Smear Campaign

“Too bad Rory Gallagher is dead.”

~ DC Dave

Smear Campaign

The Dirty Tricks department,
Is working overtime.
Trying to stop the candidate,
From getting in this time.
The wheels are now in motion,
All the traps are set.
Under the commotion,
He’ll walk into this net.

The state’s intoxicated,
They’re at the starting gate.
He may never make it,
To the planned T.V. debate.

He can’t fight off the big bucks,
Of the old brigade.
He’s gotta watch his step,
In this Smear Campaign.

They called a snap election,
In the summer heat.
This town is reeling backwards,
Like a drunk man on the street.


Feed those lies, bend those minds,
At any price.
Foul or fair, as long as he’s not in there, Election Time.


Smear Campaign.

Don’t believe the papers,
It’s not anybody’s race.
He’s not a rank beginner,
It’s not a children’s game.

He may get the nomination,
If he breaks through the chain.
Or they’ll shoot him down on Main Street,
In this Smear Campaign.

Just watch the party faithful,
Fuel the dream machine.
They’ve fudged up all the issues,
Eat that scandal sheet.

The Dirty Tricks department,
Are nearly half insane.
Trying to stop the candidate,
With a Smear Campaign.

Smear Campaign.

Smear Campaign.

h/t DC Dave and Cracklin’

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2 thoughts on “Smear Campaign

  1. jew me kike me…

    The New York Times crossword puzzle, edited by Will Shortz, has featured the word “Jew” a total of 18 times since 1996. (Full disclosure: I have constructed crossword puzzles for both publications, and I write the crossword blog “Wordplay” for The New York Times.)

    What made the L.A. Times appearance different was that Barocas, who is Jewish himself, decided to use the clue “Shylock” to hint at the answer.

    And that’s when things got meshuga.

    To make a long story short, the Synagogue of Satan “Anti-Defamation League” demanded an apology for the use of a racial slur, and the Tribune Media Services, –,7340,L-4401403,00.html
    which distributes the L.A. Times crossword to more than 1,000 “JEW” owned “newspapers” with seriously
    declining circulation, promptly apologized…..the ole kol nidre kind…

    Barocas, reached via e-mail, bore full responsibility for the clue, saying: “When I wrote the clue, I had no idea that it would offend anyone; as a Jew, I would not have been bothered by it had I encountered that clue in a puzzle. Obviously, though, I offended some seriously twisted assholes who just happen to be “JEWS”,

    and like dude, I am sorry for that.”

    Read more ! [ ]

    {justifiably homicide Talmudvision}

    ….be sure to see the WOMEN AT THE WALL….davening…manana


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