Who Is Christian Williams… er, Jon Patsavos… er, Steve Kolander?


Christian Williams

Poor guy had his hand “de-gloved” in the blast, but as in normal hero fashion, he was able to help an amputee stop bleeding to death. His girlfriend was hurt, as well, so they are collecting money for them.


Except there is a problem, he still has his hand glove.


Uhoh. Notice he has a hand, fully intact (and with NO blood on it after dealing with legless man). It looks like maybe he has some finger damage.

So, is Christian the hooded guy that helped Jeff Bauman put on his fake legs or is he actually some other dude that has ties to his “wife”?


Just in case you want to see a large picture of this amazing morph, click here.

Is it conveniently a miracle coincidence that he works in “augmented reality”?

Christian Williams, the guy in the hoodie and sunglasses, works in “Augmented Reality.” 

Augmented reality (AR) is a live, direct or indirect, view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data.

Can’t find any current pictures of his clone, Jon. Then again, maybe he is Steve Kolander.

This is getting weirder by the minute.

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38 thoughts on “Who Is Christian Williams… er, Jon Patsavos… er, Steve Kolander?

  1. Damn.

    Been tryin’ to write but we’re finally seeing the sun here in the Pac NW!

    Excellent, 5 Star post, B’man. So ‘Christian’ is into selling shit, and has a finger (or hand) in Augmented Reality.
    Another ‘coincidence’ in a world full of coincidences.
    Great find and Congrats.



  2. my honest impression is he really isn’t a Christian…maybe a xtian.

    late October 1981 made it to Luckenbach with Sierra Light and Mikes’ Batchelor Party

    weekend tour…Austin, New Braunfels & Luckenbach…spent the night at the bottom of Ranger hill.

    time to put the TARES in the Ovens…and get on with Living !!!


    on Earth without a {so-called} “JEWISH” state or a “JEWISH TERRORIST” Media or a


    “JEWISH ASSHOLE”…. so-called – {get the MUG SHOTS}….



  3. er um…happy Jerusalem day…

    such an ocean of leaks and Mountains of evidence…how can the blowback be contained…

    the : – http://cryptome.org/http://cryptome.org/eyeball/dhs-truck/dhs-truck.htm

    Dynamics are staggering to imagine…http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/167802

    http://xrepublic.tv/node/3196 – seriously, the cartoon graveyard has Zombies on Talmudvision…

    how do PATSIES frame the narrative….after the fact ?


    giving the BRAINDEAGOY…the JEWPOO “NEWS”…..

    In “The Missing Link of Jewish European Ancestry: Contrasting the Rhineland and the Khazarian Hypotheses,” published in December in the online journal Genome Biology and Evolution, Elhaik says he has proved that Ashkenazi{m} Jews’ roots lie in the [Turko-mongol]Caucasus — a region at the border of Europe and Asia that lies between the Black and Caspian seas — not in the Middle East. They are descendants, he argues, of the Khazars, a Turkic people who lived in one of the largest medieval states in Eurasia and then migrated to Eastern Europe in the 12th and 13th centuries. Ashkenazi genes, Elhaik added, are far more heterogeneous than Ostrer and other proponents of the Rhineland Hypothesis believe. Elhaik did find a Middle Eastern genetic marker in DNA from Jews, but, he says, it could be from Iran, not ancient Judea.


    Elhaik writes that the “PROSELYTE” Khazars converted to TALMUDIC Judaism in the eighth century. But widespread conversion by the Khazars is the only way to explain the ballooning of the European Jewish population to 8 million at the beginning of the 20th century from its tiny base in the Middle Ages, Elhaik says.

    Read more: http://forward.com/articles/175912/jews-a-race-genetic-theory-comes-under-fierce-atta/

    OPEN SEASON ON CHUTZPAH !!! – http://cryptome.org/cryptomb18.htm

    NO BAG LIMIT !!! – http://www.ynetnews.com/home/0,7340,L-4666,00.html

    er um… you know, from where the fish urinates in the ocean

    Time to Rejoice and celebrate the ** FREE THE “JEWS” ** from the Bondage of Talmudic Judaism…day !!




  4. Interesting articles here. http://www.veteranstoday.com/2013/05/06/boston-who-did-what-to-whom/ And then this one. http://nodisinfo.com/Home/is-this-steven-spielberg-in-disguise/ I think they deserves a careful read and some thought. I won’t comment on either yet, except to say something I noticed in the Nodisinfo one…The doctor said the injuries were to the back of the legs. I thought that odd considering the people would be facing the street right? so the force must have come from behind them. Maybe that explains the glass 15 ft. onto the sidewalk. I’ll withhold other thoughts until you guys give your input. Bman? Greg? Dave? Anthony?


    • Dr Levine stinks. I think he is in on it.

      Jim Dean isn’t much better. Notice how he does not address the fake blood around “Bauman”. He only addresses that people got the comparison to army dude wrong.

      I still am not convinced that the guy in the hospital and the guy on the ground is the same dude. I certainly do not feel that the ravaged leg is real. None of the anomalies have been answered, as far as that goes. But Dean wants us to ask Bauman if it was him and not focus on any of the disturbing issues that don’t make sense.

      I just don’t think Dean is addressing some of the key issues and is leading people in a direction to take their focus off those important points.


      • Hey B…good to have you back man. I saw some questionable things in Deans article. But he also made some good points. I like his point about how an Intel analyst looks at things. That’s the thing I’m getting at. What are we being shown to mislead? What are we seeing but it shoudn’t be there? What isn’t there but should be? Oh, Dean made another point about the pressure cookers and how that’s one of the few things that could have gone undetected. Only someone in the security team would have known that. And his point about Craft should have never been there. I agree the evidence of fake injuries is strong. But again, I’m being cautious…who provided the pics and video? Are we buying into a Psy-ops? I urge going slow. I think we’re getting bits of fact mixed in with loads of bullshit. We gotta get our hands dirty sifting out the truth. P.S. I agree that Levine is just part of the cover and deception. But even so…good disinfo has some truth in it. Let’s get our hands dirty.


  5. The ECONOMIC TERRORISTS have a penchant for wanting to control both sides of the equation…


    why would this {preplanned} contrived scenario be any different ? SAME – SAME…!

    it is not the prerogative of useless idiots who watch talmudvision to reach a consensus on what the

    TRUTH is.


    Ipso Facto the truth is not up for debate or a reflection of what the “majority” believe.. . or according to some alleged POLL .

    Jim has in the past been rather less than enthusiastic about putting the laser beam on the “JEWISHNESS” of all the terrorism on planet earth….which is the only source for TERRORISM.


    The planet earth does not NEED a “Jewish” so-called state for a long list of reasons…the primary one being that there were never any so-called “Jews” in the Old Testament and the History of the Children of Israel is NOT a “JEWISH” narrative. – http://www.israelect.com/reference/Willie-Martin/

    what else is there to say. Quarantine the assholes..DNA test them…PUT THEM IN THE OVEN of TRUTH, have a truth & Justice episode…return the stolen MONEY {land/wealth} to who it originally belonged to…RESEGREGATE

    PEACE !!! – http://snippits-and-slappits.blogspot.com/2013/05/aangirfan-some-top-jews.html

    how that happens depends largely on White Men stopping “JEW” worshipping in it’s tracks and taking the rabid dog and it’s owner to the wood shed for a SHINOLA lesson….


    even Robert Dinero agrees…and he was all up into the 9/11 “JEWISH” terrorist crime syndicate gambit until apparently just recently.


    Americas main problem is a bumper crop of braindeadgoy “JEW” worshippers.

    the dead give away for me is the constant stream of “JEW” poo from the Dingbats on Talmudvision repeating the same lies…like Mad Albright yesterday on Cspan…over and over…same lies….over and over.

    sooooo – “JEWISH” !!!


    • Hey Anthony, I see a foul mouthed Jewish guy named Adam Kokesh is going to set up an ideal false flag event July 4th. This seems soooo obviously a set up I’m hoping he leads a march consisting of himself. Do you have any info on this clown? I see he’s promoted by Alex Jones…somehow I’m not shocked, but he has to have a past. You got anything on him?


      • I don’t think I’ve linked to him here, but I have seen several of his videos.

        He comes out against war and addresses military folks suggesting they stop supporting the war effort. He is a PaulTard, but that ain’t all bad.

        I don’t trust him in some areas. But his anti-Fed stance and a few others seem ok.


        • I searched Adam Kokesh Jewish…and came up with some things that give me pause. Being anti Fed or pro-Paul can be window dressing. I’m always suspicious when I see a jewish guy railing against jewish interests. Controlled opposition? He’s advocating a very dangerous and confrontational act on the 4th. One agent provocatuer or incident hands the feds great excuses for anything…and paints patriots in a bad light. Why would any true patriot risk so much for a publicity stunt? This guy has the talk down but his actions are counter productive. That’s all I need to know.Grandma Stowe always said actions speak louder than words. This guy bears watching.


  6. Check out this video of a DHS exercise where they put makeup on the ‘zombies’ before shooting them. And pay close attention to the ‘explosions’ and see if that type of smoke reminds you of anything.


    • The vegetation and the ethnic diversity of participants says L.A. to me or maybe Florida. Those in zombie make-up are really trusting of those troops. Yes, the pyrotechnics are exactly like the Marathon bombs, with very little if any debris, just like on Marathon day.

      People have noted the silliness of this exercise. I wonder what it really means. Clearly they are training for something – like killing civilians.


  7. OK, here’s my thinking. Whoever did this, and I think we can agree on the suspect, they are pros. Being pros, they have “cover and deception” set in place before anything occurs. And aside from the cover and deception, they would want to minimize variables. Variables and unknowns can screw up the best of plans. So I’m beginning to question things. I keep thinking that most of the pictures and videos we have are what have been released or “leaked”. Are we being misdirected? Also, back to the variables, any explosion would attract attention…eyes drawn to it. Witnesses…lots of witnesses. Inside businesses and spectators. None have come forward as yet claiming to have seen staging. And in the initial chaos and uncertainty, how do you…if you’re staging events…how do you keep true heros, not our pal Carlos, but real people with medical expertise or good intentions…how do you keep them away? Again, witnesses. These seem to me to be variables that a pro would work to avoid or minimize. So I’m wondering why pros with an agenda would leave so many uncertainties. I’m wondering if we haven’t been caught in the deception. I’m not sure. I question whatever is released for public view, and they sure made sure we had plenty to view. And I feel there is an awful lot of misdirection going on here. Are we watching the magicians’ assistant? Or are we watching the magicians’ hands. Please share your ideas. I think we agree on most things, I’m wondering what we may be missing. It could be right there for us to see…we’re just not looking at it.


    • Remember Scott that the organizers of the Marathon could have stopped the legitimate runners before the explosions with notice of a drill. The pictures I have seen of where they were stopped was out at a fork in the road on Commonwealth Avenue or Beacon Street, not on Boylston. It’s maybe a mile from the finish line.

      There is the set of stands for the Sandy Hook families across from the first blast area. Then, you have the Lenox Hotel and much farther down the Mandarin (secured by Kroll). Thus, an entire swath of VIP limited access can have been created earlier on both sides, but more stringently on the side of the blasts.

      I read some comments about Forum restaurant by diners there. These were people who had visited it at different times in the months before the Marathon. What a few of them said was that they felt (as diners) forgotten and left out, like it was a private place pretending to be a public one, the feeling you get if you are not a “regular” some place, and in this case they complained of slow and forgetful service. Now it’s easy to read too much into that, but even as Azevedo described the place, he emphasized the ability to create private dining experiences for large parties. My family in California dines at some private clubs for special occasions, and a lot of people know about country clubs, but to have this right in the middle of Boston is not unprecedented (Lochober used to be male diners only, all in private rooms; needless to say sometimes they even hired “special entertainment” for gentlemen only). Let’s just say the day of the Marathon probably had a special situation set up there, though probably without prostitutes.

      Anyway, I am somewhat suspicious too of the source of these pictures. It may be that some other country’s spies have been watching this all along. The fact though that some frames made it to the cover of newspapers around the world (a lot of them in Britain) is some indication of their legitimacy. Do you suppose the British are still watching Boston since the days when it was a major contributor to the IRA? Do you suppose they have spies here? Because money collected in Boston was used to blame bombs in London, once upon a time.


      • If memory serves me right I believe we have testimony by Alistair Stevenson that the runners were alerted about a drill. I also read that a serviceman was pulled from the race just prior to the finish line by his superiors who claimed he was dehydrated. What foreign spies are you thinking? First it was Finns, now it’s Britain? Because pictures appear in London newspapers? Nah…that doesn’t prove their credibility. I think the word would be complicity. You still seem anxious to point the finger everywhere but one. Oh, I’m curious, would you say the unprovoked act of aggression by Israel against Syria is a war crime? I keep waiting for you to either see or admit the obvious. You prefer to deflect and point at Chechens or Finns or English or…whoever. I can give you multiple things to examine…please show me the heavy English involvement here. They weren’t in charge of security, cameras, video, helping with the investigation…no English doctors…and on and on. Oh, by the way…glad you’re back.


        • I’m sorry to differ with you. We know Israel is up to no good. I already said this is a two-part adventure and the second part had an Israeli fingering the Tsarnaev’s. Don’t think I am “blaming” the British (or the Finns). You take umbrage for the wrong things. This is not just a why-done-it but a how-done-it. Even some guy taking pictures from a window (probably at the non-Kroll Lenox Hotel, named Christian (!) and perhaps German, made his contribution to the visuals). That is all I am saying. I’ll leave it to you to find Israelis under every rock, but I think someone ought to make a case for how these photos got out. To attribute them to Israelis would invalidate the whole idea that they are genuine wouldn’t you say? And to reinforce the real injuries. Which I do not believe. Otherwise I would not be here.


          • Noone finds Israelis under every rock Dianne. The following statements are true…They were in charge of security at the Marathon. The survellience cameras were theirs. Their experts went over the tapes. They were en route to “assist” in the investigation before the event occured. Israeli doctors took charge of the youngest brothers treatment. That’s not seeing Israelis under every rock…that’s stating facts. Can you show evidence any statement is in error? If not…would you agree there is an awful lot of Israeli involvement in an American event? There was an awful lot of Israeli involvement in 9/11 as well. Any pattern? Again…no looking under rocks…just stating facts. In fact, generally speaking, you don’t NEED to look under rocks to see Israeli hands in the pie. As to where the photos came from? I don’t know. I never inferred Israeli sources. Did I? I assumed the feds released most of them nad we had “leaks”. From where? I don’t know.


            • Yes, you have made excellent points. I can’t fault them. I guess I don’t understand who hires these people, who invites them in, and I cannot believe it is just one group.

              When I was growing up in Orange County, California, the Germans had a reputation for cunning and efficiency that survived even their defeat in WWII. There were all these novels and films about how devilishly smart they were and how hard it was to outthink them. Most of it was their technological prowess. Even the Soviets could not beat them for sheer evil genius. In my opinion, the Israelis have inherited that reputation (which allows us to feel like innocents). I do not dispute what you say. My point is a different one: it is this very reputation which makes Israelis glamorous to naive people who think they will assure their security. They buy the hype. They choose to trust them. Yes, some of the men at the scene of bombing look like my impression of Israeli special forces. They are smallish, dark, and they are shirtless a lot (as few New England men tend to be – more like Californians which makes sense if you are Israeli – that’s how you grow up). So yeah, they are there. What I want to know is who keeps inviting them and I don’t think it is just Jews. It’s someone else who wants them on the scene. Remember the Godfather movies? Remember the alliances? This was based on fact.


              • Who invited them in? It’s been going on for years. Who accelerated it in the past decade? Does the name Michael Chertoff ring a bell? First head of DHS? Dual citizen? I’ll let you guess which country besides this one he’s a citizen of. Who created the Federal Reserve? Who financed the Bolsheviks? When you ask who invited them are you looking for one name? There IS no one name. You want links? You’ll be reading for the next few years. I don’t equate anti-German propogana during WWII with jews. I see no connection. I’ve known many jews throughout my life and I’ve never noticed anything superior about them. Did you take the test?


                • I wasn’t talking about what you think of Israelis. It is what other people think, those who make decisions about security (Michael Chertoff is no longer in charge). It is the sense they have that they are being protected because they really believe that Israelis know how to prevent terror attacks. I would call this a good old-fashioned protection racket.

                  Interesting that the attacks did not happen when the crowd was the biggest, nor at the peak of the competition. Could it be that we are supposed to believe the extra security (which stood down before the attacks) actually “worked” to discourage the bombers? Well, gee, then by all means we must have more and more security – or else.


  8. Didn’t I tell you the Boston bombing was fundamentally a scam?http://usnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/05/06/18091139-victims-in-boston-bombings-told-to-lower-expectations-on-payouts-from-compensation-fund#comments

    Everywhere you turn in Boston there are reminders to give to this fund. The City Hall websites of towns in lockdown have a link to it. It has raised tens of millions of dollars already. People from all over the country have been solicited. One of the comments mentions that the lawyer handling this also handled Gulf of Mexico BP oil compensation funds. Fraud is fraud. Even if every injury described was real, there would be no reason to stint on this. Since it has been shown that they are not (those we have seen in the “drill” and the probably the paltry number of people at Forum), then this is a windfall for some pretty crooked people. I wonder what they use it for? Do they buy the complicity of journalists? Do they bribe politicians? Whatever they do with it, this is a massive piece of dirty work. How could there be such corruption? Are we living in a dream world?

    I merely think that people are too lazy to examine the evidence. There are a lot of positive emotions associated with banding together as Boston Strong, and really (so far) no downside. You kick in your ten, twenty bucks (like throwing money in the collection plate at church), and you pay no attention to where it is going or the leverage you have provided to people. It’s just funny money anyway. Until it fashions that whip for you to send you off to fight some other country you know nothing about except for what they have spent that money to tell you.

    Why is common sense so hard to come by?

    I do expect a few people to get up in arms about the poor victims who are not getting anything. They’ll put money at their individual websites, thinking that at least they’ll get something that way. The two types funds – Boston 1 and also the individual funds are allowed to exist in parallel.

    It has been cost effective to pull off this thing. Even as I say if it were real all the way – because you can just lie and inflate the numbers of those injured, even if there are actual victims. It’s win-win.

    But there’s one little thing about this: if you have put any money into it you have created yourself a cause of action, have you not, for a class action lawsuit? Is that true? And the evidentiary requirements to prove fraud are less than those to prove murder. But there are statutes of limitations on the action. Certainly it would not be popular in Massachusetts to file such a lawsuit, but what about some other state with people defrauded here? Maybe New Hampshire? Or some other place?

    I know you all probably think this is a tepid response, but you can make them dance and that’s not such a bad thing. The point is that you can raise reasonable doubts with the introduction of evidence.


    • So we went from Finns to the English to…it’s just a scam? Oh c’mon. You think the people who pulled this off did it to skim a few million from a victim fund? These people run the drug trade. Control Central Banks…heck they own NATIONS. This was not done to run a con for pocket change. Sometimes I think you bounce around more than a pinball on speed. Lock into something and think it through. Think means, motive, opportunity. Think Cui Bono. In short…think. See beneath the B.S. You’re too smart to be dumb Dianne.


      • YOU have to make allies in the area. If those allies are scam artists and mobsters, well so be it. Apparently that is how they roll. As I said countless times it is about getting us to go to war when we don’t want to. You know why. I am just oddly interested in what the hysteria is doing to a major city near where I happen to live and which I am forced to interact with on a daily basis. It can get creepy. Right now this tiny state is looking at three new casinos, a sellout of the peoples’ welfare by the governor, Deval Patrick. The locals vote against them, and then they try and push for somewhere else. The Big Dig here cost the federal government billions in cost overruns. I would be nuts not to notice.


        • If those allies are scam artists and mobsters so be it? Are you talking about Boston or the Middle East? If it’s about getting us into a war we don’t want…who’s doing it? I don’t see a connection between casinos and what we are talking about here. Frankly, I see a pattern with you. You come on, make some good observations…then you get into a 1 on 1 with someone…last time it was Bman…today it’s me, and you gradually lead the conversation into local Boston issues or personal ones. You claim you’re here seeking answers. Bman offered to give you links for research. You declined. I did the same. You declined. I’m sure Mr. Clifton could inundate you with links. You may decline that too. Why do you claim you’re seeking insight but decline offers of help? Why does it always seem to devolve into your personal life or Boston issues? Why does it always veer away from the thread? Why?


          • Local Boston issues are what I care about. I don’t know where you live. If it happened in your city, you’d obsess too. Who says I declined links? I constantly comment on them. I am not in a mood to change my approach.

            You have to realize that not all Americans move every seven years. Some people put down roots, and I have done that here in New England. It is not a place I am content to surrender.


              • I went to that link. I didn’t like the tone of the questions. I have no interest whatsoever in answering them, not because they are controversial but because they are full of hostility. I have seen that attitude taken towards blacks, immigrants, lots of groups. I was brought up to believe in an ethical system which includes virtues which I look for in every person I meet. Sometimes I am disappointed – but only with individuals, not their group of origin. If you want to convince a person in another group of something, you have to take into consideration what their training and education has been. That 6 million figure is something no individual who suffered through the Holocaust is likely to know from personal experience. They only know that their relatives died. If there were “only” 200,000 killed or 6 million, I think is irrelevant. Probably neither you nor I know a single Jewish person who is working for the Fed printing money or anything like that. The people killed by the Nazis for just being something “wrong” were little people with very little political influence – like us.


                • If you do not think that an organized group can cause havoc and many problems within a country (or any organization) then you are not paying much attention to history. Organized Jewry declared financial war on Germany before WWII.

                  Of course, there are individuals that had little to do with it, depending on their status within that group (or tribe), but many did.

                  Like you, when I estimate a person I do it by interaction, but this is on a personal level (and on a personal level, every Jew I have ever encountered has lied to me, taken advantage of me, stolen from me or looked down upon me as if I were cattle and they were God’s chosen… so, in EVERY case I see them the same as what history has seen them). I read historical accounts for the things of the past. I sure as hell do not trust the government, or media which has a bias towards the tribe. I already asked you when did the powers that be (government, media, education) start lying and you never really did answer.

                  Should I trust the government meme before WWI and during, then distrust them. Or did they have an agenda all along.

                  Of course, it is important to know if 6M or 200,000 died (and how and why they died). It is important to know this because one is total bullshit and the other is a real number. It is also important to know that NONE were gassed. It is important to know that of the 200,000 most died of typhus and other diseases or starvation. But none of that was intentional, unless you consider the Allies bombing of supply lines the intention.

                  Does it matter if you know a Jew working at the Fed. What matters is that Jews OWN the Fed. That the Fed is usury and that they all support Zionist positions and continual war. This is true with all the Jewish owned Central Banks.

                  The Nazis had no intentional plan to kill off Jews. But the Jews DID have an intentional plan to kill off Christians in the Soviet Union and did so, with numbers that are actually 60-200M.

                  Why don’t you hear of this? Why don’t you hear of that same tribe infiltrating the US in Roosevelt’s day, taking us into war on their behest, yet never an utter about what their tribe did in the USSR?

                  It matters.


                • Help me understand this Dianne, you claim you came here looking for answers…but you reject, deny or ignore everything you’re told. And you seem to reject it without investigating. I think rejecting or dismissing ANY idea prior to investigation is foolish. When you are asked direct questions you ignore them. When given a link you get “uncomfortable” before you finish it. When confronted with facts and asked to examine them or refute them you blithely carry on as if nothing happened. You seem to focus on Boston and your personal traumas. Or as you say…”obsess” over it. Yes Dianne, we are ALL concerned about what happened in Boston. However, we are looking at a bigger picture as well. BOTH are important. If you truely came here for answers…please listen to what you’re being told. Please ask for links and read them. Read them with an open mind. As I recently told a chap named Fleybovich, you seem to have an agenda and reject what you’re told. So attempting to discuss this issue or attempting to enlighten you is like discussing the truth about Santa Claus with a five year old. No matter what you say…the five year old replies “uh uh…it’s not true…I don’t want to hear it…you’re wrong”. Well tell me Dianne…who’s actually wrong? You, or the five year old. And how do you get through to the five year old? You’re either seeking knowledge or you’re not.


          • thank you Scott,

            that’s the nicest thing anyone has said about me in, … well several weeks.

            I resemble that remark.

            as for Kokesh,

            seems like I remember him coming through Dallas back when the AOCS Trading Post opened up,


            one thing to remember is that there is a generational aspect to this whole charade which is why my focus is on the actual culprits, that said please know that I have lived with so-called “Jews” and know a considerable number and I don’t Hate so-called “jews”, however there must be a de-programming session wherein “the little jews” come to terms with the Truth of the Ashkenazim as freiers…and there are so few willing to open the dungeon and let some fresh air in and offer them a way out of the stool sculpture deity cult compound….

            just remember things are not always as they appear, what you are attempting to do with the Boston case
            I did with Waco…frame by frame.

            {during the seige}….


            which is to say The recent upstarts from Alex to Devvy to Adam don’t change the Truth one iota….
            at the end of the day the truth is still the truth…

            who prints the currency, who owns the media, and who operates the crack house

            no shortage of information to prove Who is doing it….the question is why ?

            Be Brave…have courage…and aim for the middle of the bullseye…where in very small letters too small for the NEKKKID eye it says “Jewish”…..{do you wish}


            • You’re welcome Anthony. Your links are well done and always on point. OK…ALMOST always..Hahaha Yes I too know jews and they are not all bad. I see the problem stemming from the Khazars. But that’s just me. I looked into Waco and determined it was mass murder committed by the feds because a group who were no threat to anyone chose to live free and simply. I think we agree on who is doing it…the why? Would power, control, dominance and ego be too simplistic? I am convinced they are psychopaths and will not stop of their own accord. They must BE stopped. And again, I think we know the “who” in who will have to stop them…the question is how? Perhaps when must be answered as well.


  9. Please check out the different photos between
    Boston Marathon Bombing
    Boston Marathon Bombing
    These are supposedly four seconds apart but the guy with green soled shoes saves the lady with a yellow scarf twice in two different locations. Once wearing a backpack and once not wearing. Evidence of staging?


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