Jews Wrong Fans of Modern Popes?

Jews Wrong Fans of Modern Popes?

by DC Dave

jewish cross

Dorothy and Marguerite have been friends since childhood.  Both attended Roman Catholic schools from kindergarten right through college.  For years they agreed on almost everything, but for the past twenty years or so they have begun to drift apart in their thinking.  Dorothy has become particularly concerned with the direction that the Church has taken.  Marguerite, on the other hand, sees no problem…except with Dorothy.  Recently, hoping to straighten her out a little bit, Marguerite sent Dorothy an article from the Los Angeles Times describing the great reception the impending sainthood of Popes John XXIII and John Paul II is receiving in the Jewish community.  What follows is Dorothy’s response, which she has been kind enough to share with me:

The article you sent concerning sainthood for John XXIII and John COV_MH_pope_040805Paul II offers an opportunity for reflection.  The article begins, “As millions of Roman Catholics rejoice in the news that two popes are being fast-tracked to sainthood, many Jews are smiling…”

What is the meaning of the term “Jews?”  In 1999, Henry Grunwald, former editor-in-chief of Time magazine, was discussing Twilight, his book about insights he learned as he was losing his eyesight.

He invited questions and a woman asked if his relationship with God was affected by his blindness.  Grunwald responded dispassionately, “I’m not a believer. I am a Jew.”

His words jolted me.  I was not accustomed to thinking of Jews as atheists.

According to Haaretz, (Israel’s oldest daily newspaper) a Gallup poll found “only 38% of the Jewish population worldwide considered itself religious.”  An estimated 50% of American Jews are atheists.  Reform Rabbi Shewin Wine, an atheist, founded “Humanistic Judaism.”  It is not a contradiction for someone to be a dues paying member of a synagogue and also be an atheist.

What about the religious Jews?  Converts to Judaism renounce the divinity of Christ and may take an oath of allegiance to the Jewish people.  Catholic converts, by contrast as you know, reject Satan and profess the belief that Jesus is the Son of God.

I once asked a Dominican friar and Hebrew scholar if it is true that the Jewish Talmud says Jesus is in hell boiling in excrement and the Blessed Virgin was a whore who became pregnant with Jesus from a Roman soldier?  He said, “Yes, it says those things and worse.”  I asked him why Catholics do not know these things are in the Jewish Talmud.   He responded, “The Jews are very powerful and they can destroy you.”

In the Gospel of John, Chapter 9, a blind man who was cured by Jesus was cast bodily out of the synagogue.

When Jesus heard of his expulsion he sought him out and asked him, “Do you believe in the Son of Man?”  He answered, “Who is he, sir, that I may believe in him?”  “You have seen him,” Jesus replied.  “He is speaking to you now.”  “I do believe, Lord,” he said, and bowed down to worship him.  Then Jesus said:  “I came into this world to divide it, to make the sightless see and the seeing blind.”

Some of the Pharisees around him picked this up, saying, “You are not calling us blind, are you?” To which Jesus replied:  “If you were blind there would be no sin in that, ‘But we see,’ you say, and your sin remains.”

Those who are cast out of the synagogue, Christ takes in.  This Gospel passage reminds me of Henry Grunwald, the blind atheist Jew.

8616It is not necessarily a good thing that atheist Jews and Jews who reject the divinity of Christ are smiling about these popes becoming saints.  Since Vatican II some in the Church claim the Old Covenant is still valid and Jews are saved without accepting Christ.  St. Paul wrote, “I will not treat God’s precious gift as pointless.  If justice is available through the law, then Christ died for no purpose.”  Gal 2:21

Sadly, proselytizing the Jews was discouraged with Vatican II at the same time St. Simon of Trent was removed from the list of saints.  Jews did not like this little saint, but now they are smiling about sainthood for John XXIII and John Paul II.  Is Satan smiling too?  (See John 8:44-59)

If we love the Jewish people, as Christ taught, we would want the good for them.  We would pray that Jews convert to belief in Jesus, the Son of God.

One curiosity in the article was a reference to John XXIII who as Monsignor Roncalli during WW2 allegedly passed out fake baptismal certificates to save Jews from the Holocaust.  How could this be?  The Nazis were racist.  Their Nuremberg laws defined a Jew as anyone with three or more Jewish grandparents.  Baptism did not define who was a Jew for the Nazis.   Baptism did not excuse St. Theresa Benedicta of the Cross from Auschwitz.

We live in an age where rejection of God is tolerated.  Truth is denied and men marry men.  Early Church fathers are called the early anti-Semites.  The Holocaust has assumed the role of the ecumenical religion that everyone, even the atheists, may believe in.  Popes found pleasing to the traditional enemies of Christ are called righteous and are to be made “saints.”

As of this writing Marguerite has not responded.


David Martin

August 27, 2013

See also “The Effrontery of ‘Torino’,” “Roman Catholicism and Zionism are Incompatible,” and “Hate Speech.”


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4 thoughts on “Jews Wrong Fans of Modern Popes?

  1. maybe you could go whole HOG and turn her onto Willie Martins’ site…really give her knickers a twist !

    since most so-called “Catholics” have never actually studied the Old Testament they remain completely
    unaware that there were never any so-called “Jews” in the Old Testament,

    just as there were no Dallas Cowboys
    at the Alamo…

    Most people who “Practice a Religion” do not let facts and TRUTH get in the way of what they choose

    to BELIEVE…..


    Speaking the TRUTH is one of the cornerstones of all morality. It is also a mandate from God .,7340,L-4424413,00.html
    The ONLY “ethnicity” on EARTH which considers the virtue of TRUTH childish nonsense

    are the worlds most prolific liars !!

    JEWS !! –

    Jesus to the “Pharisees & Money Changers”….[ in John 8:44 ] –

    “Ye are of your father -THE DEVIL and the lusts of your father ye will do. He ( your reptilian progenitor) was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the TRUTH because there IS NO TRUTH IN HIM
    (YOUR FATHER – the DEVIL). When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of HIS OWN…
    ( his TALMUDIC OFFSPRING – the so-called ” jews”) for he is a LIAR and the FATHER OF IT.”

    it has come to light in the last century that most so-called “JEWS” are merely “Proselytes”….to

    TALMUDIC JUDAISM and could leave the stool sculpture deity cult compound by simply


    So-called “Jews” cannot be Israel…Israel is a people, a “COMPANY” of Nations [The West/Christendom]

    Izvestia: The Syrian government claims a strong link between TALMUDIA {Israel} and the terrorists. How can you explain this? It is commonly perceived that the extremist Islamists loathe ASHKENAZIM “PROSELYTES” from KHAZARIA who cannot be – ” Israel ” – and become hysterical upon hearing about the beastly KHAZARS.

    Bashar al-Assad: If this was the case, why is it then that when we strike the terrorists at the frontier, “Israel” strikes at our forces to alleviate the pressure from them? Why, when we blockade them into an area does “Israel” let them through their barricades so they can come round and re-attack from another direction? Why has “Israel” carried out direct strikes against the Syrian Army on more than one occasion in recent months? So clearly this perception is inaccurate.

    It is “Israel” who has publically declared its cooperation with these terrorists and treated them in Israeli hospitals.

    If these terrorist groups were indeed hostile to “Israel” and hysterical even on the mention of the word as you mention, why have they fought the Soviet Union, Syria and Egypt, whilst never carrying out a single strike against the TERRORISTS who are ZIONISTS in “Israel”…????

    Who originally created these terrorist groups?
    These groups were initially created in the early 80’s by the Zionist Hijacked United States and the West,
    with Saudi funding, to fight the Soviet Union in Afghanistan…..

    So logically speaking, how could such groups manufactured by the ZOG US and the West ever strike “Israel”…..???!!!!


  2. more…?

    what would ODED WEINER SAY ?

    Hate Speech
    Instead of the way we all learned it, “BC,”
    Ancient times are now to be called “BCE.”
    The difference between them is easy to see:
    One requires just two letters; the other needs three.
    Likewise the period beginning “AD”
    Should now be designated “CE.”
    What feckless denial and futility!
    The time line still starts with Our Savior, “JC.”
    DC Dave
    As talk of an imminent ZOG U.S. or coalition strike against Syria gains momentum, a number of issues, such as exit strategies and retaliation contingencies need to be addressed.
    With prolonged wars winding down in Iraq and Afghanistan and seemingly never-ending sectarian violence in the Arab and Muslim worlds, the United States clearly has no interest or stomach for an entanglement in yet another Arab sectarian conflict.

    Nevertheless, the President drew his line in the sand and that line has been crossed.
    Inaction by the ZOG U.S. would severely undermine the {Dig this Chutzpah} “credibility” of the Zionist Hijacked United States and rogue nations such as North Korea and Iran will be emboldened by Western indecisiveness,
    much in the same way as Hitler was emboldened by Western enfeebled responses to Nazi aggression during the years preceding World War II.

    Despite the combative talk from France and Britain concerning the need to punish those who act outside “Jewish”
    contrived “societal norms”, the chances of them acting alone without the BANKRUPT ZOG U.S. taking the lead are nil. Unlike Libya where NATO took the lead, Syrian air defenses are formidable and the Syrians have powerful backers. –
    For all their tough talk, France and Britain are incapable going it alone.

    That leaves the United States….of braindeadgoy “Jew” worshippers….PISSIN IN THE WIND


  3. Fatima Center head Gruner, interviewed August 23 about the Paul speech by the conservative Washington Free Beacon, denied that he or his organization are anti-Semitic and intend to modify the “Jewish” state of mind by telling the Truth in PUBLICK.

    He went on to question the term “Holocaust denial,” asking, “Are we talking about the six million Jews that are alleged to been killed by Hitler?”

    “A question that nobody has been able to answer for me, is how can you have six million die, and have 13 million left, when you only had 13 million to start with?”
    Gruner mocking the crack whore reporter with simple math, retorted.

    “I think it’s impossible. But you know, I’m open-minded.
    I’ll listen to somebody who can prove the math, even if they are “Jewish”.”

    A spokeswoman for the Fatima Center, Coralie Graham, denied to the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. that the organization was anti-Semitic, saying it was the victim of a “smear campaign.”

    Other speakers scheduled at the conference include several individuals profiled by the paragons
    of public pretense the ” SPLC ” … as leaders of the radical traditionalist movement of rabid raw boned
    anti-Semitism dating back to Spain during Ferdinand

    Among them:

    Read more:


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