The Israeli Connection To 911

The following 14-minute video is an excellent summary of the evidence of Israeli involvement in 9-11. It touches on many of the key points that I explain in greater detail in the Solving 9-11 set of books. Although I am not mentioned in the video, I am the person who uncovered several of the links that it presents.

h/t lifeforce and Therebel, (originally featured at

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5 thoughts on “The Israeli Connection To 911

  1. The NeoCONS and their Jewish Masters are getting nervous. Syria should of already been ‘liberated’ and Tehran should of been turned to rubble by now.

    The unknown hole card is Russia entering this game. If Israel is stupid enough to attack those Russian ships allegedly carrying those self-defense missiles to Syria, July 4th will come early.


  2. People can deny any conspiracy in 911 if they want. What people cant deny is government lies, day in , day out ,year after year. That one fact that should cause people to question 911(an any other event/scandel)…..yet it doesnt.

    The sheep are well indoctriated to not question their loving government.

    So, were did those trillions that Rumsfeld spoke of go to? Where was the investigation of this after 911 happened.

    Like everything else, as todays scandels will, it gets sweep under the rug….and dont you sheep dare bring it up again.

    Sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep……….


  3. I received this from the “phantom” via email in response to this video:

    I thought you were smarter than to pass this SHIT along B Man…who WAS behind 9/11 are 100’s of KNIGHTS of MALTA and the CIA which IS a Knights of Malta run operation from the very BEGINNING….Mossad had a role too but NOT like this asshole Bollyn thinks….this is DISINFORMATION….

    Who’da thunk it (as DC Dave wrote in response to another of the phantom’s Knights of Malta claims at world dominance.

    You see, the Jews are innocent and the Catholics are the guilty parties in all areas like this in America and the world.


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