The Accusation


When you call out the criminal Jews and those silent ones that prosper from the criminals’ actions, the first accusation a Jew throws out is:

You Are An Anti-semite

I think you are an antisemite … No reason to start hating Jews becAuse the times are bad, when they were good you were loving them. Past 50 years Jews controlled everything, no credit??? Anyhow … Listen don’t blame the person blame your moral character … What do you do to make America a better place?? That’s the real question. The blame game is dumb … It’s the solution game is the right way.

No introspection. No self-determining if my claims are correct. No admittance, whatsoever, that how I feel from my personal experiences with Jews is valid. Nope. Just the tired old accusation.


My reply:

But of course, there is no reason to point out facts. Its all a blame game.

And when did he or I ever love Jews? Identifying the utter lack of moral character I have encountered in my interactions with “Jews”, is not a blame game. It is fact. It is reality. Nevermind the fact that all Jews ever do is play “blame games”, in which most is nothing more than a towering inferno of lies and obfuscation. Never admit to the Talmudic taint. Never admit to the evils constructed and carried out by your tribe members. Never admit that you have been kicked out of a hundred countries, hundreds of times. Always blame someone else, never accept your role in your own demise.

Jews are the kings of blame games and your comment is the epitome of hypocritical lies and diversion.

Your comment is a diversion from facing reality. It is the “whoa is me, all Jews are good, you just don’t understand us” mentality.

Let me say this outright, of EVERY single Jew I have met or interfaced with, they ALL have lied to me, taken advantage of me, stolen from me, used me and/or looked down on my from their self-styled “God’s Chosen” seat on high. IN EVERY CASE.

So, how would I be able to believe you? How would any discerning observer believe you?

The sooner you get out of that tribal mentality and learn some truth, the better.

And besides, a Jew would have to be a “Semite” for me to be an anti-Semite. 99% of Jews aren’t even Semitic, to begin with. They are just suffering from thousands of years of Talmudic, superiority brainwashing. And we suffer right along with them by having to put up with it.

Become a decent Jew. Call out the tribe. Don’t be a hypocrite. Relinquish your seat in Satan’s Synagogue. Throw out the Talmud and its control of your tribe’s mindset. Stop the offenses done in your tribe’s name or you are just part of the problem.

You see, folks, I am the problem. I have imagined every negative interaction I have personally had. I nitpick the worse of the Jews and publish it and never point out the fine, loving, social construct they actually live in and by. Apparently, I am such a racist hater that everything I have encountered with them is all imagination of a hate-filled mind.

But maybe it isn’t just me. Maybe there are others with similar experiences that caused them to hate something.

From Erin S:

This comment is very typical of a jewish supremacist. The ADL, which is an organized criminal subsidiary of a jewish masonic lodge called the b’nai b’rith, likes to put it out there that jews are a scapegoat who are blamed whenever times are bad. The fact is that when times are bad, historical trends have shown that jews were involved economically and politically at the highest level in almost all instances since at least the 15th century. That is, the ADL puts it out there in order to condition the ignorant and fool them into thinking that the reason jews are being blamed is because they are an easy target and a victim. This is all part of the larger game.

You make the mistake of thinking that we go through periods loving the jews. This is false. I’ve never in my entire life loved jews, but I do admit that I treated them with a double standard. I was very sympathetic because of the holocaust and this was due to programming. When I began to have independent (and critical) thoughts about everything, I eventually saw through the bs. The holocaust being a massive bs story obviously. And although you jews like to say we are “full of hate” I do not think “hate” (your definition) describes the emotions which I feel now that I know the truth. Perhaps it’s because most jews, especially Ashkenazi jews, are genetically predisposed toward psychopathy? I know that’s the case and I know that’s largely what the problem is.

You jews may think you’re the chosen people and can do no wrong and cannot be criticized (because you are chosen and also because of demanding victim status over the holohoax). You may think that us “gentiles” want drugs, prostitutes, porn, and material things which target base animal instincts and that you jews provide it to us. You might think the jews are superior in IQ because of Kibbutz, cherry tomatoes, and low-power consuming intel processors along with nobel prizes. But even Obummer got a nobel prize for nothing. And look at all the ingenuity which Germanic peoples have produced since forever. What has the jew contributed to society and civilization? To Western culture? Nothing, nothing but degeneracy and Marxist subversion/perversion.

We never loved you. We were distracted because of your programming via the media, Hollywood, and other methods. We watch your formulaic films because you’ve programmed us to do so and it’s difficult to break the programming. What credit do you deserve? You’ve turned the US into Wiemar Germany. That’s not a good thing by the way.

And what do you know of moral character? You are programmed to think all non-jews are prone to evil and what not. But the fact is we have a conscious and empathy. You are in fact the heartless beast inclined to do evil. We are the overwhelming majority. If 99% of the world wanted to kill off 1%, does that make us evil? Absolutely not. America was fine. It was on a good path. You destroyed it to make if better for yourselves at the expense of those who created it.

The blame game is not dumb for it is not a game of blame or a game. It’s simply the honest truth. You, the jew, is the problem. Since time immemorial. And your house of cards will collapse. It’s only been less than 70 years since Hitler. You may think your banking system is bulletproof, but not when people lose faith in your shekels printed out of thin air. Where will you go when the Americans expel you? To Israel? It won’t exist any longer. To Asia? They don’t want you. To Africa? You’d rather go to the moon, wouldn’t you? Well go to the moon then. Leave us alone so we can live in peace.


It’s really not about “hating the Jews”. I think it is more (especially in my own concept) that I hate Jewish control of the world and my life. I hate the taint that Jewish ways have brought to my way of life. I hate the manipulation, the lies, the self-superiority. I hate the usury and money manipulations that you use to create more wealth FOR you and less for the rest of the world. I hate the “in-your-face” double speak. I hate the lies that have stolen America’s wealth. I hate the murderous actions America takes on your behalf. I hate the race baiting and race-integration you keep pushing on us. I hate the porn that ruins lives and causes so much pain for the rest of us. I hate that your “leaders” are subjugating our Constitution and creating a Police State, much like your Marxist attempts in the Soviet Union, thereby eliminating all of our natural rights. I hate your criminal home base, Israel, and the lapdogs here that continue to support such a murderous entity. I hate the BILLIONS in reparations for what is mostly lies used to gain that stinking cesspool called Israel.


I am still awaiting the decent Jews to step up and silence/stop the criminals that you are currently protecting with your silence. If you were as good as you seem to indicate, FELIKS, then this world would not be suffering in the usury laden, murdering cabal instigated death march we find ourselves in. The fact that there are virtually NO Jews standing up to the crimes tells me that the “decent Jews” are ok with the tribe’s criminal ways.

And I hate that.

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11 thoughts on “The Accusation

  1. It’s not the Jews it’s the Goddamned God of the Jews.
    The whole of mankind came from Adam and Eve.
    The very word RACE is a LIE from the Goddamned God of the Jews.
    The Creator of all things is NOT A GOD!
    The God of this world has deceived the whole world.
    The Creator gave us the Hebrew Scriptures the lying God of this world gave the world the TalMUD!
    Choose which one you will believe the LIE or TRUTH.
    The choice is yours to make.


  2. SWEET

    great first caller…and second caller….,7340,L-3443,00.html

    something mildly curious but also kinda’ funny in a HA HA way is how these
    mental midgits – “JEWS” – “QUEERS” & “NIGGERS” in “JEW YORK CITY”
    imagine that everyone on Earth “buys” into their twisted NARRATIVE….

    if you didn’t get to hear the comedy RACHEL MADDOW spewed….check it out

    It’s a screamer !!!


  3. how can a delusion be so intense…without “Religion”…a tradition

    an oral tradition that invalidates the Truth & Justice….

    There have been scores of Torah giants in recent generations, but the stature of none compares to that of Rabbi Avraham Isaac HaCohen Kook, zt”l (1865 -1935). –

    His genius was astounding – there was no field of Torah study that he had not mastered. His recall was astonishing – great scholars related that no matter what Torah subject they discussed with him it would appear as if he had just recently learned the issue in depth.
    Not only was he versed, sharp, and innovative in the arenas of Talmud and Halakha,
    he was at home in all areas of Jewish thought:
    Bible, Midrash, philosophy, and mysticism…Zohar, Kabalah…

    On top of all this, he was unmatched in piety and righteousness, and his entire existence was dedicated to the service of the Creator……
    Rabbi Kook was a mighty figure who fought for truth and was willing to put himself on the line
    for the sake of Torah justice.

    The former Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, newly installed as Pope Francis I, opened his speech at today’s Papal inauguration with a nod to the Jewish community, saying say he was speaking “with the permission of the diplomatic corps, the Jews who are with us and all the rest,” according to Israel’s Chief Rabbinate.

    A delegation of leaders of Jewish communities from around the world,
    including Rabbinate Director General Oded Weiner,
    was on hand at the Vatican today when Bergoglio officially took
    office as the leader of the world’s more than 1.2 billion Roman Catholics…..


  4. Too many white people are running around the Jewish media with loose mouths about James Von Brunn, a decorated war veteran, while the Jews are busy as rodents blaming him for the death of a black security guard at the tax supported Holocaust Museum. Let us place the blame where it belongs. The Jews! The Black security guard and the white patriot would not be involved in an incidence of that nature where it not for the existence of the unAmerican Holocaust Museum. The Jews, not whites or blacks, are responsible for what happened. That museum should not exist in this country. It has no legitimate excuse. It should be removed. Too bad the old soldier could not have been martyred inside that Jewish propaganda mill. He probably intended to die there as a last heroic effort to rally the troops to the defense of our race, nation and culture. Let us not fail him. If he dies – if he is not dead already – let it not have been in vain. The Jews are out there blabbing their heads off about “hate”….like rapid machine gun fire – rat-a-tat-tat-tat. Using hate like a gun to scare us. That is the main reason they use the hate word. It’s a weapon, a scare tactic. They know perfectly well that it is not white hatred that scares anybody; it is Jewish hatred that evokes fear. Presidents Lyndon B. Johnson, George H. Bush, Bill Clinton and especially George W. Bush put their miserable personal safety ahead of the welfare of our sovereign nation, its founding people and the Constitution. Our Congressional and Senate leaders are puppets ruled by fear. The hate word pumps adrenaline of fear through their cowardly bodies. An old soldier tried to do for us what those miserable cowards are too afraid to do. Don’t blame anybody except the Jews and their money making, tax swindling holocaust hate mill for the tragedy at the holocaust museum.


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