JFK Assassination Enablers?


JFK Assassination Enablers?


Guest Column by Hugh Turley


This year marks the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, and stories about that fateful day in November 1963 have already started appearing in the American media.  It is a popular belief that if there were a conspiracy, someone would come forward and the press would tell us.

Then why is there still no news about Pfc. Eugene Dinkin, a cryptographic code operator for the Army?   Declassified CIA and FBI documents released in the 1990s reveal a strange tale that raises the question: Could Dinkin have learned the details of an assassination plot from the classified documents he handled, or was he a paranoiac who somehow made a number of amazingly accurate prophecies?

On October 16, 1963, when Dinkin was stationed in Metz, France, he wrote a letter to Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy warning that the president would be assassinated on or about November 28 and requesting an interview by the Justice Department.  Dinkin sent the letter registered mail, and to prevent it from being intercepted, used the return address of an Army friend, Pfc. Dennis De Witt. He did not receive an answer.

Dinkin later changed the predicted assassination date to November 22 and said it would happen in Texas.  He believed the military was involved in the plot and that a Communist would be blamed.  The day after the murder, the Washington Evening Star reported that the alleged assassin Lee Harvey Oswald was a “pro-Castro Marxist.”

On October 25, 1963, Dinkin traveled to the United States Embassy in Luxembourg to apprise a Mr. Cunningham, the Charge d’Affaires, of the plot to assassinate President Kennedy.  He was turned away.

Dinkin was scheduled for a psychiatric examination on November 4, and fearing confinement as a psychotic, he went absent without leave from his unit.  He traveled to Geneva, Switzerland, using a false Army identification and forged travel orders. There, he appeared in the press room of the United Nations office on November 6 and 7 and “told reporters he was being persecuted.” Among those who heard his story were the editor of the Geneva Diplomat and representatives of Newsweek and the Time-Life media group.

The AWOL Dinkin was the subject of CIA cables on November 18 and again on November 29, 1963.  The latter cable advised the White House, State Department, FBI, and Secret Service of Dinkin’s assassination predictions and of his trip to Switzerland.

Upon returning to his unit in Metz, he was arrested by Army intelligence officers and soon transferred to Walter Reed Army hospital in Washington, D.C., where he was treated for “paranoia,” according to an FBI report.  Afterwards, he was discharged from the Army.

The FBI interviewed him on April 1, 1964.  By then, perhaps fearing prosecution for revealing classified material, Dinkin said his theory came from newspaper articles and acknowledged that it “was extremely ‘wild’ and could be construed [as] ‘crazy’.”

FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover and CIA Deputy Director Richard Helms informed the Warren Commission about Dinkin’s predictions about the assassination, but his name was never mentioned in the encyclopedic official record.

The journalists who heard Dinkin’s story in Switzerland may have had it within their power to prevent the assassination of President Kennedy. By writing nothing about his documented allegations, they failed to exercise that power. In addition, they knew that he had been detained after coming forward—but in the wake of the assassination with the investigation proceeding, they remained silent.  How many other cases like Dinkins remain unreported?

Pfc. Dinkin miscalculated when he went AWOL to contact journalists whom he mistakenly believed were liberty’s guardians.  The Roman poet Juvenal asked, “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?” (“Who will guard the guards themselves?”) It’s still a good question.




This article appeared originally in the May 2013 Hyattsville Life and Times with the more sweeping title of simply “Assassination Enablers?”  The article is reprinted here with the permission of the Maryland newspaper, though it should be noted that, for the first time in Mr. Turley’s many years as a columnist, an editorial disclaimer has been appended.


For more on the Dinkin case, see “Abuse of Psychiatry in the Kennedy Assassination.”  For more on the media’s role in the JFK assassination cover-up see “Fake Media Critic?” and “Pruden, Aynesworth, Rather: Propagandists All.


I also found this reference material that is enlightening.

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12 thoughts on “JFK Assassination Enablers?

  1. Kennedy not only vowed to keep Israel from aquiring nukes, he also authorized the Treasury to print Silver Certificates, thereby putting the Federal Reserve out of business. In addition, he intended to either abolish or reorganize the CIA after he refused to escalate their Bay of Pigs fiasco. And finally he had decided to disentangle his country from Vietnam. So in review, he made enemies of the Zionists, International Bankers, CIA and the entire military-industrial complex. Those are powerful adversaries to have. Unfortunatly for him and our country, his fate was sealed long before Dallas. While he may not have been a saint, the man had guts. He saw the problems facing America and he intended to fix them. I feel sure he knew the risk he was taking…but he was willing to risk all for his country. We owe that man our respect and gratitude. He set an example of how Americans should act when faced with threats. Perhaps we should pause and reflect on the course our country would have taken had President Kennedy succeeded. As one Irish boy to another…this Guinness is for you John.


    • “Why are the ratings for this video on disabled? I would be very curious as to what percentage of the viewers seem to be buying it.”

      I attempted to post that on YouTube in response to the video, but I see that there is even some screening process there for the comments. Mine may never go up.


      • I am suspect of any information that has this many words of disclaimer and threats:

        You are a guest on my channel and I expect all comments to be respectful and a good example to young people who frequently utilize the Internet. If you don’t agree with Ed’s work, don’t return and take your whining and bashing elsewhere.

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        This is the work of Ed Chiarini, Jr. aka Dallasgoldbug and is uploaded with the written permission of the author. You may see additional material of his entire body of work on Wellaware1 (dot) com. Please direct any feedback directly to the author. I support his work and post his material for public education. I am not here to make you happy. If you don’t like it, there are millions of other videos and channels you can visit to meet your needs.


        • They put my previous question up and then blasted me for it. Now I’m awaiting the approval of the moderator for this comment: “May I compliment you on how well you manage this site. They should manage our local deer herd so well. Quite an impressive operation!”


  2. that’s a pretty big can of worms…there Bman…


    3 world wars…a “Jewish” state where no Israelites actually live…


    the Federal Reserve and IRS still economically terrorize “Americans”…{what time is it really ?}


    the crackhouse called CONGRESS works for and serves the …..



    ****** economic terrorists ******


    who print the currency and own the MEDIA…..


    CUI BONO ?

    …further, who has the duty to KNOW THE TRUTH ?

    define Government….

    is the word defined for Americans as a JEWISH CRIME SYNDICATE with a GOLBAL AGENDA ?


  3. Holy cow, I’ve never seen a disclaimer like that. It almost seemed to say “all comments agreeing with me and/or telling me how awesomely wonderful I am will be posted. All others will be deleted because…well, because it’s my channel and I can do that if I want to…so there”. To me, anyone that afraid of contrary views loses credibility. The disinformation about Dallas started the day it happened. And the perpetrators have been hard at it for fifty years. Every few years another “insider” tells “all”. Let’s see, it’s been blamed on LBJ, Nixon, Hoover, the CIA, Russia, Castro, the Mafia, the Teamsters, the military, the Bush family…and ah yes…a fellow named Lee Harvey Oswald. And honestly, these are just the “true stories” that came to me as I write this. I have no doubt I’ve missed some. I think there is so much mud in the water we may never truely know the facts. And that is exactly what the perps want. In my opinion Kennedy made so many enemies so quickly, it could have been any one of them…with the others either being complicit or simply turning a blind eye to unfolding events. To say cui bono would implicate any and all of them. And to me, knowing all those who wanted him dead is enough. They are all guilty. Because there were too many who could have stopped it had they wanted to. Therefore they are guilty by their inaction. And our country has paid the price, in blood and treasure, for fifty years. There is no torment in Hell sufficient for their deed.


    • I left a comment (I seriously doubt it will get published) which was basically (I didn’t save it):

      I liked you much better on Family Feud. At least you didn’t blast people when they answered your questions. As a matter of fact, you were pretty cool on Hogan;s Heroes, too.

      (His name is Richard Dawson.)


  4. Dinkin’s theory pretty off the wall. I would think that the C.i.A. did it for the Russians.


    An Open Letter to Jessie “The Body”
    Ventura and Dick Russell

    Friday 24 May 2013

    Dear Govenor and Author:


    The bomber in Boston named Tamerlan
    was a Russian double agent. An agent
    is also known as an asset. An
    operative runs or handles an agent. An
    operative is an employee of the C.i.A.
    A Russian double agent is an agent who
    the C.i.A. believes is working for it,
    but, is really being run by the
    Russians. The double agent has either
    been working for the Russians from the
    beginning or has been turned into a
    Russian agent after having been
    recruited by the C.i.A.

    In the case of the Double Agent
    Tamerlan, the C.i.A. repeated its
    mistakes of the 1950s when running
    Oswald and the other exmil agents who
    pretended to defect to the Soviet
    Union. Mark Lane has given an
    excellent disclosure of the sources and
    methods in this matter. Because of the
    high positive correlation between the
    mistakes of Oswald’s handler in the
    C.i.A. and Tamerlan’s, I wonder whether
    Tamerlan’s handler in the C.I.A. is
    himself a Russian Double Agent. In any
    case, even an ordinary person such as
    me, can recognize the pattern or to be
    more accurate, signal, that Tamerlan’s
    behaviour in South Asia displayed to
    Russia’s Intelligence.

    Pattern 1. Oswald and Tamerlan were
    both C.i.A. agents.

    GOVERNMENT TELLS US, Jessie Ventura
    with Dick Russell, 2010, Skyhorse
    Publishing: New York (N.Y.), New York

    “[Texas(?) District Attorney Henry]
    Wade’s source said that Oswald had a
    CIA employment number as well.”

    Someone named Russell was Tamerlan’s
    handler and the name Russell has been
    tied to the C.i.A. since the time of
    Oswald (p.609, n. 9, McMillan).

    If the C.i.A. gives its agents (assets)
    employment numbers, then we should
    easily find Tamerlan’s handler and put
    her or him in jail.

    Pattern 2. The C.i.A. had ties from
    the 1960s with terrorist groups which
    were assassinating Soviet politicians
    and Socialist and Communist politicians
    in other countries, such as Cuba. The
    C.i.A. now has ties to terrorist groups
    in South Asia that target Russians in
    order to drive a wedge between it and
    its former republics. The C.i.A. has
    been tied to the terrorists who carried
    out an attack in Moscow a few years ago
    which resulted in the deaths of over
    100 people attending a Russian national
    performing arts troupe. Tamerlan and
    his brother attacked an American
    national activity – The Boston Marathon
    on Patriots’ Day. The Russians sent
    us a message about an out-of-control

    pp. 593, n. 4., 611 and 612, n. 2, and
    626 and 627, n. 23 MARINA AND LEE,
    Priscilla Johnson McMillan, 1977,
    Harper & Row, Publishers, Inc.: N.Y.,
    N.Y., U.S.A. (N.Y.).

    “On February 6, 1962, The New York
    Times ran a UPI story from Rome,
    citing the Italian Communist Party
    newspaper, L’Unita, which was highly
    reliable on Soviet affairs, as follows:
    “L’Unita reports today unconfirmed
    rumors circulating among Western
    correspondents in Moscow that there has
    been an attempt on Nikita S.
    Khrushchev’s life…the assassination
    was reported to have taken place at
    Minsk, on the Soviet-Polish frontier,
    two weeks ago.” I was in the Soviet
    Union the following summer and heard
    rumors about an attempt in Moscow,
    Stalingrad, Sochi, and Kislovdsk – one
    that Khrushchev was grazed on the arm
    and slightly wounded, and another that
    the bullet missed Khrushchev but hit
    the Minister of Finance, Zverev. In
    fact, Khrushchev left Minsk for Sochi,
    and did not reappear in public for
    three weeks, a very good sign that an
    attempt on his life had occured.”

    Minsk was Oswald’s stomping ground. A
    Double Agent from Minsk helping bust a
    cap in Jack Kennedy is a very good sign
    that pay-back occured. Even if the
    C.i.A. didn’t see it, I bet the Russian
    Finance Minister did the math and saw

    “In a speech on April 19, 1963,
    President Kennedy, in what was actually
    an effort to soften demands for a new
    invasion of Cuba, predicted that “in
    five years’ time” it was very likely
    Castro would no longer be the ruler of
    Cuba and, in the long run, the United
    States would be seen to have
    contributed to the result. In The
    Militant of April 29, 1963, a writer
    named William Bundy reported a
    statement by Robert Kennedy on April
    22: “We can’t just snap our fingers
    and make Castro go away. But, we can
    fight for this. We can dedicate all
    our energy and best possible brains to
    that effort.” Read from hindsight,
    with knowledge that the Kennedy
    administration was engaged in
    assassination plots against Castro,
    the two speeches, so closely timed
    together, suggest that not only
    Robert Kennedy and others high in the
    administration but also the President
    himself were aware of these plots. At
    the time, however, no one read these
    speeches in that light, the public
    question being whether there would be a
    a second U.S. invasion.”

    Here’s my take: President Obama is
    involved in assassinating foreigners
    with drones. President Obama has said
    that the President of Syria, Bashar
    Asad, must go. The C.i.A. discredited
    the Secret Service’s ability to protect
    President Obama about a year ago by
    using a classic “honey pot” in Latin
    America. The military industrial
    (and intelligence) complex doesn’t like
    President Obama for trying to keep the
    U.S. out of another war. The crazies
    in the C.i.A. are replaying the same
    failed conspiracies from the ’50s and
    60s. They’ll run a false flag attack
    in order to help Obama see the light,
    so to speak and then change his
    mind about direct U.S. involvement in
    Syria. Someone in the C.i.A. is using
    the same script from Cuba to influence
    President Obama on Syria Instead of
    keeping everything on the table
    concerning Syria, President Obama
    should put the the C.i.A. back in
    its box and then tuck it away high
    up on a shelf out of reach. Putting
    Tamerlan’s C.i.A. handler in jail would
    be a very good start.

    pp. 77-79, Ventura, 2010.

    “MY TAKE: Nixon was involved in a
    power struggle with the CIA, trying to
    pry loose what their [C.i.A.] files
    contained on the Kennedy assassination.
    He was taken down by “double agents”
    who were actually working for the CIA,
    who intentionally got themselves
    caught. Many of the Watergate cast
    track back to who killed JFK.”

    “What if it [Richard M. Nixon’s
    obsession with or haunting by his and
    Clann Kennedy’s closely connected
    political careers] all tracked back to
    the assassination of John F. Kennedy
    almost a decade earlier? What if the
    Watergate backstory is really about
    what Nixon knew or wanted to know,
    about who killed JFK.”

    “Maybe Nixon was determined to find out
    what the CIA possessed about the
    assassination, out of curiosity and for
    his own purposes.”

    “Let’s start with a story that H.R.
    Haldeman, Nixon’s chief of staff,
    related in his memoirs. Soon after
    taking office in 1969, the president
    called him into the Oval Office and
    officially asked Haldeman to get hold
    of any and all documents from the CIA
    that pertained to the Bay of Pigs.
    This was the first of many occasions
    that Nixon referred to that historical
    event, when the CIA sent an invasion
    force of Cuban exiles to try to
    overthrow [Fidel] Castro in April
    1961…Haldeman makes the assertion in
    his book that “in all of those Nixon
    references to the Bay of Pigs, he was
    actually referring to the Kennedy

    Nixon was scared that the C.i.A. might
    find a reason to assassinate him.
    Ventura is right, the C.i.A. never
    forgets. It also knew that Nixon was a
    violent pacifist (notice the word fist
    in paci-fist) who beat his wife, Pat
    and drank too much. Neither did it
    forget what he said in 1963.

    p. 368, McMillan, 1977.

    “It was the Dallas Morning News, which
    had a banner headline that day: “Nixon
    Calls for Decision to Force Reds Out
    of Cuba.” The lead story, accompanied
    by a front-page photograph of the
    former Vice President, reported a
    speech which Richard Nixon had
    delivered the day before in Washington,
    accusing President Kennedy of being too
    soft on Castro and demanding a “command
    decision” to force the Russians out of
    Cuba. The speech could have been
    interpreted as a call for a new

    If “Tricky Dick” had seen the C.i.A.
    file, then he would have found out that
    the Russians had manipulated the C.i.A.
    into shutting down its programme of
    assassinating Russian politicians and
    other anti-American politicians, by
    assassinating its own President –
    J.F.K.. Nixon would then have cleaned
    house at the C.i.A. and started
    assassinating Russians, again; some of
    whom, apparently, were very good
    friends of the C.i.A. This would have
    resulted in the C.i.A. busting a cap in
    Dick’s head; because the C.i.A. was and
    still is incapable of anything else.
    Obviously, the C.i.A. didn’t want to
    be forced to do the Russians’ dirty
    work once again.

    Pattern 3. The Russians are in denial
    about Tamerlan being their Double
    Agent and are using much the same
    methods as they used with Oswald and
    his Russian bride, Marina Alexandrovna
    Medvedeva. Or was it Marisha
    Nikolayevna Prusakova? How about
    Marinochka Ilya Yakovlevna? There’s
    also confusion about Tamerlan’s
    relations in Russia and South Asia.
    His Russian uncle changed his last
    name and Tamerlan’s relatives are as
    murky as Marina Lee Oswald’s.
    Then there’s the Americans named
    Russell – sounds sort like Russia.
    Could the C.I.A. be so obvious and
    stupid using Russia – Russell?
    But, unlike the C.i.A., Russian
    Intelligence has done something new.
    It notified the F.B.I. that it had
    suspicions about Tamerlan.
    This is a much more effective method
    than the cover-up using the Yury
    Nosenko defection-countre
    defection game of the early ’60s. But,
    Nosenko was a necessary part of the
    Russian message going back to the
    exmil defections-countre defections of
    the ’50s which involved Oswald.
    Nosenko had an answer for everthing.
    He had to in order to assist Russia’s
    friends in the C.i.A. Just as in
    Oswald’s case, the F.B.I. is being
    blamed for not acting on
    information about Tamerlan’s

    pp. 17, 18, 19, 29, 44, 48, 64, 65, 87,
    137-141, 146, 159, 180, 587, n. 17,
    589, n. 3., 590, n. 2, 593, n. 8, 594
    and 595, n. 11, 619, n. 9, 623, n. 12,
    624 and 625, n. 21, McMillan, 1977.


    The “dangle:” Marina’s uncle.

    pp. 33 and 35, Ventura, 2010.


    pp. 63, 64, and 71, Ventura, 2010.

    “Early in 1968, [James E.] Ray “began
    writing certain phrases over and over
    on paper. These are included in the
    F.B.I. file on the assassination.
    [Robert Kennedy’s assassin] Sirhan did
    the same thing.”

    Oswald too, was a prolific writer. He
    also had a post-hypnotic suggestion.
    “In August 1964, Marina came across
    several of her husband’s possessions
    which the Secret Service had
    accidentally failed to confiscate.
    Among them was an English-Russian,
    Russian-English dictionary inscribed in
    Lee’s hand, “Lee Harvey Oswald, Hotel
    Metropole, Moscow, November 22, 1959
    (p. 620, n. 4, McMillan, 1977).”

    Oswald was programmed to add the 5 to
    the 9 and then subtract the resulting 1
    from the 4. This changed the date from
    22 November 1959 to 22 November 1963
    for when Oswald was programmed to
    take executive action. It couldn’t have
    been 1973 or 1983. Oswald knew this
    and that’s why the Russians used this
    method. Marina was either a willing or
    unwilling Russian agent. Part of her
    job was to make Lee insanely jealous by
    bringing up her former boy-friends.
    She stressed that one of them looked
    like Jack Kennedy. When Oswald busted
    a cap in Jack, he thought he was
    shooting the subject of his jealousy.
    That explains how he could admire
    Kennedy and at the same shoot him.

    Who do you believe, me, a graduate
    with honours from MK-Ultra or Nosenko?


    Eochaidh MacDhalaigh OghaChruithne

    or is it

    Ha’ashkee Dahszii Ya’ai Jii

    P.S.: I’m not a S.E.A.L. or Special
    Forces. Neither am I an Air-borne,
    Ranger, Green Beret. I never
    served in combat or over-seas. I’m a
    leg; a grunt.


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