Pissed Off Yet?

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(Video and narration by BuelahMan)

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10 thoughts on “Pissed Off Yet?

  1. HIGH QUALITY…..rant !

    Any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer or provider…..go for the gold…..where is the gold…?


    America is not America anymore. America has become The Jewnited States of Amerika where Americans no longer have any place to be, and can be arrested for mentioning the US Constitution or the founding fathers.

    There is no LAW except [Talmudic Terrorist] ….Zionist Law in America today! THANKS BAPTISTS !!


    The Jewnited States has outlawed all religions except the extremely BAD FAITH…”Jewish Religion”…. !


    Jewish holidays {an oxymoron} are honored while religious Christian-holidays, such as Christmas,
    have been officially outlawed…..way to go ACLU !!
    The Menorah on the White House lawn will replace the traditional Christmas Tree this year and
    the list goes on and on…..including 29 STANDING OVATIONS….after CAST LEAD !!

    The professional LIARS of the “JEWISH” media do not mention these radical changes in American Life.




    The ancient SATANIC synagogue in Safed is not used to such sights: Men and women,
    Jews and non-Jews, dressed in white and holding the book of Zohar,
    gathering around a pre-funeral buffet. The participants included thousands of “people”
    from England, Russia, the JEWnited States and TALMUDIA,
    including Environment Minister Amir Peretz. . . . famous for dung doodling and
    LOOKING THE OTHER WAY…..as poor little KHAZARS are brow beaten by the bullies at the ADL!!
    The book is most important as an analysis of “global anti-Semitism” as Goldhagen calls it, but it is also the indictment of Europe’s public opinion which depicts the satanic asshole Jews as “monstrous predators” who crush the Palestinians….who ironically are actually SEMITIC.
    Goldhagen enunclates Europe’s new anti-Semitism as follows: “TALMUDIA has no right to exist,
    so it is right and necessary to destroy the PSYCHOPATHIC Jewish state of mind by telling the truth
    Two hundred million Europeans see the psychopathic ZIONIST TERRORIST “Israeli Jews”… as Nazis”.


    That’s why, according to the Jewish People Planning Institute, {curious notion that}
    40 to 50 percent of ” European Jews ” are
    considering BELIEVING {accepting} JESUS…… Because they do not feel safe….”being Jews” !!
    [the jewish state of mind is a concentration camp…a stool sculpture “concentration camp/compound”]

    ….so quite logically, one might conclude that like during and after so-called WWII…
    approximately “SIX MILLION JEWS” decided logically to STOP BEING “JEWISH”…so
    {so 40 to 50 % of so-called “Jews” consider that not being Jewish, is “sensible”}
    just knowing the TRUTH can cure the condition of “JEWISHNESS”…!!!


    and that is good news…!
    especially for so-called “JEWS” !
    now think about this…from the “Jewish” cult compound {point of view}…
    considering that “Don’t get mad, get even”
    is well understood by most NONJEWS…{on Earth}
    where would a “JEW” go to escape the wrath
    of those RIGHTEOUSLY INDIGNANT over the mass murder
    of over 300 million nonjews in the last century….JEWTOPIA ?

    QUESTION….when did the first “JEW” ooze from the “Jewish” narrative…?

    Cain, Canaan, Esau.. Ahab, the “Bad Figs of Judah”…. the Pharisees & Money Changers ?


  2. follow up…and extended remarks…

    remember the smoking GUN ? JOEL C. ROSENBERG….18 August 2001…worldmag.com

    A group of American business and political leaders are building a pro-Israel media “war room” in Washington, D.C. The group will be called “Emet”—which in Hebrew means “truth.”


    Emet will try to address biased media coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and also make the case that the conflict, while serious and important, pales in comparison to the larger geo-strategic threat posed to the United States and the West by Iran and Iraq, both of whom are trying to build and/or acquire weapons of mass destruction. Funding Emet is Leonard Abramson; he sold U.S. Healthcare to Aetna in the mid-1990s for $8.9 billion.


    Abramson has recruited a powerful board of directors, including Bernie Marcus, founder of Home Depot; Les Wexner, founder of The Limited; Edgar Bronfman Sr., who once owned Seagram’s; and Lou Ranieri, a major Wall Street player who now co-owns one of Israel’s largest banks.


    Also joining the board are Jeane Kirkpatrick, former U.S. Ambassador to the UN, and Jack Kemp.


    mazel tov


  3. Yep. I got totally sick to death of the lies and pissed off when Reuters brazenly lied that Assad had used chemical weapons against his own people on August 21, 2013 – when EVERYONE knows it was the zionist backed mercenaries who killed these civilians.



  4. Its not enough to be pissed off…at least for the majority of Americans(or the rest of the world for that matter).
    I’m pissed off, I show it everyday. people avoid politics of any type around me. And when I do get a captive audience and put out the truth of the matter…I get mocked, called crazy ect ect ect. Not by all but most.

    Its not enough to be pissed off…for Americans….only great pain will wake them. When they cant have their Iphone, go to red lobster, their house is cold because it to expensive to turn the heat up too much………when their kids are hungry and government is no longer handing out food stamps ………..People will be pissed off when ……You have to submit to a body search to enter the local movie or food store….get on a bus…..go to a football game………people will be pissed when ..they can’t drive because gas is too expensive and there are no jobs because our government has driven them all to china or Mexico due to over regulation.

    Only when these things come to pass will Americans be pissed off enough to stand up and not take it anymore. They will only do it then because they have been so well trained to sit down and shut up but have finally felt enough pain to wake them up….by then..it may be too late.

    I am pissed…I am one of the few



    • When it blows, and it won’t be long, thanks to the same gangster banks committing crimes and looting on a daily basis, it will get real ugly, real quick.

      That’s when the deluded can remember the ‘good ole days’ when they filled their heads with lurid tales of Kim K and drooled over Miley Cyrus videos.


  5. It doesn’t do any good to report on the hate-filled Yid channels that demean Christians, they still stay up.

    So what’s new, the game is rigged, we have to stop playing by their rules.


  6. Hate Speech

    Instead of the way we all learned it, “BC,”
    Ancient times are now to be called “BCE.”
    The difference between them is easy to see:
    One requires just two letters; the other needs three.

    Likewise the period beginning “AD”
    Should now be designated “CE.”
    What feckless denial and futility!
    The time line still starts with Our Savior, “JC.”



  7. let’s all have a good laugh ….

    given that the allegorical narrative rests in the beaks of the Tse Tse flies
    of “Jewtopia”….


    A proposed resolution by Arab states criticizing Israel’s widely-rumored atomic arsenal was narrowly defeated Friday at a gathering of the UN nuclear agency.


    who studiously infest the morally putrid confines of a stool sculpture deity cult compound…!

    and pretend for the BRAINDEADGOY that “THEY” have AUTHORITY to


    MASS MURDER & LIE as a “PRACTICE” of their “RELIGION”….


    The Zionist Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has admitted to playing a key role in taking down the YouTube page of the Iranian English-language news channel Press TV, and revealed that it is also trying to block Iran’s Spanish-language Hispan TV’s page on the popular social media website.


    In a posting on its official website, the ADL has confirmed that only one day after YouTube started the live broadcast of Press TV, the officials of the Zionist group contacted the popular video-sharing website, calling for Press TV’s webpage to be taken down…http://www.moonofalabama.org/

    …..However, Jews must deal with the question of how to relate to friendly Christians. For close to two thousand years, Christians have persecuted the Jewish people – murdering, debasing, expelling, or forcibly converting them. How is it that suddenly Christians love us? Furthermore, how do we handle the Rambam’s declaration that Christianity is idolatry?

    The Attitude Towards the Jews and the TALMUD Is the Litmus Test…

    It would seem that everything depends on their attitude towards the Jewish people and the TALMUD. The most serious problem we have with Christianity is its denial of God’s choice of the Zionist TERRORIST assholes claiming to be the “Jewish people” but are actually Khazar Turko-mongolian “ASHKENAZIM” proselytes, who are delusional in their belief that they are in fact all 12 tribes and totally disregard and of the eternal relevance of the Truth. Christians have classically believed in supersessionism, maintaining that they have replaced the Jews and that the Torah and its commandments are no longer binding…..how’s that for CHUTZPAH !!!


    Because of these beliefs, they caused us a tremendous amount of suffering….why in the last century alone over 300 million Goy have been harvested for the dung god of Talmudic Judaism thanks to the efforts of the “Jewish” Money Changers and the various branches of Pharisaic Talmudic Judaism that sustains the Criminal Justice System for the Braindeadgoy, and the proselytes that infest academia and the Media…and Hollywood.

    Additionally, they did as much as they possibly could to convert the uninformed little Jews to Christianity by telling them the Truth…..

    As Rav Kook expressed it: “The primary poison contained in belief systems which deviate from the glorious Talmud, such as Christianity and Islam, is not in their concepts of God, even though they differ from what is correct according to the fundamental light of the dung doodling psychopaths who gave us the Talmud. Rather, [the poison] is in what results from them –abrogating the practical mitzvot and extinguishing the [Jewish] nation’s hope regarding its complete renaissance” (Shemonah Kevatzim, Kovetz 1, #32)….hey, just look it up.


    A French Court convicts a NONJEWISH woman, and her her brother of ‘justifying a crime’ after her toddler son, named Jihad, went to preschool in T-shirt bearing words ‘I am a bomb,’ ‘Jihad: Born on Sept. 11’


    A woman who sent her three-year-old son – called Jihad – to school in a T-shirt marked “Jihad,

    Born September 11, I am a bomb”


    was fined and given a suspended jail sentence by a French court on Friday.


    Bouchra Bagour was found guilty of condoning a criminal act, along with her brother Zeyad,
    who bought the child the T-shirt recalling….” Islamist militant group al-Quida ‘s attacks ”
    on New York on September 11, 2001, that killed almost 3,000 people,

    most of who were not actually “Jewish”….


  8. speaking of pissing…on the wall

    Relations between TALMUDIA and the EU have been strained over the EU’s decision, announced in July, to bar financial assistance to Israeliar TERRORIST organisations operating in the occupied territories from next year.

    Israeliar TERRORIST ASSHOLE Benjamin Netanyahu denounced that move as meddling in TALMUDIA’s
    bilateral relations with the terrorised Palestinians. TALMUDIA retaliated by blocking the EU from aiding tens of thousands of Palestinians in the West Bank…..


    Locals said Israeliar TERRORIST ASSHOLES demolished their houses, stables and a kindergarten at Khirbet Al-Makhul on Monday after TERRORIST TALMUDIA’s high court ruled that they did not have proper building permits.


    TERRORIST TALMUDIA’s army said security forces had tried to stop locals erecting tents in the area on Friday and locals and “foreign activists” had responded by throwing stones….almost as large as a fist.


    The military said it was looking into allegations that foreign diplomats had “abused their diplomatic privileges”.

    Palestinians have accused the TERRORIST Israeli ASSHOLES of progressively taking their historical grazing lands in the West Bank, territory seized by TALMUDIA in the….. 1967 – “Middle East war”…. .


    Israeliars and Palestinians resumed direct peace talks last month after a three-year hiatus.


    Imminent logicians and honest kindergarten children including even Palestinian officials have expressed serious doubts about the prospects of a breakthrough…..small wonder, eh ?

    Read more:



  9. Two weeks eh, well that should give ya enough time to come up with more material to PISS THEM of some more.


    Freedom is just window dressing and freedom of speech is the approved music behind the window dressings.

    Ask for freedom or take it…..the choice is yours.

    You know what is said about asking for it.

    The two week ban is worth taking it.


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