How To Gather An Army by Mike

Amnesty = ?




So there is already an effort underway to voluntarily document “illegal’s” for the draft, but how the hell is it possible to enforce compliance with an undocumented populace. It certainly would be difficult and seems rather contradictory in nature.

(Sidenote – I also think there’s some legs to these seemingly disparate stories as well… Open queers in the military… then, women in combat duty… now, illegal’s potentially being forced to register with Selective Service… Me thinks someone is gathering an army because it sure is shit isn’t about “guaranteeing civil liberties and equal rights”…)


So this got me thinking – what does this Amnesty package equal?


Amnesty = 11 million more eligible recipients of government aid (Welfare… Unemployment… Medicare… Straw that broke the camel’s back?)

Amnesty = 11 million more eligible voters (bloc for Marxist-Left – they sure as hell ain’t voting for the 82%-White Republican Party)

Amnesty = 11 million more legalized “cultural” aliens (increased demographic pressure on traditional America – furthering heterogenic tension)

Amnesty = 11 million more legal workers in labor pool (increased competition in a stressed economy – further drive down wages as labor pool increases)

Amnesty = 11 million more draftees (thanks to the recent changes and pending legislation to Selective Service)


I may be missing some things, but in what way is Amnesty good for Americans… Honestly, I’d like some feedback.

Guest Post by Mike

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3 thoughts on “How To Gather An Army by Mike

  1. Throughout history, the recruitment of mercenaries and foreigners have always been used in the last days of empires. That and the debasement of the coinage and a general loss of morality are three good signs an empire…ANY empire is in the last stages of collapse. The neocons like to compare the U.S. to Rome. I see more similarities with Assyria. A meteoric rise due to military prowess and technology…followed by spectacular collapse. I sincerely hope I’m wrong. If I’m not, may God have mercy on our grandchildren.


  2. Hope Promoter Les Visible recently lashed out at the hopelessness promoted by handwringing dingbats and professional “JEW” worshippers…I was like saying very loudly and high fiveing..Yeahway..You are so right dude.

    just never much cared for a loser attitude and transducing negative “Jew” worshipping bad vibes…
    aww we’re gonna lose for sure now…all hope is lost, we might as well turn in and surrender and lick the boots of the seriously “GAY” perverts that promote the AGENDA…of unyielding uncompromising “JEW” worship…
    on Talmudvision…24/7

    dig this chutzpah….

    “British physicist Prof. Stephen Hawking’s decision to support the academic boycott of the state of Israel is “quite hypocritical for an individual who prides himself on his own intellectual accomplishment,” reptiliod
    Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, director of Shurashytt HaDin Talmudia Law Center.

    “His whole computer-based communication system runs on a chip designed by Terrorist Talmudia’s Intel team.
    I suggest that if he truly wants to pull out of the diseased sate of mind that is Talmudia he should also pull out his Intel Core i7 from his tablet,” hissed Darshan Leitner. . . . translation…eat shit and die motherfucker.

    meanwhile…farther east…a diseased “JEW” formerly named Miliekowsky …The prime minister hasn’t directly commented on the ASSHOLE TERRORORIST ASSHOLE “JEWISH” NUKE BOMB raids during his sideshow
    China trip,

    which is largely focused on attempted armtwisting strengthening economic ties.

    On Tuesday, Jewish asshole terrorist “Netanyahu” and his …ahem…wife toured Shanghai’s Ohel Moshe synagogue of satan in the Hongkou district that was home to as many as 180,000 so-called Jews granted refuge in Shanghai from the horrors of Economic terrorist asshole “JEWISH” contrived Nazi persecution…..

    during the premeditated Massmurder for Economic TERRORST Jewish asshole PROFIT called WWII where millions of goy killed each other to

    enrich the “JEWISH” asshole economic terrorists “loaning” “money” [CREDITS] to both sides at interest….,7340,L-4377566,00.html

    wait look over there…three girls held captive by HISPANICS…as sex slaves…

    the horrors, how could this happen ?

    FREIERS. –

    ….see also Under Seige….

    don’t you guys think the Navy needs more girls on Submarines ?

    more..? ––05__000.html

    and let’s don’t forget about Gideon…

    who did not speak “Yiddish”….and never met a “Rabbi”…could a Dianne understand the “Hostility” towards

    Identity thieves and Mass Murderers responsible for over 300 million murdered in just the last 100 years….

    ……for a LIE ?


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