Constrasting Opinions of The Zimmerman Martin Case (and why its important)

I once looked to Stephen Lendman to speak the truth. I considered him a “decent jew”. But when he writes such obvious lies as this:

When is killing a non-threatening unarmed teenager not murder? When civil rights don’t matter. When Jim Crow justice prevails.

When the victim is black. When mostly white women jurors call cold-blooded murder self-defense.

It causes me to wonder what his motivation is. I have read years of articles by him and he ALWAYS points out the MSM bias and lies. Yet, in this case, the man is fully on board with the race-baiting storyline. Steve, you just lost a reader and now it is apparent that you cannot be trusted.

The details are blatantly evident, so it makes me shrug that I even have to address this (for God knows there are other things the criminals are doing that this is diverting our attention from).

If you want a good presentation, listen to Stefan Molyneax in the following video as he goes through all the details of the case (and no, I don’t agree with everything Stefan discusses, because he has a few subjects that he always seems to force into the dialogue. In the case of the facts of this case, though, I can’t find anything incorrect:

Here is why its important that I address it. I have been warning that the PTB will be soon trying everything in their power, including using their lick-spittle media outlets, to frame the race divide. They want us fighting each other. They need the diversion and I can’t help but think something is planned when things get “Los Angeles Riot” all across the country.

But to understand the scope of the lies, and the reasons for them, watch this:

Yes, folks. There is a group that hates whites, but they have no way to address the issue except to brainwash blacks to fight for them. After this happens, they will come in and pick up the remnants.

This might help:

Don’t be fooled.

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17 thoughts on “Constrasting Opinions of The Zimmerman Martin Case (and why its important)

  1. For crying out loud, I was under the impression the days of KKK and race differences were mostly over. Silly me.

    I guess the parasites are working overtime disseminating discord, murder and mayhem with the plan winner takes all.

    And if people can’t see the connection to Bolshevik Russia which pretty much has undergone the same fate not that long ago, well just under 100 years, Zimmerman and Martin will be the least of their problems. The Cheka is being replaced by the militarized police as we speak and ask ‘hero’ Snowdon about listening and looking in.

    I am really disappointed in Lendman though, thought he was the good guy.


  2. Red Beckman has a really good read entitled ‘Walls In Our Minds”….

    curiously, emotions tend to trump logic and facts, especially for “Jew” worshipping Braindeadgoy…

    Yad Vashem has nearly one million braindeadgoy visitors annually.

    The museum recently unveiled a new exhibition, “I Am My Brother’s Keeper,”
    marking 50 years of unmitigated CHUTZPAH of Synagogue of Satan so-called “Jews” !

    and dedicated it to the 24,811 people from 47 countries who have been honored

    as “Righteous Among the Nations.”,7340,L-4405120,00.html

    “Tonight is the beginning of Tisha B’Av, a fast day I’ve never kept because it never spoke to me.

    The idea of the 9th of Av being the saddest day in Jewish history because of the Temple’s destruction or the expulsion of Jews from Spain — these devastations don’t speak to me as a black, Jewish woman.

    Instead, like I do with all Jewish holidays, **** like PURIM ****
    this Tisha B’Av has taken a modern-day significance…..

    like how far up my rectum I can shove my cranium…!

    Read more: about WHO OWNED THE SLAVE SHIPS…

    and now OWNS the MEDIA & PRINTS CURRENCY !!

    Justifiably Homicide TALMUDVISION…!!!!

    does the elastic nature of selective indignation….bother you too ?

    Master Po – “The Victor must vanquish, the vanquished must merely survive.”


  3. oh for crying out loud. The 21st century and some naziswhowanttokill6millionjews are pissed because
    everyone just wants to Genocide Whites. For crying out loud. Don’t they know any Black boy at any
    time is allowed to attack any and they many ANY white old man?
    Hey, m__der is the new right of the oppressed inocent black boy. They be right to riot. Make the
    place like Nigeria. Come on Profs, join in with Tim WeinWhiteStein and demand White Genocide.


  4. There’s some good news in that Zimmerman’s lawyers are now proceeding with their defamation lawsuit against NBC, as reported by The Washington Post’s stealth journalist, Erik Wemple (His articles are not in the Post’s print edition.). See For background on the suit see “The Muted News of the Zimmerman Lawsuit” at


  5. Self-defense, lol! Zimmerman supporters are off their meds just as Zimmerman was that night. Look you dumb jackwads, stalking and chasing makes you the aggressor. And therefore you can’t claim self-defense when your attack turns against you. That is the dumbest shiite I ever heard. Only in Amurica.


    • Define stalking in a legal sense. “Chasing”? In which way did the guy chase Martin? Like in the child’s game tag?

      In my neighborhood, I keep an eye on things. I have seen unknown, suspicious people and asked them what they are doing. Are you suggesting I broke the law?

      The only person who committed an illegal act was Martin, who pummeled the guy for looking after his neighborhood after months of break-ins and thefts. Had a person assaulted me for looking after my neighborhood, beating my head against the sidewalk, I’d shoot him, too.

      You are a moron.


    • Hi Rabbi,

      Perhaps we need clarification for the other clueless ppl who think as you do. I am not anti-Semitic (you should learn to spell the “derogatory” words you use). I support true Semitic ppls who are suffering from the murderous tribe you belong to.

      I am anti-Jewish control of my country and the world.

      The only thing you and I agree on is that my blog is minor. Even with all the “many’s”.

      I would think a Rabbi’s time would be better spent sucking on your favorite baby penises, but thanks for stopping by and saving another child the horror.


      • Where in the Bible or any Jewish literature does it say its OK to circumsize a baby with your mouth? And what parent would allow ANYONE to do that to their newborn? I mean outside of a ritually satanic pedophile homosexual circle that is? I’m pretty sure the messiah, Jesus Christ, would disapprove of this practice.


  6. Wow BMAN you must have struck a nerve with this post. For a guy who has a “very, very, very minor website”, you got the attention of not one, but two trolls. Dateline and Tom. I would however, doubt that “Tom” is a rabbi. I think most rabbis are far too busy performing oral sex on infants, working as middle-men in the organ harvesting business, counting the shekels derived therefrom and spray painting swastikas on synagogues. My goodness…with all that in his day planner where would a poor, overworked rabbi find the time to look for a “minor” website? And then spend countless hours crafting a two sentence critique? I fear you over estimate the average rabbis capacity to multi-task. But other than that…great retort BMAN. Very funny.


          • I did. It’s been very busy the past few weeks. It seems like it’s feast or famine. I got today off and perhaps tomorrow too and I wanted to catch up on my reading and research. The first thing I checked was your site. I caught up on the posts I missed and just felt the need to throw both my cents in. I hope you are well. Feel free to email me…assuming you ain’t lost it. Hahaha. It’s good to see you back in the saddle man.


            • Things are pretty good.

              My new job has been a killer. Travelling way too much.

              I’ve been around a bit more this week (altho I have the next two days on the road), and will be travelling heavy next week.

              But at least I have a job, which I couldn’t say for 2.5 years before I got it.

              I’m gonna try to be more active here (and would love to find time to do more videos).

              Later, Man!


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