Who Is Going To Stop Them?


Its all I can do just to stay above the water line financially. I went 2.5 years unemployed (not by my own desire), looking very hard for a “job”, after owning my own business for a decade (and many years making very good money). After a very long, difficult, unsuccessful search, I received a call from a Personnel Manager at a company out of the blue (he found me at Career Builder). This was a person who saw my circumstance and I assume felt he knew he could get me on the cheap.

And of course, he could (and did). I was desperate in many ways. I am over 50 and have a child in elementary school. I want my daughter to be secure and happy. I want her to have access to sound education. I want her to have a chance to succeed at anything her heart desires and leads her to pursue. But I would be lying to myself if I said she had remotely the same chance I had at her age. It simply is not the same anymore.

You know it. I know it. Most people know it (albeit, they may not really understand how far gone this country really is). Most people know something is very wrong, but the vast majority cannot understand how it came to be.

Like many of those same people, it has all been stripped from me and my family, but I did find a “job” which pays 1/2 (or less) of what I made. As a matter of fact, I make less money now than I did when I started in automation sales way back in 1989. (And, truthfully, not bragging, I am pretty good at what I do.) I’m worth more than what I was paid when I was a green horn, anyway. (Surely?) Especially now that it costs near twice as much to function in life as it did back then.

I am on the road 4 days per week on average and too tired to post much here, except maybe a quick video or maybe some guest posts (depending on the length and amount of additional work needed to get it published). I am spending a considerable amount of time away from my family, as well.


I’m not totally bitching. I know many people that STILL have no job whatsoever and can’t get a decent one, for there are very few left, especially in the south USA (and from what I recently saw in Ohio, there, as well). Even the MSM is having to highlight some of the poverty in cities and elsewhere. Crime is rampant and many of the places I travel are not really safe places to be.

The new jobs report is a farce and most that are generated are low paying service sector jobs. Most are part time with few benefits. And to top that off, most are being filled by immigrants (legal and illegal). These people, fresh from some god-forsaken country much like where we are headed in America, still have it worse than most of us. So they relish the improvement.

But what does this do to the American quality of life and standard of living?

I contend that it does exactly what the powers that be want it to do: bring us down to the same level that third world countries on the move up are at.

The most ignorant people will simply say, “Well this is just a boom/bust cycle like we always experience. Be thankful you have a ‘job’, at all“. These ignorant people are the ones who have yet to feel the real hurt from the calculated, orchestrated, and implemented plan of world domination or are the gullible, MSM-fed fools who would rather believe the TV than their own pocketbook.

You see, the goal is to bring the world to a serfdom level. All of it. They want peons like me to have the same as the peons in China (or wherever). These powers, organized and led by corrupt, Khazarian infiltrated Jewry, have decided its time they want even more. Its time for the 2% (.2% if you consider their numbers in the world) to realize their self-appointed reign over the rest of us cattle.

And who is going to stop them?

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9 thoughts on “Who Is Going To Stop Them?

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  2. As soon as I can afford a digital camera, I’m going to do a photo blog of the shuttered plants and factories in this town that closed as a result of that free trade BS.

    Parts of this city are starting to look like a ghost town and the ‘Good Ol’ Days’ ain’t coming back, not as long as we keep letting the FED choke us to death with their toxic debt-based currency and we let a foreign power, Israel, dictate our policies overseas that immensely benefits Israel, but is destroying the USA.


  3. It aint looking good. And your right…this free trade crap is ruining us, right along with the cancerous greed that fills the hearts minds and souls of too many in this country.

    Who will stop them? My hope is that when things get so bad, not only here in the states, but around the world, people will open their eyes and see that it is governments, and those who truly run them ,that are the problem.

    I keep getting email from various political groups stating that they must stop the grid lock in Washington and the possible coming government shut down. They say this shut down would “hurt the American family”

    Really? I say let the government shut down, shut it down for good long time and let the people see that life goes on without an overly burdensome government hang over your should with it hands in your pockets.

    Let people see government is the problem.


  4. Americans should redefine Government…


    more along the lines of the original intent of the

    First 10 Amendments to the Constitution…


    and declare open Season on Malicious Idiots,


    “Jew” worshippers


    & Talmudic Terrorists….regardless of gender confusion issues


    The first Jewish Congresswoman ever elected from Florida, Rep. Wasserman Schultz
    introduced a resolution,
    which passed the House of Representatives and called on the President to declare an
    annual Jewish American Heritage Month.


    The President subsequently did so, with the inaugural month in May, 2006.

    Since then, Presidents have proclaimed Jewish American Heritage Month

    annually….sometimes…bi-monthly….depending on their CRACK HABIT


  5. HI again,
    I wrote to you a long time ago about something and have since lost touch. You commented on my article at my site below regarding the “official” Holocaust figures from BestGore.com. I clicked on your name and came here. I’ll be linking your site to mine and will keep in touch.

    Congrats on the job and anything you want posted on my site just contact me.



  6. Years ago (during Clinton’s first term, I think) I listened to a radio show called “For the People” hosted by Chuck Harder in White Springs, FL. He was the only person I knew of at the time who was “outing” the true intent of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) of which NAFTA was a part. It would be YEARS before what Harder was revealing ever made it into the MSM. He said that the true purpose of GATT and NAFTA was to level income and quality of life between Americans and people living in less developed countries. To do this, American wages and qualtiy of life would have to fall, and in less developed countries both would have to rise. The trade agreements, GATT and NAFTA, were written by international corporate lawyers and were designed to export American jobs and import quotas of third world immigrants to create the new, more “fair” global economy. This was supposed to usher in a global two class system: a handful of elites at the top who would rule absolutely everyone else, who would all be in one lower class. People laughed at Harder back then, and called him a conspiracy nut job. Many of them no longer are laughing, but they still cannot accept that what has happened to us has all been by design. That shift in awareness and understanding is a painful one, all the more so now because, barring divine intervention, it is a done deal.


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