The Other Florida Shooting

The Other Florida Shooting

Guest column by Hugh Turley


In May, just 25 miles from the Florida town where Trayvon Martin was shot, 27-year-old Ibragim Todashev (pronounced Ih-brah-HEEM To-DAH-shev) was killed in his Orlando apartment during an interrogation by federal and state law-enforcement officials.

Reni Manukya, Todashev’s widow, has said the FBI arrived at 7:30 p.m. on May 21 to question her husband about a possible link to Boston bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev.  In the wee hours of May 22, Todashev was shot seven times, including what his father, Abdulbaki Todashev, called “an execution-style” shot to the head, by an FBI agent.

The father plans to file a civil suit against the FBI.  Good luck.  My friend Patrick Knowlton tried to sue the FBI for grand jury witness intimidation and he could not find a judge all the way to the Supreme Court who would allow his case to proceed.

5968229168_8b4d2c85dd_mOn July 22, the ACLU called for an independent investigation.  Since law-enforcement officers from Massachusetts and Florida were present at Todashev’s death, attorneys asked state officials to launch investigations. They declined.

The other officers present, as well as myriad official sources quoted in news reports, and the shooter have not been named.   Senior law enforcement officials have leaked to the press “facts” to assassinate the character of the victim saying he was “the aggressor,” ready to confess to a triple murder, and was once charged with road rage.  The public has a right to know the name of the shooter, in case he would come to other homes to “ask questions.”

The FBI, which is handling the only investigation into Todashev’s death, has blocked the Florida Medicalnews33 Examiner’s Office from releasing the official report on the cause of death.

Quoting anonymous senior law enforcement officials, news outlets reported that Todashev was being questioned about Tsarnaev, whom he apparently knew from working out at the same Boston gym. Some law enforcement officials reported that the interrogation concerned an unsolved triple homicide in Waltham, Mass. on September 11, 2011.

Depending on which published account you read, at some point during the questioning Todashev attacked the FBI agent with an object, a knife, a sharp object, a metal pole, a broomstick, an overturned table, a samurai sword, or some kind of weapon.  In other reports, he was unarmed.

CBS News senior correspondent John Miller said, “according to people I’ve spoken to,” moments before the shooting, Todashev was “writing out on a pad his involvement in the triple murder.”  Before joining CBS, Miller was an assistant director of public affairs for the FBI.  Why should anyone believe John Miller’s unnamed sources?

Michael German, senior policy counsel in the American Civil Liberties Union’s legislative office, spent 16 years as an FBI agent. Now, he says, “what needs to happen, because so much contradictory information has been released, is an independent investigation.”

FBIBrokenWe might consider: From what, exactly, should an independent investigation be independent? The answer: the government.

The U.S. Constitution provides for an independent investigation in the Fifth Amendment, which states that “No person shall be held to answer for a capital crime or otherwise infamous offense, unless on a presentment or indictment of a grand jury … nor shall any person … be compelled in a criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.”

The original grand jury panel of citizens was truly independent of the government, without any federal prosecutor in the grand jury room. But in 1946, the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure placed the grand jury under the government’s control.   Only by restoring its original independence can an independent investigation by citizens determine if Todahshev was being compelled to be a witness against himself and deprived of his life by government agents.

Could Americans be the most uninformed people on earth regarding their constitutional rights and responsibilities?


This article appeared originally in the August 2013 Hyattsville (MD) Life & Times.  It is reprinted here with their permission.  See also “The Todashev Killing and the House of Cards.”


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6 thoughts on “The Other Florida Shooting

  1. responsibilities…?

    Is there anyone of noble calibre among the American political élite these days?

    DUE PROCESS…is a “responsibility”…?

    you mean you can’t just VOTE for someone to “Wipe your ASS”..?

    boy that is really NOT FAIR.

    …does that photo of Kerry @ Tim’s…look like a Black eye ?

    is there some….oh I don’t know…

    some distant relationship between ‘Responsibility’ and ‘CREDIBILITY’..?

    like who in “good faith” would join the stool sculpture deity cult

    KNOWING what the STOOL SCULPTURE actually ..

    IS ?


  2. a hub ?

    An invasion can be the cause of a war, be a part of a larger strategy to end a war, or it can constitute an entire war in itself. Due to the large scale of the operations associated with invasions, they are usually strategic in planning and execution . . .

    But the lynching did occur, just a couple of miles from Barnes’s law office, when an angry mob led by Marietta’s elite — including Barnes’s wife’s grandfather — stormed a remote prison, kidnapped Leo Max Frank, brought him back to Marietta and hung him from an oak tree in what is believed to be the only lynching of a Jew in America.

    Read more: about the bread crumb trail…–years-after-jewish/

    More than the hypocrisy embedded in the circumstance of a boycotter crying censorship, and more than the subtly sinister implications of a Jewish financial conspiracy, what troubles me about this latest brouhaha — somehow,

    whether sailing on a flotilla, or speaking as an invited guest (on Yom Kippur!) at a synagogue,

    or appearing at the 92nd Street Y, Walker manages to be at the center of plenty of them —

    is something altogether different…..different being…Like Ari Fleisher responding to Helen Thomas ?

    I refer to the uncomfortable situation faced by some Jewish women, particularly those of us immersed in the world of writing and publishing, where gender equity and feminist concerns are at the forefront of many current discussions. Put simply: micro dot simple…,7340,L-4419177,00.html

    How do we deal with the pernicious and vocal anti-Zionism that is all too visible within the feminist community?

    Read more:


  3. sometimes even a stopped clock is write…right ?

    or can words change there meanings and still say the same thing…?

    The fiat dollar’s death is concealed by a variety of market manipulations and reminds me of Weekend At Bernie’s—
    a 1989 comedy about two young guys trying to conceal their boss’s (Bernie’s) death. The movie was based on a funny premise, but no matter how many gags made Bernie seem alive, the central fact remained that Bernie was dead and wouldn’t be reanimated in this life. Similarly, the fiat dollar is dead (intrinsically worthless) and although an endless series of “gags” by the Federal Reserve of US gov-co can make the fiat dollar seem to “alive,”
    it’s dead and won’t be revived in this “economy”…..

    one time I heard ALEX JONES….define Economy…on air, – “health of the House”…pretty good, eh ?

    define Family. . . if you’re a truth addict you might not have one.

    “This blog does not exist as a convenience for those whose notions of self-expression consist mostly of their right to post graffiti. If all you want to post is graffiti, get a can of paint, go down to the “hood” and “tag” some walls or street cars or some such…..

    You comments waste my time……

    They waste my readers’ time. Stop insulting us.

    You’re not so damn smart that you’re entitled to write like a swami on LSD. ”

    see Bman…! shrooming can and does break up logjams…WTF !

    maybe you noticed this sometime back….too,
    when I was much younger I noticed how some guys would work really hard…
    to out perform the others…in virtually any setting…work “Job”…place.

    Now seems like, since watching TALMUDVISION for 40 years people want everything GIVEN to them…

    they don’t even want to THINK….it hurts too much, and it is obviously insulting…

    Just Imagine what it would be like to live in a society like that…


  4. hey,

    we need a new Media….

    a new language…

    and if John is a success, a new “Religion”.

    personally I think the… “Truth is a wall that you can’t blow down

    and it won’t be laughed away.” [Harry Chapin]

    my apologies to the host for ALADASKING the site with GRAFFITI…

    I try, REAL HARD…every day…
    to just avoid providing too much information for the

    average “Joe”…serfing the net. –

    believe it or not there are people paid with TAX “DOLLARS” {six figures} to analyze and

    HASBARAT…these posts.

    300 million NONJEWS have been mass murdered since 1913…by “JEWISH” terrorists,

    many of them Women & Children.

    but I digress.


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