Teller Of Untruths, Your Trousers Have Combusted

And I hope that his ass hurts.

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13 thoughts on “Teller Of Untruths, Your Trousers Have Combusted

  1. ok I waited, and waited..did a few chores…oh, I could wait longer…and put off a hasty response..

    BUT…like summer camp time is here and I’m hoping that some VBS in the Zionist TERRORISED JEWSA
    will like know finally come to their senses and have some real training on how to solve this …,7340,L-4391533,00.html

    truly a sad excuse for . . .

    well anything worth mentioning…here’s a story of some real young HEROES….who someday will be remembered as the most courageous youngsters who face REALITY HEAD ON…

    and with determination to rid their homeland of an infeastation of parasitical rats called the ….IDF incredibly disgusting freaks

    Aside from technical skills, camp organizers also promise TRUTH TELLING lessons.

    Several photographs released on Wednesday show a young khaki-clad vacationer, his face colored in camouflage, dragged by two gun-toting tykes from an “outpost” adorned with an Israeli TERRORIST rag,

    in what appeared to be a brave attempt to train for the end the Zionist TERRORIST {infestation} OCCUPATION of beastly KHAZARS in Palestine . . .

    seriously, isn’t the word “Jew” a synonym to the word turd ?

    think about it…why do people avoid talking or even thinking about what makes a “Jewish”..?

    like you would want a turd on your plate, in a bowl of cereal.. with ice cream, or in your bed..I mean really

    more than 90% of so-called “Jews” could stop being TURDS today…

    making it back to Khazaria is a whole other story


  2. This RFID-chipped, master-controlled android excuse for a human being needs to exist the stage asap never to be seen or heard of again.


  3. This RFID-chipped, master-controlled android excuse for a human being needs to exist the stage asap never to be seen or heard of again.

    To be replaced with bitch HRM Hillary or that lying liar, Wailing Wall Paul?


    • No, he should be joined by the whole cast. And not only in America.

      They all have the same life style. Most of them thrive on some kind of exploitation and manipulation.
      Do you think Pelosi qualifies as a human being? In my eyes she is another one of the bots without emotion. She just popped into my mind as standing out. But so do many others.

      I want all of them act like the lemmings:

      And sorry for the typo, I meant exit.


      • I wish I could photoshop all our favorite congresscritters’ faces onto their little bodies.

        But if it actually happened, would we have a lemming-shaped hole in our discourse without those lemmings?


        • I think that would be called animal cruelty. As for the hole they’d leave behind, may be the discussions could turn to more productive and enjoyable things.

          And I am sorry your friend had to go so early.


  4. “Were going to have to make some choices as a society.”

    Well Ive made mine…..its called a very small government that WILL work for WE THE PEOPLE or else. Look out all you career politicains, Im gunning to remove your job.


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