Defense Against The Psychopath

One could interchange the word “Jew” for “psychopath” and there would be absolutely no difference in meaning in the conversation. Who controls government, finance and business (media, movies, too)?

Yep. But neither of these two would dare admit it.

Defense Against the Psychopath – Stefan Verstappen on GRTV

As more and more studies demonstrating the corrosive effect of psychopathy on government, finance, and business emerge, researchers have begun to explore how our society itself has been molded in the psychopaths’ image. Now, one of those researchers, Stefan Verstappen, shares his insights on psychopathy in modern culture. This is the GRTV Feature interview on Global Research TV.

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11 thoughts on “Defense Against The Psychopath

  1. I’m no expert, but I have my doubts about psychopathy being a genetic trait. And I don’t think there is a clinical test to determine who is a psychopath like there is to diagnose a disease of the body. A lot of times even that doesn’t pan out.

    Having no empathy and craving money and power, in my opinion, is a disease of the mind. Although, I doubt any shrink would be able to cure it. Besides, they’re in bed together. We are just too far down the rabbit hole.


    • There is a test used in prisons to diagnose for psychopathy. And before she published “Confessions of a Sociopath,” the author underwent testing by a lay psychologist.


  2. define irony :

    eventually the language will become PURE !!!

    when did it become necessary to define “our” lives {daily} as being a member of a “Jew” worshipping….

    SOCIETY ? ? ?

    now I don’t know about anyone else, but I do kinda find a little bit of Irony….in the whole “JEW” worshipping

    MEME….Like Dude….ever been to California…?


    • I think you are an antisemite … No reason to start hating Jews becAuse the times are bad, when they were good you were loving them. Past 50 years Jews controlled everything, no credit??? Anyhow … Listen don’t blame the person blame your moral character … What do you do to make America a better place?? That’s the real question. The blame game is dumb … It’s the solution game is the right way.


      • But of course, there is no reason to point out facts. Its all a blame game.

        And when did he or I ever love Jews? Identifying the utter lack of moral character I have encountered in my interactions with “Jews”, is not a blame game. It is fact. It is reality. Nevermind the fact that all Jews ever do is play “blame games”, in which most is nothing more than a towering inferno of lies and obfuscation. Never admit to the Talmudic taint. Never admit to the evils constructed and carried out by your tribe members. Never admit that you have been kicked out of a hundred countries, hundreds of times. Always blame someone else, never accept your role in your own demise.

        Jews are the kings of blame games and your comment is the epitome of hypocritical lies and diversion.

        Your comment is a diversion from facing reality. It is the “whoa is me, all Jews are good, you just don’t understand us” mentality.

        Let me say this outright, of EVERY single Jew I have met or interfaced with, they ALL have lied to me, taken advantage of me, stolen from me, used me and/or looked down on my from their self-styled “God’s Chosen” seat on high. IN EVERY CASE.

        So, how would I be able to believe you? How would any discerning observer believe you?

        The sooner you get out of that tribal mentality and learn some truth, the better.

        And besides, a Jew would have to be a “Semite” for me to be an anti-Semite. 99% of Jews aren’t even Semitic, to begin with. They are just suffering from thousands of years of Talmudic, superiority brainwashing. And we suffer right along with them by having to put up with it.

        Become a decent Jew. Call out the tribe. Don’t be a hypocrite. Relinquish your seat in Satan’s Synagogue. Throw out the Talmud and its control of your tribe’s mindset. Stop the offenses done in your tribe’s name or you are just part of the problem.


      • Good God Feliks, are you on drugs? Here’s a quote: “We control America and the Americans know it.” Who said it? Ariel Sharon former Prime Minister of Israel said it Oct 3rd 2001. How about this from the L.A.Times,0,4676183.column This is written by a guy named Joel Stein. He brags about jewish control of Hollywood. Pointing out the truth is not a “blame game” as you put it. If the truth frightens you…watch Foxnews. Or better yet, watch the Cartoon Network. It’s more enjoyable ans far more educational. This is not a question of “moral character”. Where did that goofy statement come from? Are you questioning the moral character of someone who told you the truth? Can you even comprehend how ridiculous that sounds? I doubt it. For you are a Believer. And Believers reject truth because it confuses them. They say “I don’t believe you”. And having said that, they actually think they have refuted the truth. To them, belief is everything and knowledge is overrated. Remember Feliks…a five year old “believes” in Santa. If you tell him the truth he replies “I don’t believe you”. Does that make his statement or position valid? How do you convince him he’s wrong? How do you talk to someone who thinks “I don’t believe you” is an irrefutable conterarguement? I’m sorry if I used big words…if you need help understanding what I’ve said, do this…the next time you go upstairs for a juice box, ask Mom to explain it to you. and please remember to wish her a Happy Mothers Day. She deserves it.


      • “jew” in fact is misleading. the intended subject here are the zionist. it is not the same thing. at all.
        anyway nobody can change the game, it’s usles to blame each other, just observe and spread the word. disconnect.


      • This comment is very typical of a jewish supremacist. The ADL, which is an organized criminal subsidiary of a jewish masonic lodge called the b’nai b’rith, likes to put it out there that jews are a scapegoat who are blamed whenever times are bad. The fact is that when times are bad, historical trends have shown that jews were involved economically and politically at the highest level in almost all instances since at least the 15th century. That is, the ADL puts it out there in order to condition the ignorant and fool them into thinking that the reason jews are being blamed is because they are an easy target and a victim. This is all part of the larger game.

        You make the mistake of thinking that we go through periods loving the jews. This is false. I’ve never in my entire life loved jews, but I do admit that I treated them with a double standard. I was very sympathetic because of the holocaust and this was due to programming. When I began to have independent (and critical) thoughts about everything, I eventually saw through the bs. The holocaust being a massive bs story obviously. And although you jews like to say we are “full of hate” I do not think “hate” (your definition) describes the emotions which I feel now that I know the truth. Perhaps it’s because most jews, especially Ashkenazi jews, are genetically predisposed toward psychopathy? I know that’s the case and I know that’s largely what the problem is.

        You jews may think you’re the chosen people and can do no wrong and cannot be criticized (because you are chosen and also because of demanding victim status over the holohoax). You may think that us “gentiles” want drugs, prostitutes, porn, and material things which target base animal instincts and that you jews provide it to us. You might think the jews are superior in IQ because of Kibbutz, cherry tomatoes, and low-power consuming intel processors along with nobel prizes. But even Obummer got a nobel prize for nothing. And look at all the ingenuity which Germanic peoples have produced since forever. What has the jew contributed to society and civilization? To Western culture? Nothing, nothing but degeneracy and Marxist subversion/perversion.

        We never loved you. We were distracted because of your programming via the media, Hollywood, and other methods. We watch your formulaic films because you’ve programmed us to do so and it’s difficult to break the programming. What credit do you deserve? You’ve turned the US into Wiemar Germany. That’s not a good thing by the way.

        And what do you know of moral character? You are programmed to think all non-jews are prone to evil and what not. But the fact is we have a conscious and empathy. You are in fact the heartless beast inclined to do evil. We are the overwhelming majority. If 99% of the world wanted to kill off 1%, does that make us evil? Absolutely not. America was fine. It was on a good path. You destroyed it to make if better for yourselves at the expense of those who created it.

        The blame game is not dumb for it is not a game of blame or a game. It’s simply the honest truth. You, the jew, is the problem. Since time immemorial. And your house of cards will collapse. It’s only been less than 70 years since Hitler. You may think your banking system is bulletproof, but not when people lose faith in your shekels printed out of thin air. Where will you go when the Americans expel you? To Israel? It won’t exist any longer. To Asia? They don’t want you. To Africa? You’d rather go to the moon, wouldn’t you? Well go to the moon then. Leave us alone so we can live in peace.


  3. dang thang cut me short, it circumcized my brief comment on Irony, so now it’s a twofer…

    are we to suppose Bman that when these “Jewish” so-called womyn go to “Pray” at the wailing wall that they have appropriate anatomical attachements attached to facilitate their “Prayers” to their “Jewish” so-called “god” ?

    isn’t it just the least bit ironic that the so-called “jews” in the Jewnited States spend so much on promoting a PRETEND equality of Animal Farm surrealism while maintaining a “Jewish” Animal Farm intensity of Jewishness in the “Jewish” so-called State of Talmudia…

    seriously, you’d think that there would be more “Females” outing the unholy sickness of the diseased minds of the “Jews” er um ….PSYCHOPATHS of the Talmudic Terrorist so-called society of “Psychopathy”….

    define Good Faith : [,7340,L-4378949,00.html ]

    “There are those who have been trying in recent years to change the present situation, offending many and tainting the special atmosphere of holiness of this sacred place,” the rabbis wrote of the Women of the Wall, concluding their call with a prayer “for the holy place’s dignity and for the preservation of its nature.”,7340,L-4378184,00.html

    now it may come as some sorta “out of left field surprise” but I have been looking for the “Magic” time machine that transported several million Khazars from Khazaria in the 8th century {or sometime later} back to Egypt… : [ ]

    since the late 70’s…when at Ft. Huachuca I found a copy of Koestlers’ 13th Tribe….

    no Dallas Cowboys at the Alamo…no “Jews” in the Old Testament….there is no Truth in the “Jewish Narrative” ! : [ ]

    now I’m thinkin’ there is no small irony in the OBVIOUS conclusion that the solution is the one MEME statement of FAITH required to be a “Jew” worshipper…SIX MILLION JEWS IN AN OVEN….

    now what are the odds of that ?

    is that ironic or what ?


  4. I think this analysis would work even better if we were to substitute the good, old-fashioned English word “treacherous” for “psychopath” and “treachery” for “psychopathy.” That would help us to see why it has taken such a strong hold of the current leadership of the Western world.

    “Both in Exodus and The Book of Esther, the author of the text manages to predict the kind of accusations that would be leveled against Jews for centuries to come, such as power-seeking, tribalism and treachery.” — Gilad Atzmon, “The Wandering Who?”, p. 159.

    These inveterate power seekers have now achieved an inordinate amount of power, and they have achieved it and increasingly maintain it through treachery. I believe that it is a simple statement of fact to say that treachery is a good deal less admired and exalted in the Christian world than it is in the Jewish world.

    “By way of deception thou shalt do war.” — The motto of the Mossad


  5. In the interview, Verstappen mentions a couple of other techniques that are employed to keep the psychopaths on top, bribery and coercion. The Latin American drug lords call it “plata o plomo.” What would you prefer, they ask the politicians, silver or lead? Such severe forms of bribery and coercion hardly have to be resorted to keep our puppet “leadership” in line, but when you add those two techniques to treachery you have the ADL, AIPAC, PNAC, etc. method of control pretty well summed up. It’s really not all that complicated.


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