Hitler’s War: What The Historians Neglect To Mention

Hitler’s War: What the Historians Neglect to Mention. An English translation of “Hitlers Krieg? Was Guido Knopp Verschweigt” by Alphart Geyer (Germany 2009). This is a 96 minute long “Made in Germany” underground documentary film. It’s the first documentary ever to unabashedly explain from the German perspective, how World War II really began, and the many efforts that were made by Hitler to avoid it, and to establish a lasting, viable and mutually acceptable peace, but how he was ultimately left with no choice but to invade Poland. It documents many facts that have been deliberately left out of the “official narrative” as presented by the victorious Allies, which we have all been taught since 1945, and which Germans especially have been constantly reminded of since the war ended; with the blame entirely upon Germany’s shoulders. Many of the claims of the Allies that have been widely accepted as fact are refuted here as patently untrue, distorted, or ignored completely.

The film is largely based upon a book entitled “Der Krieg der viele Väter hatte” (PDF) (English: The War that had Many Fathers) by German author and historian, Gerd Schulze Rhonhof and “Ein unvermeidlicher Krieg? — Der Weg zum 1. September 1939” (An Unavoidable War — The Path to September 1st, 1939). Rhonhof is a former high-ranking, German military officer (Brigadier General in the Panzer Division) who has done, as any honest historian should, his own deep research in the war archives, and has been assisted many other historians. His website contains all of his documentation. His books and assertions, not surprisingly, have not been so well received by many politicians, academia, the Left, and the mainstream media.

The making of this film seems to have been prompted primarily by some comments made by Chancellor Angela Merkel, speaking to a live audience and the various Heads of State from many nations, gathered at a ceremony in Danzig in 2009, to remember Hitler’s (allegedly) senseless and unprovoked attack on Poland, paying respects to the Polish victims on behalf of Germany, and as always, expressing gratitude to the Allies, for their sacrifices in the victory over National Socialism. Merkel, like all other German chancellors since the end of World War II, accepted full responsibility and with it, the perpetual guilt for the entire war on behalf of all Germans, and unquestioningly accepted, again: the villain role ascribed to National Socialist Germany by the victors, which many Germans, to this day, deeply resent, yet have silently endured it all of their lives. Merkel’s comments, however, struck a raw nerve for many Germans who know “the rest of the story”.

“Hitler’s War” is also a sharp rebuke to well known German “journalist”, author, filmmaker and commentator Guido Knopp (to whom the original film title actually refers), and who many Germans regard as “Uncle Guido” (in the English sense of an “Uncle Tom”), as he has a reputation for being a domestic Propaganda Minister for the World War II Allies, regarding the Third Reich and National Socialism. For he, like Merkel and the others, continues to ignore many facts, and only dutifully reminds Germans of the guilt of their forefathers (and by extension, their own “inherited” guilt), based upon a highly sanitized “official version” of history.

There are always two sides to every story, and now the Germans are finally telling theirs. This film is a “must see” for anyone with a sense of justice, honour, fairness and dignity, who have respect for ALL of the victims of World War II (not merely the “politically correct” ones) and who are interested in an accurate account of history. Indeed, if we are to learn from history, and not be doomed to repeat it, then we must also have a fair and accurate account from which to draw our conclusions and upon which to make decisions in the present, and for our future.

This film has broken through the 60+ year old taboos. Truth has breached the barbed-wire fences of “political correctness”, and is making a desperate run for it’s life.

Translation, narration, sound mixing, over-dubbing of the original soundtrack by Justice4Germans (2011)


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7 thoughts on “Hitler’s War: What The Historians Neglect To Mention

  1. The nazis were on drugs and killed over 50 million people. You are going in the wrong direction. Reconsider what you are doing. The nazis were very evil.


    • The Nazis killed 50M people? You mean the Bolshevik Jews, right?

      History is a difficult subject for many who are brainwashed by the system. Or those who are actually on drugs.


    • Do you have any proof of the 50 million killed by the nazis on drugs?

      I know one country that has put the entire nation on drugs, most dispensed by the TV set in the homes.

      The most horrible drug it pushes is one called ‘Ignorance,’ followed by ‘Stupidity’ and ending with ‘Holocau$tism,’ which is a perveted, Mammon worshipping form of Christianity.


      • Christians cannot worship Mammon, so-called “Judeo-Xtians” are not actually {truly} followers of “Christ” the Messiah for the Children of Israel who have never been “Jews” or the “Jewish” people…both of whom are impostors
        Identity thieves, Mass Murderers and professional LIARS…


        Jesus – admonished to know the Truth, which is why proselytes to talmudic judaism must hate Jesus.


        Jew worshippers are not Christians even though they lie..and claim to “Love” Jesus they luv mammon more…
        and worship the stool sculpture deity cult compound called Talmudia, Israel is a people {the west/Christian nations/Europeans} [1st world nations] not a stool sculpture deity cult compound…in Palestine.


        riddle me this one…

        when specifically did all 12 tribes {Gen 49 & Deut 32} turn into Khazar “Proselytes” to talmudic Judaism ?

        Judah is Germany.


        how many Germans died in the last century because they failed to take notice of the ENEMY ?

        Israelites {white people} white men in particular are in fact fratricidal maniacs….for filthy lucre….and are {easily} poopagandized to commit mass murder {on their kin/cousins} to enrich the moneychangers & Pharisees…FACT !!.

        whether “we” are ignorant or maliciously stupid “we” are our own worst enemy…the Edomites like maggots just feed on dead {spiritual} flesh…it is a direct consequence of violating the first commandment…


        “our” language has been seriously perverted and convoluted to where antonyms are synonyms…
        “Jews” are “Israel”..!! Christians are “Jew” worshippers…War is peace….Love is Hate…Freedom is Slavery


        full on stupid cannot change true.


  2. Hi Richard, first off I must say I used to believe the exact same thing you claimed. I was a typical American. A product of public education and television. I believed everything they told me. My eyes first opened in the early 80’s when I read a book by John Toland, a very mainstream writer who made use of declassified documents that proved FDR knew about the impending attack on Pearl Harbor. Not only did he know it was coming, he did everything he could to provoke it and make it a success. All this was known by Congress before the war ended. They chose to seal the truth for forty years rather than charge Roosevelt with treason. Once I read that book, I wondered what OTHER lies had we been told about the war. I found out Russia was days away from attacking Germany when the Germans launched a preemptive attack on June 22nd 1941. That’s why 90% of Russias army was at the border and helped make the German assult so effective. That discovery lead to countless others. So please Richard, before you leap in and condemn based on your beliefs…investigate, research and educate yourself. Perhaps you should watch the video Bman posted. Then do some reading. Ask for links and read them. Be willing to be wrong…admit you don’t know all the facts. I sure don’t claim to. I’m learning every day. Any links or evidence you have to support your claim would be welcome.


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