Why Libertarianism is a Big FAIL

I never understood exactly why I could not embrace Libertarianism; I mean besides the fact that most have no clue how reality works in this world. I call them Baby Eaters because they really don’t give a damn about poor folks and seem to be waiting until the babies start dying for their next meal. Nevermind that the Libertarian darling, Ron Paul, sold a bill of goods during his feigned election attempt (more like appeasement of a movement).

Besides that, it just seems that every where I turned I saw another Jew ram-rodding the movement.

And the fact is that if a Jew is leading a movement, some unscrupulous shit is about to take place.

The reason Libertarianism will never be beneficial for this country, but only for increased Jewish control:

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7 thoughts on “Why Libertarianism is a Big FAIL

  1. I don’t believe in labelling people with ‘isms. That’s kind of perpetuating the gop-dem agenda. But if they want to do it to themselves , that’s fine. Just another quote of a tribe member:

    “Oh, for an honest Libertarian who would say ‘Yes, in Libertopia we’d have rampant quackery, organ-seizure, baby-selling, slavery in all but name – but that’s freedom!’ ” Seth Finkelstein, who seems to be a controversial figure on the net.



  2. eventually each individual must confront the ISSUE….

    what is it SPECIFICALLY {LASER BEAM} that makes a “JEW” well….so “JEWISH”…?

    evidently this issue is very difficult for most beaindeadgoy “JEW” worshippers…

    and so-called “Jews”…..

    is it just myopia or a complete unwillingness to put historical accurate facts

    in chronological order…one wonders.

    consider this….

    I am proud to lead American Jewish World Service, an international development and human rights organization that supports MBBCDS and hundreds of other groups in Africa, Asia and Latin America that work tirelessly for the dignity and justice of women and girls….{who owns the abortion clinics in America?}

    Surely we do not need the stories of Sarah, Hagar and Hannah to focus our attention on
    21st-century problems of gender-based violence, sexual assault and child marriage;
    headlines suffice…..http://www.drudgereport.com/….in the for what it is worth dept…
    But during this season of new beginnings —
    a time for returning to our truest, most compassionate selves — {Chutzpah}


    let’s revisit the stories of biblical women to reawaken our empathy and ignite our
    sense of accountability for women and girls around the world today…..let’s pretend ..OKAY !

    {curiously no so-called “Jews” are actually in the Old Testament speaking YIDDISH and being “JEWISH”}

    Read more: about the law of diminishing returns…


    This leads us to ponder the most existential of questions:
    Why are we here? http://www.timesdispatch.com/news/local/crime/year-old-dinwiddie-man-beaten-to-death/article_dbb76396-14e2-11e3-a83e-001a4bcf6878.html
    What is our purpose? http://www.public-action.com/SkyWriter/WacoMuseum/death/map/d_list00.html
    And – each in his/her own personal way – are we making the most of our allotted time in this world?
    It is to be expected that the commandments of the day will help us on this crucial existential journey.


    The introductory verse to this commentary defines a commandment unique to Rosh Hashana:
    On this day we must sound the shofar, the ram’s horn,
    and it is to be the broken, staccato sound of the horn, the terua.

    The Talmud defines this sound as either three sighs (shevarim), nine sobs (terua) or a combination of the two.


    Queen Noor has a post on the Miley Cyrus gag a maggot episode….the most recent in a long line of
    incidents and accidents preplanned to mock and blaspheme the BRAINDEAGOY…who are actually
    ISRAELITES…”White People”…who should want to know the TRUTH, and should WANT TO DO WHAT IS RIGHT
    but are too busy being STOOOOOPID and “JEW” worshipping out the KAZOOO to find out
    WHY….why keep doing the same stupid THING day in and DAY out to serve and worship a “JEWISH”
    DUNG “god”…. ….in the stool sculpture deity cult compound….
    and that is what libertarianism is….”JEW” worshipping….
    day in day out…http://www.dailykos.com/story/2013/09/04/1236240/-Shana-Tova-Happy-New-Year#


  3. Yeah, if only everyone were as smart as the Libertarians are we could have a Libertarian version of Jew rule. A decade of truthing confirms that most people are followers rather than independent thinkers. Makes a nice dead end/blind alley for election time though.

    Dave Martin did a fine job taking a look under Romp All’s Libertarian Party dress. Ron Paul’s CPAC and Virginia Cop-outs – http://dcdave.com/article5/120314.htm


  4. sometimes words can be confusing…and sometimes images may seem a little fuzzy


    the details get blurred or distorted….maybe it’s intentional


    the unwillingness to confront the confusion of muddleheaded “JEW” worshipping…24/7


    Ron Paul defends speaking in front of….‘Anti-Semites’…mean UGLY “JEW” haters….REAL ANTI-SEMITES


    ever wonder where all the STEEL from the WTC TOWERS went….
    talk about a forensic accountants

    WET DREAM…http://www.star-telegram.com/2013/09/04/5132132/9-11-steel-beams-move-into-fort.html

    HOLY RACISM….BMAN……http://www.realjewnews.com/?p=846….somebody will probably START a NEW



    • Hey,

      Long time…

      I don’t think that religion is what they were changing. To me, the crypto Jew has very little to do with religion. As a matter of fact, of the few Jews I know personally, every one insists that they are atheist, but still cling to their jewishness.

      They use the religion aspect as a shield for their debauchery and thievery. The religious aspect gives them forgiveness for how they lie, cheat and steal, by observing Kol Nidre. But it certainly has nothing whatsoever to do with spirituality and/or belief. Its just a get out of jail free card for how they treat goyim.

      BTW: the spam filter kicked you out for some reason.


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