Forcing The Fed’s Hand


Anyone who reads here should know that I am a cannabis legalization supporter. It is ludicrous that people serve jail time and have their lives ruined over a plant. It is crazy that so much money has gone into placing such a miracle drug with the list of Schedule One drugs, with the intent of keeping researchers from truly understanding the value of this medicine and demonizing it to the point that everyone believes it is the Devil’s Weed.

I have discussed time and time again where this comes from and the main issue is money.



Medicine (chemical) manufacturers don’t want something that truly cures a person’s conditions. They don’t want the competition. The private Prison Industry obviously has a lot of money to lose. Gasoline folks fight it, because if weed is legalized, so must hemp be legalized and it is one of the best biofuel sources.




Food manufacturers like Monsanto don’t want another easy to grow food source. Tree farmers and many paper manufacturers fight its legalization. Illegal drug growers don’t want the competition. Politicians who benefit from the lobby efforts of all the above know better, but still play the game instead of educating their constituents.




Of course, there are many, many more anti-cannabis folks out there. Quite a few are ideologically driven because the life-long brainwashing has succeeded. But in the majority of cases, what would be the main motivation?



And of all the drug warriors benefiting financially by cannabis criminalization, who do you think wants to fight the legalization more than anyone? Obama and his administration?






If you read that letter, you would immediately see that they use the same old tired lies we are always told. Gateway drug, suicide cause, bad drivers, etc.




In each and every case, those claims have been shown to be a bunch of tired lies and obfuscation.

It is crazy. Innocent people are attacked by military armed thugs, even over mere rumors of its presence:

They burst through the gate, handcuffed the terrified residents, and held them at gunpoint while the agents executed the raid’s mission.

Which was what, exactly? “The purpose was to improve the quality of life [and] to resolve life safety issues within neighborhoods,” a spokeswoman for the city said.

It seems there had been complaints about marijuana being grown and about the place being unkempt.

So, what did the derring-do raiders achieve? They captured 17 blackberry bushes, 15 okra plants, 14 tomatillo plants, some native grasses, and all the sunflowers. Then they whacked down Shellie’s sweet potato patch with a Weed-Eater and seized the farm’s compost, along with some wooden pallets, old tires, and furniture.

Did you notice what they didn’t find? Marijuana plants. Nor any other illegal products.

– See more at:

These criminals with badges will do whatever they can to save the tax money they receive to militarize themselves and the power that comes with the lies involving this weed. You see, this miracle plant makes them LOTS and LOTS of money via Federal grants and forfeiture/seizure laws. It keeps them in a job… an easier job. Why? Because arresting and terrorizing pot heads and medical users is far easier than investigating/solving violent crimes, of which they only solve about 20%. And there ain’t no money in those crimes, but there is bunches of money in weed crimes.

Bill Piper the director of national affairs for the Drug Policy Alliance appears on CNN to speak about the historic breakthrough in the struggle to end marijuana prohibition. Yesterday Attorney General Eric Holder informed the governors of Washington and Colorado that the Department of Justice will allow the states to implement their ballot initiatives that legalized the production, distribution, and sale of marijuana for adults.

It’s all ridiculous, anyway. $Billions, if not $Trillions have been spent. $Billions have been seized from people. People have been terrorized and even murdered by these criminal thugs with badges (quite a few innocent and a victim of the cops attacking the wrong address). Then, if somehow, some miracle happens and a cop is held accountable for the criminality, YOUR tax dollar (or seized funds) fights the case in court, and pays out if necessary (many times with the criminal cop keeping his job). More often than not, there is a coverup and lies for each other.

There is a good alternative to you all losing your jobs when it is finally legal nationwide. How about you start investigating and SWAT teaming the hedge fund managers, major bank officers, the Obama/Bush Administrations for war crimes, the real perpetrators of 911, etc.

Well, I’m sorry. Its time sanity prevail. I don’t think the public could be any more vocal about the change that is needed.




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4 thoughts on “Forcing The Fed’s Hand

  1. Every once in a while in the fight to end these lies, you would here the thud of a brick falling from the drug war wall. Sometimes a few thuds. Lately there have been entire sections of wall coming down.

    Its time we all stop being just another brick in their wall..whether it is the drug war , taxation to the point of poverty,lies ,corruption…..the wall must come down !

    America! Tear down this WALL !


  2. there is no upside to “Jew” worshipping… –

    there is no bottom to the PIT…. –

    the best offer “THEY” have is…. –


    18 of the 19 ALLEGED perpetrators [TERRORISTS] of 11-SEP-2001

    (some who were illegal aliens and/or had violated several immigration laws),

    possessed 13 state-issued drivers’ licenses and/or 21 ID cards ,
    and all 19 “hijackers” [KOL NIDRE] had obtained Social Security numbers ….
    really…”Jews” are Israel…?

    The terrorists very simply tapped into an enormous market for fraudulent –
    documents that exists because tens of millions of – – illegal aliens have successfully breached our borders and now reside here illegally – – spawning widespread document and identity fraud and crime that threatens our ability to distinguish illegal aliens from confirmed “JEW” worshipping U.S. citizens and legal foreign residents;,7340,L-4424828,00.html
    and giving rise to the fastest growing crime in America: identity theft.
    All for profits , votes , and misplaced …… compassion.

    5 of the 19 hijackers of 11-SEP-2001 were really illegal aliens,
    and had violated federal immigration laws while they were in the JEW worshipping “United States”…..

    And amazingly, in the months before 11-SEP-2001,

    4 of those PRETEND “terrorists” were stopped by local police for speeding. . . .
    Those 4 illegal aliens could have been arrested, “convicted”, and deported,
    if only the police officers had realized that they were illegal aliens….

    And 14 of the 19 “hijackers” were also on the ADL/FBI’s Terror Watch List


  3. We could save immense swaths of forest by using hemp instead of wood. And hemp doesn’t take huge amounts of fertilizer like corn and soybeans, and it can be grown on ground that has been worn out by poor framing practices.

    But that makes too much sense.


  4. it’s raining…

    it’s cool.

    let a smile be your umbrella…..

    there are a lot more Muslims on Earth than there are “Jews”…..

    THANK GOD !!

    we are transceivers…..transducers….even

    As our body cells lose their physical impurities, and our astral bodies lose their astral impurities

    (described elsewhere variously as ‘karmic miasmic distortions’, ‘morphogenetic field distortions’),

    our mitochondria become better batteries –

    better transmitters of energy, and capable of storing photonic energy for longer….stronger

    VIBRATIONS…like the little boy on the first day of school in the Harry Chapin song

    FLOWERS ARE RED….who still had his spirit {IMAGINATION} undefiled by that TRAMP called

    a TEACHER [Conformist Artist]…..

    Faith, Hope & Love…..


    this BUDS for you…BMAN

    Labor in Love of Truth… a redneck should.


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