B’Man’s Piece of Shit Watch: YouTube Jews Are So Whiney

I mentioned that some jewish pantywaist contacted YouTube over a video I uploaded from Dr David Duke’s channel (with his permission) and was able to make it such an issue that I received my second warning. When Youtube writes you about this, they don’t specify what, exactly, was offensive. They just disallow the channel’s owner to have access to his channel, or really to do anything about such assaults. They ALWAYS favor the lying Jew scumbag who doesn’t have enough brainpower to discuss the points made in the video (which is why I even allow comments to begin with).

But since I cannot access even the comment section of my videos, I cannot comment or delete or even report abuses. Youtube says that I am locked out for two weeks, unless I receive another complaint, and then it is an automatic deletion of the channel.

You see how that works, right.

No proof. No real discussion. Just subservience to the jew scumbags who see the truth revealing their despicable behavior and they use their influence to shut down the message. And these assholes wonder why we despise their actions?

On this video alone, a jewish scumbag posted these niceties that cannot be deleted or addressed by myself:

Yep I am just sitting in my office thinking of how I can rip off the world BMan. You faggot ass little bitch, I am still praying that your entire family dies of cancer you sick fuck.

Dear Bman,
I am so sorry that your daddy fucked you in the ass when you were a baby and that your mommy is cock sucking crack whore.

It’s because they’re smart and their parents pushed them to do something with their brain and not to be the next left tackle in the NFL you dipshit.

Oh yes Bman, lets “debate” something. I love how you pieces of shit come on the internet wanting making generalizing about an entire race of people but at the same time you want to have an logical debate. Take your debate and shove up t..

I guess I am a worthless lying Jewish scumbag, and what are you going to do about it. Nothing cause you’re a pussy and this Jew would kick the crap out of your little pussy ass.

And that is just a few from a single video. This jewish scumbag is posting on several of the videos because he knows nothing can be done for 2 weeks.

I would relish the opportunity to “debate” him or any other scumbag jew, especially on the subject of Jew money and why they are despised throughout history for their thievery, murder and debauchery. And notice how the scumbag threatens to “kick the crap” out of my “pussy ass”.

Ri-i-i-ght, Jew lite weight. I could slap you down with my foreskin, alone.

The point is that they know how to game the system. They know how to take channels down, not because they are offensive in any manner whatsoever, but because it proves what a tainted tribe of scumbags they really are.

The same scumbag shared some of these ditties and YT does nothing (again, the video is the problem):

You should have seen what I did that vermin you call a mother last night. I grabbed that stupid cunt by her neck and came all over her ugly fucking face. I then took my Jew cock and fucked her in the ass until that cunt bled to death.

You didn’t say anything when I was raping your mom.

The only boy that was raped was when your daddy raped you in the ass while your mommy made Christmas cookies. You know Christmas, its the time you all sit around and worship a Jew.

What facts do you study. The fact that you were conceived when a drunk, homeless man decided to rape your mommy.

Oh I am sure you know lots of Jews. What are you going to say next, that your best friend is a Jew. Well I am a Jew that you have never met. The kind of Jew that likes to sneak up behind you while you sleep and slit your throat and laugh while …

Oh and wouldn’t it be funny if everyone in your family died slowly from cancer

I hope your mom dies of ovarian cancer

It must have been all those evil Jews that stole it. Or no it just fell into your moms asshole.

And this is just a small sampling of what this asshole has been doing on my channel with abandon and no way for me to address it.

It is obvious that the YT channel is the problem, right? That my antisemitism is the issue?

Well, here. You can judge for yourself by viewing the “inappropriate” video (uploaded to another channel) to see if the same video on my channel was offensive to Jews or anyone else. You tell me if your sensibilities are offended.

Yeah. Forgive me for showing you something so “inappropriate”.

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29 thoughts on “B’Man’s Piece of Shit Watch: YouTube Jews Are So Whiney

  1. You’ve got to start turning in these Youtube kikes. I received a strike from Youtube Jew, Gil Seligberger. I knew it was Seligberger because he told me he was going to snitch me off… and he did! The same day I received the strike, I turned in Seligberger and Seligberger received a strike too. It’s easy. All you have to say is that they are racist by calling themselves “chosen”… and they are. I don’t think Youtube really thinks about these cases very much. Anyone who complains results in someone else getting a strike… every time. Start turning their Jew asses in.


    • I am not allowed to comment on any channel, or even lodge a complaint against another YT user. When I log in, all I get is my account page with extremely limited access. I can’t even view ANY of my videos, unless I log out.


      • BMan you are telling too much truth so they are punishing you.

        I hope you don’t mind me posting the following here.


        Tim at HowDareI feels we are being set up to be tricked into war by a false flag.

        Let’s have our own truth media think tank. Here’s my scenario by the PTB to advance the NWO. What’s yours?

        See what you think.

        The zionist porch monkey takes a (fake) dive. A mulatto ‘stand-in’ with blown-off face and Soetoro’s physique is presented to the MSM public as have being blown-up and killed by the Iranian National Guard secret service. Joe (I’m a zionist) Biden takes over, and amid Michelle’s tears for her CIA plant husband (who has actually got bored of the whole being a strait president shtick – and left the US permanently to his gay lover in Patagonia), vows to avenge Soetoro’s faked assassination by crushing Syria, Iran, Hezbollah, and also Russia and China if they get in the way.

        Probably too far out. But Tim is right, the consensus being created by the MSM AGAINST the attack on Syria seems too good to be true.

        So it probably is.

        The ultimate of all-in false-flags by the Rothschild proxies seems imminent.


        • Tim does some good stuff, but I don’t seem to get along with him for some reason. I assume its my personality failure.

          In this case, nothing in Tim’s scenario would surprise me.

          I take the view that if one believes 180 degrees different than what the MSM tells us, we are safer. If they are trying to form the citizenry’s mindset, then do the opposite to be safe. If they are saying that they are against war, then something is amiss. They are hiding something or have some other more acceptable solution in mind.

          As for your scenario, why not?

          However, I believe that IF such a thing begins, especially involving China and/or Russia, the USA will end. And maybe, just maybe, that’s the goal.


  2. Damn, Bman, I thought I knew how to cuss, but I’m a wimp compared to that fuck-face that’s dogging you.

    Such hatred coming from a ‘Chosen’ one. Chosen to do what, promote hatred of us GOYIM?


  3. Noted here is the first step as the assassination of John Kennedy- whose father was rather critical of Jewish owned Wall Street- and the Jewish Bolsheviks, the principal reason why he sided with the Germans prior to WWII and why the Jewish establishment refers to Joseph Kennedy as a rabid “anti-semite”. Let’s not even get into the deconstruction of that fraudulently used term. The mid-60’s was also the big push for the extremist Shoa narrative (“the holocaust”) where the antagonism between principally Christian Germany and Jewish Bolshevik Russia resulted in Jewish and others (gypsies, others whom the Germans saw as potential threats to Germany or allies with Jewish Bolshevik Russia) being put into work camps (similar to the camps to which Roosevelt sent Japanese-Americans during WWII). The resulting mass deaths (according to 1948 International Red Cross records approximately 200 thousand individuals) from typhus, nutritional deficiencies and other diseases which occurred as a consequence of the German war machine breakdown as Germany was being defeated (think of something similar to Andersonville in US civil war history- deplorable, but not the horrendously embellished and Soviet inspired/Nuremberg false proven narrative of gas chamber murdering of six million madness that been intentionally infused into the Jewish community and American consciousness for political, propaganda and brain-washing purposes- note the present debate on committing further war crimes against Syria and the liberal reference to the “holocaust” narrative and the “anti-semite” slander by John Kerry and others in order to defuse debate about the advisability of perhaps starting WWIII).
    As a first prong, we have the historically inaccurate and forensically challenged “holocaust” narrative being pushed on the American public through the MSM, and second, we have the “exodus” strategy (that Jews own Israel and all the land that surrounds Israel because it was given to them by their G-d as evidenced by books written by their elders) and that we must provide a home for the Jews in Israel because of the “holocaust” and protect Israel to avoid a second “holocaust” (the invocation of “never again” as a political strategy). The American people, decent enough, extremely politically naive and mostly distracted, did not understand how these political strategies were being used to undermine their country and mostly went along with the propaganda and false narratives. The Jewish community (especially the baby boomers and their children) unfortunately have been completely brainwashed by these false narratives and appear to suffer from Stockholm syndrome as a consequence.
    This was all seemingly non-threatening to Americans until the false flag attacks on September 11, 2001, which ushered in a close partnership between fascist elements in the US government (is there a non-fascist element and if so, where have Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul gone?) and zionist elements (to label them fascist would be redundant), many of them Israeli dual citizens who were placed in various strategically important positions in government, judicial slots and the media so that the truth could be kept from the American people about a whole host of issues, especially the perpetrators of 911. The creation and invocation of the DHS, TSA, the Patriot Act, NDAA and various other components of the security theater sector of the US economy (which grows and grows by invoking various boogie men as false flag after false flag is committed and as small business, entrepreneurship and private sector employment which led this country to greatness plummet in response) completely benefits the criminal partnership.
    The PNAC strategy (to destabilize a number of middle eastern governments which became increasingly hostile to US and Israeli interests) finds itself exposed and in increasing political jeopardy with the American people with the attempt to attack Syria using what appear to be false flag chemical attacks by so called rebels as justification to attack the Assad regime.
    Those who are involved in criminal acts will protect their interests. Those who are part of the conspiracy against the American people and who rely on false narratives will stifle debate. Those narratives are collapsing anyway and the truth has become the victim. Censorship must be their strategy as their narratives belie their motives and the reality of their histories.


  4. Here is a video which shows the horrendous brainwashing which has occurred in the Jewish community and in general because of the need by some at the upper end of that community to have their sheep completely brainwashed to support what is otherwise unfathomable.
    It is a rather sad, but crucial commentary on the thought process which pervades a group which provides principal support for the Syrian attack and the risk of WWIII. Note that early next week some 250 influential Jews and of course, the American Israeli political action committee (AIPAC), an unregistered foreign lobbying group, will be heavily lobbying Congress to approve a military attack against Syria, which is not approved by the UN. Place all of this madness in context, but note the strategy.


  5. All that matters B’Man is you have our overwhelming support. You are on the right side. These parasites are feeling the heat now, because for the first time in history the whole world is against them – not just one country at a time. You’re one of the good guys and we’ve damn glad you’re on our team.


  6. B’Man, I’m sorry you got jew’ed over there on jewtube. Your jewtube page is still up. I read a bunch of kikey komments on that money system vid you did. The yids really hated that one. Great job! Simply – and to the point.



    • Hi Pat,

      Thanks for the commentary and support.

      I’m still locked out of my channel (or even viewing other channels while logged in). I can’t even comment or rate other videos.

      Of course this means I struck a nerve, but it also means that Jews DO control YT (if anyone ever doubted it before).

      My option is to upgrade the video functionality that WordPress provides, but there would be little visibility of the videos. At least WordPress never banned or deleted anything I ever put here.


      • B’Man, yeah – I understand your position. We need to find a better solution. However, I would not recommend using trutube because of delaney’s criminal insanity. There is something very wrong with that person. Additionally, he is a thief.

        You’re doing a great job. I’d love to speak with you sometime. I’m sure we’d share a few laughs.

        Keep up the great work.



  7. Bman, best exemplar of their utter bankruptcy in the face of the facts I’ve seen yet! Kudos for your Jewdo. Also very pleased to know you’ve got your foreskin. Foreskin reparations will cost them every stolen penny.


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