Can You Spot A Terrorist?

Compare and contrast how supposed terrorist threats are determined.

Can you understand the conundrum?

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5 thoughts on “Can You Spot A Terrorist?

  1. resegregation…!!!

    an idea {REALITY} …

    that has finally arrived after the braindeadgoy have tried everything else…

    how did that “Let’s Pretend” [MISCEGENATION] …”game” [Jew Worshipping] work for the braindeadgoy…?

    Can anyone see any enduring benefits for believing *** THE LIES *** from the self chosen prevaricators ?

    the perverted psychophants {paranoid schizophrenics} who claim a monopoly on CHUTZPAH …!,7340,L-4404153,00.html

    when all else fails….Vote from the rooftops !

    “we” adjudicate ourselves in REAL TIME…

    Be Strong Bman



    But Farrakhan didn’t stop there.
    Exposing the toxic culture of the ADL/F.B.I. and its historical —
    and contemporary —
    role of terrorizing the Black community,
    the NOI leader suggested that the blame for young Malcolm’s death
    rested squarely on the organization’s shoulders.

    But I want to say to Black America — that the same ADL/F.B.I. that hatched the plot
    to divide Brother Malcolm from his teacher [The Honorable Elijah Muhammad] and the Nation of Islam;
    that same ADL/F.B.I. that worked to destroy Black organizations and Black leadership —

    that same ADL/F.B.I. was dogging the footsteps of this young potential giant,” Farrakhan said.

    Interestingly Julian Bond spoke at St Luke’s Communist “Church” {E.Dallas} while a
    young “African” painted a shwastika on a small building in the back of the “Church”…
    Presto & Voila…Texas is outraged & “Passes” the “Hate” crimes”Legislation”…,_Texas
    after appearing at the Communist “Church”…
    Julian then met with his “Jewish” friends on the North side of town

    Can a “JEW” worshipper…be a Terrorist ? – “The Jews were God’s elect. “….really ?

    Just Sayin’ –

    seriously “STEVE”…can stooooopid really & Truly change true…what Tribe in Genesis 49
    and Deuteronomy 32 turned into the “JEWS” or the “JEWISH” {Ashkenazim Tribe}….?

    is Jesus a LIAR or is it really the Synagogue of Satan…”JEWS”…?

    go figure…eh ?


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