Understanding Prohibition

In its history, America has experienced two major periods of drug prohibition. This first was the Federal alcohol prohibition from 1920-1933. The second is the current war on drugs, which began in 1971.

According to Prof. Angela Dills, during these periods of prohibition in America, both homicide rates and police enforcement costs increased. This makes sense, as prohibitions never actually eliminate use. Rather, prohibitions convert peaceful and legal markets into black markets. In black markets, when disputes arise over sales territory, product quality, or money, the government legal system is not available. This forces drug dealers to resolve disputes on their own, which often leads to violence.

The violence of black markets, along with the enforcement of drug policy, attracts the attention of law enforcement. Law enforcement is costly, and the time spent enforcing drug laws could have been spent preventing other crimes like murder, theft, and rape. Drug prohibition not only generates more violence and increases the cost of law enforcement; it also distracts law enforcement and puts citizens at greater risk of crime.

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9 thoughts on “Understanding Prohibition

  1. And everytime you explain this to someone that backs prohibition they see you as a threat to America….Of course these same people have their paycheck tied to prohibition …so they will do what ever it takes to keep it in place….including lying to the public.

    Wonderful contry we live.

    Your free to do as your told.


  2. Prohibition helps the real drug gangs, like those ‘Too Big to Jail’ Wall Street banks and their mob assosciates, like the Clinton’s and the Bush family, generate huge sums of money each year for their personal use.


  3. isn’t interesting that “higher” education means in essence “beating around the bush” to avoid saying the “J” word…


    curiously the ECONOMIC TERRORISTS can’t actually be named…or examined under a microscope in the Ivory Towers….and God Forbid that a Professor would allude to the demonic Talmudic Psychopaths inflictin’ inverted logic on….gifted students…for filthy lucre


    having been a victim of UNIVERSITY CORRECTNESS for a full decade…for economic reasons…


    do wop..

    back in the mid 80’s in Austin Texas there was a HOMELESS wave that crested….many homes sat empty
    there were “hobo” camps and at the Metal Recycling places you had to have a Drivers License to turn in Aluminum cans…curiously since 1948 and the Establishment of the Synagogue of Satan so-called “Jewish” STATE


    America has been wallowing in “Jewish” blessings…http://www.mechon-mamre.org/p/pt/pt0528.htm

    LORDY . . .do the math

    how many STUPID IDIOTS [JEW WORSHIPPERS] … does it take to CHANGE the TRUTH . . .?

    only in America…a plant is “our” enemy and the “Jews” are in AUTHORITY ’cause “THEY” print currency

    so why did Adoram get stoned ?


  4. easy writer…FLASHBACK {s}…..


    how about 10,000 comments…over a million views…dancin’ in the streets


    WHY oh Why do people continue to just “JEW” worship…NO MATTER WHAT ?

    http://www.redicecreations.com/article.php?id=25091 [stephenville lights]

    Just two days before Palestinians commemorate the 65th anniversary of the Nakba, the names of two Palestinian cameramen targeted and killed by asshole “JEWISH” Israeli TERRORIST airstrikes on the open air concentration camp called Gaza last November were dropped from a dedication ceremony held to honor ”reporters, photographers and broadcasters who have died reporting the news” over the past year.


    The move followed an intense ASSHOLE JEWISH lobby pressure campaign led by anti-Palestinian organizations such as the stool sculpture deity cult “JEWISH” assholes at the Anti-Defamation League, the Foundation for the Defense of “JEW” worshipping Democracies and the Psychopathic American Jewish Committee, efforts that were openly supported by the TERRORIST ASSHOLES called the ….Israeli government.


    Simon sez…say, major tom, are they shooting down satellites from the ISS….?


    what…More “Jewish” belssings…


    con mucho gusto…stinkin’ badges.


  5. Sixty days before the deadline for the springtime sacrifice,
    The plains of North Dakota witnessed fire on the ice.
    U. S. marshals with a warrant, armed with everything but facts,
    Came a-calling for a rebel who refused to pay his tax.
    Prairie fog has chilled the trail, but it’s known by one and all
    Just what happens when you mess with Freedom Fighter Gordon Kahl.

    When he saw his rights were shattered,
    He knew deep inside it mattered,
    And the choice was shoot or let them steal it all.
    You’ll be worthy of a statue by the time they ever catch you–
    Keep on running for our freedom, Gordon Kahl!
    Now for Gordon and his family things had gone from good to grief
    Since they’d stood up to the taxman, making plain their deep belief
    That a land conceived in freedom shouldn’t try to charge us rent,
    Let alone send out its marshals to assault the innocent.
    It was over in a moment for those first unlucky two,
    Red ink splattered on a snowbank when the Bill of Rights came due.

    When you figure your l040, take a moment to rejoice;
    There’s a legend on the prairie of a man who made a choice.
    His whole life is your deduction for the spirit of the time;
    You can credit what is owed him just above the bottom line.
    If your taxes come to zero, claim the writing on the wall–
    Say a prayer for the preparer, Freedom Fighter Gordon Kahl!

    Here’s a message for you marshals and the thieves you represent:
    You depend on guns and pigeons and the Sixteenth Amendment,
    But rewards of fiat dollars only multiply your crimes–
    Toll-free numbers can’t be cheaper than your counterfeited dimes.
    It’s true some don’t understand yet, but enough have had enough,
    That your reign of fear is failing and the going’s getting rough.

    When he saw his rights were shattered,
    He knew deep inside it mattered,
    And the choice was shoot or let them steal it all.
    You’ll be worthy of a statue by the time they ever catch you–
    Keep on running for our freedom, Gordon Kahl!
    Keep on running for our freedom, Gordon Kahl!



  6. I don’t buy it. The lovely professor is working at the Institute for Humane Studies at George Mason University which also hails the Mercatus Centre. The Mercatus Centre is a conservative think tank funded by the Koch brothers (jewish).

    Usually, black markets work just fine except for the tax collector. The violence resulting from black markets occurs between govt. and people going about their business, not between buyers and sellers.

    So, her excuse for prohibition to add cost to law enforcement is pretty much bogus. What I’m trying to say is, don’t fall for another pretty face telling you what not to do. What she is trying to promote through her economics classes is just another brainwash. I hope her student’s realize that. Well, maybe some.

    And this is one “man’s” opinion. (Paul Harvey, by the way, finally remembered)

    Oh, only one link:



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