It Would Be Beneath Me

“Honestly, sir, when you say we are guilty of treason, uhhh, that is something that I can’t dignify with a response. I can’t… I can’t, uhhh, I can’t respond to a charge like that because…


Gramps must be shitting himself to hear so much rebellion to his lunacy. I say that the dude was correct and that each and every current congressperson and/or administration personnel should immediately be arrested and charged with treason. Then each and every one should be summarily hung from their neck until dead and bloated.

And that’s just a start.

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5 thoughts on “It Would Be Beneath Me

  1. McCain said: “…nobody’s preventing [you from running for office] even in this treasonous country…” Huh? Treasonous country? That was the most glaring idiocy in McCain’s totally idiotic response. The man accused McCain, not America, of treason. And rightly so.

    Watching McCain try to deflect attention and trying to play the wounded innocent, I saw a man lacking self-respect, intelligence and character. I saw a badly beaten, sold out coward serving his master and displaying his compensatory overblown ego — a one-size-fits-all, NWO ego. Obama has one just like it.

    McCain doesn’t hear us because he CAN’T hear anyone except his handlers. Maybe he’s suffering from Stockholm syndrome. Or maybe he’s fitted with a remote controlled explosive Rolex in case he departs from the NWO-approved script. Or maybe it’s just because we are so far beneath him.


  2. McCain, Miss Lindsay Graham, Pelosi, Feinstein, Obama, Kerry, Biden, and on and on, all commit treason on a daily basis and they all look like they are completely insane. Great article, spot on.


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