These brave, magnificent, bastards have your back in the times needed the most.


The Central Conference of American Rabbis at the 117th Annual Conference, held in New York City on June 26, 1937, declared for Exemption of Jews from military service in accordance with the highest interpretation of Judaism.”

Our Talmud tells us “When you go to war, do not go as the first but as the last, so that you may return as the first.”

Why should we, the only truly international people, be concerned with the mutaole interests of stupid Goyim nations? ‘We must do everything in our power to help the great president who has helped us so greatly in establishing control. Support the draft law when it is presented to the American people. Support England and France, for they are fighting Judah’s greatest enemy, the Goyim German State.

You are urged to support United States participation in this Holy war of Judah, without reservation and without fear.  We can repeat our triumphs of 1918 if we maintain our united front and the dumb goyim will fight while we profit, with the aid of our friend in Wa.shington.

Powerful Jews will be on all Draft Boards, and Jewish physicians will protect you from military service. Arrangements are already made to exempt you, in case religious exemption cannot be prepared in time.  You are warned to renounce, abjure, repudiate and deny any of this information if questioned by Gentiles, even under oath, as outlined in the Talmud and justified for the preservation of our race.

The Central Committee

FBI, Cleveland, Ohio, File 62-0, October 13, 1943, Declassified July 11, 1989, letter from Charles M. Scott, Informant, a circular letter containing alleged Semitic propaganda, Scott received a copy of the document in her capacity as a stenographer for Fisher Cleveland Air Craft Division, General Motors Corporation, Plant #2. Her supervisor had her make a copy of it and Scott submitted it to the FBI, the letter of explanation was signed by Leland V. Boardman, the Special Agent in Charge.

And its still the same today.

Some even suggest that they aren’t only a threat against bungholes and sore throats, but world peace, as well.

From tom, via DeAnna Spingola’s research.

A big h/t to Greg at The Goon Squad.

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  1. Sounds like chicken swinging time again!

    It’s important history like this that the Jew wants to keep hidden from us GOYIM, that needs to be protected by the ADL and other world Jewry organizations.

    If American bombs start falling on Syria, they’ll be laughing in Tel Aviv for having tricked the Americans into fighting another war for ‘Das Juden.’


  2. here’s a LOAD….



    in the stool sculpture deity cult compound called


    Talmudia ….that – http://www.israelect.com/reference/Willie-Martin/

    cannot be “Israel” because Israel is a people – 12 Tribes –


    A COMPANY OF NATIONS {Ist World Nations} that
    cannot be “JEWISH” …
    TALMUDIA has allegedly ranked 11th out of 156 countries
    in the second annual World Happiness Report by the FACE PLANT Earth Institute
    of Columbia University in Jew York….”CITY” !!!


    where curiously the 9/11
    FALSE FLAG “JEWISH” terrorist MASS MURDER of 3,000 people occurred in 2001….


    on “JEWISH” TALMUDVISION….with scripted Narratives…
    blaming “AL QUIDA & OBL” ..LOL !!!
    Although, Israelite NATIONS ….Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, Holland and Sweden made the top five;
    Allegedly TALMUDIA ranked higher than the Zionist Hijacked JUnited States …
    and blew away the competition for the happiest nation in the Middle East region…..
    is that some CHUTZPAH….or what ?


    As seen from parts of South America, the moon actually passed in front of Venus.


    Astronomers call this kind of event an occultation. . . .



    Crístian Rubert captured this photo from Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil,


    shortly before the occultation began….



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