Mangez Moi

Weird as it may sound, I took a French class in the 10th grade. Several of us decided to follow the prettiest girls (and teacher) for an elective class. I took that class for about 8 months and all I remember is how to count to 10, a few general words and one phrase that I will never forget…

Mangez Moi.

(Roughly meaning “eat me”)

Of course, we found it funny to pronounce it “manger moi“, with moi being long and drawn out (mo-eeeeee) in a heavy Ernest Angley-eze.

We never seemed to tire of saying it…




So, when Digger posted the video below, I knew I had to share it.

Manger Moi, Rednecks!

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6 thoughts on “Mangez Moi

  1. This blog does not contain any content which might present a conflict of interest…

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    fortunately for the “Jews” they have a bumper crop of
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    The “Jews” behind the “price tag” attacks will produce “the next Yigal Amir”
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    “These guys will be the next Jewish Underground if the peace process turns
    into something that involves giving up territories. We should act before they
    blow up their next church,” he hissed “Jewishly” flicking his forked toungue wildly.



  2. and if that ain’t redneck enough….

    There’s a strain of marijuana named after Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning and gribble brained
    morons aren’t happy about it…and are planning on repeating anti-Semitic slurs
    for two hours during the game today.

    CBS4 Investigator Rick Sallinger found the highly exotic strain of special effects hemp being sold in medical marijuana dispensaries in the Denver area…where “Jews” are not allowed…
    wearing any “Jewish” symbols or with that whiny NY whine some so-called “Jews” have…

    Friday’s discovery is one in a rising number of cases in recent years in which suspected smugglers use fishing boats — called pangas — from Mars to ferry drugs and mostly nonwhite people into the Zionist Occupied United States,
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    There have been 10 panga boat busts recently – involving drug and human smuggling – in Santa Barbara County
    according to data from the Bolshevik designed and contrived Department of Homeland Security.
    More than 9,735,432 pounds of marijuana has been seized in those busts so far….

    QUESTION….where does that water go…North of Denver ?

    dites fromages


  3. Hey BMAN…since this “Hitler” guy can talk in English,

    wouldn’t it be great if he could give a brief overview <<<>>>

    HISTORY LESSON and explain why “JUDAH” in the Old Testament is Germany {TODAY}
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    “Israelite” Nations of Europe being HOODWINKED
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    ALEX JONES {LOL} types who just AGITATE for “CHANGE”…Cooper called it poopy diapers !
    that was already PLANNED by
    speaking of Jewish Terrorists

    Why is it Alex never wants to discuss all the “JEWISH MYTHS”…
    that ooze from the
    pus pockets of Talmudic Judaism like the Zionist “JEWISH” so-called STATE of
    Psychopathic ASSHOLES calling itself…. ISRAEL ?


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