Jews: The Ultimate Anti-Semites


Noor has many more from the Israeli Anti-Semitic Cartoons Contest at her place, Snippits and Snappits. Actually, she features cartoons almost every Saturday (and her taste is very funny).

When it comes to Holocaust cartoons (or any cartoon regarding Jews), as long as a Jew is the cartoonist, they seem to think it all funny, but oh my goodness, if a Goyim did it, there is no end at the outrage.

Noor explains:

These cartoons have been kicking around for a few years now. The history of the contest is that it came about after an Iranian Holocaust Cartoon contest. An Israeli artist launched a contest for the best anti-Semitic cartoon ~ drawn by a Jew. Amitai Sandy says the Israeli Anti-Semitic Cartoons Contest is a response to an Iranian newspaper’s competition for cartoons on the Holocaust. Sandy described the issue as a matter of pride. He insists that Jews can offer sharper, more offensive satire of themselves than anyone.

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5 thoughts on “Jews: The Ultimate Anti-Semites

  1. I know Noor’s cartoons and some make me laugh out loud and some make me cringe. Especially the ones done by jews to fool the gentiles into believing they can be self-deprecating.

    It’s more like, hey, we know we’re ugly inside and out. But who gives a shit. You guys won’t know until it’s too late anyways. Cartoons are serious business.

    I also wonder if this guy’s interpretation of the ‘barbarians’ has any merit:

    And who are the barbarians?


  2. “Virtue is persecuted by the wicked more than it is loved by the good.”
    ― Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, Don Quixote

    blessings and salutations BMAN :

    with a target this big hitting the bulls-eye blindfolded is a sure bet….

    DIG THIS CHUTZPAH !! ….with apologies to Al Quida.

    Contradictory claims of total dollar figures for ZOG U.S. foreign aid circulate in cyber space, containing oft-repeated figures that may or may not reflect a Jew approved faux-reality. In response to those conflicting claims, the zionist psychophantic WND has compiled a list of significant ZOG U.S. aid totals based on a review of the zionist crack house congressional and Obama administration documents and databases.

    “American Jews use the internet more than other Americans.

    Already in 2000, the National Jewish Population Survey found that 40 percent of Jewish adults utilized the Internet for Jewish-related information in the past year. This was all the more remarkable as the internet only entered the public domain in a significant way in the mid-1990’s.

    “Among the reasons for the relatively high Jewish use of the internet is that on the average, Jewish households have an annual income about 14% higher than that of other American households.,7340,L-4413722,00.html

    Perhaps even more important is that 60% of Jewish adults aged 25 and over have a four-year college degree or higher, compared to 28% in other American households.”

    The alleged Al-Quida threat that closed the ZOG U.S. embassies in the Middle East on Sunday is the most serious in years and the “chatter” among suspected terrorists is reminiscent of the uncollated chatter that preceded the Zionist Jewish terrorist Sept. 11 attacks…

    a certifiably deranged crack head ZOG U.S. lawmaker who allegedly was briefed by the zionist contrived faux-intelligence officials who are paid by the same economic terrorists who print the currency & own the media….
    SAID on the Zionist poopaganda shows on Talmudvision on Sunday…

    ….my coffee table book of photo’s, unpublished as of yet ….

    Trees, Knees, & Leaves – which is you know … mostly photographs, unlike my book
    on the – Waco Mass Murder / Mass Mind control….operation….

    Omnium rerum quarum usus est, potest esse abusus, virtute sola excepta

    There may be an abuse of everything of which there is a use, virtue only excepted.


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