And I Thought A Local Sewage Referendum Was Contentious

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5 thoughts on “And I Thought A Local Sewage Referendum Was Contentious

  1. Judging by your headline I take it that you don’t approve. Neither do I.

    The above procedure foisted upon an 8day old infant seems to me akin to child abuse. Maybe there existed a reason once upon a time where in some areas water was scarce and hygiene almost non-existent. That’s why I think Jews and Arabs practised it in equal measure having to live in a desert.

    What I didn’t know is the British Royals have a history of circumcising their sons too. The newly born Prince George might be or may be not. Anyone’s guess, not that it matters. But since my home town favours the same name, city council is already trying to cash in on the ‘relationship’.

    I don’t even want to speculate on this kind of baby-trauma on their sexual relationships in later years. But then I will, why are so many porn actors Jewish? Could it be that they lost all natural feelings and have to keep their erection going for longer than everyone else?


  2. seriously….Why did G*D make Gentiles ?

    the other part of that “ISSUE” is when exactly did the first so-called “Jew” pop up on the radar…?

    100% of so-called “Jews” are not actually Israelites..! <—— FACT !!!

    the circumcision "RITUAL"….requires a little understanding of "History"…,7340,L-4421532,00.html

    as if so-called "Gentiles" bother themselves much with that….

    Memory is essential to identity – so {Talmudic} Judaism insists.

    So-called "Jews" did not come from nowhere; {get the mug shots of the Pharisees & Money Changers}
    nor does the "JEW" story end with present day modern "Jewry".

    So-called "Jews" are allegedly leaves on an ancient tree,
    chapters in a long and still-being-written story,
    a letter in the scroll of the book of the people of the Book….

    seriously THE TALMUD ? or the "BIBLE"…?

    Which Book, and how do Khazar "Proselytes" time travel back to Egypt….in a Time Machine ?

    there were no so-called "Jews" in the Old Testament,

    the Story of the Children of Israel has nothing to do with being

    A "JEW" !! ….. {no one has to believe lies}

    ….. being "Jewish" is like being a SODOMITE !!! …. {only worse}


    This aspect of the law of warfare received its most vivid application following World War II,
    when the "victorious allied powers" conducted show trials of officials of the governments of
    Germany and Japan.
    Officials were prosecuted and convicted for initiating aggressive war, for killing civilians,
    for deporting populations, –

    for indiscriminate destruction of property, –

    and for similar offenses…..of the global "Jewish" agenda…

    The fact that they acted as functionaries of their governments was not deemed to justify their actions.

    Mr. Nakhleh's encyclopedia explores the applicability of these precedents and of this body of law to the policies by which the government of JEWTOPIA = TALMUDIC TERRORISTS/MONEYCHANGERS & PHARISEES
    established itself in Palestine in the 1940s, and to policies it has followed since that time.
    Other governments and the United Nations have frequently taken
    JEWTOPIA to task for violating international law. –

    REALLY ?

    On occasion, they have characterized JEWTOPIA'S actions as war crimes. . . during Saturday Cartoons ?

    There have, however, been no prosecutions of "Israeli officials" = JEWISH TERRORISTS.

    There is no international court that has the "jurisdiction" to try and sentence "JEWISH" persons who
    commit international crimes…..BOOO FFFFING WHO !!!

    The International Court of Justice, located at the Hague, was established to hear cases involving states.

    But it has no jurisdiction to try individuals….especially if they are "Jewish"…

    Since World War II, proposals have been made to create another international court to prosecute individuals for international crimes…..

    AL QUIDA . . . and "Professional Wrestling"….

    or how to make money on the gullible goy…

    First off, Al Quida was created by the JEWISH RUN CIA, at the behest of TALMUDIA/JEWTOPIA,
    in order to create a whack a mole adversary, to be the focus of all the wars they had planned following their commission of the 9/11 treason..

    9/11 was engineered by "JEWISH TERRORIST" dual nationals, who are also neo cons.
    "They" needed someone to take the heat so they created this Al Quida "JEWISH" fantasy.

    Bin Laden flat out denied involvement in 9/11.

    This is how GLOBAL CONTROL INC. has managed to accomplish what it has to this point;

    “The Kabbalah has nothing to do with the teachings of Moses and is a mixture of secret doctrines of Babylon and Egypt, distorted by the so-called "Jew"s in their own way under the influence of their hatred for Jesus Christ.


    • I have to admit that I have watched Duck Dynasty.

      The fact is that I know people exactly like these folks. Look the same. Act the same. Funny, loving, and live life to the fullest.

      I bet many people consider these guys just freaks looking to make a buck (and maybe they are), but the truth is that they do represent the “redneck” that I address here so often.

      They use the word in the same manner as I do, as a term of endearment, instead of negatively.

      And I don’t care what anybody says, Si is funny as hell.


  3. let the sun shine in….in your hearts….and minds.

    MORE ?

    is sunlight really a GOOD disinfectant…?

    Need a SILVER BULLET ?

    didja happen to hear Al Sharpton orate yesterday…?

    But the King holiday demoted George Washington. His birthday was submerged in “Presidents Day,” with the result that the only American honored with a holiday all his own was Martin L. King. Even if you knew nothing about him before you started reading this, the obvious question should erupt from your monitor: Does this man – does any American – deserve to be honored above Washington? The sober question answers itself.,7340,L-4421387,00.html

    But there is much more….

    There are five important aspects of Martin Luther King’s career:

    1) his Communist Party activities;

    2) the violence that always erupted during a King inspired ….”demonstration”

    3) his plagiarism…wow that is a serious charge…RIGHT ?

    4) his sexual pathology…..thanks to the ADL/FBI there are “recordings”…RIGHT ?

    5) his pagan beliefs. Despite the fact that, by now, all this is known,
    the same NEOCON “conservatives” who demean Joe McCarthy continue to
    genuflect at the shrine of Martin Luther King…..

    King was a {Negro} Communist. It’s Very Simple talks about Bayard Rustin, King’s sodomite “secretary,” who spent his entire life in Communist Party activities, and who demanded that “more bloody Negro suffering should be encouraged so that squeamish Northern Negroes would be horrified into line. . . .”

    There was also a man named Hunter Pitts O’Dell, who ran King’s organization. O’Dell was a member of the national committee of the {Jewish} Communist Party. The media of the time kept exposing O’Dell and Mike kept pretending to fire him, but O’Dell later would turn up elsewhere in King’s apparatus.

    one time I was visiting with Eustace Mullins and asked him if he had a copy of

    Mackey’s {Encyclopedia of Freemasonry} when he wrote the Book THE CURSE OF CANAAN…he said no.

    but if he had, the book probably would have been much more jam packed

    with FACTS like Joseph Brandt…

    among other interesting Facts even REDNECKS could wrap their minds around…

    There are two wolves fighting in each man’s heart. One is Love, the other is Hate.

    Which one wins?

    The one you feed the most.


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