For Those Who Refused To Listen: I Told You So

Once a thief, always a thief, I guess.

I have told as many people as would listen to avoid this sayanim infiltrator of the movement.

All he has done is bring divide and a taint to honest individuals trying to educate the masses as to who actually controls us. He has stolen the work from those who are generous and/or gullible enough to trust him.

I have friends who have sidled up to this Benedict Arnold spy. Probably because they thought he would help with visibility. I have warned them, and as I told Patrick in the comments to the video below, I wanted to warn him, but didn’t. I should have, but he probably would not have listened at the time, putting his trust in this undercover agent, whose purpose is to dismantle the real truth seeking folks.

People get caught up in a new avenue, believing they will be part of something big. But in the case of Trutube (as I mentioned to a Friend of mine), it is just preaching to the choir. Except in this case, it ended up a choir of thieves, haters and subversion specialists (with many “believers” being snookered by the con artist). Trutube also provides a way for his masters to gather information on the gullible… personal info, IP’s , and whatever else you had to provide to be added (and as I understand it, no way to close the account after you open it). As in Snordelhan’s case, it is hijacked and being run without his ok.

At least I’m glad Snords figured it out.

And I’m also glad because this will likely be the final nail in Trutubes’ coffin of BS. (By the way, a user has also stolen some of my videos and loaded them, at least I’ve been told that, but haven’t confirmed it because I won’t go there ever again).

Now, we can all be entertained by Delaney making some video defending his thievery and somehow demonizing Snordelhans, accusing him of being a Jew, etc. What a scumbag.

After deleting all my vids, for personal reasons, from Trutube, I’ve been hijacked. The vids are back up and I cannot access the account. Here:

This kind of thing is the very reason I deleted my account. We are too few in the exposé business to hurt each other, we should all be working with each other. This kind of behaviour hurts the truth movement more than any other kind. ZCF claims he has been a victim of identity theft, I hope I have not suffered the same fate. Take it down Delaney, it’s the right thing to do. Check ZCF’s site:…

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11 thoughts on “For Those Who Refused To Listen: I Told You So

  1. curiously the undermining of efforts to subvert truth ooozes from one source….always

    although if the braindeadgoy weren’t so sold on being stupid no matter what the whole enchilada would

    just be …..a simple matter of determining what is most mportant first….like what is the Truth ?

    Towards the end of our interview, Brooks told me he recently had dinner with “two lovely Dutch ladies” who presented him with a plastic-encased chestnut from a tree outside the home where Anne Frank hid in the attic.

    We took a few minutes trying, translating the Dutch words on the casing.

    “I keep it on my desk,” he said. “Is there anything sweeter and nicer than that little girl with a magic ball point “JEWISH” pen….still having faith in humanity?”


    • Is the name you’re using, Anthony Clifton, a play on words? Like changing Anthony to Tony as in ‘Tony Clifton,’ the character Andy Kaufman made up to use for his comedy act?

      Curious since when one clicks on your name, the browser goes to a pro-Palestinian site.


      • Not sure he subscribes to comments every time…

        He uses several aliases at different sites. Why the Anthony Clifton, here, I am not sure.


  2. I see nothing wrong with being linked to a pro Palestinian site. And using several aliases could be nothing more than someone who is cautious. He(?) strikes me as pretty fervent in his (?) beliefs but hey, our country used to take pride in individualism. I’ve never seen any intent to divide or redirect a thread…or anything like that. Sometimes I’d prefer more of a conversational tone rather than…statement-link…statement-link…etc. But that may be his style. We aren’t ALL gifted with your wordplay and satirical sword Greg…And Bman, I’ve seen you wield a razor sharp wit a few times. Maybe I misread you guys (I’m a gold medalist at misunderstanding…ask my fiancee) It almost seemed you were getting puzzled about him. Oh…and Greg, man I am impressed with that psudonym thing/Andy Kaufman reference. My God…I thought I was pretty sharp until I found this site. Sometimes you guys see things I’d never see…in fact I’d never even think to look for it.


    • Oh no. I am not puzzled by him. Just pointing out what I know.

      BTW: he adds so many inks that almost every post I have to ok, so I find little that I disagree with (and always ok his posts). To the contrary, I agree with most and have learned a lot from him.

      I believe his specialty has to do with the Waco murders by our government of the Koresh group.


  3. OK…I get you. Yes I noticed his knowledge of Waco. I think he mentioned it in replying to one of my posts. And for what it’s worth, I find little to disagree with either. It’s just that with all those links…sometimes it takes more time to read his comment that it does to read your column. I say that in jest, it’s about aquiring knowledge…if I wanted piffle, I’d buy a TV and watch ABCNNBCBS right? I’d include FOX but unfortunately they don’t rise high enough to qualify as piffle. And as we all know…the piffle bar is low enough to trip up a banana slug. Hmmm…FOX? Banana slugs? There’s a joke there somewhere but I’ll leave that for a cheeky fellow…paging Mr. Bacon.


    • “Slugs, “He” created Slugs” {Time Bandits}….

      Well, when you’re right you’re right….yeah Waco did it for me.

      left me without, en toto…Nothing..zilch…nada. ***Persona Non Grata*** {in my Homeland Texas}, and even my so-called “Friends” wouldn’t even help…NO MATTER WHAT, dangdest thing I ever saw…a complete abrogation of “do unto others…the so-called Golden Rule”….sometimes the Almighty will show you something Close up,

      like under a microscope…at the subatomic level…

      sometimes it just takes a little time to digest the information, so yeah I’m glad you clicked on the Tony Clifton allusion…Andys’ “Schtick” was really a hoot to me having grown up in Memphis during the ‘Wrastlin’ times of the late 60’s & early 70’s…

      the only issue at any time is what is the Truth….and the Truth is there is no truth in the “Jewish” narrative…

      and No One On Earth HAS to be a “Jewish”, especially not the so-called “Jewish” people…

      so, having a limited amount of resources, and ability to “get the Truth out”…I have from time to time “linked up” with others who show some motivation to move beyond the “Jew” worshipping MEME….for those that don’t
      “GET IT”…..obviously the “JOKE” is them…

      now how funny is that ?

      sorry about that first sentence yesterday Bman, I was a bit distracted and didn’t do a good proof before posting

      I do very much appreciate the kind consideration, not to mention the opportunity to “SHARE” information with those interested in “SEEING” a different “PICTURE” than the prefab stool sculpture offered up by the “JEWISH” so-called “MEDIA…{hard packed or steaming “just in” oooze}

      sorry if the issue of the skankster drifted “OFF” topic, as there are almost “Countless” hasbara agents working for the REAL TERRORISTS…for filthy lucre….and as Les Visible sez…”purposes of demonstration”…

      you guys consistently demonstrate your purposes by pointing to the absurdity and complete hypocrisy of the prevailing so-called “NARRATIVE”…and that gives me a great amount of hope

      “I Love it when a plan comes together”….

      {how’s that for not “quoting scripture” ?}….and NO LINKS

      my moderation is awaiting your comment


      • Hey Anthony, I LIKE your links…never said I didn’t. But you made a mistake…by posting without them you showed yourself a gifted, cogent writer who can stand without them. Maybe some day Bman will have you do a guest post about Waco…sort of a refresher for those of us who know, and an introduction for those who are unaware or too young to remember. As for myself, as I ride into geezerhood…I remember all too well. What happened should not be forgotten and never be forgiven.


  4. I liked young Zander’s site – sans comments, the racist and CI types on there were just overbearing – for various reasons. ZCF was brash at times but never afraid of telling the truth as he came to know it.

    Then the trouble started back in February I believe with his site down for days, then up again but with less or no comments, then down again. At least for me here in the hinterlands.

    If you want to know how a psychopath looks like watch the above vid. And that guy calls himself a christian, lower case intended. Now he has a row with the snordster? Puleeze! If anyone still falls for D. and his goons (sorry Greg) and his ‘wholesome’ family picture he posted after he made ZCF go down should have his head examined.


    • Michael Delaney is unhinged, not reliable, and has no conscience. He’s stolen from Zander C. Fuerza, Snordster and Ramzpaul. Who’s next? Delaney needs a class-action lawsuit against him. He won’t be offended. He’s proud of his thieving past.


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