The Miracle Man Known As Steve Silva

It appears that some acting troupe has immediate access to the MSM when events like 911 and the Boston Bombing happen. Everyone knows the Harley Guy and his obvious plant to spread the official lie regarding 911. People have seen the Jewess interviewed at two different locations surrounding the Boston Bombing event (and it appears she was also involved in the Sandy Hook false flag).

But what about Steve Silva? How miraculous is it that he would be a prime “witness” to 911 AND also to the Boston Bombing?

Let’s see. Do the math.

One person out of 350,000,000 and he was a key witness to both events?

If you believe that, I have a dirty pair of Marilyn Monroe’s panties to sell you.

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4 thoughts on “The Miracle Man Known As Steve Silva

  1. just kidding…

    things seem so surreal….

    deep background…{back in the 80’s} @ NUTS that’s North Univ. Texas State…….
    @ the rock bottom lounge…{Met Paul Rodriguez there} “Hispanic Awareness”
    there was a guy who had
    DALI prints…for sale, even.

    anyway…the COKE was from MENA…..

    that’s in Arkansas

    is Yiddish Theatre good for children…

    even if it is just on Talmud Vision ?

    What was the American tradition ? {how did red necks get here?} Quack Quack …

    According to Pound:

    “The determination of our forbears to set up and maintain in the North American continent
    a government better than any other”…..

    that kol nidre thing…I mean really,

    musical chairs in the synagogue …

    and “They” pay for that ?

    mazel tov


  2. Head of the 9/11 commission AND the Warren commission?

    Arlen (oy vey) Specter (Spectre as in James Bond).

    Oh those rascally menches….may they all burn.


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