the video.

    “The technology used by U.S. security forces has already been installed around the world in police, HLS, intelligence entities and others, saving time and manpower and also providing a solution for the vast challenge of growing amounts of recorded video produced every hour, every day,” Israel Defense reported Monday.

    The system is based on the concept of allowing the simultaneous display of several events. Once a certain movement or area is indentified, the system then tracks it during the entire film.


    Damn, what would we do without our Israeli handlers, oops, I mean helpers?


  3. Ooops, I meant to say Mossad poses as CIA agents. And I also think I read Israeli firms were involved with security at the Marathon. But I may be wrong about that. If they weren’t directly involved, Israelis are found throughout DHS. So I’d think a few were onsite in a security capacity. Sorry about the FBI/CIA mix-up. I wae thinking one and typed the other.


  4. I saw that. I also read the Russians rounded up 140 “terrorists” associated with the group Tamerlan may have met/visited. I’m thinking perhaps someone is sending a message. I’d watch the Caucus…pieces will be moving.


  5. That WAS Speilberg! `I snapped up that photo the moment it hit the media which was like almost right after the event. I have been pondering that particular fact for a few days now. This production was far below his usual standards so why was he there? Is he a runner? He was not dressed to run, just athletic clothes.


    • Who cares? I saw it and I thought the man looked too young. Spielberg is too long in the tooth to be that guy.

      I know a lot of people who don’t come from Boston are invested in knowing who it was – always those Zionists. I really don’t believe that in this instance they were running the show. As a longtime Bostonian I am somewhat more away of North Shore types, club owners and restauranteurs, mobsters in short with a financial scam at the back of it and muscling in on a famous sporting event the way they fix boxing matches and things like that. I don’t know why others don’t see those actors, except that they are fixated on Israel. Frankly it’s kind of funny that while they generally hate and distrust Jews, they imagine them to be the most cunning and smart people on earth. That’s rich. Well, this isn’t their kind of game board. Not when you have Wall Street and the Fed to mess around with. This is peanuts, and the mobsters in Boston hustle for peanuts. Sorry Whitey and your FBI handlers – you know you do. This is not “Munich” but more like “Ocean’s Eleven.”


  6. Off topic, but I wanted some feedback. There is a woman named Dianne Foster that has been very verbal (she makes some really good points and is very observant) on the “Are you a Believer” post. I had to ask her a question in reference to her “Nazi Bad” comments.

    When did our government start telling the truth. Did they (a) tell the truth up through WWII and start lying afterwards, (b) lie up to WWII, then tell the truth and start lying again afterwards, or (c) have always lied.


    What do you think of her answer (which took quite some time to answer, even though she has been very fast to answer every other comment)?

    I cannot understand some smart people and their inane ability to believe brainwashing on this one subject, yet seem to be able to see through others. It makes me question their truthfulness and purpose.


    • OK Bman, this is what I did. I went to the article and read all her comments. Pheeew…lots of ’em. In fact I saw she is STILL commenting there today. Anywho…the fact that you’re asking about her tells me she puzzles you. Without going into what can be gleaned about her personally or her life, and trying to stay on point…which can be hard for me at times…you asked about her answer that took almost 24 hrs to give. My first thought is it was a non-answer answer. I felt it was a half hearted attempt to mollify you. That being said, I can’t hold beliefs against someone. However I did notice her repeated attempts to blame Finns for Boston. Finns?…FINNS? There is no logic in that. I mean, where’s the connection between those dastardly Finns and terrorism? Was she implying fake passports? We know who has mastered that.” By deception thou shalt make war” right? I also noticed for someone who seemed so informed I failed to see her point out multiple Israeli connections to things. She was quite opinionated on every subject posted, but got quiet and evasive when you asked a direct question. So without rambling on I would say she makes good points, has good observations, seems informed…but misdirects. To me that means disinfo. But then I’m just an old country boy, so what do I know. Perhaps she’s well informed and truly believes Finnish Spec-ops did it.


      • I just casually put out the Finn thing for this reason: Team Kerto. I saw another comment where a guy noted that he googled Kerto and came up with a film-maker and set designer in Finland. I also know that there is a theater director in Boston who is Finnish. So I thought of the pun of Finish Line. I happen to write very fast because I am good at it. I have several unpublished novels! But the fiction mind recognizes the other fiction mind.

        It would be easy to take actors who could go home with the international runners on the same day and never breathe a word. That’s all I was saying.

        And no, I still think attacking other countries without provocation is wrong and that is why I protested against Shock und Awe, fer gods sake. I’m a girl and that’s how I see the world – peace.


        • I’m sorry Dianne, I meant no offense. A friend asked for feedback and I gave it to him. Please indulge me and flesh out Team Kerto for me.I’m not nearly so well informed. A Finnish theater director and a google search? And a good pun? OK…I get the humor. Unlike you, I don’t write very fast. I’m a two finger hunt and peck kinda guy. And I also don’t have several unpublished novels. Please share the plot lines…I’m interested. So we’re thinking Finnish actors who vanish after ther race? Hmmm…too visable, too public…too…um..too many variables. We are dealing with pros. I’d think pros want to minimize unknowns. I don’t buy the Finnish actor angle. Too many unknowns. Attacking other countries without provocation? I think we can all agree on that. In fact, I believe Justice Robert Jackson, who presided at Nuremberg, said unprovoked aggresive war is the supreme war crime. And I agree with him. Whether it’s Germans attacking Norway or America attacking Iraq or if it’s Israel attacking every neighbor it has. Wouldn’t you concur? Being a girl doesn’t have anything to do with it. I’m a man…and I wish for peace for all too. Peace is trans-gender.


      • Yeah, she is the busiest commenter on the post and seems to know what she is talking about.

        You hit the nail on the head regarding my thoughts about her. Dominating the threads and not going for the real deal seems disinfo. But it may just be a protective feeling about Jews and Israel or something.

        Either way, I didn’t think my direct question was abusive or mean spirited. I just want to understand how someone so smart can miss the issues of concern regarding Israel (which is the SAME issue that was of concern to the NSDAP).


        • Good point B. How COULD someone so sharp miss the obvious connections? I agree it may be a desire to protect. And like her…we were ALL indoctrinated with the “poor wittle israel” crap. So perhaps she hasn’t shaken that meme off yet. And no…by no means was your question abusive or mean spirited. It was a direct question posed to a frequent poster. In my opinion it was justified. She should’ve been ready for questions…she comments on several sites.


    • I am Dianne Foster. I am sitting here in my living room right now. You can find me on ancestry.com and find out that I am also a Mayflower descendant. I care about New England. I am sorry that some people are worried about me. So is my husband. But carry on. I have only a few simple understandings about this horrible event, and I am not dropping them. I guess I am paying the state back for missing a client who probably was a victim of clerical pedophilia and I was scared to death to confront it. I have lived with that for too long, lived with the fear of making a crazy accusation.


      • Another point – I am not going to defend Israel but when I do not see their hand in something as I did in other things, I am not going to accuse them. I really avoid the subject because nothing is so blinding as hatred. It just makes you a slave. If you people think I came here to mislead, by all means ban my posts. As you can probably tell I am almost over the disastrous insult of being in “lockdown” but since I was and since I found it traumatic, I had to work it out with anger here and get to the truth. I am not afraid of any would-be neonates, Klansmen, jihadists, Zionists, fanatics of any sort. We all die someday. You boys keep playing your power games and leave me out.


          • Although to be honest, I really did run with the Finland hypothesis a bit, due to the Team Kerto prompt. Maybe THAT was disinfo, but we never know. It was actors, give them that. Poor guys thought it was only a drill – afterwards what might they think (well in two cases, they are cashing in). No apologies, really.


            • Wow Dianne…just…wow. where to begin? You seem to want to exalt yourself AND be a victim at the same time. Let’s see…traced back to the Mayflower. That’s great. It’s something to be proud of but has no bearing here. Scared of confronting clerical pedophilia? If true…why would confronting it or speaking out about it be “making crazy accusations”? Truth is truth no? So your fear of “crazy accusations” prevents you from connecting dots and perhaps seeing an Israeli hand in something? Or is it your desire to not be “blinded by hatred”/ Dianne, truth is truth. If evidence points to a black guy as the robber, pointing out it was a black guy is not racism or hatred…it’s stating a FACT. So let’s review. We have Israeli security, Israeli cameras, Israeli “experts” assisting in analyzing the video, Israelis rushing to “help” investigate, Israeli doctors in a Jewish hospital treating one of the suspects, known connections between the suspects and FBI/CIA…which Israeli Mossad have been caught posing as…and you come up with…FINNS? And I ask again, please enlighten a poor old country boy as to Team Kerto. And if you would be so kind, please give me three examples of things you see Israels hand. And as to why you would engage in disinfo? I don’t know Dianne…I simply don’t know.


        • You don’t see their hand in any of this?


          You are certainly observant and I have commented as such to you on the other thread. So, why don’t you see the obvious connections that have been shown over and over again?

          An Israeli hospital. Israeli doctors teaching the ones treating these people. Israeli police coming here to “help”. Mendelsohn’s Israeli connection.

          (Just to name a few).

          Please. You are either paying attention or you are not. You can’t be so observant in such minute detail, but NOT see this.

          Something is amiss.


        • I really avoid the subject because nothing is so blinding as hatred.

          You realize what you did there, right? A misdirection. Insinuation that I hate because I bring up the untouchable subject.

          I call bullshit.

          The subject is real and it is obvious. Just because you “love” them to a point that you are blinded, doesn’t mean my motivation is “hate”. Hell, I am just pointing out to an “observant” person the nose of their face. And I don’t understand how you can’t see it yourself. You aren’t stupid, its apparent. So, what is the deal?


      • The problem is that it isn’t a crazy accusation, it is obvious. Elsewhere you point out the obvious, but in this area you don’t?

        Again, WTF?

        My Dad’s family has been here since the 1670’s, he just happened to meet my Mother in Germany when she was 16, married her and brought her here (and she has been here ever since).

        I am a member of the Sons of the American Revolution.

        I have roots here, as well. But I also have roots that told me that the stories we are told about WWII are blatant lies.

        That is why I asked you that very direct, multiple choice question. I know the answer, but somehow you don’t or are misinformed.


        • Stop getting so mad at me. I know there are two parts to the Boston Bombing. There is the underlying scam, and that’s the one I have concentrated on. I even said it and you would have noticed if you weren’t blinded by your suspicions of my motives. I have to live here. I have to walk these streets. I have to get along with people frightened out of their wits. Then there is the Chase, in which local police were initiated if you will into the horrible thing. One was even shot (by friendly fire). One was murdered at MIT. The whole international thing began with the identification of the suspects. I don’t personally know this, but someone mentioned an Israeli intelligence side which fingered the boys. I didn’t go there because I guess I have only a large, vague geopolitical sense about where it is going. There were lies about the timeline to put the boys at MIT. Afterwards, the cops loaded up for bear. Yes, I can see that was headed in an international direction, where before the bombing was just a charity scam.

          I don’t think it is too far-fetched to see that Iran is on the menu in this (though why I cannot imagine – it seems suicidal of Israel). Russia is Iran’s friend. Russia has a terrorism problem (not caused by Israelis!!!) from Chechnya since youth of Tolstoy (in old age he wrote about his military service in Chechnya in a short novel which inspired Hemingway, called “Hadji Murad” — Hemingway borrowed the Chechen’s death scene for The Sun Also Rises, they say). It’s that old. But it can be stirred up by intelligence services trying to take Russia out of the defense of Iran. That’s what I see in the Tsarnaev story superimposed on the earlier, most Boston-ish scam.

          But maybe I’m just a nut. Maybe I write too much. Maybe I think I am communicating.

          We’ll see. I guess my pride in my own intuitions sometimes gets the better of me. What odds on a war with Iran? Of course it would be one of the stupidest things this country ever did. That’s why this bombing plot needs to be taken apart. I am just a patriot trying to serve my country and my countrymen of all ethnicities.


  7. Well, actually, the numbers aren’t that important to me. Never has been. Just because I had something that got hot, doesn’t mean I planned it that way, it just happened. The way I look at it, the numbers gives me an opportunity to share something that most don’t even think about.

    My question to Dianne was direct, but I didn’t think abusive or anything.

    I assumed that Dianne simply didn’t want to address the subject, so I didn’t press it. Then, a couple of days later, she did respond, but not in a direct way (I mean, I asked a simple multiple choice question). That’s fine, but she had no problem answering direct questions from all those other people.

    Many people will be turned off, but I even wrote in my second or third Boston Bombing post that once people saw the other subjects I get into they would “drop like flies”. I expect it, because the subject is so engrained in the mindset. That is what I’m trying to break through. On purpose.

    Getting people to think about their brainwashing on this subject and make them realize that they have ALWAYS been lied to, makes me feel that I have done them a favor, even if it hurts their comfort zone. And I believe it from the bottom of my heart.

    I am on the road, so responding is slow.

    Also, I have a limit set on the number of links (I think its 3) one can share to help slow spam. This was why you were locked out. I have to approve them if there are more than 3. Its the only filter I have set.

    Thanks for sharing.


  8. A lot of stuff there. In many cases, I disagree with the assessment. But don’t have time to go through the list.

    You see, my question to dianne was an (A), (B), or (C) question. Very short. Very direct. Not hateful.

    So, how would you answer?

    I would suggest that you listen to the last interview Deanna Spingola did with Rodney Martin, where several of your ponis are answered. In one case, about the NSDAP spreading National Socialism… no. Merkel Hitler’s daughter. No. (that is a laugh) Most of that stuff I see as disinfo (him being a Jew or a Rothchild… all BS)

    I don’t assume to have all the answers concerning this era but there is plenty to debate and I think I certainly have the right, my father was disabled in WWII, my uncle was killed, my father law lost an arm under Rommel and my mother law had shrapnel in her legs. For what?

    For the same reason that those who lost their limbs and lives in Afghanistan and Iraq and Viet Nam and Korea and…

    For no good reason. For lies. The same lies we have been told over and over again.

    That is my point in asking the question.


    • You see, my question to dianne was an (A), (B), or (C) question. Very short. Very direct. Not hateful.

      So, how would you answer?

      And, no answer. I wonder why that is.


  9. You know guys, there’s a lot of good stuff at the site. You have reported some real problems at the scene of the Marathon, you have stuck to specifics about involvement of intelligence services of Israel and yes, probably the CIA too (which, as you may or may not know, is not allowed to operate in this country, but which did so after 9/11 I am sure using surrogates). But because of someone’s prolific posting (my own), you’ve subjected me to a test of I think irrelevant beliefs. I never realized this was a club for members only. But then yes, I shoved my way in, “dominating” the boards. That’s okay, I’ll just leave now. Thanks for supplying some information about the scene of the attacks and for having attracted some very thoughtful people. I am sorry if I was rude to a few of them. They’re trying to make sense of something which was intended to deceive them.

    So now I leave, sure that in my world, nobody believes anything but what they are told. Sadly, it will soon cost them a lot more lost legs than they got at the marathon, as they are dragged into war against Iran. And yes, it is Netanyahu who wants it as much as Bush wanted Iraq (see how I equate them? because they deserve to be put on the same level of stupidity and warmongering). Yes, this time it will only be for that – and probably a bit of oil in an age of peak oil. See you in the funny papers, guys.


    • But it is relevant. My entire point is that we are all brainwashed with certain memes meant to keep us in the dark. It is important because the powers that forced the old lies is the same power forcing these lies. Its the same force that inundates us with ALL the lies.

      Like I said, I am trying to understand your mind. You see many things that illuminate, deep in the darkness, yet you don’t see the obviousness of what I’m getting at.

      Its not about being “mad” at you, its about seeing a brilliant mind miss a crucial point. I need to understand that. Because, frankly, around here I get a lot of smart people deflecting away from that dark power. Its as if they don’t want people to see it.


  10. OK guys, this is my last post for the night. I got a Blackhawks playoff game on the radio. Bman, Dublinmick, with all due respect we seem to have drifted quite a bit from the topic. If you want an example of what a good disinfo agent can do…look…you two went from working together on Boston to debating WWII. So not only are we no longer on point…we are arguing about the first half of the last century. Disinfo is to mislead…failing that its goal is to sow divisiveness. So to quote a war criminal…I’d say “Mission Accomplished”.


  11. Its also about taking our eyes off the other things, like the blatant thievery going on by the Big Banks. Not talking about what the DHS has done with BILLIONS of bullets. Not understanding just how many people are losing their jobs. Etc.


    • Oh well, I guess I lied. It wasn’t my last post. I found out I can listen to my game online AND open another tab. Of course, by NO means does that make me computer savvy. Mick, I was NOT referring to either you or Bman. I was commenting on someone else causing you two to debate another issue. If you thought I meant you guys, I’m sorry. I don’t always express myself clearly. Frankly after reading your posts and Bmans the word “disinfo” doesn’t come to mind…other words do…but not disinfo. And Mick…I’m teasing. Bman? Big banks, DHS, yes worthy topics. Oh, Mick…after rereading my post I can see how you thought I meant you guys. Sorry.


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