B’Man’s Hypocrite Watch: Black Folk

Dude says what I’ve said on many occasions. How can black people be so outraged only when it comes to non-blacks vs black crime? How can they be outraged over the word “nigger” when they use it continuously towards each other?

I seldom use the word, “nigger” and to me, it no longer denotes a color of skin. It is an attitude. And because of that, as I have said many times, I know more white niggers than I do black ones.

Let me hear your outrage… how I hurt your feelings over using a word that simply because I am a white person (used towards white people), somehow I am oppressing you or belittling you and your ancestral plight. Show us your hypocrisy.

And you small number of white people that go out of your way using the word towards black people simply to illicit a negative response or to intentionally hurt someone: STFU.

All that is happening here is that we are all falling for the divide and conquer strategy the tainted Talmudic mindset wants us to fall for. Just like good Goyim are supposed to do.

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11 thoughts on “B’Man’s Hypocrite Watch: Black Folk

  1. Nigger / simply meaning black and holds no insult
    whats insulting ( or was) is actually the word black
    which in religious terms was perceieved as bad….
    white perceived as good in seeing the light of God
    which removed the darkness// thus it was brought
    into play through religious stupidity / that the white
    people represented good / black representing bad.

    What one arouses in using the word nigger is such
    buried centuries of religious half – baked teachings
    centuries of deceit / injustice / slavery / corruption
    by such white race against black / thus though one
    intending no malice harm the word nigger used by
    a white peron against a black person not advisable.

    However a black person calling a nigger a nigger in
    having no malice or threat / it simply a black person
    in acknowledging another black person / if it being
    some black individual using such the word *nigger
    to insult another black person /in doing so they are
    telling a black person that their behaviour in being
    equall to that of white people / it then both insult as
    a means reminding one to improve their behaviour.


  2. This country is destroying itself from the inside out. The line of division have been drawn and are getting wider and deeper. We are divided by sex, race, politically , class….hell, we are systematically divided in everything we do in our daily lives…and the majority of American don’t seem to care.

    So, if that is your intent America…get it the hell over with so we can start the painful process of rebuilding….if there will anything left to rebuild.

    Other wise, STFU about the Zimmerman case. Pull your heads out of the sand and end the division….take back control of this country from the corrupt government and the corporations that are drowning us in debt and lies.

    Send “No More Sorrow” Ringtone to your Cell

    Are you lost… in your lies?
    Do you tell yourself I don’t realize?
    Your crusade’s a disguise,
    Replaced freedom with fear, you trade money for lives.
    I’m aware of what you’ve done.

    No, no more sorrow!
    I’ve paid for your mistakes!
    Your time is borrowed!
    Your time has come to be replaced!

    I see pain, I see need,
    I see liars and thieves abuse power with greed.
    I had hope, I believed,
    But I’m beginning to think that I’ve been deceived.
    You will pay for… what you’ve done!

    No, no more sorrow!
    I’ve paid for your mistakes!
    Your time is borrowed!
    Your time has come to be replaced!

    Thieves and hypocrites!
    Thieves and hypocrites!
    Thieves and hypocrites!

    No, no more sorrow!
    I’ve paid for your mistakes!
    Your… time is borrowed!
    Your time has come to be replaced!

    No, no more sorrow!
    I’ve paid for your mistakes!
    Your time is borrowed!
    Your time has come to be… replaced!
    Your time has come to be… replaced!
    Your time has come to be… erased!


  3. I agree BMAN. I too feel the word “nigger” denotes a type of person…not a skin color. I think skin color is given to us at birth, by God. Period. We have no say in the matter. However, becoming a lazy, dependent, semi-litterate sponge off of society is most CERTAINLY a personal choice some make. Therefore they are niggers…regardless of color, gender or religeon.


  4. Have to keep everybody divided, distracted and fighting amongst themselves so all the scandals, law breaking and non-stop treasonous behavior from DC flies under the radar, especially with the help of the lame stream media.


  5. Life is in two parts the material manifestation of the power of creation
    as the essence of the power of creation / all human focus is upon the
    material part of the creation / it simply the stage of development that
    people are at. However we go towards the time when the focus shall
    be upon the essence of creation that being in knowing the true self,
    and in knowing the true self the black person shall adapt to that far…
    more than the white individual ( I bring this to attention as it being…..
    black people feel life unfair in regard the white race in treating black
    people so badly / ( over centuries ) which of course is fact / however
    coming to one’s spiritual development ( I do say spiritual not religious
    development) then in that field t’will the black person being supreme,
    ( the point be life may seem unfair / yet in reality all works out / equal.

    How does one focus on the essence of creation ? how does one know
    their true self ?. Such achieved via meditation one turning their senses
    inward /doing one having practical experience of the power of creation
    that such practical experience gifts one with a clarity of understanding
    where all questions that one longed in being answered / are answered.

    Throughout the history of humanity there be a “Teacher of Teachers”
    the teacher of teachers is guide & aid to one reaching the stage that
    meditation then required in the further learning // unto enlightenment.

    Present Teacher of Teachers is Prem Rawat / Prem having dedicated
    his life to aid those reaching such stage where meditation /be required
    in further learning /going beyond ideas beliefs to their knowing creator.

    On PC search put (words of peace) or (words of peace global) on site a
    selection of vides in which Prem explains meditation / as open invitation
    he will guide / aid / all whom seeking searching /in knowing the true self.

    Thus there be a balance in time to people’s learning / if black in feeling
    your second class then understand / unto their creator all are first class
    there is no black as white preference /unto the Almighty all being equal.

    We approach the time where all turn to meditation / and all grow in their
    spiritual understanding / experience / where humanity be bonded again
    in the power of love that again as one family / we will praise the creator.


  6. I am racially aware, somewhat ethnocentristic in my approach to politics, without being a bigot, a supremacist or a racial chauvinist. I don’t make assumptions about other races, or hold opinions about them. Culture is genes in population, or, race race is the common denominator of a culture. Cultures are different, and when you try to force them to live together you get conflict, social upheval, crime and all the other effects we see in the western world today. Assimilation leads to death of all cultures involved.
    You can accept, understand and act according to these principles without having to place blame on anyone. What has been is now long gone, it makes little sense to dwell on it. What matters is how we solve our problems from exactly the point we are right now. Preferably without bloodshed and injustice to anyone involved…

    I don’t use the n word. Just because I am a nice guy and don’t do things I know some people takes offense to. But of course I see the double standard!


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