Lyndon Johnson and the JFK Assassination by Robert Morrow

Lyndon Johnson and the JFK Assassination


On the night of New Year’s Eve Dec. 31st, 1963, at the Driskell Hotel, Lyndon Johnson and Madeleine Brown, one of his longtime mistresses, had an interesting conversation. Madeleine asked LBJ if he had anything to do with the JFK assassination. Johnson got angry; he began pacing around and waving his arms. Then LBJ told her: it was Dallas, TX, oil executives and “renegade” intelligence agents who were behind the JFK assassination. LBJ later also told his chief of staff Marvin Watson that the CIA was involved in the murder of John Kennedy.

Lyndon Johnson would often stay at the Driskill (room #254 today) and LBJ is confirmed by his presidential schedule as being present at the Driskill Hotel the night of 12/31/63

History is proving that Lyndon Johnson played a key role in the JFK assassination. An important book is LBJ: The Mastermind of the JFK Assassination (2011) by Phillip Nelson.  Roger Stone, an aide to Richard Nixon, is writing a book pinning the JFK assassination on LBJ. Stone quotes Nixon as saying:

“Both Johnson and I wanted to be president, but the only difference was I wouldn’t kill for it.”

220px-JohnFKBy 1973 Barry Goldwater privately telling people that he was convinced that LBJ was behind the JFK assassination.

Lyndon Johnson and the Kennedys hated each other. So why was LBJ even put on the 1960 Demo ticket in first place? The old wive’s tale is that it was to balance the ticket and win the electoral votes of Texas. The reality is that JFK was set to pick Sen. Stuart Symington of Missouri and had already had a deal with Symington to be VP that was “signed, sealed & delivered” according to Symington’s campaign manager Clark Clifford. Then something strange happened on the night of July 13, 1960, in Los Angeles. According to Evelyn Lincoln, JFK’s longtime secretary, LBJ and Sam Rayburn were using some of Hoover’s blackmail information on John Kennedy to force JFK to put Johnson on the ticket in a hostile takeover of the vice presidency.

JFK told his friend Hy Raskin:

“They threatened me with problems and I don’t need more problems. I’m going to have enough problems with Nixon.”

LBJ & Hoover were very close and literally neighbors for 19 years in Washington, DC, from 1943-1961. Both men were also plugged in socially and professionally to Texas oil executives such as Clint Murchison, Sr, H.L. Hunt and D.H. Byrd.

From that point on, for the next 3 and 1/3 years the Kennedy brothers and LBJ were engaged in a sub rosa war, even though they were ostensibly a political team. On the day of the ’61 inauguration, LBJ protege Bobby Baker told Don Reynolds that JFK would never live out his term and that he would die a violent death.

For his part, Robert Kennedy spent the remainder of JFK’s term trying to figure out a way to get rid of the power-grasping LBJ. The first opportunity to do this was the Billie Sol Estes scandal of 1961. Estes was a cut out for LBJ doing business and had received $500,000 from LBJ (which tells us how important Estes was). LBJ and his aide Cliff Carter manipulated the federal bureaucracy for Estes to ensure that he got exclusive grain storage contracts and numerous other special and highly lucrative favors. Estes says that he funneled Johnson over $10 million in kickbacks.

Henry Marshall was a US agricultural official who was investigating the corruption of Estes, particularly his abuse of a cotton allotment program. In January, 1961, LBJ, Cliff Carter, Estes and LBJ’s personal hit man Malcolm Wallace had a meeting about what to do about Henry Marshall. LBJ said:

“It looks like we will just have to get rid of him.”

Side note: the first person I know who accused Lyndon Johnson of committing a murder was Gov. Allan Shivers who in 1956 personally accused LBJ of having Sam Smithwick murdered in prison in 1952. Smithwick was threatening to go public with information about the Box 13 ballot stuffing scandal of 1948 which gave LBJ the margin of victory over Coke Stevenson in the Democratic primary.

Henry Marshall was murdered on June 3, 1961. He was shot to death 5 times with a bolt action gun and his death was astoundingly ruled a suicide at the time. The Marshall murder & cover up shows the depth, breadth and absolute ruthlessness of the LBJ organization. Billie Sol Estes died recently on May 14, 2013.

Historian Douglas Brinkley has said that by 1963 JFK and his vice president LBJ had no relationship at all. That is not correct; in fact a sub rosa war was being waged between the Kennedys and LBJ. It was an adversarial, death struggle relationship.

In the fall of 1963, the Bobby Baker scandal exploded into the national media. Bobby Baker, who as the secretary of the Senate was a virtual son to Lyndon Johnson, was being investigated for a vending machine kick back scam and numerous shady deals. Baker was known for providing booze & women to the senators. LBJ denied any relationship with Baker (who had named two of his kids after LBJ) while at the same time sending his personal lawyer Abe Fortas to run (control) Baker’s defense. Evelyn Lincoln told author Anthony Summers that the Kennedys were going to use the Bobby Baker scandal as the ammunition to get rid of LBJ.


Robert Kennedy had a two-track program to get rid of LBJ. Phil Brennan was in DC at the time: “Bobby Kennedy called five of Washington’s top reporters into his office and told them it was now open season on Lyndon Johnson. It’s OK, he told them, to go after the story they were ignoring out of deference to the administration.” James Wagenvoord, who in 1963 was a 27-year old assistant to LIFE Magazine’s managing editor, says that based on information fed from Robert Kennedy and the Justice Dept., LIFE Magazine had been developing a major newsbreak piece concerning Johnson and Bobby Baker. This expose was set to run within a week of the JFK assassination. LBJ aide George Reedy said that LBJ knew about the RFK-inspired media campaign against him and was obsessed with it.

RFK’s other “get rid of LBJ” program was an investigation by the Senate Rules Committee into LBJ’s kickbacks and other corruptions. Burkett Van Kirk was a counsel for that committee and he told Seymour Hersh that RFK had sent a lawyer to the committee to feed them damaging information about LBJ and his corrupt business dealings. The lawyer, Van Kirk said, “used to come up to the Senate and hang around me like a dark cloud. It took him about a week or ten days to, one, find out what I didn’t know, and two, give it to me.” The goal of the Kennedys was “To get rid of Johnson. To dump him. I am as sure of that the sun comes up in the east,” said Van Kirk to Hersh.

Literally at the very moment JFK was being assassinated in Dallas on 11-22-63, Don Reynolds was testifying in a closed session of the Senate Rules Committee about a suitcase of $100,000 given to LBJ for his role in securing a TFX fighter jet contract for Fort Worth’s General Dynamics.


Three days before the JFK assassination, JFK told Evelyn Lincoln that he was going to get a new running mate for 1964.

“I was fascinated by this conversation and wrote it down verbatim in my diary. Now I asked, “Who is your choice as a running-mate.’ He looked straight ahead, and without hesitating he replied, ‘at this time I am thinking about Gov. Terry Sanford of North Carolina. But it will not be Lyndon.'”

At this point I should add that I think the CIA/military intelligence murdered John Kennedy for Cold War reasons, particularly over Cuba policy. The fact that the Kennedys were within days of politically executing & personally destroying Lyndon Johnson could very well have been the tripwire for the JFK assassination.

The Russians immediately suspected that Texas oilmen were involved in the JFK assassination. They and Fidel Castro both feared they were going to be framed for it by US intelligence. By 1965 the KGB had internally determined that Lyndon Johnson was behind the JFK assassination.

Hoover wrote to LBJ about this in a memo that was not declassified by the US government until 1996:

“On September 16, 1965, this same source [an FBI spy in the KGB] reported that the KGB Residency in New York City received instructions approximately September 16, 1965, from KGB headquarters in Moscow to develop all possible information concerning President Lyndon B. Johnson’s character, background, personal friends, family, and from which quarters he derives his support in his position as President of the United States. Our source added that in the instructions from Moscow, it was indicated that “now” the KGB was in possession of data purporting to indicate President Johnson was responsible for the assassination of the late President John F. Kennedy. KGB headquarters indicated that in view of this information, it was necessary for the Soviet Government to know the existing personal relationship between President Johnson and the Kennedy family, particularly between President Johnson and Robert and “Ted” Kennedy.”

Robert Morrow, a political researcher and political activist, has an expertise in the JFK assassination. He can be reached at or 512-306-1510.


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From Robert Kennedy and His Times by Arthur Schlesinger (1978):

“In 1967 Marvin Watson of Lyndon Johnson’s White House staff told Cartha DeLoach of the FBI that Johnson “was now convinced there was a plot in connection with the assassination. Watson stated the President felt that CIA had had something to do with this plot.” (Washington Post, December 13, 1977)

James Wagenvoord email to John Simkin, dated 11-3-2009:

Posted 04 November 2009 – 07:52 AM

I thought researchers would be interested in reading this email I received last night:

I’ve been reading through you web site and believe that I can add one of the final jigsaw puzzle pieces that affect the timing of JFK’s Dallas trip and the nervousness of LBJ during the weeks preceding the killing At the time I was the 27 year old Editorial business manager and assistant to Life Magazines Executive Editor. Beginning in later summer 1963 the magazine, based upon information fed from Bobby Kennedy and the Justice Department, had been developoing a major newsbreak piece concerning Johnson and Bobby Baker. On publication Johnson would have been finished and off the ’64 ticket (reason the material was fed to us) and would probably have been facing prison time. At the time LIFE magazine was arguably the most important general news source in the US. The top management of Time Inc. was closely allied with the USA’s various intelligance agencies and we were used ofter by the Kennedy Justice Department as a conduit to the public. Life’s coverage of the Hoffa prosecution, and involvement in paying off Justice Department Memphis witesses was a case in point.

The LBJ/Baker piece was in the final editing stages and was scheduled to break in the issue of the magazine due out the week of November 24 (the magazine would have made it to the newsstands on Nov.26th or 27th). It had been prepared in relative secrecy by a small special editorial team. On Kennedy’s death research files and all numbered copies of the nearly print-ready draft were gathered up by my boss (he had been thetop editor on the team) and shredded. The issue that was to expose LBJ instead featured the Zapruder film. Based upon our success in syndicating the Zapruder film I became Chief of Time/LIFE editorial services and remained in that job until 1968.

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16 thoughts on “Lyndon Johnson and the JFK Assassination by Robert Morrow

  1. LBJ has to be one of the sleaziest, no-good SOB’s to inhabit the WH. From his involvmement in the murder of JFK, to his chicken shit response to Israel attacking the Liberty, LBJ was a true bastard and a real traitor.


  2. Important and tough men have to sometimes make important and tough decisions. If LBJ had anything to do with JFK’s assassination, then that’s what had to be done. The Kennedy’s are vermin. JFK is THE MOST overrated POTUS in history. If he hadn’t been killed, I believe his presidency would have bore this out with shockingly vivid clarity. Good riddance to bad rubbish. The Kennedy’s are STILL an oozing festering blemish on the face of American politics. Caroline Kennedy continues the tradition of nepititism in Washington becoming a US ambassador.


  3. I was in the 4th grade when JFK was murdered. By the time I was in the 7th grade I started to realize something was not quite right with the whole scenario that was being presented. After college I lived in Tx for 5 years and made my pilgrimage to Dealy plaza as I had promised myself I would do sometime during my life. About that time a number of books were being published regarding the murder and I would buy each one and read it cover to cover, and say to myself AHA now I know. But sadly now after close to 50 years the only thing I really know that is true is that Oswald never fired a shot that day. Somebody (group) has the power to kill a sitting US president and totally get away with it. The media along with the congress, senate and the FBI were complicit in the cover up. And today I can always ask some one that tells me some news “Do you mean the same media that for 50 years has told us that Lee Oswald killed Kennedy all by himself and Jack Ruby (Rubenstein) did the same thing ?”.

    Liked by 1 person

    • viewing all this as a non-American who was as shocked as anyone in November 1963 it seems there is a grain of truth at least in most conspiracy theories, JFK may not have been the great hero we all initially believed he was capable of but he should at least have been extended the decency of an open, honest inquiry into his appalling murder. The Warren Commission should have been performed by the Keystone Cops, Lee Harvey Oswald was innocent and Jack Ruby was sent by the mob to silence him, Ruby was dying of cancer and mob looked after his family financially for the ”favour”. Since McCarthy Americans have always looked at the wrong perceived enemy, left-wing Governments or Commies, rather than look closer to home for the real threats, i.e. far-right fascists who apart from killing JFK are still at work today supporting George W. Bush in his illegal wars in return for massive contracts (financial not assassinations). Gun lobby that still spouts the rights to bear arms whilst thousands of American citizens are shot every year. The corrupt regime of Fulgencio Batista in Cuba was the pre-cursor for JFK assassination, too many bent Americans happy to profit out of the misery of poverty that Cuban people were living under, those same corrupt mobsters, businessmen loosely called, blamed JFK for their casinos etc. being taken over by Fidel Castro and the subsequent Bay of Pigs disaster also blamed on JFK but a symptom of American corruption as seen in South Vietnam, several Central and South American republics, all contributed to malaise around the White House. Money is what governs U.S.A. more than any other so-called democracy, Trump would never have been elected if he did not have billions of dollars to throw into his campaign so it is all self-perpetuating.
      Will the WHOLE truth ever come out? Not now half the evidence was destroyed in the days after the assassination, witnesses killed-off or died of old age, tampered film footage etc. I don’t expect for one moment the promised release of new files this week will tell us anything we do not already know.
      So whilst the elitists continue to get rich whilst the World is being destroyed we can all live our last days save in the knowledge that the rich will be going to nirvana of another Planet to live on


  4. I dunno fellas…but it seems to me Mike did his job pretty well. With one ridiculous comment he got us all to waste our time responding to him rather than thinking or talking about the post. Greg made one comment about LBJ, Mike did his handiwork and we all fall for it and reply to a troll. I feel really silly for falling for it. To simply ignore him and move on would have been the wiser course. Sheeesh…will I ever learn?


  5. a man has got to know his limitations…

    it had crossed my mind to work in a positive note about Billie Sol…he didn’t impress me as being either deceitful
    or dishonest, and the days in which he lived are like a galaxy far far is my hope that something good can eventually be realized from the good efforts to which he contributed that probably have never been reported on,
    much…the only good thing that comes to mind about the TRAITOR zionist douchebag Johnson was his remark ..

    “Someone has poisoned the well”….inside the Denton Region VI FEMA facility above ground in the glass display case is a photo with Johnson breaking ground in early 1964…WINK…

    Wayne Martin warned Larry Lynch…”When you reject truth you place yourself in JUDGEMENT”…!


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  8. You people seriously need to get lives. The human race is a cosmic jokes. And here you are debating whether or not LBJ was involved in Kennedy’s head exploding. Who cares? Do you believe that your ridiculous speculations and debates are going to somehow magically change the past? That all of your musings to massage your pathetic egos are going to miraculously change American history? You should be focused on where American Politics are headed, not where it’s been and don’t give me that “not learning from the past condemns us to a similar future fate” B.S. Oswald shot him – PERIOD Now go out outside in the sunshine, get yourselves some cooch and some hooch and live it up!


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