You Will Respect My Authoritah!

Or I will Beat you down and stick Coke up your ass.

All you cop lovers should understand that this happens ALL THE TIME in America. Its just that most times it doesn’t get filmed. You want to know why they are fighting to keep you from filming their encounters… insisting that you are infringing on their personal rights (even though the law makes it legal for them to film YOU)?

You will find no better answer to that question than in the following video (found at Cop Block):

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10 thoughts on “You Will Respect My Authoritah!

  1. Theres ways of…ah …taking care of cops like this. they are dirty and deserve to be dirt. Exposing them , like this is a good way to start. Cameras..hidden at your home, set them up for their own fall. Their egos are their worst enemy.


  2. well obviously words have drifted rather far from their original meanings . . .

    but you know POLICY ENFORCERS are not peace officers…soooo…

    F-5 this….

    there was a time during the late 90’s I used to help JG move some documentary video’s there in OK at the gunshows… – -…. one Saturday morning in OKC this rather shy
    introverted gal is perusing the video’s and we strike up a conversation…she relates how one morning at her
    bird watching club a SWAT team bursts in and proceeds to terrorize them for hours…BIRD WATCHERS….

    Define Authority :

    spoke with a rescue individual who on 19APR95 was operating some heavy equipment to facilitate removal of survivors and related how he was ordered to stop so the ATF could remove their unexploded munition{s}

    Define Respect….how does one “respect” a stool sculpture….?

    does one “Daven” the stool sculpture deity cult leader or just the deity itself…?

    my homeland is over run with malicious idiots..”Jew” worshippers…sodomites & WHITE NIGGERS

    looks like a healthy spring cleaning might work wonders…on this HIJACKED spinning ….orb

    one more time for the children in the hospital….

    hasta la vista


  3. We live in the Corporate Fascist 4th Reich of the Rich in the Nazi Militarized Control Grid. It is good sissy Amerikans get a taste of rape, torture, murder, theft, misery, and suffering, cause that is what the Death Star Evil Amerikan Nazi Empire of Death has been dealing to the rest of the world for decades! And DO NOT post comments on Before Its News, cause they will CENSOR any comments about the Nazi 4th Reich of Amerika, which means they really lick the jack boots of the nazi puke scum>>BOHICA!!


    • The disconnect in your post is telling.

      Only someone who doesn’t know what they are talking about could equate the Marxist USA policies with those of the NSDAP or Germany of the WWII era.


    • By “Nazi”, do you mean National Zionists? Or are you really just parroting what your Jew Masters have sodomized into your pea brain for decades?


  4. For what it’s worth, I really like Tinmas’ idea. Yes filming them is nice. But I like the idea of setting them up. I mean, they like to set us up right? So turn about is fair play. How about taping them from several distances. Show the jury how they treat a helpless man and then let’s watch them scurry around trying to erase evidence of their misdeeds. So I think go videoing in groups. How about oh, I dunno…get your kids to sell lemonade or cookies and see if you catch an idiot abusing his authority on video. Heck you not only catch him acting the fool, you also educate the whole neighborhood. Use your imagination…feed the homeless and video any reaction. How about skateboarding? Maybe a convoy of videographers should patrol for traffic stops. Be creative. Cops love to say “The video doesn’t lie”. I agree…let’s make them famous.


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