Finally: Sane Regulations For Marijuana (Until The Feds Step In)

At some point in the near future, this weed will be legal throughout the USA.

Just wait until Holder gets ahold of this news and sends the federal militia out to the mountains to put a stop to this people’s action.

h/t MPP

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5 thoughts on “Finally: Sane Regulations For Marijuana (Until The Feds Step In)

  1. I’ve always wondered…since neither alcohol or marijuana are mentioned in the Constitution, why was an Amendment needed to outlaw alcohol but outlawing marijuana only required legislation. Shouldn’t it have called for an Amendment too? Does anyone know why? It seems an obvious contradiction…but then, contradictory government actions are S.O.P. aren’t they.


  2. Both Washington and Jefferson were marijuana farmers, one even developed a system to ‘sense’ the plants to get that good THC.

    The government wants you to only use drugs like alcohol and nicotine, both harmful and both addictive, as opposed to marijuana, which is beneficial and not addictive.

    The ‘War on Drugs’ is actually a war on civil liberties. Look at how the police have changed over the last 30 years, fighting the War on Drugs. They look more like an Army special forces unit out to smash something rather than the local police who should be there to help.


    • I recall reading a quote from Abraham Lincoln that said he enjoyed sitting on the porch with a pipe of sweet hemp. So you can include him as well. But I still don’t understand why alcohol required a Constitutional Amendment but marijuana didn’t. It strikes me as federal overreach. Common sense (and I use that phrase with reservations when applied to the feds) But common sense and my understanding of the Constitution implies that marijuana would clearly be a State issue not Federal. There is no Interstate Commerce application…it’s a grow your own issue.


      • That’s because when they banned alcohol, DC still had some respect for the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

        Not anymore, it’s just a ‘goddman piece of paper,’ as that drunken coke-head GW Bush said.


  3. LANGUAGE….….[how does one go forward in the nadir of the pit?]

    Washington & Jefferson had never heard of the word…MARIJUANA…

    DID NOT have a POLAROID of dallas cowboys snorting coke with WHITE WHORES at the ALAMO…

    curiously, Colorado seems to be a NWO redoubt…,_New_Mexico


    DOT DOT DASH….….- .. – ..^^

    when Alcohol was made “illegal” by legislation began the ADL/FBI “Racket” for profit for the “Jewish” crime syndicate doing business as the so-called US GOV…the real problem is THE BRAINDEADGOY who cannot keep their EYE

    on the ball on account of the “JEW” worshipping allegorical imperative that comes with a debased LANGUAGE where exact opposites can be the same thing in the mind of a braindeadgoy…

    “These are my opinions of General Washington, which I would vouch at the judgment seat of God, having been formed on an acquaintance of thirty years…

    I felt on his death, with my countrymen, that ….verily a great man hath fallen this day in Israel.”

    -Thomas Jefferson, January 2, 1814

    this LEO…guy had a trombone when he was a wee laddie……..dash riprock

    notwithstanding the –,_Meshach_and_Abednego – ….option


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