B’Man’s Piece of Shit Watch: YouTube’s Tribe Protection Team

How One Knows That Their Work Is Illuminating The Tribe’s Mendacity

I received a comment from a viewer on my Youtube channel over the weekend, warning me that a Facebook page had been established by the tribe with the intent of shutting down my YT channel. This happens periodically and I didn’t bother noting the FB address. And maybe its a coincidence that the Jew loving slut, no slappz (a skank that has tried to post here from early on), has been trying to post derogatory comments on this blog.

The YT claim is that the video was “inappropriate”, but the truth is that the video simply highlights the tribe’s criminally atrocious behaviors throughout history.

However, Jew Tube has a sneaking way of taking stuff down, like they don’t use any detail in the claim. Just broad-stroked and makes it easy to get rid of videos/channels that go a bit too far in illuminating their criminality.

Here’s what I got:


Now I cannot access my channel for two weeks and since this is the second “offense”, I am in jeopardy of losing all of the work. Thankfully I saved all the videos locally and could re-up to a different channel or platform, should I feel the need. As a matter of fact, I could purchase video upgrade capabilities ($60/year) for the WordPress platform, but it doesn’t get the visibility that YT gets. I wouldn’t touch TruTube and the criminally insane Delaney with a 12 foot pole, so don’t bother suggesting it.

If I ever did a video of your work and you want to save it, you might want to download it to your machine.

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7 thoughts on “B’Man’s Piece of Shit Watch: YouTube’s Tribe Protection Team

  1. Al Quida or Al Qaeda…?

    how did Al Quida go from the think tanks…to the Mujahadeen…Hezbollah, Hamas


    Al Nusra…Black September…is it truly a global “Jewish” or Muslim conspiracy aided and abetted

    by so-called “Christain Zionists”….http://adask.wordpress.com/2013/09/05/fire-wars/

    Al Qaeda is the name of a Muslim guerrilla organization that was allegedly created by Osama bin Laden
    and was accused of being responsible for the 9/11 attacks in A.D. 2001 that killed over 3,000 Americans….


    couple of years ago during a visit to a film library @ J. Gentry’s, I came across a John Birch Society film

    about “Terrorism”…G. Edward Griffin calls an “incident” covered in the film an act of “Palestinian”



    as if the Zionist so-called “Jews” are EXEMPT from the charge ….based on alleged covenant the Almighty has with Khazar Proselytes to Talmudic Judaism calling themselves ….”JEWS”.


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