You Cut Cancers Out Before They Do Too Much Harm

Lately, I have had a lot of friends die of cancer. It ravages the body, then with chemo and radiation, most die (at least, “most” from my experience).

Yet I have one friend who was diagnosed and had a radical surgery to remove the cancerous growth from his esophagus. They cut it all out, pulled the stomach up and reconnected it. He is the only one I know who has been diagnosed that made it.

So, it seems to me that cutting a cancer out is the best way. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize that they have cancer or that it grows and intermingles with organs that are critical and after time it becomes to late to cut it out.

Is it too late for America to cut away the cancer that has taken over us? What if the cancer is threatening the entire world?

I am traveling with work all week, but will check in every evening.

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11 thoughts on “You Cut Cancers Out Before They Do Too Much Harm

  1. of course the reality is in Western Civilization the word Israel was never used to describe a Zionist Stool Sculpture
    Deity Cult Compound…TALMUDIA/JEWTOPIA – until Harry Truman crossed out “Jewish” and Scribbled “Israel”

    even Thomas Jefferson used the word more accurately when Eulogizing Washington.

    The Planet Earth does not need a “Jewish State”…for the Simple reason that the world does not need “Jews”.

    Psychopathic paranoid schizophrenics who are by nature not just devious but driven by a blood sucking
    malignant parasitical motivation to economically suck the host dry….,7340,L-4401530,00.html

    24/7 while claiming to be so extra-special
    that the mere mention of the word “Jew” should only be used in adulatory & reverential tones.,7340,L-4402380,00.html

    As the Forward has reported, there are differences in the priorities of WOW and the Reform/Conservative mainstream Talmudic Jews in the stool sculpture deity cult compound. WOW is an activist group that is game for a monthly battle of the heebie jeebie chilly willy’s, but most Reform and Conservative Jews just want to DAVEN …

    pray-and-go….as they say, Wham Ram Bam thank you, mam…
    And to progress that desire, they have the
    Natan Sharansky handy candy plan to you know….pray & go..

    Read more : Justifiably Homicide Talmudvision

    Details & Images


  2. Maybe this article can give some answers. It did for me, as it has done for hundreds of thousands of Europeans.

    Remember that anything postulated as a “law of nature” has to have an accuracy of 100%, so it is a pretty simple theory to verify or falsify..

    Viel spass!


    • Thank you so much for posting that link. Naturally, I went on to the 4 hour Hamer video and watched a good chunk of it. It makes a lot of sense, especially when you consider Chas Higgins’ book “Horrors of vaccinations exposed” (1920) and the history of the American Medical Association. The approach to and dealing with diseases was hijacked a long time ago by the money cartel, completely ignoring nature.

      Now, where does that leave us with the present cancer destroying our societies and in the process our home planet? Is it possible that we are in some kind of a healing stage (you know, it’s only dark until you turn the light on), have nothing to worry about and just have to watch it unfold? I have never thought about it that way.


    • But Israel is not the cause.. Israel is just a moderate symptom. Ask any Sumerian or Egyptian out there..

      Question is; will we wise up, or will we join the sumerians, the Egyptians, Romans, and all the rest of them? Will they dig up our bones and artifacts in 1090 years and ponder over what sort of strange civilization we were? Or rather, will there be anyone to dig up our bones?


      • May be it isn’t the cause, it hasn’t been around long enough. But, as Greg said, it now is the crime capital of the world with its tentacles reaching into every major country corrupting to its own nefarious ends. I would love to go and ask the Sumerians and Egyptians what happened. Not quite feasible at this time, perhaps you can clue me in?

        As for a moderate symptom, I’m not so sure about that either, in my opinion it is pretty severe being a Rothchild fiefdom to do with it as they please. They invested a lot of money in that moderate symptom, no less than 6 Mio Israeli pounds just for the Supreme Court Building alone (wiki and youtube) with its all-seeing eye and the obelisk. Never mind the Knesset. Here we go again, the 6 Million # cropping up as it has done for at least the past 100 years.

        So, what exactly are their nefarious ends? World domination, culling of most of the population and subjugating the rest? My guess is as good as yours.


  3. Israel is a gangsters paradise masquerading as a country that protects itself with nukes, lies and bribes.

    They use the stolen wealth of nations to enrich themselves and also to bribe sleazy politicians who worship money over integrity.

    Their Kosher Komrades control the MSM, the courts, the Congress and the White House.

    America is no longer a free, independent nation, but one living under the boot-heel of Zionism.

    If we had any fight left in us, we’d be staging mass protests in DC, but all we can do is muster the energy needed to change the channel.

    I feel sorry for our kids, leaving them with this shitty mess, since we’re too goddamn lazy and stupid to do anything about our slavery.


  4. the cure for cancer is don’t get it….

    like the cure for don’t have a rabid dog in your bed…

    or a “JEWISH” {leaven of the Pharisees} in your nation…{khazars/Ashkenazim are “PROSELYTES}

    which puts the onus on “us”…

    Isaiah 4:2

    In that day shall the branch of the Almighty be beautiful and glorious,

    and the fruit of the earth shall be excellent and comely for them that are escaped of Israel.

    eventually “our” language will have to be modified so that it can adapt to allow “us” to express
    true information

    without being Anti-Semitic…..


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