B’Man’s Marijuana Watch: Will Sanity Reign In The Senate Today?


It looks like the Senate Judiciary Committee will meet and discuss weed.

Not if Insane McCain has anything to do with it.

What’s that? He said WHAT?

“Maybe we should legalize [marijuana]. We’re certainly moving that way as far as marijuana is concerned. I respect the will of the people.”

Yeah. Right. Something tells me that his aversion to every other issue regarding the will of the people displays some sort of lie on this issue. Or maybe the old geezer tokes?

Naw. He is too high strung and idiotic.

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3 thoughts on “B’Man’s Marijuana Watch: Will Sanity Reign In The Senate Today?

  1. it’s a mad mad mad mad world….


    Pine Bluff police used unsuccessful RAP ebonic negotiations, tear gas and a distraction device on Saturday
    afternoon before shooting and killing a 107-year-old man who continued to shoot at them….


    According to so-called “Police” front man ….Lt. David Price


    the incident began at approximately 4:25 p.m. when so-called “police” were called

    to a reported disturbance at the house….


    if any common sense was involved,


    the “POLICE” should have to smoke {INHALE} 2 BONG HITS of SKUNK WEED


    before they go out on PATROL….


  2. So what’s the demographic that uses drugs? You and I both know. Also, isn’t it better for the controllers if you’re drugged up? It sure it. That is a “gateway” drug….to other more powerful, even more destructive drugs. Mind altering substances are not ok.


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