What Purpose Does The Boston Bombing False Flag Event Serve? Guest Post by Mike


Interesting how the Boston bombing “suspects” turned out to be Caucasians (used in the proper ethnic sense).

I – like you most probably – initially felt this was going to be a rehash of OKC in ’95 for it presented a golden opportunity to go on the offensive against those damn patriot “radicals.” Yet, interestingly enough the story was steered in another direction, though some Good-Goy journalists and their Jew-Counterparts took a few aimless shots.

So this got me to thinking…

What purpose does this event serve?

Our enemy is clearly dimensional in thought. They do not commit “A” to get “B” – no – they commit “A” to get “ALPHABET.” Yet motive can sometimes become blurred with so many moving pieces – and in order to clearly see the game – one sometimes needs to refresh and relook the whole board.

So where am I going with this?

After reading a few articles to the effect of Obama reaching out to Putin for mutual security options as a result of the Boston Bombing (LINK), this tied down a few macro-links I’d been mulling over.

The past two major-media propaganda blitzes have been: North Korea & Boston… Full-Court Big-Money mindfucks in both circumstances…

So what do these two disparate storylines share in common (since anyone with half-a-functioning brain knows the MSM version is bullshite)?

Cover… Domestically-Plausible & Internationally-Convenient Cover for further weapons system and troop deployments (aka “training exercises”)…

Further tightening the noose on the artificial antithesis (SCO v NATO).


This “buildup” seems confirmed by the recent heralded trip Obama made to Jewryland to worship the half-dicks.

The headline of the trip – Peace with Palestinians?!?…

Not a chance – fuck that goyish hippie-jive jack… Instead there was renormalized relations between the Jews & Turks…

Now, the timing of the this seems to be fulfilling several agendas (i.e. dimensional thought) and comes as a hurried result of the FSA (Fuckup-SacOshit-Amateurs) failing to oust Assad in a timely manner. As well as tying nicely to our recent domestic “Chechen” terrorists in Boston.


If a conflict were to erupt in the region – Russia’s Navy would have to pass through Istanbul & the Dardanelles (image below). Kind of a huge fucking problem if the Turks are not on your side…


The lucrative natural-gas EU-pipeline being proposed by Turkey & Israel, as relations are now “normalized” (aka publically applauding your own ass-raping by Israel), will serve as substitute for the EU should conflict erupt with Russia (who currently provides over 50% of EU consumption). Conveniently, Cyprus now has the “economic-incentive” to cooperate with this deal, as the pipeline will have to travel through its waters (can you grab your ankles and say “Bail-In”?)…


This relationship will further enclose and isolate Syria from any external aid. With engineered internal-conflict on the horizon between Sunni’s and Shia’s in Iraq (LINK), Shia Iran will have a difficult time aiding Hezbollah & Syria from fall. The Kurd’s in the northeast will not openly aid anyone (Iran nor Russia) unless they’re promised full sovereignty – something the Jews have been quietly doing for years (aided by their large Mossad presence in Mosul). This leaves Turkey in the key position to control the support in and out of Syria. And the “easing” of tensions between the Turks & Kurds (LINK – and you can bet this is working in coordination with the Shylocks) further solidifies this role…


The Jews know how to play people’s emotions and tendencies to their own advantage. The Turks traditionally hate the Russians (4-Century Russo-Turkish War). The Turks traditionally hate the Greeks (Greco-Turkish War). The Turks traditionally hate the Armenians (Armenian-Genocide). The Turks traditionally hate the Kurds (conflict still ongoing – though “change” is in the air temporarily). These age-old animosities can be called upon by crafty politicians to ”justify” these moves in coordination with Israel.

Yet, any “normalization” requires both parties getting something from the deal or at least leaving with the perception of which…

So what is it the Turks cling to?

The dream of Pan-Turkism (Neo-Ottomanism) which is still alive and well in prominent Turkish political circles, a game the Jew only knows too well (British Israelism, Christian Identity, etc). And this dream can only be “promised” if the perceptive security of Turkey is ensured…

So how does the region look?

Well, to the west, there is disunity in Greece as a result of the sacking of their economy… To the south, civil war in Syria and the destroyed shell of Iraq presents little risk… To the east lies the Kurds, a group whose traditional animosity will not willingly aid the Turks nor Persians (though creating a convenient antagonistic buffer)…

Yet to the north, lingers a rising Mother Russia – a threat the Turks most certainly cannot handle alone.

Now, there have already been repositionings to move missile systems into Turkey back in 2011-2012 (LINK), but this came under heavy international pressure. That said, I’m sure Turkey wants as much of a buffer/cannon fodder between them & Russia as possible so history does not repeat (i.e. Crimean War & WW1 – where Russia invaded through the Caucuses/Georgia). Efforts were already underway to sufficiently arm Georgia (LINK) but this was certainly not going unnoticed by Russia (LINK & LINK)…

What to do, what to do?…

Enter the Boston Bombers with the convenient background (LINK) while Israel is already underway securing alliances with Azerbaijan (LINK)…

Maybe throw in an air base for good measure (LINK)… (ß In the center of Turkey?!?!?)

Like I said – the identity of these bombers provides good cover


The Turkish leadership is setting their people for up for slaughter in return for a few shekels and pipe dreams. They are the regional pawns who are playing a very dangerous game, particularly with their recent SCO interest being displayed (which is nothing but an effort to create confusion from my point of view)… Once this conflagration kicks off – human nature will look in the direction of bullets fired and forget the deceivers knife lurking behind….

With the rear secured for Jewryland – it’s only a matter of time before our Yid Slavemasters shout the battle cry – “Onward, Christian Soldier”…



The false-flag for the gun-loving patriots is yet to come…

Me suspects this one will be huge and probably set in Chicago (just like many recent Jewryvision shows – Chicago Code, Chicago Fire, Chicagolicious, The Good Wife, etc.). No matter how many of these shows fail (LINK), they keep coming out with more…


For every suasive-story must contain a vivid-setting and relatable characters… Because as George Lucas aptly said – “A special effect without a story is a pretty boring thing”…


Just my six shekels for whatever it may be worth. This is certainly not all the agenda, merely a small piece of why this was done (N. Korea/West Pacific buildup another matter – image below). But maybe a piece that hadn’t crossed your mind which is why I thought I’d share.


Few Links Regarding Image Above:

Weapons Systems – LINK / LINK / LINK / LINK / LINK / LINK

Chinese Positioning – LINK / LINK / LINK / LINK / LINK / LINK / LINK / LINK / LINK


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13 thoughts on “What Purpose Does The Boston Bombing False Flag Event Serve? Guest Post by Mike

  1. BOSTON — Three college friends of Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev removed a backpack containing fireworks emptied of gunpowder from his dorm room at the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth three days after the attack, according to charges filed Wednesday.

    Azamat Tazhayakov and Dias Kadyrbayev are charged with conspiring to obstruct justice. A third man, Robel Phillipos, is charged with making false statements to federal investigators.

    The affidavit says Tazhayakov and Kadyrbayev agreed to get rid of the backpack after concluding from news reports that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was one of the bombers. A court appearance for the three is scheduled for Wednesday afternoon.


    Weren’t we told that his backpack had been exploded at the Boston FF? How many times will this story change? Or does it keep morphing until the next false flag?


  2. Wow, this gets more bizarre by the day. What’s next? I can almost sse the press conference.The brothers are actually Osamas “love children” who trained at an Al CIA duh camp run by Oathkeepers. And the reason they were able to evade all the gummint watchlists was because a member of Pilots for 9/11 Truth flew them around in his private jet that was funded by the NRA with help from Ron Paul supporters. And trust us…we’re the feds…we really REALLY mean it..HONEST we do..it’s a complex and evolving plot…they’re ALL involved…enemies are EVERYWHER!!! Oh for crying out loud. This has more holes in it than a screen. They tossed the backpack three days after the “bombings”? That’s Thursday. Isn’t that the same day the FBI was flashing pictures of the boys and asking for help…when in reality they knew who they were already? SO let’s review…you knew the boys already. In fact, quite well. But no search warrant executed. Meanwhile the Diabolical Duo leave an incriminating and unattended backpack in a dorm room. Filled with empty fireworks? Why not throw it away? Maybe that would have given our intrepid federal heros two things to sift a landfill for. Wasn’t there a laptop involved somehow? Did they “find” it or will it be “found” at a more convenient time. The frantic attempts to keep this story plausable…never mind afloat…hmmm…desparation on the cusp of madness seems appropriate no? Gosh, I could keep poking fun at this, but I’d rather throw it out to you…thinking people…let’s have a little fun. And frankly, I’m giggling too hard to keep typing.


    • Hundreds of pounds of explosives stolen from Montana bunker

      RED LODGE – About 559 pounds of explosives were stolen from a bunker near Red Lodge.

      Now, the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), the U.S. Forest Service (USFS), and the Carbon County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) are asking for the public’s help in the case.


      What’s going to go BOOM next?


      • Hey Greg, is this for real or are you going with my suggestion and having a laugh? If it’s serious, I figure they solve it quick. If they don’t, it’s a set up for another false flag. And since it’s Montana….maybe a set-up for 2nd Amendment, militia folks will be the patsies this time? You got a link?


      • Jeez I gotta learn how to read. I see the link. Why are they putting this out now if it went “missing” in April? April what? I’m guessing it’ll turn up real soon, and the fall guy/people will be Constitutionalists or 2nd Amendment folks. That does two things. Diverts attention from their Charlie-Foxtrot in Boston and justifies whatever executive order B.S. obama has in the pipeline. I don’t have or watch t v. Any chatter telegraphing what’s intended?


  3. curiously more than 99% of the inhabitants on Earth are not “Jewish” or blood descendents of the progenitors of the stool sculpture deity cult compound…


    Just the facts…



    In the following video, Rabbi Yossi Zaklos, director of Chabad of Downtown Boston, speaks with Arutz Sheva about witnessing the blast at the Boston marathon….


    Rabbu Zaklos was involved in voluntary activity of offering Tefilin to the marathon audience and participants and he tells us about the experience as well as about helping and offering support after the event.


    and even more interesting is the *FACT* that more than 90% of so-called “Jews” are NOT semitic,

    NOT Hebrew {s},


    and NOT descended from the Tribe of Judah….

    as if Facts and Truth have anything to do with JUSTICE….


  4. Great Blog; excellent anaylsis of the situation which of course you will never find in the MSM. Keep up the good work! Deo Vindice!


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