Just Who Is “They”?

Listen to the brother below tell us how “they” (the enigmatic “powers that be” that want their “new world order” to come to fruition) are playing race against race.

He’s almost there. He and I both know that these PTB want us at each others’ necks. It is the classic divide and conquer strategy. But what he doesn’t tell you is just who these PTB actually are?

When you consider who, exactly, is in charge… who is controlling almost every aspect of our society… who manipulates information as to brainwash us gullible Goyim…


THEN, and only then, will we be able to come together and fight the vermin who are the PTB. Until then, we are only nibbling at the edges. We are not getting to the nut cuttin’.

Its time for the Bruthas to figure it out (as a matter of fact, its time for the Latinos, the Asians and EVERYONE else tired of the tribe’s desire to rule this planet to figure it out) and to identify just who “they” is and let’s stop this in its tracks.

I know who “they” is.


Do you?

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6 thoughts on “Just Who Is “They”?

  1. interestingly, and this may sound really strange,
    but let’s just suppose that there are some “good” people
    who think that they have to stay being “Jewish”…

    but secretly would throw being “Jewish” out the window, or



    if the alternative was a one way ticket to a fiery FURNACE…like Jesus said…


    is it true or NOT…

    90% of so-called “JEWS” are NOT Semitic, and NOT even Hebrews…


    and not even from the Tribe of Judah…

    Sepharvaim {Sephardic} so-called “JEWS” are not Israelites, either…


    it reminds me of JOE PESCI in JFK…a mystery inside an enigma wrapped in a conundrum…

    The really REALLY GOOD NEWS is that NO ONE ON EARTH HAS TO BE A “JEW”….!!

    basically, a considerable number of the braindeadgoy & “JEW” worshippers will remain STOOOPID
    even if Jesus was on all TALMUDVISION channels simultaneously repeating his COMMAND in Matthew 13


    but seriously…let’s say oh, 45% ..of so-called “JEWS” would make Exodus back to Khazaria
    TODAY if “THEY” didn’t HAVE to make RESTITUTION for the 300 MILLION Non Jews mass murdered
    in just the last century on behalf of the MONEY CHANGERS & PHARISEES…

    IN THE OVENS….of Truth…!!


  2. “As the case has been framed, it serves the purposes of the divide-and-conquer propagandists to perfection. It divides blacks and whites, liberals and conservatives, and those who are pro-gun and those who are anti-gun. At the same time it keeps us distracted from the fact of near monolithic control of the country by our criminal ruling clique.”

    See “The Muted News of the Zimmerman Lawsuit” at https://buelahman.wordpress.com/2013/06/27/the-muted-news-of-the-zimmerman-lawsuit/.


  3. Interestingly, and this may sound really strange (not), I think we have to do a Kaminski. The following is from a protocol of 1919:

    A Russian newspaper, Prizyv, of Febr.05,1920, published in Berlin, contained an interesting document in Hebrew, dated Dec. 1919, which was found in the pocket of the dead Jew Zunder, the Bolshevik Commander of the 11th Sharp-shooter Battalion, throwing light on the secret organizations of Jewry in Russia.

    The protocol has, like the first never been called into question by the Nation of Jewry. It reveals identically the same plans and purposes of Jews for World domination and revenge which pervade them all. This one especially gloats over the Jew conquest and enslavement of Russia (can you say America?). In extenso it ran as follows:

    … Sons of Israel! The hour of our ultimate victory is near. We stand on the threshold to the command of the world. That which we could only dream of before is about to be realized. Only quite recently feeble and powerless, we can now, thanks to world’s catastrophe (presumably WW I), raise our heads in pride. …

    http://www. churchoftrueisrael.com/protocols/appendix.html

    Eventually all “colours” have to wake up to the game, the sooner the better.


  4. I don’t think we know just who “They ” Are B’man. As is evident in your blog , Zionist Jews are behind it. If so….Who controls them? I believe there is more to this world than meets the eye or press.


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