It’s All In The Acoustics

Shout out to Yancy Yates as he lives and loves on the Oregon Coast.

If you want to know why he’s chapped:

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5 thoughts on “It’s All In The Acoustics

  1. slap somebody…”

    U.S. security consultant Felix Batista was in Saltillo in Coahuila state to offer advice on how to confront abductions for ransom when he was snatched by unknown assailants on Dec. 10, said Charlie LeBlanc, the president of the Houston, Texas-based security firm ASI Global LLC, where Batista is a consultant.

    The ADL/FBI and {Judeo-Masonic} Mexican law enforcement are investigating Batista’s abduction. Officials say the abduction occurred after Batista answered his cell phone during lunch, which is when he left the restaurant and his abductors struck.

    Batista worked for ASI Global, a Houston-based anti-kidnapping consultancy that offers its clients a 24-hour hot line that responds to kidnappings.

    …gave a three hour briefing to Felix…shortly thereafter he was dead…and gone.



  2. just visualize 969 comments on this one…

    I would not have done what my friend did, but this is what happens when a citizen of the republic has had enough of the “Jew” worshipping “administrative” stool sculpture deity cult compound so-called system. It’s the subversion of the Common Law, which leads men to do these things….beside sit in front of a talmudvision and listen to a bobble headed dingbat gaggle on about Angelina Jolie’s tata’s…again & gain…

    visit ‘California’…it is full of insane clowns…Zombies…”Jew” worshippers…and OMG…gangs

    ripe for a “revolution”…and that’s not just on the 101

    Holder, Noble, Obama . . .see a pattern ?

    There are logistical concerns, when one is engaged in drafting the architecture of wider war in The Middle East. As the parrots squawk and the chipmunks talk, the vampire bankers plot and scheme; “How can we accomplish this evil dream”? “How do we ‘getter done’”….

    “How do we destroy all that is good and possible, in order to triumph in a wasteland that is ours alone”

    “Is this lettuce crisp … Where is my cellphone” … who’ll be my role model when my role model is gone….?

    a tornado…a mile wide

    Hail stones…big as basketballs


  3. big storm brewing Bman…

    from a former IDF…soldier..

    ” I served in the IDF, and although it has some well trained units the level of the average soldier is pretty low, professionally and as a person….

    One advantage that the skankster IDF has, and no one can deny it, is its extreme flexibility:

    It is the only army in the world that can tap itself on both shoulders at the same time…BOO !

    Striving for contact….with Hezbollah –,7340,L-3973248,00.html

    The Egoz Unit was established in the 1950s under the order of the then Khazar Zionist Terrorist chief, Yitzhak Rabin, in order to fight the Syrian enemy of the Khazar Terrorists from Khazaria. It has gone through many reincarnations and only became a real Zionist Terrorist commando unit when it was re-established 15 years ago…,7340,L-4380807,00.html

    try not to bust a gut laughing…

    Khazars {insane clowns} FREIERS…..make Exodus to Khazaria….HURRY…HURRY. . .HURRY !!!


  4. Trippy is a mess. One hell of a song writer. I’m amazed that someone like him has not made it in the business. He writes some great songs and hell of an acoustic picker!!! Sings pretty damn good too.


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