Mom and Dad: Let’s Talk

My conversation with my Dad and his best friend, the Chief of Police in my hometown, didn’t go quite as well as the following videos. But it still needs to be discussed. From this early post by me a few years ago:

Many years ago, when I was 17, my dad was best friends with my hometown police chief. I was wild as a buck and was known to partake in the evil weed and could be known to be crazy as hell.

Back then, I would drink, but simply for social reasons… I never really have liked getting ‘drunk’ (even though I did it quite often). I feel horrible the next day and I don’t really like the feeling I got especially after the initial ‘buzz’. I also seemed to get into trouble when drinking and was known to take my redheaded temper to extremes.

But weed never did me that way. Hell, it wouldn’t cause anger, it calmed me down.

Anyway, I came home one day close to graduation and I noticed that Jack’s Chief car was in the driveway. This wasn’t uncommon, so I didn’t think too much about it… UNTIL I went in and realized that they were waiting on me.

Both men are dead, so I can say this now, but as they railed on me about the evils of weed, they were smoking cigars and drinking a Scotch and water (we lived in a dry county, which means this drink was also illegal).

All I could say was that if I had a choice between the two evils (the one they enjoyed or the one I enjoyed) I would choose the one that didn’t cause me to be a maniac and sick as a dog. I also told them that the day they could put down the cigars and alcohol would be the day I put down the weed.

Both of these men smoked and drank until the day they died…


It is a sad commentary when we discuss the lies that were used on us as we grew up. Anything from weed will make your hair fall out, to it is the “gateway drug” to “it causes cancer” have all proved to be outright lies.

The thing is that I knew it was all lies even back then, but there was no way to prove it. It was obvious that alcohol and prescription drugs were far more damaging to people even in the 70’s. Now we know that it is a medicine… that it heals (and was used so for thousands of years, with even the drug companies making huge sums of money from it back before and just after the turn of last century).

Its time to discuss this and the young folks have it much easier than I did. The lies are so obvious now, when back then it was simply anecdotal.


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2 thoughts on “Mom and Dad: Let’s Talk

  1. I’ve witnessed many a fight between two drunks, and what started the fight? No one knows, just fighting to be fighting, thanks to the booze.

    But I’ve never seen two people stoned on weed get into a bare knuckles brawl.


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