Gupta Switches Gears After Recent Toke

OK. So, I don’t know “when” it was that Dr Gupta toked, but he (and Piers) admit to it. But something has changed his mind about it since he wrote in 2007 that it was dangerous and no medical benefits. Even as close as 2009, I was writing about Gupta and his carrying of the official drug war meme. My oh my, how much has changed in a few years.

It is heartening to see him tell you what I have been saying for many years. But does it make you scratch your head wondering why in the world the producers would pick the debate opponent they picked? First of all, Howard Smauels has only one argument, which is in and of itself a bunch of malarkey. Do you think that the fact that he owns and runs some a drug rehab center (which I suggest leans very heavily upon this misdiagnosis of marijuana harm to keep its doors open) might affect his claims?

Youtube Commenter put it this way:

Howard Samuels is an unscrupulous opportunist whose disingenuousness is contingent upon the flawed premise that legalization would open the doors to unbridled use. What he doesn’t comprehend is that whoever wants to use cannabis, already does. That also includes a host of young people who would otherwise be prevented by regulation from legal access.

What part of his “debate” was truth? 5%? More or less?

It appears that the citizenry has shown its disdain for anti-marijuana laws to the extent that the PTB understand that they can no longer fight it. It has become too obvious that the entire scam is unraveling.

Times, they are a changin’.

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3 thoughts on “Gupta Switches Gears After Recent Toke

  1. People who want cannabis now, kids included, can get and use it now. Re-Legalizing does NOT add another drug for people to get “loaded” on…its already here. As is any “medical problems” associated with cannabis use.

    Legalizing cannabis is the right thing to do. The reason we haven’t done the right thing is because of the grip that lies, greed and the authoritarian mind set has over this country. Those three things are destroying this country…..


  2. Whores Galore…

    The ZOG US State Department on Thursday warned Americans not to travel to Pakistan and ordered nonessential government personnel to leave the US Consulate in Lahore because of a specific threat to that diplomatic mission.

    In a travel warning, the State Department said the presence of several foreign and indigenous terrorist groups posed a potential danger to “JEW” worshipping “US citizens” throughout Pakistan…,7340,L-3083,00.html

    There goes Mr. A with his walking stick…

    MK Meir Sheetrit (Hatnua) warned Hizbullah Thursday following the blasts. “Hizbullah has been talking a lot,” said Sheetrit, “but if it tries to do anything it will be seriously hurt, and they understand this. Therefore, despite all of Nasrallah’s talk, they are not doing anything on the ground.”

    Zionist Terrorist’s military confirmed the toll without specifying what side of the border the
    asshole “JEWISH” terrorists were on as they were…..

    “carrying out nighttime activities in the Lebanese border area when the explosion occurred”.

    any irony in this message is only for purposes of demonstration
    and is not attributable to any cannabanoids


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