Jews Behind Collapse of US and World Financial System


Jews Behind Collapse of US and World Financial System

It truly is beyond debate any more how this extremely small tribe has been able to obtain control of virtually every important sector of the American/World economy, political viewpoint, media manipulation and of course, finance. When you see our young men and women get killed in foreign skirmishes and military occupational invasions, it is because Jews wanted it and had enough clout to make it happen.

None of this can be debated. And when you try, you show yourself to be subservient to this minute murderous segment of liars and thieves.

Really, all you need to do is look at the following pic for the easy answer to all ills that confront us and the rest of the world.


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9 thoughts on “Jews Behind Collapse of US and World Financial System

  1. there has to be a way to help . . . FREE THE “JEWS” from the BONDAGE {spiritual} of Talmudic Judaism.

    and thankfully Bman there are REAL MEN like you and Kenny & Les Visible and Brian and Willy….and many many more . . .

    and Brave Courageous LADIES like Noor, and Carol, and Carol & Carol…and Michelle Renouf & many more

    who tirelessly provide the information, encouragement and the oooomph everyday for even the most timid to


    so-called “JEWS” are being played for FREIERS….FOR REAL !!! simple analogy…No Dallas Cowboys at the Alamo

    NO so-called “JEWS” {Khazar Proselytes} in the Old Testament….just the facts…,7340,L-4394795,00.html

    }} Talmudic Judaism is DUNGDOODLING…. {{

    Frankly though, I fault the go along to get along WHITE MEN who will not oppose the Evil…that manifests from terminally insane “JEW” worship…

    that is the lesson that Waco proved to me, “We” could have gone in and done something to FREE the Hostages…held HOSTAGE by the ADL/ATF & ADL/FBI and the “JEWISH” media….!

    but we were all waiting for a “LEADER” too scared to do individually what was RIGHT !!! RIGHT AWAY.

    that’s the thing about being able to think [SEE] …being able to react quickly in a life and death situation…

    instead…here’s snaketalking 101 by the PM of “TALMUDIA” Miliekowski

    “Earlier on Thursday, at a ceremony marking the 109th anniversary of the death of the father of modern ASHKENAZIM JEWISH TERRORISM in Palestine, Theodor Herzl, Miliekowski aka.. Netanyahu stressed that any peace deal with the Palestinian Authority must be based on Talmudia’s ability to defend itself if the agreement breaks down…..with NUKES, prepositioned just in case…in Good Faith.

    Seriously twisted Zionist Terrorist Shimon Peres, also snake talking at the ceremony with two boatloads of Chutzpah claimed, “Peace is a moral foundation of Judaism; it is an existential need of the Jewish state. A binational state contradicts the vision of Herzl; it endangers the Jewish and democratic state of TALMUDIA.”

    “There is a chance to renew the peace process, and it is not to be missed. We welcome the arrival of Secretary of State Kerry, to TALMUDIA. This is an effort to revive the process and we will all help it to succeed,” he hissed like a reptile from the house of slitherin’ with forked toungue flicking wildly….

    No One on Earth ….HAS to be a member of the stool sculpture deity cult…!


    • If we controlled the Jews, we wouldn’t be experiencing what we experience. There would be no dual citizens in government. There would be no AIPAC. There would be no Fed Reserve. Usury would be illegal. There would be no Zionism. There would be no media control/brainwashing.

      There would be NO Israel.

      No, we don’t control the Jews and it is a farce to intimate such.


  2. Turn to God. You cannot solve the problem. No one can. But free will allows us to turn to God…or reject Him…hence the current “crisis’ which will develop into hell on earth.


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