What Every White Person Should Know

Rev.Manning dropping some serious bombs on race issues in America. People like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton despise people like Manning….I wonder why?

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8 thoughts on “What Every White Person Should Know

  1. People like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton despise people like Manning….I wonder why?

    Because he tells the truth, and that’s something that JJ and Sharpie can’t make any money from.


  2. People are responsible for their own actions…..If black folk want to use race and slavery as a crutch….as a reason they act as fools and commit crimes…as a tool to try make money what ever…then the fault is on these folks.

    Our government on the other hand needs to end the Drug war….it is NOT helping anyone.


  3. there is a lot of wasted “Hate” energy in America between the Africans & Honkeys….


    when it could be directed towards – ECONOMIC JUSTICE…”Truth + Justice = Peace !!”


    the Good Faith issue the minister of the Gospel is addressing is the simple fact
    that people – [NONJEWS] – mostly black & white & brown…
    are easily manipulated by emotions…


    the “Jew” worshippers are heavily invested in believing that
    Abraham had a Talmud & Hated Jesus and taught all his boys how to sing Hava Nagilah in Yiddish..


    except Ishmael….


  4. I got a ideal how we can knock the chips off black people’s shoulders.
    When Texas became independent they said”Remember the Alamo.
    Now that Detroit has bankrupt.

    Here’s another thing about Detroit when white lived in Detroit it was a thriving,prosperous,beautiful City actually the 4th largest city.


    In the 70’s when whites moved out and the Blacks moved in.
    You know what?
    We let the Blacks have their OWN city and look what they done to it.
    How Illegals & Multiculturalism Destroyed Detroit:
    (Ignore his Muslim preference).

    To knock the chips off the Black Shoulders you could say:”Well I understand but We gave your folks your city to do what you want.
    Your people rack,ruined and bankrupt Detroit.
    Detroit was your oyster and what did you do to it?”
    Yes!Black people Destroyed,Ruined,and Bankrupt Detroit!!!
    When you had Detroit you had it good,all the favours came your way,but what did you do with it?
    When it comes to Black people’s shoulders,all I got to say is

    Remember Detroit


  5. myopia…?


    one should take a look at JEWTOPIA…{California & “Talmudia”…}




    see any cathedrals in Africa…dotting the landscape amid the dung/mud huts ?

    Detroit is a symptom….cure the disease…


    why strain a gnat to swallow a camel ?


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