Dr Doug Died Today


Those of you who have followed this blog have read about Dr Doug by me (and he contributed quite a few posts, himself). I have shared his videos and told you that he is the best guitarist I ever knew personally (and better than most I knew from TV and concerts).

He was one of the most brilliant rednecks I ever knew. He caught on quick when it came to my rantings and because he trusted me, he knew he could follow up with something I shared and expound on it far more than I ever could. He told me several times that I helped wake him up. But he honed my abilities more than I ever explained to him.


I remember when he was a teen and picked up the guitar. He always wanted to be like his idol at the time, Hobbo, who was a fantastic guitarist until he let alcohol ruin him. Dr Doug became far better than Hobbo ever dreamed of.

I lost contact with Doug for nearly 20 years. But we made contact after he moved back to our hometown and married Beckie, the love of his life. He became my best friend.

Picture 007

He was that one person (not family) that I could share anything with. He was my confidant. He was the person I ran my crazy thoughts and rantings by first. He was the one that I called when I needed someone to talk to.

But the truth is that he had many “best friends” who loved him and looked up to him.

He was the one person, that had you called me to tell me he had died in his sleep, I wouldn’t believe it. There are only a few of the old hands left and any of them would not surprise me. But Doug, I thought, would live far longer than I.

turkey 008

I will write more about him later, but I want the world to know what a fine person they lost today.

He told me during one conversation a month or so ago, as his father was dying, that he wanted to just go in his sleep… no car wreck, no pain/suffering, no vegetable hooked up to lines and machines that just kept him breathing with no quality of life.

He did precisely that.

At 47.


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17 thoughts on “Dr Doug Died Today

  1. I’m sorry B’man. My thoughts and prayers are with you, his family and all those who knew him and loved him. When a loved one passes, we are the ones who suffer. We must carry on without them, their advice, humor, wisdom and support. All we can do is keep them in our heart and our thoughts until we meet them again.


  2. So very sorry for this huge loss, B’man. You were blessed to have such a friendship. I can feel your love and respect for him coming through your words, and I know that wherever he is right now, he can feel it too. If it helps, remember that you are only separated by, literally, a microsecond in time, not even one full heartbeat. We go on, B’Man. I’m sure of it.


  3. Wow B,man. So sorry that you lost a friend like that. Wasn’t much older than I 😦

    the world is less of a good place without folks like him. My Condolences.


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  5. At a time when I am feeling really separated from just about everything and everyone, it is heartening to hear of your obvious love for this good man. A friend so dear is a real blessing. May you have a peace soon. He was a really good guitarist! Thanks. Tom


  6. Doug is one that will be remembered for a long time. Most people are soon forgotten after they pass. Not Doug! Doug is playing a solid gold Gibson now. I didn’t know him for very long, but I will miss him.


    • He was a very good person.

      he once asked me about my thoughts on God and “where” we go when we die.

      I told him that I look at God like he is the everlasting pitcher of water that pours a little bit of Himself in each of us (vessels). When we die, we simply are poured back into the pitcher.

      He said he liked that explanation.


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