It Would Be So Much Easier If…

It Would Be So Much Easier If…

From Kenny’s Sideshow

It Would Be So Much Easier If…

the nazis had actually killed the six million and we could listen to Bill Clinton and Elie Wiesel and nod our heads and silently say “never again.”

if only everything we’ve been told is true and we humbly agreed to give and give again to those victims of the most heinous crimes in the history of mankind.

if only in times of economic turmoil we could gladly concede to a logical sequestration and cut costs by closing all museums but those that honor the only ones that count.

if only we could take these words from pump head Bill and use them for the basis of our lives… “It is still the major cause of heartbreak around the world.”

if only the USS Liberty was a drill gone bad. plausible deniability. shit happens you know.

if just only 9/11 really was done by 19 muslims and their cave dwelling boss. we could have justification for our hatred…and peace of mind for all our killing…

if only Palestinians had given up all their land in peace and gone on their merry way.

if only greater israel was not a yet unfulfilled dream and it was the Nile to the Euphrates baby……

if only we didn’t have doubts, if only we didn’t know how to question…

it would all be so much easier…

Video and narration by BuelahMan

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11 thoughts on “It Would Be So Much Easier If…

  1. the great news is all these CARTOON CHARACTERS are in the CARTOON GRAVE YARD and now “THEY” are going into the ovens of TRUTH !!

    Time to Rejoice Evermore…”they” have self adjudicated…and all the “Jew” worshippers….gone FOREVER.

    the paradox concerning the nature of objective validity is by design and degree Instinctual….

    that desert peace guy never posts comments about the “Khazars” in Palestine & had a Seeger tribute up,
    curiously last time Seeger was in Dallas he had a “Jew” handler with him…very “Jewish”….how is it that these so-called “Social Justice” advocates never seem to address the cause of Injustice ….?

    In Good Faith ?


  2. OK, Bman…how’s this for a million “dollar” idea ?

    How about a two for one special on Alex Jones Suppositories{tm}…?

    ZOG – [U.S]. officials see development of the suppositories as critical to convincing Terrorists in Talmudia that the ZOG [U.S.] has the ability to prevent Iran from getting an after school ice cream program, and also that Talmudia’s terrorists can’t do {this} on its own…without said suppositories…

    According to the Fire Wall Street Journal, ZOG [U.S.] officials, seeking to demonstrate ZOG [U.S.] capabilities, showed a secret video of an earlier version of the suppository hitting its target in the Knesset, and explained what had been done to improve it, according to diplomats who were present.

    aren’t you glad you don’t live in Yankee land ?

    still looks like the Jericho…Samson Option is the next Black Fag event from these poseurs…

    go figure….Official Records from the International Red Cross Prove the “Holocaust{tm}” is a [JEWISH]Fraud :

    No Evidence of Genocide, Total Deaths at all Concentration Camps…… 271,301 …!

    Red Cross Recipients Were Jews

    The Report states that “As many as 9,000 parcels were packed daily. From the autumn of 1943 until May 1945, about 1,112,000 parcels with a total weight of 4,500 tons were sent off to the concentration camps” (Vol. III, p. 80). In addition to food, these contained clothing and pharmaceutical supplies. “Parcels were sent to Dachau, Buchenwald, Sangerhausen, Sachsenhausen, Oranienburg, Flossenburg, Landsberg-am-Lech, Flöha, Ravensbrück, Hamburg-Neuengamme, Mauthausen, Theresienstadt, Auschwitz, Bergen-Belsen ,Brooklyn, Skokie, Miami Beach to camps near Vienna and in Central and Southern Germany. The principal recipients were Belgians, Dutch, French, Greeks, Italians, Norwegians, Poles and stateless Jews” (Vol. III, p. 83).



    • If a nuclear incident happened in Montana, key officials don’t want to be meeting each other for the first time.

      Military personnel at Malmstrom Air Force Base have regular exercises to test their response procedures and make sure everyone knows what to do and when.

      But starting Monday, their training will go to a higher level.

      A national exercise, known as NUWAIX 2013, which is executed by U.S. Northern Command and sponsored by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, will bring about 1,000 people to Montana throughout the exercise. The exercise isn’t expected to disrupt the community, but locals may notice additional vehicle traffic in and out of the base, increased helicopter activity and some personnel in hazmat suits or “tent cities” at some of the exercise sites. The majority of the exercise will be contained at Malmstrom and Fort Harrison in Helena.

      Personnel from a variety of local and federal agencies, primarily the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of Energy, Homeland Security and Federal Emergency Management Agency Region VIII, will augment Malmstrom and other Air Force participants.

      The exercise will be scenario based, and participants will respond to a nuclear incident, which could be a DOE shipment in the state, an attack on a nuclear missile site, hostile action on base or the missile field or a range of scenarios.

      “A range of scenarios..?” Like some stolen explosives from nearby Red Lodge, MT being used to make the drill go live?


      • Dang it Greg, I just got online and saw the same thing. Thought I had a scoop and…it figures…you beat me to it. I saw it on Jim Stones site. Just curious, but do any of you guys know anything about this Pamela Rae Schuffert that Jim Stone has been referencing lately? My mind is adding 559 lbs. of boom boom goes missing in Montana plus NO MSM coverage of that fact plus “drills” in Montana and I’m thinkin’ uh oh. I gotta feeling this stuff is going to make an appearence soon. And as an aside, I know it’s off topic, but I have some new ideas about Boston.Something kinda occured to me.I’m not going to elaborate unless I can get some input/counterpoints or interest. So let me know. I will be on and off tonight.


  3. when the Skankster Horndog Clintoon went to the Jewish Economic Terrorist Extortion Racket Museum in 1993
    I was in a studio going through hundreds of hours of video taken from Satellite to make the first documentary video on Waco : The Ken Fawcett Theory…at the time the unmitigated Chutzpah of the Hypocrisy busted the bovine excrement meter Mikey has on his site…but that horndog was always in a drug induced coma and only mouthed the words like the current Zionist porch monkey…clearly “they” have made improvements in the software…

    HINT :

    Seriously :

    For Real –

    24/7 –

    sick of Talmudvision ? …need a weeks supply of AJ Suppositories ?

    this just in…,7340,L-4369198,00.html

    is it irony that these Terrorists Bomb Syria…after the holohoax “Memorial Museum” …Charade ?

    all paid for by the Jew Worshipping Braindeadgoy…{with “voluntary” Taxes they don’t owe}


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