Minstrelsy: Dancing To The Jewish Piper

OK: so he doesn’t understand precisely who the dancers are dancing for. But to me, this guy is getting close.

Look, I must first say that the entire thing is a canard meant to distract and influence you by a bald face lie. Why? Because Zimmerman is not white, even though the tainted MSM described him as a “White Hispanic” (which is truly as laughable as calling Obama a “White African American”). But even if we evaluate the lies presented, we still find that nothing in their claims are true.

There are ways to find out the real truth, but you need to look for it far beyond the lackey media. There are truths out there about certain homicide rates that simply cannot be ignored. I keep hearing from so many black folks that they are tired of whiteys killing so many blackeys. Well, if these people knew what they are talking about (and I suspect far more blacks know the truth than they want to let on), they should know that blacks murder blacks far more than whites murdering blacks.

The awful truth is that blacks kill far more whites than the other way around. It would seem that by using their own logic, whites should be out in the streets every day protesting that fact. But whites are too brow-beaten by the same propaganda to say much, if anything. Yet we still have the tainted media and its clowns suggesting things like this:

Michael Eric Dyson: More White Kids Need to Die for America to Understand Racism

Yep. He said it. No matter what the real truth is about race. I’m not sure if he is a moron or shill (maybe both). He certainly isn’t truthful.

The US Dept of Justice publishes the numbers. Its not like this whitey is making shit up. See “Homicide Trends In The United States, 1980-2008” which also shows overall homicide rates for 2009 and 2010. From that report we find that between 1980 and 2008:

Blacks were disproportionately represented as both homicide victims and offenders. The victimization rate for blacks (27.8 per 100,000) was 6 times higher than the rate for whites (4.5 per 100,000). The offending rate for blacks (34.4 per 100,000) was almost 8 times higher than the rate for whites (4.5 per 100,000)


There is much to be learned from that table. Blacks make up 12.6% of the population, yet commit 52.5% of the homicides, as opposed to whites making up 82.9% of the population and committing 45.3%.When you break it down into actual numbers (rate per 100,000), whites are 4.5% of the victims and 4.5% of the offenders, but blacks are 27.8% of the victims and 34.4% of the offenders.

On page 11, you see the section “Trends By Race” which is very telling. In both cases, whites kill more whites and blacks kill more blacks. But when you look at interactions between races, we see the exact opposite of what the minstrels are insisting.

race on race

It is apparent that there are far more whites in America than there are blacks (83% vs 13%), so you would think that those making the claims would have some numbers to show for it, if it were remotely true. But it is a lie and regurgitated over and over by the ignorant minstrels and their dance masters.

And the latest numbers are just about as bad:

In 2008, the offending rate for blacks (24.7 offenders per 100,000) was 7 times higher than the rate for whites (3.4 offenders per 100,000)

There more sources, as well: The Bureau of Justice Statistics produced a special report entitled Black Victims of Violent Crime that shows that 93 percent of African Americans murdered annually in the United States are murdered by other blacks. The Black on Black Crime Coalition report, “Black On Black Crime Statistics” shows us that “blacks are 13% of the population, but commit 51.2% of the murders, indicate that blacks commit a seriously disproportionate number of murders“. (h/t BeforeItsNews)

So, I have to ask, wonder why Steve Lendman didn’t review this before spouting out the crap he did?

I explained in that post that he lost me as a reader, for I can no longer trust someone who blatantly misled his readers. Since then, I received an email from a contributor which is an open letter to Stephen that takes him to task for his lies and kowtowing to the official meme:

RE:    Zimmerman: Not Guilty of Cold-Blooded Murder

Dear Stephen:

Your online article, “Zimmerman: Not Guilty of Cold-Blooded Murder,” forever pierces the veil of social justice, which behind you hide, to reveal an evil campaign; a campaign of hate; a campaign that assaults America at any price – especially the price of truth.

As an anti-war activist and Ron Paul supporter, a day never ended without my reading one or more of your online articles against foreign interventionism. For years, I read your articles to learn the truth (or so I thought) about foreign policy and particularly, the foreign policies of former President Bush and President Obama. Although your articles always criticized American foreign policies, I deemed the criticisms valid and a reflection of the truth from an anti-war perspective. Unfortunately, your grossly inaccurate and deceitful analysis of the Zimmerman affair alters that view.

Indeed, I cannot continue to read anything you write about Israel, Syria, Iran, Libya, or any other country without wondering, “Is Lendman’s analysis tainted by the same gross inaccuracies and deceit that contaminated Lendman’s analysis in the Zimmerman affair?

In “Zimmerman: Not Guilty of Cold-Blooded Murder,” you frequently write variations of the same deceitful and grossly inaccurate statements in referencing Travon Martin or the killing of Travon Martin:

  • “non-threatening “
  • “unarmed teenager”
  • “cold-blooded murder”

Did you watch or hear any part of the Zimmerman trial? Did you listen to any of the witnesses?

If not, you wrote about an issue without the requisite knowledge and therefore deserve no more respect or serious consideration as a journalist.

If so, please explain:

  • How is it that Trayvon’s repeated slamming of Zimmerman’s head against a concrete surface did not threaten (“non-threatening”) Zimmerman with the potential of death or brain injury?
  • How is it that a concrete surface is not a deadly weapon (“unarmed teenager”) when used to inflict bodily harm and potentially cause death or brain injury?
  • Did Trayvon repeatedly slam Zimmerman’s head against a bag of skittles or a slab of concrete?
  • How is it that Zimmerman is a “cold-blooded murder” for simply using deadly force to avoid death or brain injury?
  • How is it that the lawful act of following someone to alert the police to a person’s whereabouts, allows the followed to viciously and repeatedly smash the follower’s head on a concrete sidewalk amidst screams for help, without the follower being able to use deadly force to avoid death or brain injury?

Moreover, the Zimmerman affair (contrary to your statements) represented a classic case of self-defense under the common law, not the “Stand-Your-Ground” law. The issue of retreat never arose during the trial. The prosecution never questioned any witness about Zimmerman’s ability or duty to retreat and never made a statement during closing argument about Zimmerman’s ability or duty to retreat.

Your statement, however, “It’s the American way. It’s always been this way,”  pierces the veil of social justice, which behind you hide, to reveal your ugly campaign: an evil campaign; a campaign of hate; a campaign that assaults America at any price – especially the price of truth.

(Not that you care about facts; however, before relocating temporarily to Sanford, Florida, Trayvon Martin resided in Miami Gardens, Florida, not “predominantly white Sanford, Florida,” as you allege.). Journalistic integrity be damned.

Very truly yours,

Maybe I should end with this: one of my better friends is a black guy (yeah, the whole Ebony on the coffee table kinda black guy). So, I don’t hate black people. As a matter of fact, I have had many black friends in my life. I really don’t care what color someone is. I care about how they treat me and I pride myself on treating them and everyone else fairly and with respect (until they show me that I should do otherwise and avoid them -or- say, shoot them when they start attacking me and beating my head on the concrete telling me I’m going to die today). And I’d do that whether they were white-hispanic, white-African America, or black-asian.

Just sayin’.

Oh, but B’Man, you are a racist, anti-Semite.

No. I am anti-Jewish control of me and my country (and the world).

Besides, being “Jewish” isn’t a race. It is a tainted mindset of superiority derived from thousands of years of Talmudic brainwashing… NO MATTER what race they are.

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3 thoughts on “Minstrelsy: Dancing To The Jewish Piper

  1. The weekend before that trial verdict, Chicago had 33 people killed by gun toting thugs, but I didn’t see that on FAUX or ZNN.

    Why is that? Is it because Chicago has the most restricted gun laws in the nation?


  2. wow, just think if Americans had access to “Journalists” who actually provided context for a story
    & tried real hard to present the facts instead of promoting a “JEWISH” agenda to further demoralize
    & stupefy BRAINDEADGOY…

    what the statistics reveal concerning the “NIGGER” issue is that there are 45.6% more White “Niggers”
    in America than “Black”…go figure.


    eventually people who can think, and who are not Zombie “Jew” worshippers driven by base
    programming to consume “JEW” poo…mentally, physically & spiritually….will elevate their daily
    condition mentally, physically & spiritually above the multicultural moshpit
    stool sculpture deity cult compound….morass.


    which incidentally is now swirling rapidly around the drain…
    as the “JEWISH” meme is flushed from the pages of History…FOREVER. [Obadiah]


    I never much read Lendman, not just because he is “Jewish”, but because he never seemed to
    want to address what “Jewish” is…all about from the git go…!


    The Talmud was printed in 500AD, before that it is referred to as the “oral tradition”….
    Khazars = PROSELYTES to Talmudic Judaism are “Two-Fold the Child of Hell”
    just as Jesus identified those who embraced the stool sculpture deity cult leaders in
    the stool sculpture deity cult compound…in “Judea”…”moneychangers & Pharisees”

    Thankfully, thanks to your genetic memory you’re not given to pretending that


    STOOOPID is going to change TRUE….which has never happened in History.


    THE LANGUAGE….must be purified !!! …..antonyms are not synonyms !

    so-called “JEWS” cannot be Israel …! There were no “Jews” in the Old Testament….!


    notwithstanding the enemies of [Mankind] the –
    {white people} Children of Israel – mostly !



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